Midweek Mayhem…!!


Good afternoon and welcome to midweek mayhem..

Our middle of the week, general gas bag thread.

Has anyone been watching Underbelly? Well here is a true story for you. Me, yes the rebster, once stayed at Terry “Mr Asia” Clark’s mansion in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. I kid you not.

It was after he died in jail in the early 80’s. All his assets (including the Bay of Islands Mansion) became property of the crown. It was during this time, that I got invited by a friend who was somehow connected to certain lawyers to go and stay there for a weekend with the rest of the “business people” and their partners. We got to see the hidden cellar (accessed through a hidden staircase in a linen cupboard) where the heroin was stored as well the jetty where the boats would pull in with “the stash”

I was just a young 20 something, but it was a hoot. The mansion was still fully furnished with a pool table as well as Terry Clark’s yacht. We went out on the yacht and some of the guys went scuba diving, and then we came back to the lodge and had a huge barbie with freshly caught scallops and fish and white wine.

Anyway, don’t know why I brought that up. But anyway…memories….*sigh*


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  1. This just in:

    Body Statistics

    It takes your food seven seconds to get from your mouth to your stomach.

    One human hair can support 3 kg (6 lb).

    The average man’s penis is three times the length of his thumb.

    Human thighbones are stronger than concrete.

    A woman’s heart beats faster than a man’s.

    There are about one trillion bacteria on each of your feet.

    Women blink twice as often as men.

    The average person’s skin weighs twice as much as the brain.

    Your body uses 300 muscles to balance itself when you are standing still.

    If saliva cannot dissolve something, you cannot taste it.

    Women reading this will be finished now.

    Men who read this are probably still busy checking their thumbs

  2. OK, Reb, not wanting to one-up you or anything, but:

    A friend of mine used to buy Budda Sticks (whatever they are – incense I think) off Clark, at that house, then take them back and sell them in his local area (in NZ of course).

  3. *Stares at (ahem, exceptionally long) thumb*

  4. how did you know I was checking my thumb

  5. Re: The average man’s penis is three times the length of his thumb.

    Umm..is this up or down? I speak as a married woman.

  6. Oh, that’s what they are.

  7. I’m trying to see how long reb’s thumb is in his avatar… wait a minute, does my avatar even have thumbs?

  8. And we are very close to 300,000 hits!

  9. Seriously, you refer to yourself as ‘the rebster’?

  10. Seriously, you refer to yourself as ‘the rebster’?


    For such a f*#king pessimist, you are a funny man at times, John.

  11. My thumb has 4 digits.

    There is also a forest of hair on the palms of my hands.

    I didn’t realise Budda Sticks came in incense form.

  12. Realist Tony, a realist with a sense of humour (wink)

  13. Women blink twice as often as men..they have to because they have to sit and listen to a man 😆

    Just doing my bit for the 300,000 mark. Well done guys!

  14. Tony, you think Mr Asia was ruthless, Joni reckons we are very close to 300,000 hits!

  15. Oh, that’s what they are.

    You know, that stuff that’s tied to a stick

  16. who sucking there thumb right now.?

    Move over Tom, im getting thumb extentions.

  17. Great timing! Just as we reach a new record I get taken off the author dartboard.

  18. I’m getting addicted to this blogging thing. Might burn a few bridges. See if that helps.

  19. “Oh, that’s what they are”Tony

    Your link reminded me that there’s something I’ve been meaning to do…

    But if there’s gonna be another round of bridge burning I may just have to put that on hold until the spectacle is done with.

  20. It’s OK Tb, you go and tend to your business. I’ll do my flaming when I’m least expecting it.

  21. John..umm why? Can’t you be just sent to the naughty corner for a while?

  22. Re: Women reading this will be finished now.

    Men who read this are probably still busy checking their thumbs ~~~

    Oddly enough, I have been checking my thumb thinking that hubby’s is somewhat longer. His thumb anyway.

  23. When I first read this morning about “Tuppence” Moran being shot at I could swear that his quote mentioned the other passenger in the car’s name as being “Mick”. The other passenger now appears to be unnamed. Is this a coverup? Was it Mick Gatto who was the target? Is the war not yet over? Hmmmm……

  24. Min, on March 18th, 2009 at 2:28 pm Said:

    John..umm why? Can’t you be just sent to the naughty corner for a while?

