Bubbles, Bailouts and Stimulus Plans

Mong Palatino, a Filipino currently living in California, has posted the second of his articles for Global Voices on the global economic crisis:

Identifying the economic woes of the United States is crucial. But we should also understand that other countries are also grappling with bankrupt companies and shrinking economies. Many countries are also implementing their own stimulus plans. What are some of the examples used by bloggers around the world when they discuss the bubble economies, bailout of banks and stimulus plans of their countries?
Global: Bubbles, Bailouts and Stimulus Plans

He’s now planning more articles and has requested help identifying bloggers on these topics:

3rd article

— Stories about creative / ingenious ideas of entrepreneurs in remodeling
their businesses in response to the crisis
— industries which are flourishing despite / because of the crisis
— survival tips
— effect of crisis on small businesses, big corporations

4th article

– a brief overview of global job losses
— migrant workers returning home because of downsizing
— job hunting stories
— changes in the job market, job preparation.

Please leave any suggestions in Comments.

Fielding Practice

I have decided that no longer will the beer I have on Friday afternoons be called “Beer O’Clock” – it is now to be called Fielding Practice, in honour of the honourable senator from Victoria.


Hmm…. has someone been looking back over Blogocracy, because I think this might have been the first mention of Malcopops!

The Locker Room

Now that the footy seasons are underway, there has been discussion of a weekly sports thread – so here it is.

I am one of those tweed-wearing rugby supporters (is that why I used to vote Democrat in the senate). My team is the Tahs. I normally have season tickets but this year we have decided to give it a miss.

So let’s keep all sports discussion here you fun lovin’ sportocrats.

(And if any of the sportlovers wants to own this Thursday thread, then let either myself or reb know and we will get you setup for it).

Tiger’s Taxpayer Trip

Its no wonder the Liberals run election campaigns saying Labor can’t manage the economy and taxpayer’s money.

TIGER Woods is coming to Melbourne in a $3 million deal – with Victorian taxpayers chipping in for half the bill, the Herald Sun reports.

I remember the Federal Labor Government under Hawke and Keating giving out money to weird and wonderful “projects” too – surfboard training for women springs to mind.

For years now the Queensland government has propped up the indulgence of petrol heads on the Gold Coast to the tune of $10 million plus a year of taxpayers money.   “It attracts tourists…”.   While people die in the corridors of our hospitals. 

…and don’t think the other side of politics is any better…this year the LNP are running a 19 year old as a candidate…’cause his old man bankrolls the party……

…and anyone who has seen the latest ALP ad in Quensland showing Lawrence Springborg “explaining” how he is going to “find” the money “and they are looking” will know what I mean…this is just political buffoonery at its best…(and I’m “still looking” for the clip…)

These people couldn’t run a chook raffle in a pub!

More on Tiger here: