Never Mind The Frolykz, Here’s this Weekend’s D&M…

“All the world’s a stage” wrote Shakespeare.

“And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts.”

It gives one pause to thought. What is the real purpose in life? For some, it is the desire to get married and raise a family, others the pursuit of career and material wealth, and for others the pursuit of the creative arts where personal expression becomes an obsession that warrants sacrifice of all other worldly gains.

There is the participant, and the observer.

Those that glide through life without questioning its direction or purpose, and those that are so intensely philosophical and analytical that some are driven to madness.

We each tread our own path, and our experiences throughout life undoubtedly influence who we are today, affecting how we view ourselves and how we view others.

Apparently, research indicates that people who are religious are generally happier than those who are not. If this is so, is it because it is the belief in a “higher being” that brings about a sense of purpose or meaning to life, or is it the wanting to believe in something that makes it an unconscious requisite, in order to avoid the uncomfortable conclusion that there may in fact be no meaning at all.

Personally, I’ve never been all that interested in material gain. At least that’s what I like to think, but sometimes I wonder whether that’s entirely true.

Others feel a sense of purpose in helping others, Father Riley for example, through his tireless efforts to assist the drug addicted and homeless street kids in the heart of Kings Cross.

Some of the world’s greatest expressionists like Nina Simone and Billy Holiday, as well as comedians like Tony Hancock and Spike Milligan while, on the surface have displayed an almost genius like quality, have concealed a deep and dark side which they’ve eventually succumbed to.

So this is this weekend’s deep and meaningful.

What do you think it’s all about…?

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  1. As for:
    where I’ve similarly had trouble following the nature of any offense some contributors caused, but they’ve allowed themselves to be hounded out anyway.
    Indeed! Where is the Walrus? It’s a lot like those who deserted the ALP because, because … whatever. As you say, ‘It’s better to stay and fight’! Pity the DLP didn’t do that. LOL.
    Nature 5, on March 16th, 2009 at 9:07 pm Said:

    Well well well……………….!

    So I see you lot are still at it. Yes I decided to go into exile but didn’t they do that forcibly to some old French bloke a couple of hundred years ago who re emerged from exile to finally met his ultimate demise (not fatal) at a very wet and sodden joint called Waterloo.

    I was only by coincidence that I thought to myself……..Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..must have a look at what the Blograts are doin’. Then I was shocked to see a thread on exactly the type of debate that should have been undertaken when this blog started and then I saw Nature 5’s comment plus others following.

    I see you lot have pissed scaper off since I’ve been gone as well. Any other casualties ? Thank God someone has limited John Mcph posts to one every few days.

    Should I stick around………….Mmmmmmmmmmmmm………………I’ll think about it……………..maybe I’ll just visit less often ay !

  2. Alfie?

  3. lol Nature 5…

    mebbe reb it’s all about

    The Game of love – Santana feat. Michelle Branch


  4. Very deep reb and very well written might I add.


    Apparently, research indicates that people who are religious are generally happier than those who are not. If this is so, is it because it is the belief in a “higher being” that brings about a sense of purpose or meaning to life, or is it the wanting to believe in something that makes it an unconscious requisite, in order to avoid the uncomfortable conclusion that there may in fact be no meaning at all.

    Another thought is that we are social beings, that many human problems are a result of the isolation that exists in our society. Maybe religion/church fills that void, hence the reason that people who admit to a religion are happier.

  5. Big thumbs?

  6. Reality is an illusion created by a lack of drugs.

  7. Or other people’s big thumbs? Don’t always just think of yourself Ross. hehe

  8. Reb is clearly a metaphysicist!

  9. Welcome back IATW – you’ve been missed.

    (you were caught in the “spam spam spam – lovely spam, wonderful spam” queue for a bit, but I rescued you).

  10. Well screw you joni……………Spam………….since when has Spam been made out of an endangered species !

    Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

  11. So who pissed scaper off and why………….?

    He was always good for offbeat comments.

  12. Hello, IATW.

    I, for one, welcome our new overlords (oops) am glad you made it back.

  13. or should that be:

    Welcome back IATW – you’ve been miffed!

