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Hello, and welcome to March Monday’s Magazine rack chit chat thread.

With so much doom n’ gloom around, it’s occasionally refreshing and relaxing to just pick up a magazine and escape for a while.

When I’m traveling overseas, my favourite magazine to take on board used to be The Bulletin. It was a really good read, and it gave me an air of sophistication and intellect that was sadly lacking in those touting a copy of Who Weekly or New Idea.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course.

My hairdresser always has the most recent up-to-date issues of all the “womens’ mags,” and I must admit it’s great to flick through the covers to discover how our glorified superstars are falling to shreds due to the ravages of drugs, relentless partying and other excecces that remain beyond the grasp of us mere mortals.

Take Mickey Rourke for instance. He was once an 80’s pin-up boy actor with a great future ahead of him, only to succumb to the excesses of his generation only to reappear recently completely unrecognisable due to overdoing it just a bit with the botox.

And then there’s Michael Jackson, set to take to the stage once again to already sold out shows in London in order to salvage himself from financial ruin. To this day he maintains that he hasn’t had any plastic surgery. Fair enough. Who am I to argue? Looks completely natural to me.

Anyway, I suppose I’d better do something productive like clip my nails or somethin’..


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  1. Great writing, thanks Reb . Quite chatty, informal-sounding and enjoyable. Cheers.

  2. Laughing and chuckling President Obama says global economy at risk of “an even more destructive recession and potentially depression.”

    Stunned 60 Minutes reporter asks him,“Are you punch-drunk?”

  3. Why thank you Caney.

    It’s nice to know I can be recognised for my shallow, meaningless inconsequential ramblings as well as the ill-informed, mis-guided attempts at credible critiques that I almost always get wrong.

  4. I prefer The Economist, but I do admit that the demise of The Bulletin was sad.

    When flying I normally end up buying music and ‘puter mags – with some science based ones thrown in for good measure.

  5. I want a facelift. Chuck in a nose job and a tummy tuck.

    I’m at the age when things start to fall out, wear out, or hang out.

  6. And here’s a nice little 80’s song for a Monday afternoon..

  7. Reb, here’s something else that’s nice for a Monday afternoon.

  8. Hmm…

    “big, fat, brawny, and muscular?”

    The description is tempting but not the price tag!

  9. It’s still represents better value than $26 for a Mojo!

  10. Hi reb re your hairdresser. My hairdresser is a 6’2″ gay bloke. Wave, wave to Joe.

  11. On the off-chance that a certain Labor Senator is reading this blog: Up Yours Conroy!

  12. My little weekend meltdown. Youngest home. She spotted a large and impressive worm which she decanted into a takeaway carton. Add soil and a little compost to take with her back up to Bris.

    Ez: Quote: And I shall name you Genghis Worm and you shall be the progenitor of nations.

    Some mothers do have ’em.

  13. I wasn’t too disgruntled at paying $26 to get my Mojo back, but I resented paying $44 for a bottle of Vasse Feliz Classic Dry white on Saturday, when I know that it only costs about $20 in the bottle shops.

    That’s one restaurant I won’t be going back to in a hurry.

  14. I agree reb. Nothing gets my gander up more than contributing to someone’s excess profit through ridiculous mark-ups on wine. Now I hear than some rip-off establishments charge $20 corkage fee if you bring your own.


  15. Tony

    I am actually going to write a thread dedicated to the Internet Filtering issue… I hope to get it done very soon.

  16. I heard from my physio last week that she went with a pregnant friend to a restaraunt in Bondi with a bottle of alcohol free bubbly, and they wanted to charge $15 corkage.

    They politely refused to pay and decided to take their custom elsewhere.

  17.’s what one gets one’s dander up..not what get’s ones gander up. These are likely to be two completely different issues/threads/topics..or whats’its.

  18. Min

    What is a dander? That’s what I always thought it was gander.

  19. Miglo I don’t particularly mind paying $20 on corkage. I’d always prefer to drink a vintage of my choosing rather than pay over the odds for the current one.

  20. Actually.

    I resent EVERYTHING.

    Why bother whittling down to excessive corkage charges…

  21. Tom M

    True, but if you like a bottle thats worth $10 and the corkage is $20 i’d rather drink three bottles at home.

