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Polls Open for QLD Election

More than 1,700 polling booths have opened across Queensland for an historic election that opinion polls predict will be a knife-edge contest.

The final Newspoll of the campaign, in today’s Weekend Australian, shows Labor regaining some ground on the LNP.

The ALP is now just a hair behind in the two-party-preferred vote; 49.9 per cent to 50.1 per cent.

Anna Bligh will be Australia’s first elected female Premier if Labor wins a fifth term today, but she admits it will be a close race.

“I think many people often feel that one vote doesn’t make a difference,” she said.
“What we know from the polls is that every single Queensland vote will count, so Queenslanders get out there and have your say.”

Ms Bligh says the ALP has the better plan for the economy and says the worst outcome would be a minority government relying on independents.

“I look forward to Queenslanders deciding. It’s a very important choice between jobs and cuts,” she said.

The Premier started election day with a run and is voting mid-morning in her seat of South Brisbane at East Brisbane State School about 10:00am (AEST).

Factoring in last year’s boundary redistribution, the LNP will need an 8.3 per cent swing and 22 extra seats to form a majority government.

LNP Leader Lawrence Springborg says the election is about the health of Queenslanders and the health of the economy, and he is offering a plan for the future.

“Labor is promising now for the next three years, things that they haven’t been able to deliver in the last 11 years,” he said.

“If you want more of the same you vote for the Labor Party, If you want change in Queensland you vote for the LNP.

“They’ve put Queensland into record debt lost out great AAA credit rating, have no plan for the future.”

Mr Springborg will campaign in seats throughout Brisbane this afternoon, after voting in his home town of Yelarbon on the Southern Downs at 11:00am.

Queensland’s independent MPs say both major parties will be scrambling to do a deal in the event of a hung parliament.

Both Anna Bligh and Lawrence Springborg have been trying to convince Queenslanders that a minority government would not be in the state’s best interests.

Mr Springborg says he will not deal with independents to form a minority government.

Ms Bligh is also keen for a clear mandate.

“The worst possible outcome for Queenslanders going forward would be a minority government dependent on independents and One Nation,” she said.

Nanango’s Dorothy Pratt says voters do not agree.

“A lot of people are saying that’s the option they would prefer,” she said.

Gladstone’s Liz Cunningham says the leaders would be obligated to work with independents.

“I think both of them need to understand they’ve got to accept what the voters of Queensland deliver,” she said.

There were six independents in the former Parliament.

Those hoping to join the cross benches include Pauline Hanson in Beaudesert and former LNP member for the scrapped seat of Cunningham, Stuart Copeland in Condamine.

Place your bets…

49 Responses

  1. The ABC has full election coverage here..
    TB has already placed his vote and is celebrating a bit prematurely at the prospect of a win for Anna Bligh.

  2. Bet 1 – No One Nation after this election. Shayne Knuth to defeat (Gypsy) Rosa Lee Long in Dalrymple.

    Bet 2 – Gladstone to be very, very close. Liz Cunningham facing declining margin.

    Bet 3 – When TB goes to vote in Redcliffe he won’t find Vicki Darling’s name on the Ballot. LOL. Hopefully he will instead vote for VAN LITSENBURG, Lillian.

  3. Nice pic of TB Reb.

    (Just as well those Lowes wash-and-wear suits have roomy trouser legs – he seems to be packing plenty of heat .)

  4. I say Capt Bligh by 5 – 7 seats.

  5. “I say Capt Bligh by 5 – 7 seats.”

    Quite possible…but just in case, I’m prepared…wine included:


  6. Hung parliament!

  7. The pundits in Canberra agree that scaper’s call might be about right.

  8. A hung parliament. Does this mean that Pauline Hanson could hold the balance of power in Queensland?

  9. Or Warwick Capper….

  10. scaper…, on March 21st, 2009 at 11:26 am Said:

    Hung parliament!

    Indeed! Something I would have thought impossible a month ago is now a real possibility given the latest Newspoll. Possum points out

    the most likely outcome is of the ALP winning 46 seats. That simulation includes the sampling error uncertainty of the polling aggregations.