  14. joni must be a philip k. dick fan:

    A Scanner Darkly Trailer


  15. Welcome back – I Am The Walrus…..Yes Really

    I really think you should stick around here; some of us are really struggling with the load.

    There seem to be so many contributors seeking to take offense at something, and so few of us actually trying to meet their demand.

  16. I’ve just been down to the local Naturopath shop to stock up on chamomile tea. They’re the only ones that seem to stock the really good quality stuff.

    They’re making a fortune in there. The place was packed and there were four people serving at the counter.

    And then it struck me….

    “Why do people who work in Naturopathy look so f**kin’ healthy?”

    It’s just not f**kin’ fair!

  17. you’ve been miffed!

    Tusk, tusk.

  18. Walrus – Scarper pops in occasionally. Gives everyone a good “Lamaste” (!?), then he’s off again.

    Who knows where, but some of us get plenty of entertainment out of speculating.

  19. Naturopath? That’s nothing. I’ve just been to the dentist, and he looks exactly like Vince Masuka. To say he makes me feel uncomfortable would be to put it mildly.

  20. I think I’d change dentists Tony.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that Asian chap. It’s what he’s holding in his hand that’s got me worried.

  21. Or mebbe reb we’re stuck in a temporal glitch?…destined to try and alter the outcomes over and over again…that kind of GAME.

    perhaps this time we’re preparing for the coming of the mechs?…and simultaneously creating them:

    Terminator Salvation Movie Trailer 2

    I’ve been entertained by ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ on PayTV of late. Better than I expected.

  22. Very deep reb and very well written might I add.

    Why thank you Min.

    At least SOME ONE appreciates my efforts to try and lift the discussion towards an air of sophistication and higher intellect.

    And look at the comments I get in return….. 🙄

    Sometimes I wonder why I bother at all…

    Ungrateful pack of b@stards!!

  23. Tony: re dentists, the trick is to tell them that you’re ‘a gagger’ and then they treat you veerrrry gently.

  24. Ah, the meaning of life thread.

    I’ve been waiting for one of these.

    Anyone got the answer?

  25. “The trick is to tell them that you’re ‘a gagger'”

    You know something Min, that’s not really something I’d go about broadcasting to people.

    Look what it did for joni, and he goes about wondering why he can’t score a root…

  26. Anyone got the answer?

    Not me Evan, but I think Oscar Wilde might’ve been on to something when he mentioned “life is too important to be taken seriously…”

  27. Min I found out I am a, erm, ‘gagger’, but the bastards just stick things further into my mouth. (Get stuffed Reb.)

  28. “At least SOME ONE appreciates my efforts”

    If I didn’t appreciate your efforts I’d ignore you reb…

    “Apparently, research indicates that people who are religious are generally happier than those who are not. If this is so, is it because it is the belief in a “higher being” that brings about a sense of purpose or meaning to life”

    perhaps reb some need to believe in myth in order to find the strength to overcome the overwhelming sense of powerlessness that can pervade our lives:

    the mission trailer


  29. I know – root vegetables are so difficult to cook.

  30. As always reb. Actually, it was bl**dy good.

    Just for you..the fabulous Billie Holiday and that just has to be Satchmo on cornet.

  31. oh *blush*

    I thought you were meant to be in a meeting Joni…


  32. Tony and joni and reb..a number of things come to mind.

    I really did put my foot in that time didn’t I. Maybe this was why my dentist thought it was so funny..perhaps I should have phrased it differently?

  33. or should that be:
    Welcome back IATW – you’ve been miffed!

    reb, on March 20th, 2009 at 1:52 pm Said:

    Oh really…………….!

    Now wait a minute……………who pulled the “original” “Bring on the Biff” Thread a few months back………..?

    Besides after I handed out one infamous insult to a few of you I never got an answer to my next question…..!

    “Do some of you live in the same nursing home or somethin’…..?

    Ahhhhhh…………those were the days…………!

  34. “Anyone got the answer?”


  35. Evan, on March 20th, 2009 at 2:13 pm Said:

    “Ah, the meaning of life thread.

    I’ve been waiting for one of these.

    Anyone got the answer?”

    Contrary to the view pedaled by a certain series, it’s 37.