    Then again if I can only afford $10 bottles of wine I should eat at home anyway 🙂

  22. The local Chinese restaurant has just increased corkage from 50c to a dollar. Bloody outrageous! If my wife wants a glass it’s $2.

    Problem solved though: I refuse to let her have a glass.

    By the way reb, how’s the house painting coming along?

  23. Migs and Joni..dander is bum fluff (or t’other extremity dandruff). Hence the ye olde saying Getting One’s Dander up.

    But Migs, if you would prefer to get your gander up, then this is completely up to you. Just me, but given a choice I would prefer to be gander rather than dander.

    However..I will have to relate to your original: I agree reb. Nothing gets my gander up more than contributing to someone’s excess profit through ridiculous mark-ups on wine..

    The usual saying is ‘getting one’s dander up’ but if you would prefer to get your gander up then no argument from me..nor from Jedda either I should imagine.

    Trivia Time: why does your front door have a small ledge. (go on, go and check, I’ll wait until you come back). Now..does it have a function? Nope? And what is this small ledge called? It’s called the threshold. It’s called this so as to hold in the thresh (the stalks after threshing the wheat).

  24. And that’s why new groom carries his bride over the threshold, I imagine.

  25. Thanks for bringing up the house painting 🙄

    Of course, with Summer now practically over, which is the ideal time to paint the exterior of one’s home. It’s a timely and relevant question, I suppose.

    With the task in mind I spent many hours wandering around the house outside during the warmer months, inspecting those areas that could do with a bit of “touching up” and indeed a “second coat” in general. Along the way making notes about tricky areas that might need a special paint brush, or better still, someone else to do the entire job.

    The unfortunate thing, is that there’s always something more pressingly urgent to attend to.

    For example this weekend I hung up a painting in my palacious office.

    It took a great deal of planning – making sure the position was at the right level, adjusting the downlights accordingly to give it the subtle illuminence required for it not to be too imposing yet not allowing the artwork to simply drift into the background either.

    It was a carefully planned and successfully executed mission.

    My palacious office (also known as my gracious drawing room), has a generously proportioned wooden desk, wooden panneled walls and a comfortable lounge suite with ottoman, and a comfortable wing-back armchair.

    When things all get a bit too arduous, the armchair makes for a particularly welcoming retreat from the PC to reflect upon all those other tasks I should be attending to, while admiring the subtle nuances of light and shade cast upon my recent artwork acquisition while quaffing and appreciating the relative merits of the first glass of the second bottle of shiraz in comparison to the first.

    If that doesn’t work, I’m prone to just passing out on the couch.

    It’s a difficult life, but someone’s got to do it..

    Now what did you ask me again…?

  26. Methinks reb has OD’d on herbal teas earlier than normal today.

  27. What a beautiful camping trip that i had. Kilcoy national park were the big lizards want baked beans and everything else you have too. One came into the tent to look around and we ended up staring at each other till he reversed out with the half loaf of bread.
    i just wish i took a camera with me as i lot happened in such a small amount of time.i came home with lots of dirt and a smell, some showers can never be long enough.

  28. aqua

    Did the Kookaburras also steal your meat from the barby. The buggers kept swooping down and stealing the sausages and bacon right out of the tongs while I was turning them. Had to look both ways and flip really quickly.

  29. Shane, lol
    No but the bush turkeys made me nervous. cheecky buggers they are.

  30. Reb
    # It was a really good read, and it gave me an air of sophistication and intellect that was sadly lacking in those touting a copy of Who Weekly or New Idea.

    cheers Reb that cracked me up.
    I do puzzles on trips, it bores me but i keep doing it.

  31. Aqua, did you see any ducks?

  32. Reb, I’ve just finished renovating my drawing room. The piano was hard to find.

  33. Miglo,
    not one, unless they turned into turkeys. 🙂

  34. aqua

    I would rather the bush turkeys than the goanna you eyed off in your tent. Have you seen the claws on those buggers, tear you to shreds. Also aqua never startle a goanna because if you are the tallest thing close to them they will climb straight up you like climbing a tree, always hit the ground if they are running towards you out of fear.

    They come and steal my chook eggs all the time.

  35. Reb. The theory is, never paint in warmer weather (paints dried too quickly). However never paint in humid weather, nor in cooler weather, nor when there are impending frosts.

