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Tiger’s Taxpayer Trip

Its no wonder the Liberals run election campaigns saying Labor can’t manage the economy and taxpayer’s money.

TIGER Woods is coming to Melbourne in a $3 million deal – with Victorian taxpayers chipping in for half the bill, the Herald Sun reports.

I remember the Federal Labor Government under Hawke and Keating giving out money to weird and wonderful “projects” too – surfboard training for women springs to mind.

For years now the Queensland government has propped up the indulgence of petrol heads on the Gold Coast to the tune of $10 million plus a year of taxpayers money.   “It attracts tourists…”.   While people die in the corridors of our hospitals. 

…and don’t think the other side of politics is any better…this year the LNP are running a 19 year old as a candidate…’cause his old man bankrolls the party……

…and anyone who has seen the latest ALP ad in Quensland showing Lawrence Springborg “explaining” how he is going to “find” the money “and they are looking” will know what I mean…this is just political buffoonery at its best…(and I’m “still looking” for the clip…)

These people couldn’t run a chook raffle in a pub!

More on Tiger here:



32 Responses

  1. I fear for this state’s future, seriously considering showing up and getting my name marked off the roll then putting in a blank form. The lack of decent choices is scary.

    Slightly off-topic what’s the deal with the ban of ads on electronic media? I’m thinking great, its safe to watch telly again but I’m still getting spammed by propaganda ads on certain news websites, if webpages aren’t electronic what are they?

  2. tb

    I agree completely and I still don’t know who I am going to vote for on Saturday. Captain Bligh or
    Petty Officer Springborg. Hope there is an independent in my electorate.

  3. G’day deb, there’s a few “topics” in there, so not “off” at all!

    I’m assuming you are referring to the Queensland elections…I confess I feel pretty much the same – a rock and a hard place springs to mind (certainly not “spring-borg”!)…

    …I think Springborg is a menace to himself (and therefore to us)…and can easily be controlled…(thank you, Mr Palmer…)

    …I like Anna Bligh but I don’t think she has a competent team to back her up…(and they are a menace to us)…a leader is only as good as his/her team…

    …I did mention the donkey vot ‘tother day!

    As for electronic ban, that started last night as I understand…but your question has been raised before re the web…I guess if we don’t want things like Conroy’s Net Nanny…then we have to put up with the adverts…

  4. I’d love to watch the man play his sublime golf game, but I’d be MIGHTY pissed off if I had to pay for a multimillionaire to grace me with his presence.
    I always thought Tiger seemed reasonably well grounded & had his ego in check.
    Perhaps not, but the government stands condemned for making the money available for such an indulgent triviality.

    Wow TB, I didn’t know about the 19y.o. candidate. They don’t think much of queenslanders’ capacity to reason do they? You guys up there really are screwed.

  5. I wish there was a DS4QLD party candidate in my electorate, now there’s something i can really get behind! Instead I’ll just have to vote Green I think, somewhat of a dilemma in itself, I like their ideology but don’t really want them running the state, they’re a bit too narrow. As for Springborg, $1 worth of PS jobs to go pffft.

    The main concern I have with Labor is they don’t seem to be pro-active enough, see oil spill reaction for prime example.

  6. They don’t think much of queenslanders’ capacity to reason do they?

    Judging by the (telly) ads, the lacklustre campaigning, and the superb palette of nominees up for election…no. Watching the ads or reading the barrage of glossy political blurbs dropping through the mailbox feels a little like being slowly lobotomised.

    But a lot of the ads doing the rounds are fascinating, to me at least, for how they represent brands and information in the midsts of the GFC unmentionable, particularly attempted repositionings of advertisers’ perceptions about who and what their consumers are and with which those concumers (and reflexively, those brands) will ‘identify’. That goes double for political ads.