  36. Welcome back IATW.

  37. Walrus,

    The Bring Back the Biff Thread (courtesy of Tony of South Yarra) should still be there. In fact I think it was just from last week.

    Anyway, why don’t you do your own searching, ya lazy c***

  38. reb, on March 20th, 2009 at 3:44 pm Said:

    Reb…………..I meant the very original “Biff” thread that was canned…………!

  39. In the animal kingdom, there are but two purposes for life: to survive and to breed.

    Are we also animals?

  40. Yeah IATW, I missed most of that thread.

    How did it finish?

  41. Oh that one.
    It finished with people getting offended, some people demanding apologies, some people offering them , some people having tantrums….

    there were tears and tiara’s everywhere…

    And then, me being all powerful pulled the plug..

    Now how about we all move on shall we, lest I suspect that the only reason you’ve shown up Walrus is to rekindle old wounds..

    And we already have scaper for that.

    Now FIFO.

  42. Tom of Melbourne. I thought you of all people would have answered my question. After all, you are a complete animal.

  43. Miglo,

    I don’t think that animals can distinguish between the subtle nuances of shiraz versus Cab Sav, or appreciate the gentle aroma of an aged cuban rolled on the sweaty thigh of a young virgin…

  44. Oh ok Miglo, I think, in our lives that translates to – eat, drink and be merry…

  45. Point taken reb. Maybe we’re not animals, but just animalistic. Shiraz can do that to a bloke.

  46. Reb, “Now FIFO.”
    I think that’s slightly harsh, particularly when combined with such an obviously deliberate the mixed metaphor.

    And while there’s only 2 or 3 old wounds that I’d like to “rekindle”, I think that there are at least this many here that actually look to take offense, where no offense (or perhaps only a little gentle ribbing) is intended.

  47. reb, on March 20th, 2009 at 3:56 pm

    You’ve obviously never been the pet human of a ‘fussy cat’.

  48. “I think that’s slightly harsh”

    Fair point Tom.

    Actually I think a “gentle ribbing” doesn’t go far enough. And I’m inclined to agree that people tend to get offended perhaps where no offense, or just a bit “ribbing” was intended.

    It was so much easier at Blogocracy where everyone just went about visibly hating each other, than the polite discourse that seems to occur here.

    Anyway, as the French say, “such is life.”

  49. c’est la vie

  50. It was so much easier at Blogocracy where everyone just went about visibly hating each other


    Ain’t that the truth.

  51. Great. Now you pricks are turning into a French speaking blog.


  52. Be careful Duck a’ la Orange might be on the menu.

  53. Oh that one.
    ……….. lest I suspect that the only reason you’ve shown up Walrus is to rekindle old wounds..

    reb, on March 20th, 2009 at 3:54 pm Said:


    Oh ! You are sooooooooooooo awful………………….But…………?

  54. Getting back to “What do you think it’s all about…? ”

    Check this out when you’ve had a couple of wines, beer…or something courtesy of the Afghanis…or perhaps Big Pharma…me I keep to the beer generally:

    Order in the Chaos – Synchronicity through Fractals


  55. Great. Now you pricks are turning into a French speaking blog.

    Miglo, on March 20th, 2009 at 4:25 pm Said:

    Bouffe ma queue calisse de fag…………………!

  56. Welcome back Walrus,
    Good to see.

  57. IATW, I’m guessing that it’s not complimentary.

  58. Aqua, this is now a French speaking blog. The use of English is discouraged.

  59. get some new batteries Reb, so grumpy.
    Bloody New Zoolanders.

    My pollite contribution.

  60. Chivas regal, what a drop and very nice just with ice. (burp)

  61. Ive done french before, this shouldnt be to hard.

  62. Translation of Bouffe ma queue calisse de fag is at: It means something to do with a faggot.

    Madame Pusalowski never taught me that one at Canterbury Girls’ High. But I’m learning.

  63. Quelle horreur. Un chameau.

    Hi Aqua. 😉

  64. Min,
    In padstow(syd) there was this lane and i was collecting frogs just after a rain and a car stopped they got out and before i could put the bucket down i was bashed, the only word said was ” you faggot” after it was over,

    i was thinking:- but i got frogs and bucket.

