Creepy Crawley Conroy and his Internet Filter

I have been meaning to write this thread for a while, but with each day I prevaricate the more stories appear in the press about the federal governments Internet Filtering Trial.

Last week, we found out that if a website hyperlinks to a site that is on the blacklist the Australian Communications and Media Authority says it will fine you up to $11000 per day.

We also has the publication of the so-called blacklist of websites. Senator Conroy denied this was the same list that the filter was using. Colin Jacobs of the Electronic Frontiers Group said:

Many of the sites clearly contain only run-of-the-mill adult material, poker tips, or nothing controversial at all. Even if some of these sites may have been defaced at the time they were added to the list, how would the operators get their sites removed if the list is secret and no appeal is possible?

And yesterday we find that the ISP iiNet has decided to pull out of the trial. The chief executive Michael Malone said:

It became increasingly clear that the trial was not simply about restricting child pornography or other such illegal material, but a much wider range of issues including what the Government simply describes as ‘unwanted material’ without an explanation of what that includes.

This is a stupid initiative by the federal government, one that will not work and, IMHO, gives a big reason why we need a Bill of Rights in this country to protect our freedom of speech.

Malcolm Turnbull. Mister 20 percent.

In what must come as a severe body blow to Malcolm Turnbull, a new Newspoll published in The Australian, has Malcolm Turnbull rated as the preferred Prime Minister at just 20% compared to Kevin Rudd’s rating of 65%.

In the context of a severe economic downturn, increasing unemployment and an uncertain outlook, a 40% lead in terms of the preferred PM must seem like an insurmountable chasm for Turnbull to narrow.

This result almost certainly guarantees Rudd a second term as PM, and if he happens to lift Australia out of recession in his second term, who would deny him a third term? (Unless of course he was found to be running a child porn racket or something like that).

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