    If we assume that the polls are actually 100% correct, the implied probability of the ALP winning at least 45 seats with a uniform swing and standard deviation of 4% increases to 87% and where the most likely outcome is the ALP winning 48 seats.

    More here.


  11. Baah, I’m not a believer in polls. I reckon more Greens will turn out & preference Labor than they think.

    Who needs a hung parliament?…who needs another stormy Monday during these already chaotic times?:

    Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughan In Session – Stormy Monday

    Tho it could take alot longer to count up the votes than this Monday. Hope it won’t.


  12. I voted informal. My candidates were LNP – pro business and ALP/ Green who are pro abortion. I wish I had a left wing pro life candidate.

  13. If Labor does win in its own right, I sure hope they dump the Traveston Dam project.

    Andrew Bartlett makes some interesting points about a hung parliament:


    I’d prefer a Labor majority w/ no dam. But he does make some valid points.


  14. Nature 5, on March 21st, 2009 at 10:22 am

    …but, but, but I voted for Vicky Darling this morning and I voted for her Mum Elaine for years before that – do you mean to tell me my vote doesn’t count?

    Nice try N5, but I don’t live Redcliffe! 😆

    I don’t believe most people will use the preference option. In this election you can just place a one in the box of your choice and leave ‘tothers blank. (I wonder how many will tick tho’?

    Prediction: (and as you know, JMc and I aren’t much good at that 😉 hey, John ) Anna Bligh will hold government by two or three seats…

    Oh! BTW, N5? Vicky will romp home – trust me on that score!

  15. Dirty tactics. The LNP are getting desperate TB.

    I’ve got a good feeling about a late Labor & Green surge.

  16. One can only cross one’s whatsit’s, N’

    Most of the people I’ve talked to have been stuck between a rock and a hard place – including my son, who paced my backyard yesterday, quite frustrated, he too is an ALP voter – but I think typical of the thirties age group…

    …of course in my role as “neutral’ dad, I did drop the seed…”…Son, sometimes better the devil ya know…”

    …and what have they done in 11 years…trouble is what can Palmer (its tempting to say – and his little daughters – OK I did) f**k up in three..?

    …and I haven’t posted about this election as passionately as the Federal one – and personally that’s a worrry…just realised that…and I have seen your POSTS ON THE ELECTION, N’

    I still suspect that the voters will get to the booth and say – Jeese, times may get tuff, can we afford to gamble right now?

    As I said to, The Minister, this morning – does it really matter? We’ve survived most of the crappy politics that has been thrown at us for the last 60 years…

  17. “I still suspect that the voters will get to the booth and say – Jeese, times may get tuff, can we afford to gamble right now?”

    I reckon yer right TB…

    “and I have seen your POSTS ON THE ELECTION, N’”


    As someone born into a Conservative family, and particularly a Grandad as Mayor & Principal who gave a toss about the little people…but also assisted positively by certain Labor health & education-related initiatives put in place by others who also gave a sh*t in the 70s & 80s…I get pretty riled by contemporary puppets pretending to give a sh*t about the general public. Something about THE BORG & his backers just doesn’t feel right. They’re far too keen to get THIS FELLA into power, when there are better options I reckon.

    I’m not anti-Nats (I kinda like the cut of some of their jibs…Bob Katter seems to have some integrity)…& my wife’s family are basically Nat stock (and good people)…but I reckon part of the party got hijacked yonks ago…& their kowtowing to Howard made me puke.

    But you’d know more than me TB on QLD politics…based on years of living & working here.

  18. Waiting…waiting…

    The Doors Waiting For The Sun


  19. But you’d know more than me TB on QLD politics…based on years of living & working here.

    I wish, N’

    BTW Bob’s very loud on aeroplanes between Townsville or Cairns and Brissy – and that friggin’ hat always gets in the way!

    Off to keep The Minister company with – Malcolm Douglas (the buggars still alive?) and then New Tricks (recommended – top show!)

    Talk tomorra!