  65. umm, hi Tony. 🙂
    (should i be worried what that says)

  66. The only french I know are words that are banned here 😦


    Welcome back.
    I know sport is banned on this thread (or at least limited to the Locker thread), but if you’d dropped into last W/E’s discussion you’d have noticed I actually complimented how well your mob played agaisnt the Storm. Apart from a couple of brain explosion attemmpts at field goals near the end, I thought they did well (better than my mob – the reigning Premiers and World Club Champions).

  67. Hi Walrus, actually I’m trying to give up blogging as other things in my life are suffering as a result of this habit.

    Even hurt a few people that I care about here in a pretty shithouse attempt to achieve this end.

    Hexx…I don’t pay any credence to what people say when they’ve had a few too many, my biggest mistake was replying to the first message…no hard feelings here.

    Tom…actually it is ‘namaste’…maybe I should have paid more attention when I was at Cranbrook to detail.

    Anyway, back under my rock.

  68. F**k me.

    Walrus, Scaper…

    What next…?

    Pilgrim…? Saved….? Sherlock….?

  69. (should i be worried what that says)

    No, nothing to worry about. It’s just something to dry your car with.

  70. Sparta?

  71. Adrian?

  72. Am The Walrus, on March 20th, 2009 at 4:43 pm Said:

    Bouffe ma queue calisse de fag…………………!
    translation is

    Bouffe ma queue calisse de fag – Eat my c**k you f**king faggot .

    I only just caught on!

  73. Scaper

    Get back out from under that rock and open up mate. We all have our down periods but hiding away doesn’t make it any better. Miss your feedback. Try to chill a little. I keep trying to tell reb the same thing but he keeps thinking the world is about to end.

  74. Let me guess…

    It was the Bouffe that gave it away..?

  75. ..just joking reb.

  76. LOL!! John…


  77. reb, what is the point of asking a question “What do you think it’s all about…? ” and then reliving another blogocracy reunion?

    I’m outa here.

  78. sreb, a well authored post very thoughtful…

    G’day, IATW – don’t worry about the Storm we’ll clobber ’em tonight!


    …and we just happen the most intelligent (sometimes) animals on the planet at the moment – that could change tonight…

  79. Reb

    i was late in finding out but i feel very silly right now.

    That statement was guttless and low.

  80. Fuck you too IATW you cocksucking son of a bitch.

  81. Miglo, on March 20th, 2009 at 5:35 pm

    Whoooooo! Migs, that’s not senior PS language! Sorry, the boss set the standard with s#!tstorm

  82. Sorry to offend you TB and anybody else. I couldn’t help it. He’s a jerk.

  83. LOL! We all know that, Migs! 😆 Even IATW knows it!

  84. Miglo, have you been watching Deadwood?

  85. Miglo, on March 20th, 2009 at 5:35 pm Said:

    Retourne enculer les mouches……………….!


    va t’faire mètt, connard………….!


    This is fun !

  86. Tabernac!, Choleque de merde!

    That’s my way of saying………..Its great to be back !


  87. Oh and just for you Reb…!

    Va te faire enculer……………..!

  88. Settle down Mig. Chamomile Tea drowned in Chivas seems to be the cure du jour (wink).

    I have a question.
    Is Duck l’Orange the full sister of Kirk l’Orange?

  89. Perhaps I should have said ‘settle down Walrus’.

  90. Now I know how a walrus has sex.

  91. Perhaps I should have said ’settle down Walrus’.

    Oftenbark, on March 20th, 2009 at 6:05 pm Said

    Yeh the French is getting a bit boring………………………………….Mmmmmmmmmmmm….!

    Anyone wanna revert to Afrikaan …………………?

  92. handyrab, on March 20th, 2009 at 5:53 pm

    Deadwood is cruel, HR! The Minister and I got ‘hooked” by the guy who we bought our replacement Solarhart off (is that relevant?), anyway he lent us his first season and we just “had” to buy the other two – but it never finished…no, fourth season and the third has so many loose ends!

    Story is that the funding went to the niece of one of the execs to make some new, weird and wonderful show that flopped!


