The Locker Room

Now that the footy seasons are underway, there has been discussion of a weekly sports thread – so here it is.

I am one of those tweed-wearing rugby supporters (is that why I used to vote Democrat in the senate). My team is the Tahs. I normally have season tickets but this year we have decided to give it a miss.

So let’s keep all sports discussion here you fun lovin’ sportocrats.

(And if any of the sportlovers wants to own this Thursday thread, then let either myself or reb know and we will get you setup for it).


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  1. A sports thread. That’s what i’m talking about!

  2. “(And if any of the sportlovers wants to own this Thursday thread, then let either myself or reb know and we will get you setup for it).”

    Don’t let John Mc do it.

  3. You crack me up Tom.


  4. Would John post a cut-out-pass-and-paste job?

  5. I nominate Scaper…’if you build it, they will come’…and the SC is a bit like a baseball diamond in the sky.

  6. A locker room to me means having to bring upteen v.smelly uniforms home for washing. Meat pies at the Seville footy that’s a wonderful memory.

  7. What’s a “Locker Room”? Is that where blokes go to compare thumbs?

  8. A locker room means something else to me, but let’s not go there….

  9. lol@Legion’s Field of Dreams.

    It’s only fitting that my first comment on a sportocrats thread must be…

    F@ck Port Adelaide F.C. & the horses they rode in on!

    Tipping starts next week I guess.
    I usually go in the local Medical Clinic tips, it falsely elevates my predictions because half of them haven’t got a clue.

    Did OK last year & finished 5th overall, looking to dominate my father this year (I think he finished 2nd).

    Have made a note to self not to stoopidly pick the Crows every single week, although tipping against Port every single week was a damn good move last year, they were pathetic!

  10. I’m tipping Ben Cousins to win Richmond’s best-and-fairest this year, barring any accidental off-field run-ins with the marching dust.

  11. Tony


  12. Australian Football (I refuse the use the brand name they have self awarded, who calls a sport a three letter acronym anyway) starts next week, and so does my weekly defence of all of the vicious, unsubstantiated, and unwarranted criticism of the Sydney Swans. Won’t touch that excuse for a “sport” they call Rugby League, and won’t touch “real” Rugby until there is a team from Melbourne.

  13. Pretty safe tip I reckon Tony, although if Richo runs around squealing (as he is want to do) he may draw some kudos.

    Where are the Tiges gonna finish Tony? too early to predict?

    Maybe post a predictive ladder for the finish of the home & away season?
    Then look at our dismal insight retrospectively at the end of the season?

  14. Same as every year. F#*king ninth!

  15. The Crows gave Sydney a football lesson on the weekend James.

    I know, I know…Roos doesn’t take the pre-season seriously.

  16. I’m a League fan, and have again subscribed to my annual membership and seasons seats. This will be my last year though. The local club (Titans) are greedy and don’t give value for money. I look at the world economy and wonder why we support some of the thick heads of our game, when they have scant regard for the public and abuse the priviliged postion their ability affords them. That as well as the fact that it is no longer a working mans game. An average family has no chance of taking their family to the footy for 13 home games. After 4 tickets, drinks and something to eat, if you get out of it for $150 you’d be diong well. I also go to the local Qld cup, $8 per head, drinks ffordible and steak sandwiches are affordible and have real steak on them. I think I’ll become a Qld cup supporter, and I think many others will go the same way, due to financial pressure. Mine isn’t financial pressure, mine is discontent with the establishment who take an average of $1930 per seat (corporate box of 10) and then the grog and food bill is around $60 per head. Thats an average of $208 per game we pay per seat. They can’t even give us a program each.

  17. Dateline: March 26
    Venue: MCG
    Protagonists: Richmond Tigers v Carlton Blues
    Most Importantly: Two fine Brownlow Medalists confront each other on the hallowed turf.
    B. Cousins v C. Judd

    Never (almost) have sandgropers so eagerly awaited a contest featuring 2 Victorian AFL teams.
    Cool the alcopops, chill the beer, break out the fine wine, champagne for the ladies and light the barbie; oh, and bounce the bloody ball, silly umpire!
    And the winner will be? Who cares? Lean toward Richmond.

  18. I reckon I read somewhere a couple of weeks ago that Cousins credits his “rehabilitation” to a certain “conservative” girl.
    Politically conservative, religious…the works.

    That must be different for him.