  7. Toiletboss, on March 19th, 2009 at 11:32 am

    The “boy’ is Palmers son! He was nominated earlier this year – when he was 18!

    deb, on March 19th, 2009 at 11:42 am

    I actually read a pamphlet from the Socialist Alliance cover to cover on Tuesday – now that’s scary – andan indicator of my desperation…

    The oil slick was handled reasonably well – the planning phase is important and takes time…and if you look at other oil spills around the world they really are a pain…to clean up…

    You could just see both “camps” when the news broke though:

    ALP – holy s#!t…not now!

    LNP – oh! YES! Got ’em!

  8. TB Queensland, on March 19th, 2009 at 11:53 am

    re: oil slick, I don’t really have any significant complaints about how they’ve handled the oil slick, I think mostly they were a little slow off the mark and I put that down to inexperience dealing with this sort of catastrophe. There was a fairly damning article on crikey I read yesterday, but it seemed to me to be mostly based on assuming that the gov would know exactly how to react to the scenario.

    lol at camp responses, exactly!

  9. Smack bang in the middle of a recession, wages are all but frozen, the public are finally getting action with respect to obsene Bonuses paid to our corporate buzzards, and this happens. We need to get our priorities right and realise that sport is entertainment. The average punter in the street couldn’t care less about Tiger or any other money hungry sportsman. It’s a battle for many to keep up with the cost of living (private Health insurance increases and Bank robbing them with ATM Fees), without paying for some guy who will come her for a short time, take the appearence money and probably the prizemoney and run. If Tiger Woods had any values at all, he would be playing his precious game for the prizemoney and waiving appearance money for the common good of the world economy. I would have thought a Labour Government had more respect for the average punter, but it appears incumbancy makes all flavour of Governments loose touch.

  10. I wonder if the SA Government had to fork out a similar figure to get Lance Armstrong to come to the Tour Down Under, perhaps its just misplaced loyalty to my state of birth and many years of life, but there is something to be said for the benefit having a drawcard like that can have. The Vic gov are probably praying for enough economic boost to offset the cost..

  11. Dunno, David, I’m in two minds about all of it.. There could be some truth to Brumby’s cost-benefit analysis, which would possibly feed through into the wider economy, given ‘golf’ is a world industry, as is tourism…

    Mr Brumby said the economic benefits of Woods’ signing would far outweigh the costs.

    “Tiger’s visit will boost tourism, create jobs for Victorians and beam Melbourne to millions of people through a worldwide television audience,” he said.

    He claimed the trip woud inject about $19 million into the state’s tourism.

    Ditto for Tiger’s fees; I can’t see much difference between Tiger spending money or anyone else spending money, assuming he does spend it, whether here or there, in a stimulatory environment.

  12. Not sure about Armstrong deb, but if they did fork out for him then (being a permanent resident of S.A. since birth) I’ve paid too I guess.
    The benefit of a drawcard is undeniable but whether it’s Woods or Armstrong I’d much rather see my taxes directed towards more tangible efforts for the greater good…the less giltedged things like hospitals, roads, a town square in which members of the Port Adelaide Football Club can be publicly stoned (with rocks) etc..

  13. I would have thought a Labour Government had more respect for the average punter, but it appears incumbancy makes all flavour of Governments loose touch.

    Right on David.

  14. Toiletboss, on March 19th, 2009 at 12:28 pm Said:

    “a town square in which members of the Port Adelaide Football Club can be publicly” adored, I think is the word you wanted to use, TB. Never mind, we’ll bung the Fruit Tingles into the square and crush them. That’s a reasonable alternative, isn’t it? I’m sure miglo will agree with me. 🙂

    Re appearance money, I don’t think any top athlete or other notable would forfeit it. There possibly have been some who have, but not many. There are a lot of golf fans around who would be only too happy to worship at the lad’s feet.