  20. My fave VICTORY sequence…just substitute Anna Bligh…

    Always knew she was a NATURAL:

    The Final Homerun


  21. Hi Nas,

    Looks like you can relax a bit now. Your favourite premier seems to be the first woman in the country elected to that post.

    Congratulations are in order to all Queensland Labor voters. Commiserations to LNP supporters.

  22. “Looks like you can relax a bit now. Your favourite premier seems to be the first woman in the country elected to that post.”

    Tony, I’m taking the foot off the accelerator a wee bit…but it’s a long road…

    “Congratulations are in order to all Queensland Labor voters.”

    You’re a good fella at heart Tony. Don’t fret. Be plenty of opportunities to enjoy yerself.

    Bachman Turner Overdrive – Roll On Down The Highway


  23. My predictions were off the planet. Anna has sh4t in.

    The polls were off the mark by a significant margin. Congratulations naskin.

    BTW TB, Vicky Darling’s seat was never in doubt. And Labor won Redcliffe as well. i suspect that the LNP candidate who lives opposite the Brighton Pub can now take his house off the market and stop pretending he lives in Redcliffe.

    What a night!

  24. I thought those polls were crap. Going into the election it was ALP 54% LNP 45% yet after a handful of days of campaigning it was 50 – 50. Who did they survey…Mr Springborg’s family and friends?

  25. TB said

    “Prediction: (and as you know, JMc and I aren’t much good at that hey, John ) Anna Bligh will hold government by two or three seats…”

    Like me you were way off the mark! LOL.

  26. Time to be PREPARED:

    ALIENS – Trailer

    never let yer guard down…

    big times comin’…too many Cheneys thinkin’ over time

    We’ve got the right people in place…

    expect…the unexpected


  27. Thanks Nature 5…

    I read your knowledgeable comments consistently.

    What’s your view on uranium mining & exports?


  28. How sweet it is! Another one for the true believers.

  29. Too many were prepared to go BLUE…and walk away.

    Blue makes me fight.

    I love BLUE.

    Blue makes me RED w/ anger.

    And then I turn GREEN from the effort…

    And then multi-coloured…like a rainbow…from North to South, East to West

    but it starts w/ BLUE:

    The Verve – Blue


  30. nasking, on March 21st, 2009 at 10:44 pm Said:

    What’s your view on uranium mining & exports?

    Frankly, I don’t know (haven’t got the expertise to scientifically decide) but I am always impressed by Professor Ian Lowe and his (negative) views on the uranium industry. But then again Robert Merkel from LP always argues his case well

    As for: renniek, on March 21st, 2009 at 10:47 pm Said:

    How sweet it is! Another one for the true believers.

    Indeed it is! Your ‘offsider’ was too pessimistic and my ‘insiders’ have given up ‘tipping’ as have I. LOL.

    Watch now as the Libs and Nats divide on ‘party’ lines and decide that it may be better to create a new Liberal Party, but only when the Nats demand that only a Nat can succeed the Borg.

    Anna has achieved a remarkable victory even though seats have been lost. I think it’s called gravity. LOL.

    BTW scaper did you back the wrong horse again? Strange that!

  31. “Another one for the true believers.”

    Many BELIEVE…but the key is too bring together enuff tribes, enough individuals, enough w/ the COURAGE to stand up to INJUSTICE…to stand up to those who PREY on the LIVES OF OTHERS…too bring them TOGETHER…in one ALLIANCE…one PURPOSE…to bring an end, for as long as possible, to THE FEAR..the DARKNESS:

    To enLIGHTen

    To LIGHT the way for future generations

    To LIGHTen the load of the WORKERS

    To provide LIGHT & HOPE for the downtrodden

    To SHINE a LIGHT on the rigged GAME

    To learn from the myths from whence some of THE LIGHT did originate.

    To SHARE in the LIGHT of sustainable energy & resources.

    To gaze upon the beauty of the multi-coloured LIGHT that is our society…

    and respect the giving of the sun, that which the LIGHT giver radiates.

    To attempt to understand the speed of LIGHT…and the BIRTH & DEATH that comes w/ it.


    Lord of the Rings: Return of the King trailer

    From all across the LAND they GATHERED.