  19. No, Toiletboss, it’s the pre-season competition that Roos doesn’t take seriously. Swans would have been going at close to full tilt last weekend and that result was a poor one. Hopefully, we can put that down to a bad day where 4 points weren’t conceded……and the bloody umpires!!

  20. Agreed OB. Should be a good one, is certainly being hyped as such.
    Looking forward to it, if only to see what eventuates.
    Both gun players.

  21. Really? I saw a picture of him with Wayne Johnson’s daughter (the ex-Carlton “Dominator” Johnno). If she’s anything like her old man, well, let’s just say he ‘enjoys himself’ during his leisure hours.

    / NTTAWWT.

  22. Hopefully, we can put that down to a bad day where 4 points weren’t conceded……and the bloody umpires!!

    I didn’t see it James so am not sure about the umpires but it sounds like they must have been unusually good, lol.

    I note that Big Kurt Tippet, Trent Hentschel & Taylor Walker all kicked 3 apiece, giving a glimmer of hope that the forward line may not be completely dysfunctional.

  23. Toiletboss, on March 19th, 2009 at 4:43 pm Said:

    The Crows gave Sydney a football lesson on the weekend James.

    I know, I know…Roos doesn’t take the pre-season seriously.

    Thats OK TB, neither do the Crows.

    And as for Port Pooher, they reap what they have sown.

    I cannot believe they are complaining that the SANFL, the same organisation they outright lied to and backstabbed in the most underhanded manner, won’t give them ANOTHER handout. Ontop of all the previous times they have gone prostrating themselves to them.

    Sucked S&#T I say

    You made your bed, sleep well suckers lol

  24. Umpires hate the Swans, DunnyKing, always have…….:)

    You guys always knock us off, I don’t know why.

  25. Sucked S&#T I say

    You made your bed, sleep well suckers lol

    Lol Tom. Yep, it’s a joy to behold!

    I was at just before & the portscum are really having a howl about it today.

    They simply don’t have mass appeal. The only new fans they will ever garner are from the offspring of the already rusted ons; everybody else hates them.
    Marketing can’t change that.

  26. Yea they are 2 guns Tony, and very fine people also.
    Ben adds dimensions to the Tigers playing style now. Wallace can afford free-up, place Deledio and others dangerously close to goal, while Ben creates havoc in the midfield.
    My only concern about Ben is match fitness, which will see him ground time managed, I presume; the other is concern of Ben’s hamstrings remaining in tact.
    BTW, from the little I’ve seen of Judd so far this year, I can just tell ‘he’s on fire’. Look out!

    Toiletboss: Worth mentioning that Ben was educated at one of the finest (christian) colleges, and comes from a very fine family with good community values.
    The lady to whom you refer, in charge of Ben’s rehabilitation and constant exclusive confidant, is none other than Ms Merenda, sister of ex-Richmond AFL footballer Mark Merenda (know Mark and family well).
    As fate would have it, Mark was the real estate agent who sold the home of one certain C. Judd when Chris decided to depart from WA.
    Have much respect for Paul Roos. A very fine person and coach.

  27. Interesting OB, I knew I’d read something along those lines.

  28. “DunnyKing” – now that’s funny!

  29. Yes TB, they came bragging on the scene that tehy are NOT for every South Australian, they are Port and Port only, but now, they want to be a part of the whole ROFL

    And I agree Oftenbark, he may coach and play for opposition teams, but Paul Roos is a fine example of a sportsman, if only there were more like him. (and I think there are/were plenty like him, I just wish there were more.)

  30. owning the thread. Nooo, not a chance. However I am a gymnastics judge..true dinks.

  31. I’ll take it on, Joni. I consider myself quite the sporting expert.

  32. Good man James. Can I suggest an extreme bias against Port Adelaide to flavour your efforts?

    Anybody else follow teh foosball?

  33. Good boy James. Might I suggest a tipping comp? To make it fair, perhaps we could each select the winner of the ‘game-of-the-round’ from each of Union, League and AFL.

  34. Gutsy move James. Well done.
    I, and perhaps the Loo Custodian from SA may assist with news from the Western/Central fronts.

  35. Leave it with me to think some stuff up. All suggestions taken on board. I’ll even try to include some RL stuff for our peasant friends up north.

  36. lol

  37. The ‘boys’ (mates) here in WA have a tipping contest commencing next week which entails each participant picking ONE AFL winning team each week; one pick only each week. $20 each in the pool. Pool of, so far, $180. Winner take all, last man standing.
    One losing (team) pick, and you’re out. Natural attrition.