    Likewise reb..the Min ‘office’ is in the palatial space aka a corner of the loungeroom. Just for you scaper, hence the reason that I was on the net when I learned of the death of my cousin in Victorian bushfires. My computer is in loungeroom. Got it? And your other accusation re not giving YOU, YOU, YOU my cousin’s name. It was because my Auntie Gwen hadn’t released his name. Scaper, can you now get over it. And please stop sending abusive emails especially to Aqua.

  36. Fuzzy ducks?

  37. And I’ve touched up the dining room.

  38. Shane, all those things you said were going through my mind too. But i carry have protection.

  39. Nice job Miglo.

    I could see myself spending a lot of time there.

    I’ll expect an invitation in the mail..

  40. my modest office.

  41. Wow reb. And I like books in an office. Obviously you are a gentleman of some intellect.

  42. Thats not still going is it Min.
    i got one bad email from Scaper and he said the other day he regretted it. so i wanted to put things behind.

    I feel bad the subject keeps getting thrown in your face.

    I ask is this subject strong enough to play guessing games with the emotions of a blogger and there family.?

    (think about it)

  43. Sorry friends. Just something I had to say.

    For Kitty vs Piers (courtesy of The Goons). Why not make yourself a peer. Splash! Moriarty: He was just a short Pier.

  44. i brought back ticks for everyone.
    i’m nice like that.

  45. Thank you Migs.

    “Intellect” as well as taste and distinction don’t forget.

    A bit like yourself if I may say so myself.

    Yes, it’s a nice office, however the windows are a bit of a bugger to keep clean.

    That sort of thing’s best left to ‘the help’ I reckon..

  46. Shane, the last thing we’d get the dogs to do was chase a goanna. They were sheep dogs so they were trained to round animals up. We were never in the mood to have a pack of goeys scratching out our eyes as they perched on our heads.

    But they are useful to have around the farm as they keep the snakes at bay. Pity about the eggs though.

    Our farm was on Kangaroo Island, which is free from rabbits. They were introduced onto the island eons ago but the youn were eaten by the goeys and they died out. That was a good thing.

  47. The boyf and myself watched the 1992 version of “Of Mice and Men” last night. And being a bit of a philistine I have not read the book and was very shocked at the end of the movie. In fact I would say that I was very upset.

    And John Malchovic is just amazing in the movie. Just amazing.

  48. Miglo

    The goannas don’t seem to be keeing the snakes at bay at home, wish they would.

    I lose quite a few eggs, but thats what happens when you live in the bush. At first the chooks used to go mad so I would know they were around. However they have never gone for the chooks so now the chooks dont car less and do nothing at all, not a squeak. The kookaburras on the other hand, if they are in the back yard will make a completely different sound and I know the goannas are around.

  49. Reb, it looks to me as if you share your house with Robert Mugabe. He also has a nicely furnished house, much like yours, but not quite as understated.

    Miglo, taking a good bin 389 (or even a 707 on more special occasions) for $20 corkage is a good deal, better than spending $80 – $100+ for it in the restaurant. My approach is only to take premium wines, the stuff that I’d never pay their marked up prices for.

  50. Migs re the above worm acquired by daughter. I said: Are you going to feed it to the chooks. Ans: Nay, I shall name him Genghis and he shall become the progenitor of nations. As always with daughter, you had to be there.

    And I’ve lost the thread..and so with due apologies.

    Erin said that yes she is on a PhD scholarship, and yes she has 3 years work guaranteed post PhD. No, there is no conflict with any PhD students from overseas.

    HOWEVERs are: That there is the potential that there might be problems should funding dry up after the next 3 years due to a Recession.

    She agreed: There are PhD science graduates who cannot get jobs, but these are from regional unis which do not attract corporate funding and whose PhDs are based on biology rather than physics and chemistry.

    She said re os specialists. There are some things that are so highly specialised that you cannot obtain a person from within Australia to do the job. In such rare cases an os person has to be employed. That is there is no option. She said, such as her own field of molecular bioscience (biofuels), her PhD supervisor is Dr Ben Hankamer. Currently it’s us and the Germans in this field.

  51. finally, steak instead of beans.
    Miglo, saw a doco before i left on Ducks, what they called the australian and european ducks.
    The Aussie duck dont fly very well and are easly caught but the europeans ones just fly off.
    Bit like the dingo the aussie ducks are being over sexed by the wog ducks.