    It’s all very cruel Min, did you know that I’m being referred to as McPhilbuster? I’m not one to mention anyone’s name, like Tony for example, but yes…they’re having their final cracks at my expense. It was reb who said he talks out of the crack in his bum, not me.

  25. Would hate to lose contact John. Perhaps we can do a few rants between the two of us. You can find me at min underscore kelpie at yahoo dot com dot au.

  26. Min

    Pssst (wink) don’t show anybody….some good news I think?

    The World Bank has slashed China’s economic growth forecast to 6.5 percent in 2009 but said the Asian giant was resisting the global economic firestorm with solid fundamentals.

    “As the global crisis has intensified, China?s exports have been hit badly, affecting market-based investment and sentiment, notably in the manufacturing sector,” the World Bank said in releasing a quarterly report on China’s economy.

  27. Be careful what you ask for Min.

  28. Min, on March 18th, 2009 at 2:42 pm Said:

    Would hate to lose contact John. Perhaps we can do a few rants between the two of us. You can find me at min underscore kelpie at yahoo dot com dot au”

    No probs Min, you can likewise contact me at


  29. Don’t spoil it rebster

  30. No probs reb. I can talk the leg off a wooden chair (verifiable) and so maybe it’s John McP who should be warned!

  31. Min, on March 18th, 2009 at 2:14 pm Said:

    Women blink twice as often as men..they have to because they have to sit and listen to a man 😆

    Using his thumb as a measure, Min. lol

  32. Now that reb’s given us that important statistic, will the standard greeting between men now be, “I’m a *…-thumb man!”

    *insert the applicable number (and no cheating)

  33. Jane. I’m still awaiting advice as to whether 3 times the length of one’s thumb is up or down.

  34. So … if I stick my thumb up my arse, does that mean I’m batting for the other team now?

  35. Only if it ‘tickles your fancy’ Ross.

  36. yay! 300,000 (s)hits!!!!

  37. WELL DONE!!! In fact it’s 300,010. Congratulations!!!

  38. Any Novacastrians here who might have heard of this guy?:

    T. B. Bechtel, a City Councillor from Newcastle, Australia, was asked on a local live radio talk show, just what he thought about the allegations of torture of suspected terrorists.

    His reply prompted his ejection from the studio, but to thunderous applause from the audience.

    HIS STATEMENT: ‘If hooking up one raghead terrorist prisoner’s testicles to a car battery to get the truth out
    of the lying little camelshagger will save just one Australian life, then I have only three things to say,’

    ‘Red is positive,
    Black is negative, and
    Make sure his nuts are wet.’

  39. camelshagger?

    why bring me into it?

    Lured and hooked on radio, what a sucker.

  40. its ok Tony thats why i added baited and hooked
    to show i didnt mean you. sucker 😉

  41. Wouldn’t one have to be rather tall to shag a camel?

    Just wondering…

    one hump or two..?

  42. Min, on March 18th, 2009 at 3:19 pm Said:

    Jane. I’m still awaiting advice as to whether 3 times the length of one’s thumb is up or down.

    I dunno Min, but I’ve just measured three of my thumbs and at that rate, Johnny Holmes would have been more than happy up or down!

    I have six thumbs (she says, bashfully lowering her eyes). You obviously can never have too many in the measuring game.

    reb, are you absolutely sure it’s three thumbs? I mean it’s definitely never mind the quality, feel the length at that rate. And think of the blood supply. You’d need…..oh never mind.

    Congrats on 300,010!!

  43. But what a statement Tony and on radio if not in his thoughts. Like heffernen with the knife, what was this guy trying to prove.

    ohwell, bet the station is happy

  44. Tony

    What the guy from Newcastle (and the guy from the Telegraph) are proposing is not torture (as in to gain information). It is torture for pleasure – torture because some of them are nasty people.

    And that is even more disgusting.

  45. Take the rag of the head, fill it with sand and stand on it.
    I’m going to charge you for that secret.

  46. Reb,

    If you were staturally challenged, you could ask it nicely if it wouldn’t mind lying down.

  47. I’m sure it’s a joke, gone viral. (Whether it’s humourous or not – that depends on the reader.)

  48. LOL! Tony,

    Maybe one could offer up a “date” as an incentive..?

    Presuming camels eat dates that is..

  49. Hahahahaha.

    A date. Stop it.

    Heeeheehehe. He.