    Which reminds me. Who will play AFL finals this year? Hmmm.
    This ‘who will be the top 8’ caper is somewhat difficult to pick.
    So, on the basis that I will only pick teams (min of 5, max of 8) I consider will play AFL finals, my picks for 2009 are as follows:

    Geelong (no news there)
    Hawthorn (ditto)
    North Melbourne

  38. Tboss, TomR & Offenbark, you’ll all be sobbing into your beer when the mighty Power steamrollers those w@nkers you barrack for!

    The bignoters say they’re team for all South Aussies, but how can anyone seriously want to barrack for a team dressed like a cheap packet of lollies!

    Tboss, the tingles gave Sydney a football lesson? Pfft! Yeah, after the Power softened them up!!!

    TomR, the only backstabbing, lying and underhanded crap was from the SANFL, the bunch of snivellers!

  39. *max of 8

  40. Oftenbark, you must be mad!! You’re choosing the fruit tingles in the final 4???? Not a jolly chance. Give yourself a real chance; Port definitely in the top 4 and we’ll give the flag a nudge.

  41. Are chicks allowed in the Locker Room????


  42. Aaaahhhh! Sorry Jane. I cannot recall ever mentioning the AFL team I (allegedly) follow. Care to take a punt? (No pun or Road intended, purely a co-incidental turn of phrase). This could take some time (grin).

  43. Tread carefully Jane; Loo Custodian (as per Monty Python) has recently purchased projectiles for the ‘stoning of Port supporters in the village square’.

    Jane, you have a West Aussie as captain of Port, I hear. Is that so?

  44. Jane


    Be able to pinpoint exactly the backstabbing and lying the SANFL did do.

    They were upfront about their entry into the AFL, they wanted the SANFL to stregthen first, along with some other things. They had a meeting at some resort down south with all clubs, and all clubs backed them. Even port, who were at the same time going behind their back and having discussions with the AFL (VFL)

    Interested in your point of view.

    And yes, it could be a long year for the Crows, but they surprised last year, and may do the same again this year. Their young talent is impressive.

  45. After a 24 hour hiatus I bounce back to Blogocrats – head for this thread – and I am confronted by the nastiest pack of savages ever to grace the electronic ether. With of course, the exceptions being Min and Jane.

    Tom R – get over it. Toiletboss – take a valium.

    Port had very good reason to attempt to join the AFL in 1990. The Port games were attracting 60% of all crowds that went to SANFL games each week; we were carrying the local league financially; and our best players were heading over the border anyway.

    The SANFL carried on like sqealing pigs about Port’s impending defection; took them to court to stop the inititiative; and complained long an hard that Port were destroying the SANFL as we knew it.

    So what did they do? They formed the Crows a mere 10 weeks later. The SANFL was from that moment on forever stuffed.

    Here in the Eastern states the Crow’s supporters are considered the nastiest in the land. A quick look at the blogs on The Advertiser convince me (and the rest of the world) that they are also the most moronic.

    And the season hasn’t even started!

    My predictions for the year ahead:
    1. A Port player will be suspended for a bump that Collingwood players get away with.
    2. He will be black.
    3. The umps will continue to cuddle up to the Victorian teams.
    4. The Crows will make the finals but again choke in an elimination final at home after holding a winable lead.

  46. Tell you what Miglo, I’ll get over it when people stop lying about what went on at that time.

    The SANFL had an agreemement with all clubs, and the VFL, that the first team from SA would be a new team created from the existing SANFL, basically the Crows.

    To try and get a better deal for the existing teams, and save the leaque, ALL teams backed this, to their face anyway.

    What came out was that port were in fact scuttling around the back to try and get themselves in first

    Backstabbing to the highest degree

    And now they want ANOTHER handout

    lol, good luck to em

    Unfortunately though, I do agree with your point 4. We have an atrocious record in finals, and what is weirder, port are the ones with the name for it?? go figure.

  47. All right. Unless someone comes up with an earlier reference, TD officially coined the term. OK, Ms Roxon?

  48. Tom R you could have knocked me down with a feather. You’re the first ever Crow’s support to admit a flaw in your team of wannabe Hollywoods.

    I might be a die-hard Port supporter, but when the Crows joined the AFL I followed them passionately. When Port joined I (and the wife) followed both teams.

    In 1997 and 1998 when the Crows made the finals, John Cahill, the then Port coach said on the news that he is urging Port supporters to get behind the Crows as they are a fellow SA team.