    They did seem very angry about it but how do you stop it and hasnt this been happening for a long time seeing they fly around the world. weird story.

  52. My work have just blocked Google blogspots … I can’t get into my own blog! It’s unsuitable for viewing!!!!

    Unsuitable for viewing?! … How on earth would anyone come to the conclusion that a blog called “Smelly Tongues” would be unsuitable for viewing? Halitosis sufferers everywhere should unite in protest.

    Perhaps a move to WordPress is in order. I shall not be suppressed. Even if I am at work.

  53. Reb, if you really want to look sophisticated when you travel you need to consider tucking a copy of “Terrorizer” under your arm, very swank.

  54. Ross, now you’ll have more time with that thumb. 😉

  55. “Police yet to watch footage of brawl at Sydney airport”
    Must make popcorn and choc tops.
    what a headline. what a story.
    Media must be angry at the police for not allowing them to feed on the body (got no pictures or footage).

    I just spent days in the bush, i have much crap to babble about.

  56. Reb, be discreet with your copy of Easy Rider.

  57. A good Aussie song I overlooked.


  58. I usually read this when I fly, especially when I’m not in a chatty mood.


  59. Surely you jest Tony?

  60. Why? It’s more socially acceptable than a Terrorizer album.


  61. No doubt.

    A copy of Terrorizer being far less lethal but definitely less socially acceptable; another curiosity on This Toilet Earth.

    I assume that you are a city dweller & I find it intriguing that you are a gun enthusiast; note, I’m doing a fair bit of supposition here.
    I grew up with guns myself, they go bang, they turn stuff into red paste. Almost everybody I’ve grown up with down here has new & exciting ways to pull a trigger & end the lives of various lifeforms that pose zero threat to them, it’s more of a widespread curiosity than pure evil…but I don’t comprehend the attraction.

    That said, I’m sure that my own macabre musical leanings & morbid bent would be generally considered far more “menacing” than fire-arm-philia.
    Go figure.

    I’m still not sure if you’re just being clever or actually subscribe to GunsN’Ammo. Interested, not judging.

    And now, without futher ado, time for some incense.

  62. Tony, on March 23rd, 2009 at 6:44 pm Said:

    I usually read this when I fly, especially when I’m not in a chatty mood.

    i see another four cops bit the dust today in the good old USA. Just because they are police, doesn’t mean they can ‘home invade’.

    Now if guns weren’t so widely available … maybe they could have just knocked.

  63. Toiletboss,

    As you correctly guessed, I am joking. However, I grew up in the country too, and am well versed in the mechanics of firearm use, although I haven’t pulled a trigger ‘in anger’ for many years.

    (It would be an effective way to deter chatty co-travellers though – the magazine I mean, not the gun.)

    Mmmmmmm, incense.

  64. Come now N5.

    You know as well as I do that guns are sweeter than apple-pie & safer than muslims.

    If’n you take away their guns that crazy black commie usurper might think he runs the show from Teh Whitehouse.

    For a great example of why the population shouldn’t be armed, google & read ANY posts from Nemesis12.

  65. “However, I grew up in the country too, and am well versed in the mechanics of firearm use, although I haven’t pulled a trigger ‘in anger’ for many years.”Tony

    Me too. Repeated usage (not to mention some of the heinous cruelty I’ve witnessed) certainly demystified guns for me.
    I know way too many people who lose their shit too easily, no way I’d want to legislate a right for them to bear arms; a lot of them are friends I’ve had since childhood. Same goes for the rest of the population.

    Your good sense is a function of your “country-ness” Tony, lol. I’m glad I’ve lived in both fishbowls, difficult to appreciate one locality without firsthand perspective of the other.

    Mmmmm, incense. Mmmmmm, foregone perspective.


    TB Family – Solar Power System is scheduled for installation – TOMORROW!

    This is part of the Queensland Government Solar Home Program…we signed up (sorry, Registered) on Wednesday, 26 March, 2008…

    Our folder is 20 mm thick (plus numerous emails etc.) and we will still have to have the meter installed and the installation checked.

    1Kw for $185 is not bad though (we need to pay an additional $480 because we are installing on two roofs – cheap as chips!