    IATW, do you get the impression that you are pissing people off – again? Oh! That’s the plan…don’t, mate, Dave 55 and I like talking real football with you!

  93. Scaper, in future tell me off in the room, i can live with it. i take email as personal as coming to my house.
    Drunk made things much worse.

    Hopefully we can reopen conversation again if you join the room.
    Aslo what John Mcp said.

  94. IATW, this is for you. It’s Pitjantjatjara: Nyunta ngalya kanyini nyinanyi ngutu.

  95. Miglo, your going to have to tell what that means one day,
    You to Tony.

  96. What horror. A camel.

  97. I owe Julia Gillard an apology for calling her “a sell out”. I’m not too fussed about the Maccers & Maths initiative she approves…

    but she did PLENTY GOOD burying that damn Workchoices today.

    I shouldn’t let The Daily Telegraph play w/ my emotions when I’m tired & anxious (I should know better).

    It was great seeing the DEFEATED looks on those useless Opposition party members’ faces.

    Good on the Senators who voted to bury that stankin’ piece of Howard/Costello poo.

    I guess this demonstrates that THE WORKERS can TRUST Labor to look after their interests.

    And that’s a good reason to vote for Anna Bligh (The Protector) in QLD tomorrow…to stop the BORG from axing workers Left, Right & Centre.

    And my wife said to say “the media has generally treated Anna Bligh like a smelly old boot, and she deserves better”. But isn’t that how most high-profile women on the Left get treated in Australia? And some on the Right.

    Good onya Julia…and I’m sorry for my previous outburst. Sometimes I’m too kneejerk when exhausted.

    Labor did good.

    Vote 1 Labor in QLD tomorrow..

    Unless you vote Green…then make sure you preference the Labor candidate 2nd.

    Hmm…feel more UP than I did a couple of hours ago. Time for a cold one.

    Van Halen – Jump (live Toronto – 1995)


  98. lol, go hump yourself. Tony

    Nasking i wanted to vote Anna but …..

    She will win tomorrow regardless which way i vote but i am so unsatisfied with the choices i cant deside.

  99. Enjoying a cold one myself, as it happens, Nas. Stella Artois (the imported one – don’t like the made-here-under-licence version).


  100. N’, this one’s for you. Ted Mulry Gang:

  101. Greens, Thanks Nasking. i didnt think of that.
    i can live with Anna in second place.

  102. LOL Aqua.

    I’m watching the Moonee Valley races at the moment. Two races down – one win, one loss. The loser ran like a dromedary.

    Oops, no offence.

  103. what cigars have you got Miglo, Can you recomend a good brand.

    This new bunch i got a little while ago stink.
    they taste very bad too unless its with a strong drink.

  104. Hi Aqua, I drew a picture of you and added a personality profile.

  105. Never Tony, i know its humour so dish it out to me when you feel like it.

  106. Aqua, I enjoy a half corona. They go just nicely with the demon dink.

  107. migs,
    i cant believe you added my belly button, im really embarrassed.(covers up)

  108. corona, thats easy to remember.
    thanks for that. i hope i like it, its so hard to find a nice one.

    Also sold my boat, well i have the deposit , thats close enough. (sobs)

  109. Aqua,

    This is the last cigar I tried. (I enjoyed it very much, but I’m just an occasional smoker – certainly no expert.)

  110. Good choice Tony. These are also good:

    My recently retired doctor has smoked them for 52 years, cutting down from 7 a day to 2 a day. It was the cost!

  111. Sounds nice Migs. Seven a day! FMD!

    (My dentist probably smokes eight a day. That c**t!)

  112. I like the information followed by comments on that site.
    I might know what im doing when buying one from this point on. cheers

  113. Tony, your dentist can afford more that eight, surely.

  114. What is Deadwood?

  115. Re – scaper…, on March 20th, 2009 at 5:01 pm

    “Namaste” that’s Hindu for “I’m off to inject some poison into my forehead, following which I’ll do a little one handed typing (the other hand being occupied)”

  116. Migs,

    Its a gritty western series on Showtime.

  117. What is Deadwood?

    when you need viagra.

  118. Thanks Tony. I thought it might have been something like driftwood.

  119. aquanut, Greens then Labor, good choice too.

