Flick Crit: Easy Virtue – more nasty than naughty

Latest film review at Cinema Takes is Easy Virtue: more nasty than naughty :

Jessica Biel is the best thing about this film. She plays Larita, the unwelcome addition to the English upper crust Whittaker family. Jessica hits just the right note in a version of Noel Coward’s 1925 play that seems off key in many ways. She has the look required of a rally-driving femme fatale, with strong features and typically American teeth. As well she shows the talent to make a bigger splash in the Hollywood star pool in the near future.



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  1. No comments again Kevin? All Phillistines here, obviously.

    Seriously though, comments are attracted to threads where everyone has an opinion on the topic. Since you’re the only one here who’s seen the film, what can anyone else add?

  2. Kevin

    I agree with Tony – please keep posting the film reviews. We may not have seen the movies but you do give us food for thought as to which movies we should see.

  3. Easy virtue is an easy movie. Sorry, this movie is stupid.
    It starts well, I liked it,the beginning is very promising. Good actors, a bit of musical, with surprising appeal, typical English countryside. It had everything to be a good movie. But it was disappointing.
    The actors were underused and didn’t hit the note. Especially after half the movie, I just wanted to see some sparkle, beside Jessica Biel,who played too hard the diva. She wanted to be too realistic. About that.Two movie very bad ideas.One, the English country upper class girl who danced can-can without underwear,in public,where her parents and everyone she knew was there. It was of course not possible in real life. Sorry I don’t buy it. Two,when the beloved Johnny said in the end scene,when his wife was leaving him,he said to his mother: shut up! This was too much. At that time, 1920’s his mother would have slapped his face for saying her to shut up in her own house. He was supposed to be an English gentleman,with education, that is why his wife left him. He belonged there,with his family, he would have not treat his mother like that.

  4. “I agree with Tony – please keep posting the film reviews. We may not have seen the movies but you do give us food for thought as to which movies we should see.”

    I agree w/ joni who agrees w/ Tony.

    So more enjoyable than Stephan Elliott’s Welcome to Woop Woop (1997) but not as much as a hoot as The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994) I take it? And not set in Australia.


  5. I agree with Nasking who agrees with joni who agrees with Tony.

    It was Kevin’s review of Gran Torino that sparked my interest in the movie and ultimately led me to go and see it.

    I wasn’t dissapointed.

  6. reb

    What review of Gran Torino? I didn’t review it because I was so disappointed with it. Ticks for: good acting, tight script, topicality. Crosses for: lack of original thought, predictability, lack of insights. I seem to be in a minority of one (two counting my partner). Might do a review just to put it on the record. Watch this space.

    Glad you enjoyed it.

  7. “What review of Gran Torino?”

    Wasn’t it aquanut mentioning his sister had recommended it & then others went to see it & did same?

    Interestingly, I thought Kevin had written a review on it too…but when I went looking for it I realised it didn’t exist.

    Could this be another effect of them meddling w/ nature & colliding atoms reb?…now you see it, now you don’t…

    Or mebbe we all have delusional bloginess?

  8. Merely foggy foresight. It’ll hit the decks tomorrow all things being equal, which of course they aint.

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