  50. This is peer group pressure if my comments are not funny.

    I got drunk for a reason today and have now forgotten why. Bet it suprises me.

  51. You are making me laugh, Aqua.

    (I was just being careful while Reb and I were talking about having sex with your relatives. That’s all, I swear.)

  52. we are not related.
    that would be sick.

  53. 300,000 plus!

    Calls for a celebration “ssss…” (one should never “pop” a cork – poor taste) – c’mon, glasses….sreb that is not a glass its a bucket!

    Congratulations to joni and sreb – and of course to all Blogocrats – readers and posters!

    Cheers everyone! “clink”


    On a serious note, sreb, after reading your initial post, I can’t get the image of you running around Tel’s castle in yer budgie smugglers pretending to be a real one (smuggler that is) … with a bunch of half naked “business” associates 😆

  54. Earthquake!!!!

  55. Yeah, I felt it too James.

  56. Jane..agreed. Three thumbs or two thumbs, it’s always quality versus quantity. Anyone prepared to argue with that one?

  57. hello all u good folk!!! gosh, i’ve missed u guys so much!

    finally an irrevocably online in my own home! its a huge bloody place whch is a nightmare to clean and the dust here gets into ever nook and cranny – 10 years away i ad seriously fogotten how MUCH dust this country throws up!!

    anyhoo, now that i am queen of my castle will try to be look in regualrly to get my blog-o-fix.

    all typos attributed to sheer excitement at being back online again!

  58. Just had an earthquake in Melbourne!!!!

  59. Anyway, earthquake, shmearthquake. Who cares when there’s drinkin’ to be done?


  60. Welcome back Lekhni!!

  61. TB –Calls for a celebration “ssss

    That’s the sound of TB opening an Asti Spumante.

  62. “is that a piece of Turkish Delight in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me..?”

  63. Welcome back Lekhni!!

    We’ve missed you and your recipes!!


  64. reb,

    That joke sphinx.

  65. lekhni,
    very good to have you back. 🙂

  66. On a same-but-different topic. Am making lamb with ratatouille for tonight’s tea and the recipe states. Quote: 1/2 large eggplant, chopped. Wouldn’t just a small one do the same job?

    True dinks it’s at: http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/8068/lamb+chops+in+ratatouille

  67. Ohh, big squishy hugs to lekhni.

    Would you believe that I am a Nana now and little one is over 3 months old. However, I am still trying to marry off unmarried daughters (in joke).

  68. Min is just happy she is taller then someone. 😉

  69. lekhni, welcome home!

    Tom of Melbourne, on March 18th, 2009 at 4:32 pm

    I’ve told you before, Tom, @r$#o!e!.

    You’re like a sphinx you can’t get ris of!

  70. Aqua..I’m taller than whom? A hobbit?

  71. 3 month old, Min.

  72. Im going to get killed for saying that at some time.

  73. Aqua..don’t think that you can use these stand over tactics with me just because you’re umpteen cms taller.

    How is that severe sea ulcer. Hope that it’s improving. I know from son that these things can take a long time to heal.

  74. Nope Aqua not killed, just sent off to do yard duty.

  75. Okay. I wanted to see what it felt like to bat for the other team, so I stuck my thumb up my arse, but all I did was burp.

    A thumb reduction is obviously in order.

  76. That’s ok Ross. You can stick your thumb up your arse any time that you like but you still won’t learn about what it’s like to bat for the other team.

  77. lol Min.

  78. Ross

    It’s just not cricket anymore is it, if you’ve got to stick your thumb up your arse to feel what’s it’s like to bat for the other team? (lol)

  79. Min, on March 18th, 2009 at 5:24 pm

    You’re sounding extremely knowledgable and worldly this evening, Min, (as opposed to normally knowledgable and worldly…)

  80. i should be a crab, hell i walk sideways so well when drunk.

  81. i was trying to pinch my wife for fun and instaed of going forward i went sidways and looked like a crab.

    I dont know why i told you that.

  82. Yes Tony it was a joke.

    lol, i got you twice today, im on a roll. 😉

  83. Come on Miglo, work cant be that important.
    unless its a new airline your launching.

  84. Hi John McPhilbin,

    media reporting of China has a lopsided focus on economics. The broader picture is far less pretty than the anything projected by focussing on narrow statistical data.