    I love putting a ‘Return of the King’ trailer link up the eve of each election…to motivate those who believe in THE LIGHT:

    Let us in QLD this time finally show we believe a woman can can make the difference in the fight for FAIRNESS…and that men & women can TRULY be EQUALS.

    Let’s LEAD the WAY.


  120. Here’s another one for you N’, for when you come back.

  121. I see you’re back. Did you collect any firewood?

  122. who miglo?

  123. “Nas. Stella Artois (the imported one – don’t like the made-here-under-licence version).”

    I like same Tony. I add Tabasco sometimes…

    In the HEAT of the night.


  124. when you need viagra.

    Aqua, one particular person I know doesn’t need them. I think the link in my post at 6:14 is enough to get him excited.

    “Who?” you might asked.

    Answer: the thumb sucker.

  125. N. He went AWOL.

  126. that was so funny Miglo. but very disturbing.

  127. Nas,

    A bit of trivia for you:

    Tabasco is rated at 2500 Scoville Units, and is only the 53rd hottest sauce.

    The hottest has 16,000,000 SU (not to be comsumed).

  128. Good stuff Migs…Julia, Emily…smart fella you are.

    How’s this?:

    Bob Marley – i can see clearly now


  129. Tony, thanx heaps…I’ve been looking for a site like that. I must order some real hotties.

    I used to eat habanero chile…approx. 200,000 to 300,000 Scoville units. But got tired of the flaming butt after a few years…:) But I’m still keen now & then.

    Johnny Cash – Ring of fire


  130. Thanks N’.

    Here’s one you won’t know (it’s by the Beatle’s favourite band).

  131. One of my favourites from the late 60s.

    The Move – Blackberry Way.

  132. N’, ring of fire was an appropriate song. Too much chillie can do that.

  133. Aqua, I’ve found the perfect job for you.

  134. Good stuff. Here’s some more urban spacemen Migs:

    Roller Coaster – 13th Floor Elevators


  135. Thats really different, wow.
    (packs bags)

    Nasking lol. (ring of fire)

  136. From one of my fave bands many many years ago:



  137. aquanut, i reckon you’ll dig this under the water…can you wear headphones?


    Mona – Quicksilver Messenger Service


  138. Here’s aquanut at the fancy dress party:

    cool in rainbow stripes.


  139. Aqua, N’, Tony, have to luv yus and leave yus. Ready to tip toe into bed with iPod attached to ears to listen to my fave stories of UFOs and Bigfoot and monsters from the deep.

    Being a public servant can be sooo tiring (and so dulling).

    PS – I always thought that Paul McCartney played the piano on She’s a Rainbow.

  140. And Migs out w/ the family on St. Pat’s day…


  141. Schlaft gute Migs.

    Had fun.

    Chow aquanut.

    I’m off for a late meal.

  142. LOL N’ – on both counts.

  143. Welcome back Walrus. And one must ask: Are you now being served?

  144. Now I know how a walrus has sex.

    Miglo, on March 20th, 2009 at 6:14 pm Said:
    Miglo,…………..That looks like a bloody seal.

    By the way….

    If I offended anyone today I’d just like to say…….




    How’s the Nursing Home ?

  145. If I offended anyone today I’d just like to say…….




    Spoken like a true 14 year old.

  146. I’m voting LNP today.

    In fact as a swinging voter it will be a very long time before I will vote Labor at any level again!

  147. Scapes, I’ve just up a thread on the QLD election…


  148. In fact as a swinging voter it will be a very long time before I will vote Labor at any level again!

    Welcome back scaper and IATW, just waiting for Adrian to drop by now.

    To say that it’ll be a long time before you vote Labor at any level means that you are not a swinging voter scaper. It’s not news to me anyway, I always thought by what you write in your posts that you are a true believer conservative at heart.

    How many times have you actually swung to Labor or the Greens?

  149. Lol kittylitter, he swings between the Libs and the Nationals.

  150. In regards to walruses, seals and sex a few posts above, I am reminded of an old joke:

    “What do walruses and tupperware have in common?
    They both enjoy a tight seal.”