    In 1999 when Port made the finals, Mark Bickley (the then captain of the Crows) announced on national TV (the Footy Show) that he and his club and their supporters would support the team they were to play against. He snickered that he hates Port and he/club/supporters hope they perform miserably. Eddie McGuire even commented that it was a bit rough.

    From that moment on the wife and I have hated the Crows with a vengeance.

    Them, and in particular their supporters, are nastiest bastards in the country.

  49. Tony – I moved my comment to the Fielding Practice thread – misplaced it here.

  50. Well, if you hate a team for some innocous comment from one player, well, so be it.

    My dislike of port is not their players or football, I actually respect the way they play the game, and, particularly in todays day and age, players come and go, I tend to like them on individual merit, although, I will still favour a Crows player, but htat is to be expected (probably cos they are just better lol)

    It is the way port behaves off-field as a club. Their ‘win at ANY cost’ attitude. They need to remember it is just a game, but they treat it as life and death, and are not above breaking rules to get a win (lets not forget the glory days of grave danger). I prefer a team who, when they win, won it according to the rules of the game, and with a clear conscience, and without crying for help everytime things get tough.

    Obviously, Essendon are not high up on my supporter base either, they whinge more than any other team I can recall when things don’t go their way.

  51. Forgive them Dave55, for they know not what they miss…

    david, on March 19th, 2009 at 4:43 pm

    david, couldn’t agree more and the sad thing is that the game grew out of the rich not paying their workers to play rugby union (at neither ‘t mill, nor ‘t field)…seems the greedy bastards are back at it again…only this time its the supporters…

    …I’ve always believed football players are over paid for what they do but then so are some of the silly little girls (and boys) who make records…

    …ain’t capitalism wonderful…

  52. Tom R, you’re despicable.

  53. Miglo, on March 19th, 2009 at 8:55 pm Said:

    Tom R, you’re despicable.

    Thanks 🙂

  54. TomR, I remind you of the perfectly legitimate Choppy bump, where the bumpee shook himself and played out the game. Sentence-6 weeks!!

    The thug lays out Selwood with deliberate head-high. Selwood is lugged off to hospital with suspected concussion and misses 2 games. Thug’s punishment-f*ck all! I’m surprised they didn’t give the bugger a medal!

    Bickley’s another thug and a crybaby imo. His attack on Daryl Wakelin was out of order but typical tingle behaviour. Ditto the girl Shirley, weeping and wailing because he copped a legitimate tackle!! What a w@nker! I have absolutely no respect for that club.

    Bloody hell, TomR. You’re dredging around in the past. When Granger played, the game was tough with lots of violence and biffo on field and behind the play. They were all at it; he was probably just better at it than everyone else.

  55. Interesting article in the wiki about Dave Granger.

    particularly like what he had to say about the club.

    And for the record, thugs are everywhere, every team has them. it is the actions of the club I am talking about.

  56. Hi Jane,

    Tom R is only digging around into our history because his own team of sooky sooky la la’s don’t have any history.

  57. lol @ Choco’s minions.

    Agree re the easy Collingwood bump let-off though.

    Showdowns are shaping up to be interesting this year based on the already combative nature of this thread.

    Good morning miglo.

  58. Miglo

    Are Not!! (sob)


  59. Good morning TBoss. Unfortunately I can’t stick around today because of an overloaded work schedule and a grumpy boss.

  60. “Now that the footy seasons are underway” Ahem…the A league has just finished (with the Champions being the great Melbourne Victory).

    Association Football may not be the biggest football code in Australia (but certainly more popular than Rugby League here in Melbourne) but it should be included in the realm of ‘footyes’

    Anyway. We got the World Cup qualifier with Uzbekistan on April 1. Let’s hope it is not a fools day for Australia. If we win we are almost there.

    This is the squad:

    Michael Beauchamp (Aalborg, Denmark)
    Mark Bresciano (Palermo, Italy)
    Jacob Burns (SC Unirea Valahorun, Romania)
    Tim Cahill (Everton)
    David Carney (Norwich, England),
    Scott Chipperfield (FC Basel, Switzerland)
    Chris Coyne (Colchester, England)
    Jason Culina (PSV Eindhoven, Holland)
    Adam Federici (Reading, England)
    Richard Garcia, (Hull City, England)
    Brett Holman (AZ Alkmaar, Holland)
    Mile Jedinak (Genclerbirligi, Turkey)
    Josh Kennedy (Karlsruhe, Germany)
    Harry Kewell (Galatasaray, Turkey)
    Scott McDonald (Celtic, Scotland)
    Lucas Neill (West Ham, England)
    Jade North (Incheon United, Korea)
    Michael Petkovic (Sizasspor, Turkey)
    Mark Schwarzer (Fulham, England)
    Mile Sterjovski (Derby, England)
    Carl Valeri (US Grosseto, Italy)
    Luke Wilkshire (Dynamo Moscow, Russia)

    Great to see the inclusion of Kewell there. And of course we have Neill, Cahill and Chipperfield.