    Even before the GFC, China was officially reporting more than 7,000 ‘disturbances’ a year. By Beijing’s definition, a disturbance involves a large group of people using weapons of various descriptions to underline the seriousness of their grievances. That’s around 20 riots a day on average, according to questionable central government statistics. Who knows what the real number might actually be?

    Then there’s the sea. China has numerous, escalating maritine disputes with all of its neighbours. And it’s recently deployed naval ships to new bases in Pakistan and Burma to constrain the Indian navy.

    Then there’s the annexation of Burma, which the Le Monde Diplomatique newspaper recently described as the 23rd province of China. And Tibet …

    The internet is effectively censored/monitored and a free press does not exist.

    The Chinese environment has been hammered in the rush to develop a market economy. Water is a particularly acute problem, due to limited availability and mismanagement. In 2006, China dumped 30 Billion tonnes of waste – industrial, municipal and human – into the Yangtze River, China’s main source of fresh water. As a result, China’s South East Asian neighbours are privately terrified that Beijing will soon divert the entire flow of the Mekong River for domestic use.

    There’s no history of the rule of law in the Middle Kingdom. Even before Mao, the warlord with the most swords/guns traditionally prevailed …

    I assert that this over-hyped country is no El Dorado. It’s a disaster in the making, with the reality masked by the selective reporting of self-interested Western news organisations and ruthless censorship by the old men of Beijing.

  85. Ray Hunt, on March 18th, 2009 at 9:57 pm Said:

    Hi John McPhilbin,

    media reporting of China has a lopsided focus on economics. The broader picture is far less pretty than the anything projected by focussing on narrow statistical data.

    Actually Ray, I agree, my comment was posted as a funny, because like you I’m more a realist when it comes to economic thinking. I’ve been criticised heavily recently for my passionate and in-depth threads on economic issues.

    I’ve been labeled as as being excessively pessimistic and repetitive, however, given the many dimensions and broad scope of the GFC and it’s impact on real economies, I make no apologies.

    Thanks for the feedback it’s much appreciated.

  86. If Ray’s right, then we’re all up the Yangtze in a barbed-wire canoe.

  87. Evan

    Not as stable as many would like to think

    Super bear warns on US, China risks
    ..the “implosion” of the Chinese economy will cause disastrous consequences for the whole world, Societe Generale strategist Albert Edwards said.

    “In 2009 it is not the mounting risk of depression in developed economies that will come as a major surprise,” Mr Edwards wrote in a note to clients, “it is economic implosion in China and the global and geopolitical risk thereof.”

    Over a year ago, Mr Edwards had predicted the US would enter into a deep recession because of the excessive amount of debt it had accumulated.

    In China, Mr Edwards expects the worst domestic upheaval since the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989 may cause the Chinese authorities to undertake a “mega-devaluation” of the Chinese currency, the yuan, in an effort to stay in power, as “the very survival of the regime depends on growth”.

    A devaluation of the yuan would cause the rest of the world’s economies to competitively devalue their own currencies in response, Mr Edwards said, sparking a “1930’s-style trade war” that “could see a rerun of the Great Depression”.

    Mr Edwards bases his forecast for an implosion of the Chinese economy on several technical factors.

    He points to data showing China’s electric power output declined over the last three months. The data usually correlates with China’s GDP.

    He also noted the sharp decline during recent months in the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development’s leading growth indicator for China’s economy.

  88. “He points to data showing China’s electric power output declined over the last three months. The data usually correlates with China’s GDP.”

    They’ve really gotta get those peasants to pedal faster.

    Seriously though, I’ve always thought that China was something of a walking contradiction. You can’t graft US-style Western Capitalism (warts ‘n all) onto a One-Party State and expect that things will run smoothly. They won’t.

    In a way, it’s the worst of both worlds.

    Rabid exploitation by the moneyed classes (including more than a few Politbureau types) with the Chinese equivalent of the Stasi holding the lid-down on the everyone else, so that things build-up a nice head of steam.

    That’s not a good recipe.

  89. John McPhilbin:

    “because like you I’m more a realist when it comes to economic thinking. ”

    LOL!!! A “realist?” LOL!!!

    LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!!

    Seriously John, please stop it!! That’s the funniest thing you’ve said all year!!

    ha ha ha …hee-heee! Please, no more, my sides are gonna split!!