    Now I know this thread is supposed to be about D&M, meaning of life stuff, but how about a bit of tasteful S&M, Tom Lehrer style?

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Tom Lehrer and the Masochism Tango.


  151. Thanks Evan, hadn’t heard of Tom Lehrer before, very clever.

  152. Federal elections- voted conservative three times.

    State elections- voted conservative twice including today.

    Senate- never have voted conservative or labor.

  153. Good for him…he’s the man:

    Pope calls for end to corruption in Africa

    The Pope has made made an emphatic appeal to Africans to stop corruption once and for all.

    Speaking during a visit to Angola, Pope Benedict told Africans that they could transform the continent with integrity, magnanimity and compassion.
    (ABC on-line)

    but I bet he wasn’t distributing these from his protective bubble:

    More births, more poverty, more illness, more conflict, less money for education = more corruption…I woulda thought.

    Got a Mojo theme going reb.

  154. nasking, on March 21st, 2009 at 2:44 pm

    I could build a counter-argument around the successes of micro-financing, and the sheer fecundity of community- and personally-initiated entrepreneurialism to improve social and economic conditions, assuming that some funds ever trickle down to the exploited, especially those victimised by corrupted, centralising distributions of rewards and burdens by political elites. But, of course, family planning is independent from those sorts of arguments, even if women (and their families) strangely seem the most entrepreneurial and most successful when it comes to micro-financing and the creation of viable, local socio-economic activities through said.

  155. Legion, I just read this on Wikipedia regarding micro-financing. I’ve often heard positives about Grameen Bank and such, so I was a wee bit disappointed – tho I guess we’d have to travel and spend substantial time in those communities to get a real sense of the impact:

    Some proponents of microfinance have asserted, without offering credible evidence, that microfinance has the power to single-handedly defeat poverty. This assertion has been the source of considerable criticism.

    In addition, research on the actual effectiveness of microfinance as a tool for economic development remains slim, in part owing to the difficulty in monitoring and measuring this impact.

    At the 2008 Innovations for Poverty Action/Financial Access Initiative Microfinance Research conference, economist Jonathan Morduch of New York University noted there are only one or two methodologically sound studies of microfinance’s impact.

    There has also been criticism of microlenders for not taking more responsibility for the working conditions of poor households, particularly when borrowers become quasi-wage labourers, selling crafts or agricultural produce through an organization controlled by the MFI. The desire of MFIs to help their borrower diversify and increase their incomes has sparked this type of relationship in several countries, most notably Bangladesh, where hundreds of thousands of borrowers effectively work as wage labourers for the marketing subsidiaries of Grameen Bank or BRAC. Critics maintain that there are few if any rules or standards in these cases governing working hours, holidays, working conditions, safety or child labour, and few inspection regimes to correct abuses.

    Some of these concerns have been taken up by unions and socially responsible investment advocates.


  156. Dunno, Nas. Morduch’s FAI seems to be producing some interesting research on just those matters. As the completed reports conclude, and assuming that research organisations headed up by Morduch do conduct methodologically sound research, the evidence is highly ‘suggestive’ across a range of dimensions, but the bulk of the research remains to be done. And I wouldn’t be too disappointed with Grameen, given a reading of the fineprint, especially the original of footnote 38, upon which the wiki ‘author’ relies. 😉

  157. lol…noted Legion. 1988 eh?

    You might find this interesting:


  158. I do like Muhammad Yunus of Grameen Bank’s down- to-earth & frank assessment of the economic crisis…& his positive outlook, determination to improve the foundations of a shaky & corrupt political economic system:

    Q&A: ‘Meltdown Not the Only Crisis in the World’

    Catherine Makino Interviews MD. YUNUS, Bangladeshi banker and economist

    IPS: Do you see that as an opportunity to fix a system that does not work for everyone?

    MY: This is the greatest opportunity because the crisis opened up opportunities. If things go right, even if it is a little bit shaky, nobody wants to touch it because it’s working. Now, if it’s not working, everybody’s upset, everybody’s worried, so this is a good time to address those things. It is a good time to touch things we thought were sacred. We have to sink into this opportunity, pull all our energies and minds together on how to make this opportunity useful and use it right now. We don’t want to miss this great opportunity in human history.