    To end the DARKNESS.

    For awhile.

    Long enuff. To make a DIFFERENCE.


  32. And let US remember…that with every victory there is sacrifice & loss…most often UNDESERVED…let us RESPECT our OPPOSITION…good on Anna Bligh for her humility…& the doing so…and recall that sometimes it is mere CIRCUMSTANCE…& fear of losing our families security…and the occasional propaganda surge…that leads us to be on the other SIDE of things:

    Henry V (1989) Kenneth Branagh, Royal Fellowship of Death


  33. Good.

  34. Well, my prediction was well askew.

    I believe the person I voted for (backed???) will get over the line in Indooroopilly…Emerson.

    Congratulations to Bligh.

  35. scaper…, on March 22nd, 2009 at 8:52 am Said:

    “Well, my prediction was well askew.”

    Not Robinson Crusoe, scaper. All pollsters took a bath. The best effort was by Possum who made a late but relatively accurate prediction based on the exit polls.

    As for Emerson, he ranks as probably the best of the Liberals but he like all the Liberals will have to accept another hayseed Nat as the leader.

    BTW, Fundies First fell in a heap. No doubt Senator Fielding’s alcopop position came home to roost.

  36. Who will be the new Leader? Have to ask the party’s owner. Word is that the real Clive favours Fiona Simpson – the only person to have made a genuine ‘maiden’ speech in the House. (Her claim. Not mine.)

  37. “Congratulations to Bligh.”

    Indeed. And to her advisors. They made some good calls, including going for an early election. Who woulda thought it eh?

    And kudos to Kevin Rudd for his loyalty to Anna Bligh. He took the risk of showing up & giving her solid, earnest support instead of running for the hills during the oft DISTORTED & negative media blitz…unlike some PMs, he demonstrated real loyalty & mateship. Good for him.

    And good on QLDers for leading the way when it comes to accepting the fact that women can be just as capable as men in leadership positions.

    Good on ya Anna. Lovely family.

    And we thought Andrew Fraser came across well on the ABC election coverage show last night. My wife likes his calmness…and ability w/ numbers…reassuring. I agree.

    Thought ‘Insiders’ was full of dart throwing at Labor again today…

    What a load of manure regarding Nicola Roxon. I give the lady credit for balancing a heavy workload, family & having to right so many wrongs left by the ex-Minister of Health & Intense Cycling, Tony Abbott. She’s a strong performer…it’s not surprising the “lower the taxes for the rich, but keep ’em high for the average worker” media have put her picture up on their dartboards. I have CONFIDENCE in her abilities.

    Unlike Malcopops, Leader of the Opposition & investment bank supremo.

    And all that BS spinning & promotion of Steve Fielding by way of the political cartoons was so off base. First off, he doesn’t remind me of Woody Allen or Chauncey Gardener…he’s more like a pesky rabbit…and we know how long most Aussies tolerate rabbits. Especially if the rabbit is showboating whilst eating into their future.

    Tho I do give him credit for voting on the Fair Work bill. But a warrior on the bridge?…gimme a break. The corporate media is getting real desperate.

    I wonder how many QLDers today are using the Courier Mail front pages from last week as bog paper?


  38. Nasking,

    Is it just me or did Talcum look liked he’d been “mugged” when he appeared on Incisors this morning..?

    Seriously, he looks terrible. he looks exhausted and has aged considerably in the past few months.

    I don’t usually watch Insiders because it’s always so pro-Liberal. It didn’t disappoint..

  39. Whew!

  40. Congrats to Anna Bligh, and to TB and nasking for helping her over the line.

    Bad luck scaper, but it mightn’t be as bad as you think. Who knows you might even turn into a Labor voter. Just kidding…..:-)

    Wish I’d bothered to watch Insiders. Was Bolt on and frothing at the mouth? N’, I’m almost sorry for Malvolio. Bwwaahaahaa!!!