    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  90. Reb and you haven’t got you head stuck up your own arse. I bet it’s dark up there LOL

  91. How did I know it was worth watching our for the old rebster’s snide remarks after the above postings? (wink)

  92. Evan, on March 19th, 2009 at 12:11 am

    I’m considering the flipside, Evan. ‘Social capitalism’ and ‘capitalist socialism’ are both bound to be fraught with contradictions; but, both presume a planned economy, one way or another (one view of pure capitalism having an omniscient auctioneer at the end-of-time planning markets’ activities into a past which is both rational and replete with ‘expectations’). Nevertheless, the more I flip the ideas about, the more I like the idea of a hybrid market of SOEs competing with POEs, and informing the activities of each other, and a larger and more markets active government acting as a counterweight to oscillations in the overall business cycle. Practicalities, of course, are another matter.

  93. And now for some good news. Hubby phoned during his break. The French engineer Jules came up to him and asked: Do you think that you could stay on for the shutdown? Hubby..yes can do that. YAY! Mind you it’s 12 hours x 7 days a week, but this should take us through until May.

  94. That is good news Min.

  95. Great news min!

  96. Great news, min. Now if only someone would answer the up and down question. A friend of ours, a master of understatement, reckons even 2 thumbs is ahem “ambitious”.

  97. Most splendiferous and squishy news min 🙂

  98. Min & Jane,

    Have you noticed how all us boys have been curiously silent on the thumbs up or down question?

  99. Hmm, yes reb. So, ok you’re a bloke. What’s the answer?

  100. I’m not sure.

    It all depends where one believes one’s thumb begins and ends.

    Every milimetre counts when it comes to something like this..

  101. Well Jane (and the rest of ewes deviates 😛 ) – this might answer all of your penis size questions (WARNING – graphic content):

  102. And thank you friends. It was indeed wonderful news. Hubby had to hide in the loo to phone me on his mobile 😉 And not only but also youngest is coming down this weekend having been able to manage a weekend off from uni.

  103. About the 1st knuckle ya’recon reb.

  104. C’mon fellas, you’ve gotta measue the old boy not by spurious references to your thumb, but the same way they measure the length of a cat’s tail: Anus to tip.

    That way, we’re all John Holmes.

  105. Evan – a couple of days ago you said the Democrats had “prostituted” themselves.

    I sought your rationale for this most unfair comment. Why did you use this type of language about the most ethical party we’ve had in parliament for some time?

  106. TOM

    Just poated a response to your question on the Educational Diversion thread.

    As for the Dems being the “most ethical party we’ve had in Parliament for some time”, that may have been true during the early years of the Chippocrats, but look what the Dems turned into.

    Natasha was eventually done to death in a plot and counter-plot scenario that would have done justice to the Borgias.

    Sure, the tweed-jacket brigade that supported them were an honourable and democratic lot. But the reality in Parliament turned-into something different. Politics as usual, I’m afraid.

  107. Tom

    The democrats were ethical until Meg Lees rolled over with John Howard to introduce the GST. Before the election I received assurances from the Democrats that they were totally opposed to the GST and voted for them in the senate like so many others to make sure they had the balance of power to stop the GST.

    After the election Meg Lees jumps into bed with John Howard and the rest is history, just like the democrats themselves. Recovery of their voter base from telling an outright lie to the electorate before an election was never going to happen.

    I always voted democrat in the senate before that but never ever after.

  108. Ah, erm, Shaneinqld:

    Sorry about the Tweed-jacket brigade quip.

    Respect, man.

  109. Evan

    How did you know I have a tweed jacket. 🙂

    No prob mate.

  110. Shane you’re killing me here. Don’t tell me you’ve also got the 1978 Volvo (and hat to wear while driving said vehicle) too.

  111. What the Victorian Labor Government is paying for Tiger Woods to visit for 3 days could employ 1 Police Officer on the street, or 1 Nurse in a hospital or 1 Teacher in a school for over 10 years. I know which one I would prefer.

    What a disgrace

  112. Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, on things not generally known or acknowledged about Guantanamo.

    …the utter incompetence of the battlefield vetting in Afghanistan during the early stages…

    …poor U.S. policies such as bounty-hunting, a weak understanding of cultural tendencies, and an utter disregard for the fundamentals of jurisprudence prevailed…

    …several in the U.S. leadership became aware of this lack of proper vetting very early on and, thus, of the reality that many of the detainees were innocent of any substantial wrongdoing, had little intelligence value, and should be immediately released.

