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I don’t know if anyone has been following this story. An Israeli peace activist Prof. Jeff Halper is currently in Australia on a speaking tour. An ad that was placed in the Australian Jewish News to promote his tour was pulled by the publisher because he “did not like the crowd who are bringing him out”. Mr Magid said:

I am familiar with them. They use their Judaism to bash other Jews and issues associated with the Jewish community

Vivienne Porzsolt, spokeswoman for the tour organisers said:

My feeling is that the powerbrokers want to restrict information to the Jewish community because they don’t want alternative voices heard on the Israel issue.

Why is the pro-Israeli lobby so afraid of any other views? Could the following have anything to do with their fear?

Richard Falk, U.N. special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories, said this week that Israels “military assault on densely populated Gaza appeared to constitute a grave war crime”. Haaretz is reporting that IDF soldiers are coming forward to report that seem to confirm the findings of Richard Falk.

Yesterday, the boyf and I attended the Anti-War Rally in Sydney and we heard Prof. Halper speak. Here is a Youtube clip I made of the rally. Other speakers included an Afghan refugee and former members of the Australian Defence Force.

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  1. Joni,

    I don’t know much about Prof Halper, and the video comes up as private, so I can’t watch it to see what he has to say.

    However, here are some quotes from a The Times article about the other person you mention, the UN’s Richard Falk:


    So, what did the 40-plus members of the Council see in the professor? As far as I can tell his attraction lies in the following. He is American; he is Jewish; and more deliciously in light of the first two, he blames Israel for just about everything – as opposed to those who (rightly, in my opinion) blame it for quite a lot. This, for example, is Falk in 2002, on the second intifada: “Palestinian resistance gradually ran out of military options, and suicide bombers appeared as the only means still available by which to inflict sufficient harm on Israel so that the struggle could go on.”

    There are three problems with this analysis. The first is that suicide bombing began in Israel in 1994, when Hamas saw the Oslo peace process as threatening to succeed. Secondly, the suicide bombs were obviously utterly counterproductive in terms of procuring peace, and indeed helped to destroy the Israeli peace movement. And thirdly, other “resistances” (Tibet, Darfur?) seem to have avoided the “only means” of suicide bombing aimed at civilians – family restaurants, buses, schools, discos, and groups of teenagers, to be more specific.


    This journey reaches its depressing climax in a chapter written by Falk for Griffin’s 9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out. Following on from the pseudo- scientific blah about the heat at which steel bends (all of which stuff Falk describes as possessing “high credibility”) the UN expert-official opines that part of the evidence that there was conspiracy is the very fact that so many people say there wasn’t. Or, in intellectualese: “Momentous suspicious events bearing on the legitimacy of the process of governance in the US have been consistently shielded from mainstream inquiry by being reinscribed as the wild fantasies of ‘conspiracy theorists’… The management of suspicion is itself suspicious.” As you can see, because I believe that Falk, like Griffin, has taken leave of what remained of his senses, this column is now itself part of the sinister plot.


  2. Video should be viewable by all now. I had the setting wrong, d’oh!

  3. When a certain redhead tried to deliver her message she had trouble hiring halls and some of those who wanted to hear her message were pelted with rubbish. Democracy is indeed malleable. One day we restrict the opportunities for a person to put their point of view and that is seen as a victory for decency. The next day we’re upset that shadowy Jewish power brokers want to restrict the flow of information to information starved Sydney and that is portrayed as a victory for the forces of evil.

    Nice to see the schadenfruede shared around.

  4. Having now watched the video, I think I can say why “the pro-Israel lobby” isn’t all that keen on Prof Halper’s views.

    It’s mostly to do with his declaration that, “The problem is not 1967. The problem is 1948.”

    History buffs will tell you that 1948 is the year – a year after the United Nations voted to partition Palestine into two states: one Arab, one Jewish – of Israel’s Declaration of Independence. It is also the year when Israel defeated an invasion by the surrounding Arab states.

    Prof Halper also reveals his belief that there should be just a one-state solution. This, together with his pinpointing of 1948 as the “problem”, tells us, like many in the Arab world, he denies Israel’s right to exist.

    It would be most enlightening to hear how Prof Halper, as a self-declared member of the “peace movement”, reconciles these ideas with that of lasting peace in the Middle East.

  5. Tony

    If you actually listen to what he says he says that there is a multitude of solutions of solutions available: one-state, bi-state, regional framework etc.

  6. Stephan

    And I think that many on here would have said that Hanson should have been allowed to voice her views by hiring halls. I think that was displayed last week when we were appalled at the treatment of Hanson by the publication of the photos (that have turned out to be false).

  7. Joni,

    What is your view? Do you agree that 1948 is the problem, and why? (The Palestinian woman on the video said the same thing.)

  8. And also Tony, my understanding is that Israel is a result of a number of the Allies (Britain excepted due to their mandate over Palestine and alliances with Muslim nations), not wanting to import further refugee problems following the Holocaust.

    How true ‘an apartheid wall’. To me Prof Jeff is saying that there are a number of creative solutions, but that the 2 state solution established in ’48 has now been elimated by Israel..this is without any other solution being considered.

  9. EEK ! I have been asked for my opinion?!?!

    I think that yes, 1948 is the start of the problem. And that any solution must address the issues that stem from that decision.

    I do not think that the destruction of a jewish state is the answer, but any solution must accomodate both the needs and rights of all sides (and there are more sides here than just the Israeli and Palestinian sides).

    Do I have the answers? No. But I do think that we must be able to find one that treats everyone with respect.

  10. Fair enough Joni. Since you were at the rally, and your video is only an edited version of his speech, what does Prof Halper advocate as his ideal solution?

  11. How true ‘an apartheid wall’.~Min

    Yes Min. A wall to keep suicide bombers ‘apart’ from innocent Israeli citizens.

  12. A wall which Israels own Supreme Court said would tear at the “fabric of life” of the Palestinians.

  13. Tony

    He does not say – all he says is that the current situation if non-sustainable and an alternative must be reached.

    His main POV is that he is against the destruction of Palestinian villages and the settlements that are then built.

    (oh and yes it is an edited version as I am only one camera and it is hard to compile a decent clip when rude people want to walk in front of my camera…. 😛 )

  14. We seem to have the neat conflation of a ‘Jewish State’ with a ‘State of Israel’ going on again. Sighs. Where did all the non-Jews go in the State of Israel, then or now? (Which should make a nice segue for somebody, at some point, into the upcoming international shindig on ‘racism’ and sundry boycotts and politics of said).

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