    Maybe this formation could be a goer.


  61. TB Queensland

    Forgive them Dave55, for they know not what they miss…

    I know TB, I know – I almost pity their ignorance …

    Looking forward to seeing your blokes play Storm tonight should be a great game. I hoping that Manly can get their heads together this week against the Warriors as well – it’s going to be a tough battle, esp with the Warriors getting Stacey Jones back.

    IATW’s back as well – maybe he can chime in with some support for the Dragons to counter the ping pong discussion by the others.

  62. Guido,

    Association Football may not be the biggest football code in Australia (but certainly more popular than Rugby League here in Melbourne) but it should be included in the realm of ‘footyes’

    I’m sure it was just the fact that the local season is over that soccer wasn’t mentioned by some of us. Yes, that must have been it.

    As for the World Cup games, I’ll be taking an active interest if we get through the next qualifier.

  63. Dave and TB,

    Ping pong. Ping pong! Why I oughta…

  64. Tony

    It’s true – I was going to mention football, but now that soccer is a summer-sport I could not work out how to bring it into the topic.


    And I am off to watch the Bunnies versus the Slimey Eels tonight at the venue that is somewhere to the west of Perth (or so it seems).

    But first I need some Fielding Practice.

  65. Joni,

    Don’t tell Dave or TB but Channel 9 is showing Broncos v Storm live into Melbourne tonight. I might be tempted to take a sneak peek – but only between the Moonee Valley races of course.

  66. Tboss, it was the last match in the minor round when your mob played the Eagles. That complete slug Ricciuto laid out Selwood and got a pat on the back!

    Miglo, on March 20th, 2009 at 8:57 am Said:

    “Tom R is only digging around into our history because his own team of sooky sooky la la’s don’t have any history.”

    I know, miglo, but I can’t help rubbing it in.

  67. Broncos win. Could have gone either way. As always ‘luck’ involved in the form of refs’ ( plural these days) decisions.

  68. OMD – league is so boring. Just back from bunnies v eels.

    One pass.
    One pass.
    One pass.
    Two pass.
    And they reckon rugby is boring?

  69. (I prefer Rugby to League also Joni)

    But hey. There we were, returned home from dining out.
    Decided to watch Ch7 ‘documentary’ on Aussie Rules footy.
    Boring as sh**e.

    Holy moly. What a load of unadulterated, indulgent 100% pure Victorian crap. Apparently, Aussie rules revolves around the fortunes of 2 Rules teams in Palestine, one from East Coburg, 2 mick colleges in Victoria, and a ‘ladies’ team.
    Brilliant. That’s what you get when Ch7 produce shows on the cheap. Not sure whether to laugh or cry.

    Good grief!

  70. Oftenbark at 1.15am, I’m told they featured my beautiful niece who lives in North Manly, Sydney, and is about 8yo. Just sayin’….

  71. James: That’s cool. The young lass will get such a big thrill from that, and rightly so.

  72. Yeah, true, I’m told she’s already forgotten about being a bridesmaid at my wedding 2 weeks ago…..*sniff*.

  73. ‘I’m told she’s already forgotten about being a bridesmaid at my wedding 2 weeks ago . . . *sniff* – James


    Not to worry James. I really do not believe little girls forget anything James. Your beautiful niece, as per my beautiful daughter may, and do, ‘prioritise’ life events.
    Hence the term ‘heartbreaker’.
    You must deal with this James (still grinning).

  74. oh, and BTW James, C-o-n-g-r-a-t-u-l-a-t-i-o-n-s-!

    All the best for the future James, forever.

  75. If anyone wants to smile – switch over to the ABC and watch the enthusiasm of the kids at the Tiwi Islands Aussie Rules Grand Final…

    This sort of event needs to be shown more – to show the talent and the positive aspects of aboriginal life.

  76. Wow – the national anthem gave me goosebumps and tears.

  77. James of North Melbourne, on March 21st, 2009 at 4:05 pm

    Congratulations, James! (After being “captive” for over 40 years – I highly recommend it!)