    …how hard Secretary of State Colin Powell and his deputy Richard Armitage labored to ameliorate the GITMO situation from almost day one.

    …the ad hoc intelligence philosophy that was developed to justify keeping many of these people, called the mosaic philosophy. …it did not matter if a detainee were innocent. Indeed, because he lived in Afghanistan and was captured on or near the battle area, he must know something of importance (this general philosophy, in an even cruder form, prevailed in Iraq as well, helping to produce the nightmare at Abu Ghraib).

    …After all, they were ignorant peasants for the most part and mostly Muslim to boot.

    …it has never come to my attention in any persuasive way–from classified information or otherwise–that any intelligence of significance was gained from any of the detainees at Guantanamo Bay other than from the handful of undisputed ring leaders and their companions, clearly no more than a dozen or two of the detainees, and even their alleged contribution of hard, actionable intelligence is intensely disputed in the relevant communities such as intelligence and law enforcement.

    Go read the whole thing.

  113. Evan

    I have 2 volvos a 1975 240GL Wagon and a 1969 164 Sedan. Both in beautiful condition and run perfectly. While they may not have the grunt of todays vehicles they just keep going and going. I have no intention of parting with them. Considering I bought the two of them for the massive price of $1,950.

    I also have my magna for normal use.

    LOL I don’t have the cap.

  114. shaneinqld, on March 19th, 2009 at 2:53 pm

    Shane, I think the Democrats could have taken the easy option and voted against the GST. But it would have been the easy option.

    How could they reconcile their position of “keeping the bastards honest’ but also blocking a key election plank of the government of the time?

    I wasn’t possible, and they were correct to take the hard edge off the original legislation, they did well in my opinion.

  115. shane, I’m loving it.

  116. Lotharson

    Have printed the article to read on the bus on the way home – from a quick glance there are a few things in there that will get me quite angry – because he was one that could have spoken up about torture but chose not to.

  117. Tom

    It was not a matter of an easy option.

    The democrats categorically rejected the GST before the election. They did not state at all that they would negotiate. If you have a look at the election results at the time you will see that they received their highest recorded vote. This was because people wanted the Howard Government returned but did not want one of the planks of their policy implemented, namely the GST which was widely unpopular at the time and not the major policy of the conservatives for re election.

    They deceived myself as a voter because if I knew they would negotiate at all on the matter I would have cast my vote differently. The resultant collapse and demise of the party is vindication of their action.

    The GST was unpopular but the Howard Government at the time was popular. The difference in todays dispute over Workchoices is that workchoices was the major platform the ALP was elected on and was popular. the GST was NOT the major platform of the re election of the Howard government it was simply one of their policies and a very quiet one from the perspective of the Liberals during the election.

  118. Evan

    Your vehicle ?

  119. A 6-year-old Commodore Station Waggon, old chap.

    It handles like a pig but the fuel economy is surprisingly good for a big six. Plus it’s confortable and reliable.

  120. A Commodore, comments best kept to myself 🙂

  121. Hah. I deserved that.

  122. WTF is wrong with Commodores?
    My VS has done 315000km’s & is an utter pice of shit but it still goes.

  123. Go read the whole thing.

    Will read it Lotharsson, although I suspect it’s gonna reinforce my already jaded outlook on such things.

    That anyone can still, in good conscience, defend such cynical behaviour is the real surprise.

  124. Toilet

    You called it a piece of shit. I rest my case.

  125. Have printed the article to read on the bus on the way home – from a quick glance there are a few things in there that will get me quite angry

    Best not to get angry on the bus, Joni. You’d better get some travellers before you go – a couple of WT and coke, perhaps? (I hear they’re quite cheap now.)

  126. Mine is an ’89 Nissan Pulsar and the old girl has cost me around $120.00 in petrol since Christmas. Aircon..wind down the window.

    However she has to be registered in a couple of weeks and so hubby is taking her back to Billinudgel for the pink slip. I don’t know whether she would pass inspection up here FNC NSW.

  127. Min

    I had a Nissan Pulsar Sports for 4 years a number of years ago. Zippy car for all my relief work before the Bank provided me with a vehicle for my own use.