    It will reduce our power bill by 20 to 30%…pity it was a German company that won the tender for 1000 systems and installation…

  67. Toiletboss, on March 23rd, 2009 at 7:29 pm Said:

    ANY posts from Nemesis12.

    Perhaps ANY and EVERY? Don’t worry Nemesis 12 will be along soon to tell us that if everyone packed heat (and was prepared to be trigger happy and fire at the slightest provocation) this ‘offender’ would have been ‘wasted’ a long ago and today’s event would never have happened. QED.

    Providing a rationale for the irrational is easy once you know how – and Nemesis 12 does. Lol.

  68. pity it was a German company that won the tender for 1000 systems and installation…


    Does this mean that Anna Bligh is sending those jobs overseas?

  69. Did I say that, ToSY? 😯

  70. Allow me to rephrase:

    Doesn’t that mean that Anna Bligh is sending those jobs overseas?


  71. Tony, on March 23rd, 2009 at 7:57 pm Said:

    Does this mean that Anna Bligh is sending those jobs overseas?

    Actually I have a couple of offspring who are both involved in ‘sending jobs overseas’ including to both China and Germany to name but a few of the countries involved. It’s called ‘intellectual capital’ and it’s certainly more valuable than a few solar panels.

    BTW, one assumes that the ‘installers’ aren’t being flown in from Berlin but are employed locally. But maybe TB can tell us down the track. Guten Abend! Or should that be Guatn Abend, or Gu-etä Naabig or any number of variations?

    Folks we are now part of a global economy whether we like it or not and if we don’t smarten up we will be reduced to providing ‘cheap labour’ to developing countries like China and India.

  72. N5 – we will be reduced to providing ‘cheap labour’ to developing countries like China and India.

    My point, N5, Queensland (Australia) should be at the forefront of solar energy manufacture in the world but who is? Germany – a cloudy EU country – GMAB!

    I worked in the solar energy industry at management level for two years and saw and heard politicians BS constantly – there is little support for local industry…

    …eg why would you put a $100, 000 income limit on solar power rebates…?

    …and yes, local installers (I think)

  73. TB Queensland, on March 23rd, 2009 at 8:40 pm Said:

    eg why would you put a $100, 000 income limit on solar power rebates…?

    TB, at that point there was only so much money allocated in the Budget . Put simply, the incoming Rudd Government could have stood back and let the ‘well off’ be the the major beneficiaries of the system or it could have means tested the rebate which meant that the not so well off could be the main beneficiaries.

    Rudd chose the ‘equity’ path. The money provided in the Budget was ALL spent. The difference was that it went to the ‘deserving’ rather than those who saw the opportunity to get on the gravy train rather than pay for it themselves. Why should someone who earns $1 million a year be at the same trough as one who earns $20 00 a year?

    But while we are on the sublect of solar panels and their production, note current developments:

    BP-Solar’s manufacturing plant in Sydney is the biggest in Australia and in all the southern hemisphere. Regional Director Mark Tweiddel says earlier plans to expand production are dead and the company is moving offshore in March.

    … The news is most unfortunate and highly regrettable. It is however a commercial decision, the government has spoken with the company. The company is not seeking any support or assistance.

    …Australian scientists emerged as world leaders in solar technology three decades ago. Many have left the country to take up opportunities elsewhere. A robust solar thermal industry is being established in California using technology developed by Sydney University One of China’s richest men, Zhenrong Xie, studied at the University of NSW. His company Suntech Power is a major solar panel producer in China.

    .. Because under the Howard government there was no confidence in the industry. The Howard government’s Minister for Resources and technology, Ian McFarlane used to say quite frequently he didn’t think photovoltaic was part of the answer. There’s been a big change since the Rudd government came in but it’s rather late now.

    A bit of history never goes astray.

  74. Out back Titans consume in the Wall Street alleyway thick with the fog of financial illiteracy…whilst INSIDE political puppets do monologues and bawdy theatre to distract the rage of bellowing crowds


    courtesy of an old mag…gone cyber-space

    The Big Takeover
    The global economic crisis isn’t about money – it’s about power. How Wall Street insiders are using the bailout to stage a revolution

    Posted Mar 19, 2009

    This cozy arrangement created yet another opportunity for big banks to devour market share at the expense of smaller regional lenders. While all the bigwigs at Citi and Goldman and Bank of America who had Paulson on speed-dial got bailed out right away — remember that TARP was originally passed because money had to be lent right now, that day, that minute, to stave off emergency — many small banks are still waiting for help. Five months into the TARP program, some not only haven’t received any funds, they haven’t even gotten a call back about their applications.