  15. “I agree completely and I still don’t know who I am going to vote for on Saturday. Captain Bligh or
    Petty Officer Springborg. ”

    Remember this shaneinqld, if the public services, including education, are going to be shifted to become even more cost effective & accountable…w/ the least disruption to social order…I believe it will take a Fed Labor govt. working w/ a State Labor govt. to do it during this economic meltdown.

    Any other response has the potential for catastrophe (think the British miner’s strike & the Waterfont battle here)…and will only feed the pockets of the corporate media moguls…and those who have the self-interest and money to sit on the sidelines awaiting, manipulating the outcome of THE IDEOLOGICAL BATTLE.

    These are serious economic times…and plenty of families will be damaged by rash measures…the likes of which we saw demonstrated by Thatcher & Kennet.


    nasking, on March 19th, 2009 at 11:42 am


    Look at the hole the Neo-Libs & Conservatives, joined at the hip, have dug the past few years.

    Your vote could mean the difference between people keeping jobs that are fairly SECURE during HARD TIMES in order to help prop up the economy and feed their children & spouses…or ensuring that families workers are CULLED in order to keep THE FEW rich & privileged property owners living in the lap of luxury…ensuring that families become so destitute & destabilised that they might be forced to leave the state as so many did when Jeff Kennett closed all those schools years ago.

    My wife is a teacher…but we’ll adapt…we always have…but in my travels I witnessed firsthand the SUFFERING. I lived in Yorkshire after the miner’s strike…and saw the misery on those faces…and the impact the Conservatives had on their self-esteem.


  16. Toiletboss, on March 19th, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    lol as a former resident of Port Adelaide I’d like to agree but I think certain of my very good friends would then see me stoned.

  17. I live in Queensland and I could not vote for a man that has no idea about where he is funding his promises from, how he is going to maintain jobs, yet cut billions from the economy of Queensland, and to boot doesn’t even believe their is a financial crisis. His deputy was a tout, one of the Gold Coast sharks that had their hands deeply in the pockets of those who could least afford it, and of course they lost money through him. I believe that the “BORG” as he calls himself, is a fairly honest guy but he is running with the rat pack. I think the Borgs strenghts are back on the farm.

  18. After all these people complaining about the ‘bang for buck’ in relation to the economic stimulus packages, along comes a story where the governments are receiving a definite ‘bang for buck’, and nobody is happy.

    The example of Lance armstrong is a prime example. The state government was lambasted for paying for him, but, after the event, the millions extra that flowed in because of his participation was glossed over. The business community (particularly the small business) reaped untold benefits from that, so I would consider it money well spent. As is getting Tiger Woods over, Far better than the money spent on the Grand Prick (x)

  19. ‘ . . . a town square in which the members of the Port Adelaide Football Club can be publicly stoned with rocks, fruit tingles and chocos. TBoss

  20. Oops Oftenbark, as distinct from ofetnbark, or Offenbach, for that matter.
    Moderate This. I dare you (wink).

  21. What Tom R said. Lance Armstrong by all accounts received $3 million and it was certainly worth it in terms of publicity and tourist dollars. No reason to think Woods would have any lesser effect.

    Idon’t like but there are many other aspects of real life that I don’t like as well.

    BTW, anyone thinking of voting for the Borg lacks knowledge of Queensland history. He’s a Joh by another name. Another who can’t put a couple of sensible sentences together.

  22. Nature 5, on March 19th, 2009 at 2:56 pm

    My take, too, N5!

    Those little brown bags will be back in fashion within weeks!

    Plastic is no good ’cause you can see what’s inside – unless you used those little black dog poo bags – now they would be appropriate!

    Is Fitzgerald still alive?

  23. TB, I just heard that Tiger’s fee is closer to four and a half million, with Victorian taxpayers kicking in almost half.

    Brumby reckons the event will generate 17 million in economic activity. How much of that he is attributing to Tiger’s presence, he didn’t say.

  24. Brumby reckons the event will generate 17 million in economic activity. How much of that he is attributing to Tiger’s presence, he didn’t say.