    IPS: What’s your opinion on how this crisis started?

    MY: This crisis was not created by us. It was created by a very small number of people in one country (the United States). If a small number of people can create such a disastrous situation for all the people of the world, then something needs to be seen here, a lesson to be learned. They rocked the whole foundation of our system and created misery for so many people. Today’s capitalism is half-baked.

    IPS: How about the wealthy people who were affected by the economic crisis?

    MY: Those who will be losing billions of dollars are worried about it, but when it comes down to it, they will still be left with billions of dollars, and similarity those who have millions will be left with millions of dollars. Their lifestyle will not change. The real victims are the three billion people at the bottom of the population who didn’t contribute whatsoever to this crisis. They will be losing their jobs, incomes and food and it will get worse. They became the victims of the banking system, which we need to change.

    IPS: Will the bailout packages help?

    MY: We talk about the bailout packages which will get the economic machine moving, but no one is talking about the bottom half of the population. Can’t they put at least 10 percent bailout packages for the people who have been victimised by all this? This is the issue we cannot forget, and I insist we do not go back to the same old ‘normal’ situation that we are coming from. It has to be a new normal situation which will create a new direction. It will be a bailout for the people who have been victimised by this institution.

    IPS: How has Grameen Bank’s programme of microcredit been affected by the crisis?

    MY: We haven’t been touched by the financial crisis. Big banks have floundered, but we haven’t. Today we have eight million borrowers who take out 100 million US dollars each month, paying back 99 percent of the time. Our model can go all over the world, including developed countries. In New York City, Grameen America lends about 2,200 dollars to women.

    We’re also talking to China and India. There are a lot of migrant workers in China who are losing their jobs. Beijing is very interested social business and India wants to get started.

    IPS: How would you change the financial system?

    MY: I suggest the economic system be totally redesigned. It worked for big business and rich people, but it didn’t work for two-thirds of the world because they were excluded from it. Nobody will get through the cracks in the new system. The financial system should be rooted to the ground, not making a fantasy economy built with castles in the sky which was the root cause of these problems.

    Today’s business is profit making and we are human beings, not robbers. Presently business is based on selfishness, which caused the crisis, but we are also selfless human beings.

    The new system should be inclusive of two-thirds of the world. For example, most people in the U.S. cannot even get a bank loan; they have to go through payday to get loans. Payday loans charge 100 to 500 percent interest rates. This is the failure of the banking system. Everybody should be entitled to a loan. Grameen even loans to beggars, who will buy fruit or candy and sell it.


  159. Hadn’t heard this before…quite catchy:

    “Bad Boy” – The Twilights (1966)


  160. Migs will enjoy this…it’s a goodie:

    Living In A Child’s Dream – Masters Apprentices


  161. Thank N’. The Beatles also had a version of Bad Boy, which only came out on an EP so original copies of it are very rare indeed.

    Living in a Child’s Dream was on my list of best Aussie singles. The bloke who wrote the song, Mick Bower, wrote a number of their early songs when they were Adelaide based. He later had a nervous breakdown, as did another member of the band, whose name escapes me.

    I liked their early stuff. Later hits like Turn up your Radio etc were woeful imo.

  162. How about this for the corporate media?:

    The Cruel Sea – The Honeymoon Is Over


  163. Miglo, on March 20th, 2009 at 9:19 pm Said:

    “Thanks N’.

    Here’s one you won’t know (it’s by the Beatle’s favourite band).

    Thanx migs. Ahh nostalgia. A favourite which had slipped from my mind.

  164. nasking, on March 21st, 2009 at 7:14 pm Said:

    “Hadn’t heard this before…quite catchy:

    “Bad Boy” – The Twilights (1966)”

    More nostalgia! I’m in heaven!!!

  165. jane…remember this?

    sweet jane – lou reed (live)


  166. Dedicated to Anna Bligh..& THE LIGHT:

    The Cranberries – Dreams

    Even Bears and their partners dream.

  167. My favourite Cat Stevens song. Haunting.

  168. My favourite reggae song.

  169. Good stuff Migs…one of my faves

    Feeling Groovy – Simon & Garfunkel


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