  128. Anyone seen McPhilbin? Yoo-hoo John. That dead cat keeps on a-bouncin’. (CBA up nearly 4% today.)


  129. Apparently a (according to Conroy it’s a fake) list of the sites due to be blacklisted in the net-filter scheme has been published today.
    Is this really not going to die?

    If they do this that pretty much seals the deal for me on this government.

  130. Mmmm.

    Simply stated, even for those two dozen or so of the detainees who might well be hardcore terrorists, there was virtually no chain of custody, no disciplined handling of evidence, and no attention to the details that almost any court system would demand. Falling back on “sources and methods” and “intelligence secrets” became the Bush administration’s modus operandi to camouflage this grievous failing.

    Has any of the above actually changed insofar as ‘chains of custody’, ‘disciplined handling’, and ‘no attention to details’ seem to be on foot still, and one of the points glossed over in the magician’s misdirection of attentions to Gitmo as sole, visible hub and popular symbol of the Coalition’s still-largely-invisibled global torture network(s)?

  131. Tony


    Don’t start chicken counting just yet, cause they arn’t yet out of the shell.

  132. LOL Shane. And won’t JMc be hating it.


  133. More of the real deal from MICHAEL HUDSON:

    March 18, 2009

    Bait and Switch
    The Real AIG Conspiracy

    It may seem odd, but the public outrage against $135 million in AIG bonuses is a godsend to Wall Street, AIG scoundrels included…

    Let’s go after the REAL money given to AIG – the $183 billion! I realize that this has already been paid out, and we can’t get it back from the counterparties who knew that Alan Greenspan and George Bush and Hank Paulson were steering the U.S. economy off a real estate cliff, a derivatives cliff and a balance-of-payments cliff all wrapped up into one by betting against collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) and insuring these casino bets with AIG. That money has been siphoned off from the Treasury fair and square, by putting their own proxies in the key government slots, the better to serve them.

    So let’s go after them altogether. Sen. Schumer said to the AIG bonus recipients that the I.R.S. can go after them and get the money back one way or another. And it can indeed go after the $183-billion bailout recipients. All it has to do is re-instate the estate tax and raise the marginal income and wealth-tax rates to the (already reduced) Clinton-era levels.

    The money can be recovered. And that’s just what Mr. Schumer, Mr. Frank and others don’t want to see the public discussing.

    Time to nab the REAL CROOKS…return the stolen goods to the public.

  134. Interesting Nasking,

    However, it depends on who you listen to, as to who the ‘real crooks’ are.

    It’s convenient for some people to blame Bush and co for everything, but it seems the current administration have their fingerprints all over this one:

    Dodd Spills The Beans

  135. Is this really not going to die?

    It really isn’t going to die, and it really has very little to do with the Government of the day. But that’s another rabbit-hole, entirely, which spans the four corners of the globe.

  136. Tony, I have no time for Dodd…made that clear in the past. He should resign. As should many Republicans & Democrats.

  137. Tony, I wrote this in August 2007 on RTS:

    And fancy Democrat Presidential candidate Chris Dodd (chairman of the Senate’s banking committee) meeting Bernanke of the Federal Reserve & other economic big wigs & comin’ out of the meeting feeling reassured:

    “Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. In a press conference afterward, Dodd, D-Conn., reported that Bernanke plans to use “all tools” at the Fed’s disposal to maintain market liquidity.”

    (Brian Wingfield, 08.21.07, 5:21 PM ET: Forbes)

    Not surprised:

    “Golden Leash Award
    The Golden Leash Award was presented to Dodd by Public Campaign, April 29, 1998:

    “The Golden Leash is a symbol of the ties between special interest money and elected officials. It is awarded to Members of Congress who demonstrate egregious conduct in the quid pro quo practice of dollar democracy.

    “This award serves as a reminder of Senator Dodd’s acceptance of $910,304 in campaign cash from January 1993 to December 1997 from the Securities, Investment, Accounting and High-Tech Computer industries… Goldman, Sachs & Co., Morgan Stanley, Salomon Brothers and others donat[ed] $523,551 in PAC and individual contributions. The accounting industry � perhaps the biggest winners in the 1995 securities litigation reform law � donated $345,903 in PAC and individual contributions. This includes such giants as Price Waterhouse, Ernst & Young and Coopers & Lybrand, among others. Deloitte & Touche’s contributions to Senator Dodd increased nearly five-fold from 1995 to 1996 soon after Congress passed the reform law the industry championed. The computer industry � a fairly new player in the campaign contribution field � ponied up $40,850 in contributions.”