  41. Jane, on March 22nd, 2009 at 2:10 pm

    G’day Jane,

    Re Insiders I’ve just watched it (recording), our “friend” Piers Ackerman was in the single seat today, Cassidy kept shutting him down so not much “frof ‘n bovver” from the Toad…

    I had a giggle though, the set manager has finally re-arranged the “phallic symbol” of tall vase and two stone balls from just behind the single seat for guests…something that I’ve been pointing out for a few months now…

    …proof that even the ABC must read Blogocrats…

    …until now only a suspicion… 😆

  42. Nask, with recall to RTS (I know, yawn) done it again.
    Appropriate music a true believer shall receive ,very soon.
    ( Bottled in the Fowlers today fourty lots of apples,pears and cherries,and grapes, some in Brandy) , just me and three females, talk about yak, the peelers, and then when I got serious they revolted :).
    Makes ‘ya stoic,.

  43. “Is it just me or did Talcum look liked he’d been “mugged” when he appeared on Incisors this morning..?”

    reb, it looked like he’d just come from a brawl…oh yea, I guess he has…the ongoing saga that the Libs are unable to keep coming downstairs from upstairs. Hard life at the top of toff mansion I imagine? Scrapping over the assets and silverware and such.


    TB, short, succint & apt. Precisely my sentiments after waking up from a nap this arvo.

    and FCK YEA!!!

    Lang Mack, heady days indeed.
    Gracias amigo.

    Will you be sucking on brandied fruit & serenading Mrs. Lang tonight?

    R.Crumb and His Cheapsuit Serenaders – Persian Rug


  44. “I’m almost sorry for Malvolio. Bwwaahaahaa!!!”

    Jane, it’s hard not to feel some sympathy for this latest contestant in the game show “I, Neo-Lib Caesar”. Peter C. is trying to fit into his toga right now I imagine. Tight fit but I wonder if the visage of Servilius Casca is staring back at him in the mirror? Is he inadvertently laying the path for a new pretender? A Caligula type perhaps?

    Poor Malcolm is huffing and chuffing…against the prevailing winds.

    Whilst the others creep up behind him…being the creeps that too many of them are. Branded by Rodent.

  45. “the set manager has finally re-arranged the “phallic symbol” of tall vase and two stone balls from just behind the single seat for guests”

    lol TB…

    Keeping to the Mojo theme…and symbols…check out this diving torch…whatya think aquanut? (if yer out there).



  46. R.Crumb and His Cheap Suit – Persian Rug
    Makes one turn to angst when such music is presented to the ‘duhr’
    May well be that Steve Bromberg “Heaven help the Child” ,probably one of the most poignant songs, yet few remember who gave it to us.
    Again ,had a feeling that things would go the way of the Nask.
    (You imply that Mrs. Lang may incarnate on me, I dissuade such non compos mentis, ,however, I’.m of the flesh, and a person who understands the buttered cat).

  47. nasking, on March 22nd, 2009 at 9:35 pm Said:

    “I wonder if the visage of Servilius Casca is staring back at him in the mirror?”

    More like Servilius Cascara, N’. Well he gives me the sh*ts.

    TB Queensland, on March 22nd, 2009 at 5:08 pm Said:

    Re Insiders I’ve just watched it (recording), our “friend” Piers Ackerman was in the single seat today, Cassidy kept shutting him down so not much “frof ‘n bovver” from the Toad…

    Bugger it would have warmed the cockles to see Pies eyes bulging out of their sockets and the neck rolls quivering with rage.

  48. Oh dear..sad faces from a couple of our favorite journalists, ‘mongrel’ from Milne and ‘mule’ from Farr.

    From Glenn Milne at: http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,25225607-7583,00.html

    Doubts dog mongrel Liberal National Party’s future role.

    THE anger of Queensland Liberals at the botched job Lawrence Springborg and the Nationals did on Anna Bligh is so white hot that the future of the merged Liberal National Party is on the line.

    And from Malcolm Farr at: http://blogs.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/malcolmfarr/index.php/dailytelegraph/comments/odd_political_beast_on_endangered_list/

    Odd political beast on endangered list

    IT SOMETIMES happens that when two quite different animals interbreed, the creature born from the union is sterile, rendered totally unable to reproduce.

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