    “There’s definitely a feeling among community bankers that no one up there cares much if they make it or not,” says Tanya Wheeless, president of the Arizona Bankers Association.

    Which, of course, is exactly the opposite of what should be happening, since small, regional banks are far less guilty of the kinds of predatory lending that sank the economy. “They’re not giving out subprime loans or easy credit,” says Wheeless. “At the community level, it’s much more bread-and-butter banking.”

    Nonetheless, the lion’s share of the bailout money has gone to the larger, so-called “systemically important” banks. “It’s like Treasury is picking winners and losers,” says one state banking official who asked not to be identified.

    This itself is a hugely important political development. In essence, the bailout accelerated the decline of regional community lenders by boosting the political power of their giant national competitors.

    Which, when you think about it, is insane: What had brought us to the brink of collapse in the first place was this relentless instinct for building ever-larger megacompanies, passing deregulatory measures to gradually feed all the little fish in the sea to an ever-shrinking pool of Bigger Fish. To fix this problem, the government should have slowly liquidated these monster, too-big-to-fail firms and broken them down to smaller, more manageable companies. Instead, federal regulators closed ranks and used an almost completely secret bailout process to double down on the same faulty, merger-happy thinking that got us here in the first place, creating a constellation of megafirms under government control that are even bigger, more unwieldy and more crammed to the gills with systemic risk.


    more here:
    I’ve also heard by way of Huffington Post that Mr. Geithner was working w/ AIG on those obscene bonuses for a good long time.

    Time for Timothy to hitch a ride back to Kissinger and Associates methinks…before the American public decide to feed him to the pigs.

    Obama needs to get some much needed sleep…and WAKE UP…to a brand new day…and economic team.


  75. It appears the solar industry will move to whhichever country is offering the biggest subsidies.

    (Ask TB if he would have installed his system if it wasn’t for the rebates.)

  76. Tony, on March 23rd, 2009 at 9:44 pm

    Not a chance! I couldn’t justify the cost or amortise the investment over the next twenty years (my expected lifetime) – let alone the next ten (the lifetime of the panels).

    Alternative energy sources have still got along way to go…as far as economic viability is concerned.

  77. From my link above:

    Germany, Japan, China all do downstream processing, they buy our metallurgical grade silicon and convert it to solar grade or semiconductor grade and then sell it back to us at 100 times the price they paid for the original material.

    100 times the original price? Seems a good mark-up?

    A business opportunity? Is it time that the Australian Government ‘backed a winner’? Asian Governments do all the time.

  78. Helloooo?

    Six weeks after President Barack Obama appointed a blue-ribbon panel to help him dig America out of its economic crisis, the board has yet to hold an official public meeting.

  79. Tony, on March 23rd, 2009 at 10:57 pm

    Tony read the entire article and then re-read between the lines. And then you will realise how good the link is. Lol.

    It’s a lot like the G20 or indeed any ‘high-powered’ meeting, The decisions are always made behind closed doors by officials away from public scrutiny and only announced after the politics have been road tested.

  80. I’m absolutely sloshed. I’m eating Corn Flakes. Hangover pending.

  81. A classic. Del Amitri.

  82. This ones even better.

    I’ve spilled milk on the keyboard.

  83. It looks like I’m the only one here. Just great – I’ve been talking to myself.

  84. Not quite Migs…as always, good stuff.


    The Right…from Cheneyville…want to slip up from behind…put the proverbial bullet into Obama from…a place…that just happens…to forget…it’s TIME…to mourn




    Not unusual.

    John Barrasso…ready to go tea party…in a fit of 5 minute of fame angst

    tells all…tittle tattles on all and sundry…w/ hair

    bad hair day. Bad hair repug style speaks into the night…lit by the flickering fires of dying oil wells.


    our John.

    Oil Record

    John Barrasso has voted in favor of big oil companies on 100% of important oil related bills, according to Oil Change International. These bills include Iraq War funding, climate change studies, clean energy, and oil import reductions.

    Oil and Coal Money in Politics

    John Barrasso has received $136,400 in oil contributions during the 110th congress. $110,500 of those dollars were from industry PACS.