    I understand that the presence of VIP’s (retch, gag…but I actually don’t mind Tiger or Armstrong[who made a very commendable visit to the Women’s & Children’s Hospital whilst in Adelaide]) generates economic activity.
    My gripe is that said economic activity presumably helps out business etc., perhaps small business in particular, but how much money actually goes into substantial (needed) public utility?; given that taxes are being used to whore their presence.

  25. John Winston Howard (allegedly) knows well the use of (Mr. Askin’s) little brown paper bags.

  26. I think businesses might argue that huge executive salaries have a similar multiplier effect and that is why they pay them. I couldn’t possibly know in their case nor that of Tiger Woods. I think it’s very poor timing to pay that sort of money for a celebrity sporting appearance whilst condemning, rightly, much less remuneration (for the time spent) in the corporate world.

  27. …if Tiger is so good why do taxpayers have to pay up at all?

    Why should we have to prop up “free enterprise”…that’s not the government’s job…

    Governments all over Australia, think they are generating money for themselves (ie taxpayers) but it doesn’t end up in the government coffers…

    …we truly have lost the plot between commercial and beaurocracratic “responsibility”…

    …if Golf Australia (?) can’t put on a tournament without paying $4 million to Tiger Woods (and I like the man, BTW) then don’t put it on – its “gambling” with taxpayer funds for a certain group of people…

    …why don’t governments sponsor music artists and bands…

    …imagine Elton John asking for $4 million to come to Australia…half of it funded by the government…we’de all go troppo…and for good reason…

  28. why don’t governments sponsor music artists and bands

    A fine idea TB.

    Maybe they’d like to pay Cannibal Corpse a cool couple of million to tour every settlement in Australia & hand out free CD’s & T-shirts?

  29. ofetnbark, on March 19th, 2009 at 2:38 pm Said:

    ‘ . . . a town square in which the members of the Port Adelaide Football Club can be publicly stoned with rocks, fruit tingles and chocos. TBoss

    Ah ha! foetnbark, trying to disguise yourself to avoid the just bollocking you deserve for typing the lolly word in the same sentence as the mighty Power! Shame on you!!

    We know who you are! You will not escape the wrath of the just.

    We will parade your sorry a#ses clad in silver and teal and black and white through the streets to that most holy of places Alberton Oval where you will be made to prostrate yourselves before a statue of Domenic Cassissi, before being ritually sacrificed and your putrid scattered around the oval!

    Then we’ll think of something terrible to do to you.

  30. …… your putrid remains scattered around the oval!

  31. TB Queensland, on March 19th, 2009 at 6:18 pm Said:

    Is Fitzgerald still alive?

    Yes Tony Fitz is alive and well but his Report and its Recommendations are now in the dustbin of history. An ‘interesting footnote’ but not really relevant today. LOL.

    Now we have Clive Palmer (soon to be the real, real Clive) who will fill the role of Sir Edward “Top Level Ted” Lyons who established the Bjelke-Petersen Foundation. Not sure who the next ‘Gore’ look-a-like will be but now doubt the SPIV from the Sunshine Coast (the Deputy) will have any number of CVs in his pocket.

    As for:

    Plastic is no good ’cause you can see what’s inside

    Depends what you mean by ‘plastic’. But then again the ‘plastic’ I am thinking of does leave an electronic trail and the black doggie bags don’t.

    Interesting times – as always.

  32. James of North Melbourne, on March 19th, 2009 at 6:45 pm

    I’ll declare my interests, James. I have a working theory that Richistanis are sometimes early demanders and/or early adopters of some useful and, initially, rather expensive tech which ‘trickles down’ to the masses, even me, eventually as mass-produced items. In the meantime, for all their crass excess, if they invest in the real economy, that means they’re employing some not-rich people to do stuff. Arguably, it would make some sense to flatten the structures/introduce more progressivity into the system over time rather than via some instant ‘revolution’.

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