    I hope you have the jar and dried peas operational?

  78. Excellent joni. My favorite was having to judge a little troop of 8 year old gynmasts, 3 of whom were Downs Syndrome. I gave them no charity votes, but judged the team on merit. They were excellent, so dedicated. They came 3rd among 12 teams of able bodied, potentially elite junior gymnasts. Then came the awarding of medals and the National Anthem. This was my goosebumps and tears moment.

  79. Damn. I’ve been in Yass all day and have hence missed the opportunity to see the Tiwi grand final.

    I enjoy watching Aboriginal teams play – they are such elite sportsmen.

    In the 2000 Spencer League Grand Final a Port Augusta team played an all Aborigine team. The ‘white’ team had 33 more free kicks, 7 of which resulted in goals and they snuck home by 9 points.

    The same teams played off in 2001. At half time some of the Aboriginal players had such dejected looks as the umps were absolutely destroying them. But, after trailing most of the game they turned it on in the last quarter, catching up to the whities before jumping to a 3 goal lead. The last quarter went for forty four minutes. It was obvious to all in the crowd that the time-keeper was waiting for the whities to hopefully fight back and hit the front before blowing the siren.

    Welcome to Port Augusta.

  80. This thursday night’s season opener – between Richmond and Carlton, for the benefit of the Northern hordes – looks like being a sellout. They are predicting 90,000 plus, and tickets are already being scalped.

    Cant wait!

  81. Read somewhere that lots of W.A.’ians are making the trek across for the game too.
    Let’s be honest, W.C.E. have been rooted since the two drawcards left; this surprises me, I don’t generally think a team’s providence/failure is the sum total of the input of two players. I didn’t expect the quality players that W.C.E. had left (plenty of ’em) would be so drastically coat-hangered by the loss of Judd & Cousins.

    That said, Richmond & Carlton fans should be excited about what may be in 2009.

    Glad I’m on D/S so I’ll be able to watch it unfold on Thurs night.

    Can’t hardly wait neither.

    The Premier League is becoming interesting now too, Reds are 1 point behind Man U after the recent losses (with a game in hand I think).
    A bit of a hiccup.

    Watched Man U VS Inter Milan last week, maybe week before(?), very good game.

  82. …and the Broncos have increased their winning margin each game this season – won by one point in Round One and by TWO points in Round Two – in some circles that would be a 100% improvement!

    N5 – absolutely agree – we gained one try after an obvious knock on…but some awful refereeing for both sides – the sooner we have professional referees the better (just take a grand off each player in the League – easy).

    The Poms have a great system for soccer now – the three officials always work together (travel the country as a team!) and take turns on the line and on the field.

    As for NRL refereeing we have it arse about face – the video ref should control the on field refs not ‘tother way round. The information available to the video ref is akin to a modern general who can see the overall action – he/she should then direct the officials on the field…not the other way round.

  83. TB,

    Took a couple of passing glances at that game Friday Night. Was very surprised to hear Wally Lewis and co call Billy Slater ‘the world’s best player’. What do you think?

    By the way, Israel Filou is playing the wrong game. He can take a high mark as well as anyone in the AFL. No-one else in the NRL can do it, although your game would be so much more spectacular if more players worked out how it was done.

  84. ToSY

    Lockyer is the world’s best League player and that’s not because he plays for the Broncos.

    Slippery Slater is good but not that good…

    Isn’t Filou great! We may have lost Innis but we now have skill on both wings and through the centre – formidable!

    This new team is shaping up very well…Lockyer is leading from the front but he needs others to step up and take that pressure off him, so that he can play General (something that Wallace seems to be well aware of)…Henjak should be well pleased. The fans I know are.

  85. TB,

    No doubt you remember this one, but Falou used to do this kind of thing every week with the Storm. Hold on to your hat for some spectacular aerobatics this year TB. (I wish he was still down here.)

  86. Call this a locker room? The place looks like a bomb hit it. Wasn’t James supposed to be running the joint? Typical Swans supporter: all piss and wind.


  87. Tony, I’m stumped in my tipping with your team against Carlton this week. Your views please.

  88. I’m not really sure, Miglo, although we did beat Carlton in the corresponding game last year. Of course they’re both very different teams this year. Here’s hoping, though.

  89. Your guys are slight favourites with the bookies. Not a lot in it though.

    Go into this site that I posted on Monday’s thread. They have a very good tipping record.

  90. Thanks for the link, Miglo. Bookmarked.

  91. Should we have a blogocrats AFL tipping competition?

    (what am I getting myself in for?)