    These numbers make Barrasso one of the top recipients of oil and coal money in the Senate. In addition to oil money,

    Barrasso has accepted $82,250 in coal contributions during the 110th congress. $70,000 of those dollars were from industry PACS.

    (Source Watch)

    Don’t be snowballed…black oiled…

    Southland Tales – Score: Snowball



    almost there

    almost FREE

    even the old fella on CNN gets IT.

    Southland Tales – Score: Memory Gospel


    He needs YOU.

    SHE needs YOU



    Not long now…


  86. kitty

    I have been meaning to ask this for a while…. is your avatar a Temara de Lempicka?

  87. Oh that’s gross KL!

    The decor and the guy in the mirror!

    Looks more like the TB household if you ask me….

  88. Kittylitter, that is very funny.

  89. Since Joni’s internet-filtering thread seems to have been ‘held up’, I’ll put this here:

    Wikileaks threaten Conroy with extradition proceedings

  90. Tony

    yes yes yes – I know – I am slack – just been busy with the thing called work.

  91. is your avatar a Temara de Lempicka?

    No joni, the only lempickas I own are two gorgeous smelling lolita lempicka perfumes.

    I am miss wong by the famous russian painter tretchikoff (the first artist to print and sell reproductions of his work, allowing fine art to go out to the masses). The critics hated his work apparently, but the public loved Vladimir Tretchikoff.

    Tretchikoff has a kitsch reputation, but i like kitsch (not sure if i can spell it though!).

  92. Wikileaks to Conroy: Go after our source and we will go after you.

    Under the Swedish Constitution’s Press Freedom Act, the right of a confidential press source to anonymity is protected, and criminal penalties apply to anyone acting to breach that right.

    Wikileaks source documents are received in Sweden and published from Sweden so as to derive maximum benefit from this legal protection. Should the Senator or anyone else attempt to discover our source we will refer the matter to the Constitutional Police for prosecution, and, if necessary, ask that the Senator and anyone else involved be extradited to face justice for breaching fundamental rights.”

  93. OK – thread on the Internet Filter going up now.

  94. I just looked at the blacklist – does that mean Conroy will fine me?

  95. Oh dear,

    Calls for Keelty to be sacked after giving a false report on the police response to the gang-related murder at Sydney airport:

  96. I just love this one and with nowhere else to put it..was tempted to pop it only the Turnbull thread 😉 : Love Cathy Wilcox’s cartoon.

  97. I love a good witch-hunt!

    I note that the backwards states are just catching onto Media Mike’s “anti-bikie laws” (read “anti-anyone-out-of-favour-laws”).
    I’m no apologist for bikies, although I must say the ones I know are stand-up guys…not to be f@cked with.
    These types of laws which prohibit “gathering” are far more potentially dangerous than the bikies; way too susceptible to government manipulation over time.

  98. Hi Toiletboss,

    I see that the bookies have the Crows as slight favourites for their Round 6 game.

  99. A bit hard to call at this stage I reckon miglo.

    Might be easier to put in perspective after a couple of rounds; the Crows don’t have an easy start to the season & could realistically be winless by then…GULP!!!
    Still, they’ve had plenty of doubters at season’s start for the last 5 years & have gone quite well regardless. Fingers crossed.

    Port appear to have had a good preseason & are hyping themselves for a fall as usual. Helping them will be a nancy-draw on account of how hopeless they were last year.
    I won’t be surprised to see ’em go into Showdown week as favourites.
    Showdowns are notoriously hard to pick though & form or ladder position have quite often had no bearing on the result in the past.

    Looking forward to it.

    Here’s to you & your cornflakes.

  100. Joni,

    You might be interested in this upcoming series on National Geographic channel:

    Inside Guantanamo

  101. I just had a look at the links.

    The plastic surgery really improves the appearance of Michael Jackson.

    He looks quite natural. Natural for one that bathes each day in chlorine. He has his nose hollowed out, which is a good idea. But I note that he has retained 2 nostrils, very natural.

    On the subject of plastic surgery, when my wife had her breasts pumped up to the size of fully inflated balloons, but with the suppleness of set concrete, people said it was unnatural.

    This is hardly the case, I think it is entirely natural for a man to want the very biggest and best breasts for his wife, and mistress too for that matter.

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