GFC Cancelled – Happiness and Optimism returns to the world

BRITISH 1980s band Spandau Ballet are to become the latest ageing stars to hit the comeback circuit, two decades after their bitter split.

I would say that if the Communication is True, then it is just Gold news. I will be Muscle Bound and will fight Round and Round Through The Barrciades to get a Lifeline ticket to a concert. To Cut A Long Story Short, I have been Highly Strung and Confused since the Age of Blows lead to the bands breakup. It was Always In The Back Of My Mind, call it an Instinction, that there would be a Reformation.So Be Free With Your Love, and release that Big Feeling, get Swept Away and join the Parade!

(And yes – I realise that this will go down as my worst thread ever! But I do not care – you all know my love for Neil – now I can come out of the 80’s closet and rejoice!)


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  1. The GFC really has been cancelled (at least for the time being, anyway).

  2. Tony, so you like seeing the ongoing torture small dead animals like dead cats?

  3. Is that a philosophical question?

    If a dead cat falls in the forest – does it bounce?

  4. Wow, let’s hope this plan works, or, put simply: the global finance system if absolutely ‘F$%ked. It’s all fingers crossed. Watch the ASX burst into life and based on what?

    There’s no waiting to see how this plays out as all the big players seek to recoup previous losses.

    Dow jumps almost 500 points

    Wall Street posts its best day since November as investors welcome Obama administration plan to buy close to $1 trillion in bad bank assets.

  5. joni, on March 24th, 2009 at 7:55 am Said:

    Is that a philosophical question?

    If a dead cat falls in the forest – does it bounce?

    That depends on the height of the fall Joni, do you have the distance the fall of your philosophical cat (LOL)?

  6. John,

    Maybe this is the defibrillation the (almost) dead cat needed.


  7. Tony

    Quite frankly I’m hoping that this plan does clear the system, however, the latest rally is being fueled by hope. From what I can gather the funds required to do this are being sought from private investors – I say good luck finding investors brave enough to put that type of money down.

  8. I just thought of a movie title ‘Dead Cat Bouncing’ I’m wondering if Sean Penn will be available to play the cat?

  9. Good point John,

    Why invest in a ‘bad bank’ when you can just as easily invest in a good one?

    Stand clear!

  10. John/Tony

    Bring the real GFC comments onto the Monday economic thread. This is just a light-hearted thread – nothing serious to see here – dance away, dance away.

  11. Joni

    You’re the one who canceled the GFC

  12. I cancelled the Gary (Kemp) Forgive them Committee (New Romantics Division) which was dedicated to getting Spandau Ballet back together.

    Apologies for the confusion. 😛

  13. If a dead cat falls in the forest – does it bounce?

    if no-one is there to see it, has it bounced?

  14. Kitty

    I think we can get the myth busters to take a look at this one.

  15. Phew joni. I found your thread on Spandau Ballet. For a moment there I thought that the thread had been deleted due to embarrassment. Mind you I always thought that the name was Spandex Ballet, but they’re pretty good aren’t they.

  16. Me? Embarrassed? Never!

  17. Does this mean that you owe me a kitchen dance?

  18. Name the song and it is done! might even youtube it!

  19. Gentleman’s choice joni.

  20. Well that eliminates myself and reb from making a choice.

  21. And you think that this comment allows yourself to wriggle out of the kitchen dance? Nope, it doesn’t.

    Jonsey, have to choof re kitchen duties, but look forward to your choice re the kitchen dance 🙂

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