  92. James is happy to run it, waiting to be “set up” by Joni…..and not in a gay way, thanks Joni.

  93. James

    You have been emailed.

  94. Toiletboss: You make some interesting observations re WCE.
    However, 40 to 60 quality touches less per week will hurt any team (plus the virtual loss 1 Brownlow runner-up either suspended, injured, or tagged out of the game, namely Daniel Kerr, no Sam Butler either).
    Ebert and Masten must step up this year.
    Allow me to make a comparison, WCE to Brisbane.
    Brisbane won 3 premierships, with Brownlow medallist midfielders: Voss, Akermanis, Black. Throw in Lappin, Power, Notting and you have a class engine room.
    Take out Voss (injured, retired), Akermanis (transfer), Lappin (injured), the remainder remain (grin), somehow it’s just not the same.
    Also, the fateful 2007 final in Adelaide between WCE and Port, Port winning by 3 points clearly indicated the influence of Judd and Cuz on a game.
    Third quarter, WCE lead by around 23 points. Judd on one leg in the pocket, kicks 2 goals but is now grimacing more than at any time during the game, Cuzzie pulls hamstring, Port run riot, and win.
    Tony: Richmond v Carlton is a sellout; hope it’s a cracker game; IMHO Richmond’s hopes of winning will be greatly enhanced if CHF Jack Riewoldt fires.

  95. Sorry to break in

    Just testing…my computer has fizzled…this is my old steam powered laptop…

  96. Third quarter, WCE lead by around 23 points. Judd on one leg in the pocket, kicks 2 goals but is now grimacing more than at any time during the game, Cuzzie pulls hamstring, Port run riot, and win.

    That game was never in doubt.

  97. Tony: Richmond v Carlton is a sellout; hope it’s a cracker game; IMHO Richmond’s hopes of winning will be greatly enhanced if CHF Jack Riewoldt fires.

    Thanks Oftenbark,
    It’s obvious you give the game a lot of thought, and I look forward to reading your analyses during the season.

  98. Miglo: At 5.00pm on match day no game is ever in doubt (hehehe). One exception. The 2007 AFL Grand Final. Please do not be offended, but, in 2007 we vacated the TV room early, lit the barbie at 12.50 pm WST.
    Time to sing Mig. Port are unbeaten this year. Altogether now ‘we’ll never stop stop stop . . . ‘ ( yeah, Right).

    Tony: MCG crowd now estimated to be close to 100,000, record for home and away game, record for opening round match. Phew!

    Go Tiges, and the best of luck.

  99. ‘we’re the Eagles, we’re flying high’ (pharmaceutically unassisted)

  100. Hey Joni! Where’s the flamin’ AFL tipping contest, young man?

    OK. I shall lead.

    Thursday March 26 – Richmond (posted Wed., march 25, at 11.03 pm WDST.

  101. James is on the case with the tipping comp.

  102. “As for the World Cup games, I’ll be taking an active interest if we get through the next qualifier.”

    I’m w/ you on that Tony. Thnx for the info Guido.

    And don’t even get me started on the Chicago Black Hawks recent losing streak joni…suffice to say, the game against San Jose will be an important one.

    I noticed this:

    TORONTO — Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender Martin Gerber has been automatically suspended for three games, without pay, as a result of an abuse of official incident in NHL Game #1088 against the Washington Capitals, the National Hockey League announced today.
    Gerber will miss Friday’s game at Buffalo, March 28 against Boston and April 1 against Philadelphia. He will be eligible to return April 3 when the Leafs play the Flyers in Philadelphia.

    Man, the Leafs are sure struggling.

  103. Thanks Joni. I’m a very busy lad at present, hence, I’ll drip feed the next lot of tips, beginning with a small amendment re Tigers v Blues.

    Thursday, March 26 – Richmond by 11 points.

    Friday, March 27 – Hawthorn (or Geelong – grin)

    Saturday, March 28 – Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney Swans

    C’mon James. At this point, seems I can’t lose this mythical tipping contest.

  104. Ok ok it’s coming. Please just use this thread for this week as the AFL starts tonight. I’ll knock up a spreadsheet. Need at least 5 entries to justify it. Will do NRL also on same basis, all entries will get full marks for last week.

    Weekly winner gets a CD from Reb’s collection. Season winner gets a copy of my wedding video, complete with speeches.

    Carlton v Richmond
    Massive build up for this game with the return of Ben Cousins pitched against his old partner Chris Judd. The game is sold out. It will be a good game, but not because of Cousins. He is underdone and a bit rusty. He’ll get it about a dozen times. Judd is fully fit and will accumulate stats at will. Carlton by 25 points.

    Hawthorn v Geelong
    If not for the return of Cousins, this would be the big one. Grand Final rematch and all. Problem is, Geelong are flying and Hawthorn are on their knees with injury. Geelong easily.

    Brisbane v West Coast
    Brisbane rejuvenated under Voss, West Coast travelling diagonally across the nation. Brisbane for mine.

    St Kilda v Sydney
    This will be (for supporters) a tough, hard fought encounter and (for casual observers) a yawn fest. St Kilda missing too many big blokes in defence. I reckon Sydney will chuck big rookie Jessie White deep up forward and BBB Barry Hall up the ground to take advantage of this deficiency. If Sydney can win a reasonable share of clearances, say 40%, they’ll win.

    Melbourne v North Melbourne
    The easy beats of last year still have a way to go. North for mine.

    Port Adelaide v Essendon
    The ferals are overrated this year and the Bombers are underrated. That said, I reckon Port will win at home in a close affair.

    Fremantle v Western Bulldogs
    The late Sunday afternoon snooze on the couch will be accompanied by the atmosphere free sounds of this match at Subiaco. The Dogs are the far better side, therefore Fremantle will win at home.

    Not terribly excited about what’s on offer punting wise this weekend but Pinnacles, despite a pretty shitty barrier, should win Race 6 at Caulfield.

  105. James,

    My tips (I think you missed Collingwood v Adelaide in yours):

    Richmond, Geelong, Collingwood, Brisbane, St Kilda, North Melbourne, Port Adelaide, Fremantle.

  106. Sorry…..
    Collingwood v Adelaide
    Harder to pick than a broken nose, this game will be a cracker. Collingwood in a coin toss.

  107. James,

    Why not just set up an oztips comp for NRL and AFL called Blogocrats and let us know the password on the Locker Room. If people are reading the blog, I can’t see why we should deny them the right to join, plus it will save you heaps of time.

    Prize for best tipper could either be bragging rights or that crappy C&W CD that reb has been trying to flog off for months now.

  108. Carlton
    St Kilda
    North Melbourne
    Port Adelaide
    Western Bulldogs

  109. Good idea, Dave.

    Comp Name: Blogocrats
    Comp Number: 183040
    Comp Password: wardrobe

    You’ll recognize it when you get in…..

  110. I’d still like to see some witty and insightful commentary on the blog though.

  111. Well – so far it’s just you and me James. I have SFA idea about AFL so I hope the C&W CD is the prize for that comp as I’ll have no chance of winning it. Mind you, on my current form in the NRL tipping I wont be much chance in that comp either :mrgreen:

    Everyone else who has already put their tips in above will need to sign up to the comp and reenter their tips.

  112. James

    I’d still like to see some witty and insightful commentary on the blog though

    Well, I’m sure there will be some commentary … as for it being witty and insightful … 😉

  113. My thoughts too Dave..’witty and insightful’..well that’s pushing it.

    My picks are the same as Mig’s. Especially St Kilda as a council person turned up to the door this morning and he was wearing a St Kilda ’08 lanyard..this is in north coast NSW. Very obviously an omen.

  114. Min, Miglo, Oftenbark, go to Oztips.

  115. how do i get in, do i have to register first at the oztips ?

  116. Shane, Migs, OB and Min (and everyone else).

    You need to register at oztips and then join the comp. Doesn’t cost a cent and is funded through ads and links to associated betting sites. They even send you a reminder email if you forget to put in your tips.

    It is dead simple and much easier than organising a manual tipping comp and you can check the results at any time.

  117. James of North Melbourne:

    I’d still like to see some witty and insightful commentary on the blog though..

    Well there’s always a first time for everything…

  118. OK James. Going to OzTips now.

    In case of slipup, please log the following, for the record:

    North Melbourne
    Port Adelaide

  119. Bummer, James. I’ve missed the bus. Locked out. It’s just not fair sometimes, living way out west where the rain don’t fall.

    Help! I require sworn affidavits, stat decs, stack of bibles. whatever gets me in, anything.

  120. James.

    See if you can change the settings so people can change their tips up to 1/2 Hr before each game – that way Oftenbark might get the rest of his tip in, although given the current score in the Carlton Richmond game, he might be lucky to miss that one. What a thrashing!

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