    Campaign contributions from Enron and Arthur Andersen
    On January 30, 2002 Dick Morris wrote in an article for Jewish World Review:

    While many candidates of both parties have received campaign contributions from Enron and its self-serving ‘independent auditor’ Arthur Andersen, very few have passionately fought their cause in Washington as diligently as Chris Dodd. Dodd has received more money from Arthur Andersen than any other Democrat � $54 843.00 � and has aggressively worked to insulate Arthur Andersen and other accounting firms from liability to defrauded investors in cases like Enron.”


    As Dodd in his role as chairman of the Senate Banking Committee proposed a housing bailout to the Senate floor in June 2008 that would assist troubled subprime mortgage lenders such as Countrywide Bank in the wake of the United States housing bubble’s collapse, Conde Nast Portfolio reported that in 2003 Dodd had refinanced the mortgages on his homes in Washington D.C. and Connecticut through Countrywide Financial and had received favorable terms due to being placed in a “Friends of Angelo” program. Dodd received mortgages from Countrywide at allegedly below-market rates on his Washington, D.C. and Connecticut homes. Dodd has not disclosed the below-market mortgages in any of six financial disclosure statements he filed with the Senate or Office of Government Ethics since obtaining the mortgages in 2003.

    Dodd’s press secretary said the “Dodds received a competitive rate on their loans,” and that they “did not seek or anticipate any special treatment, and they were not aware of any,” then declined further comment.


    NO LONGER EYES WIDE SHUT…C’mon Obama…let’s do some Autumn cleaning.

    I despise greed…& corruption…be it from the Left, Right, upside down…

  138. I despise greed…& corruption…be it from the Left, Right, upside down…

    Fair enough Nasking. I’d like to think with a bit of effort I could be as impartial as that.


  139. Glad you enjoyed the music thread Oftenbark (if yer out there)…you were good company too Miglo…

    one last Aussie song for awhile:

    Celibate Rifles — Pretty Pictures

    I’m outa here for awhile. Gotta bring the blood pressure down. The lady says so…:)
    Peace out.

    Go Anna Bligh!

  140. Have a goodie Tony.

  141. Later N’.

  142. A belated congrats to the dynamic reb-joni, kevin, JMcP, TB, BT, TOSY & all other contributors for passing 300000 hits!

    Not quite dying the slow, painful death that some have previously predicted/wished for eh?

    Somebody must be reading, in fact given the haste with which 300000 has been reached since 200000 doesn’t it imply that more are reading more often?

  143. reb, on March 19th, 2009 at 9:55 am Said:

    John McPhilbin:

    “because like you I’m more a realist when it comes to economic thinking. ”

    LOL!!! A “realist?” LOL!!!

    LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!!

    Seriously John, please stop it!! That’s the funniest thing you’ve said all year!!

    ha ha ha …hee-heee! Please, no more, my sides are gonna split!!


    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Like I said rebster a realist, meaning I’m not not prone to putting my head in the sand or up my backside 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    No sign of a quick rebound
    Any hopes of a quick rebound in the economy have dimmed with the release of an array of numbers indicating household finances are being squeezed from all sides.

    The Federal Government’s combined $52 billion in stimulus spending is yet to spark a recovery in key sectors such as housing starts and vehicle sales, two of the biggest ticket items for consumers.

    Housing starts for the December quarter collapsed 9.9%, the lowest since September 2000 – when the GST was introduced – with the size of the contraction surprising analysts.

    ”There’s been more evidence the Australian economy is turning for the worse,” said JP Morgan economist Helen Kevans.

    Forward-looking figures indicate more gloom ahead for the housing sector, as well. The Westpac – ACCI Survey of Industrial Trends index dropped to 34 points, from 40.4 points, the lowest activity level since the 1990 recession.

    Households worried about job security are in good company, with the ACCI’s survey of labour demand sinking a further 17 points for the first quarter of 2009 to minus-33.

    That gauge indicates the jobless rate has much further to climb than the 5.2% level recorded in February, as companies continue to scale back growth plans. Ms Kevans expects unemployment to rise to ”at least” 9% by the end of 2010.

    ”We’ve had the sharp rise in unemployment rate and that’s one thing we really think will really weigh on consumption going forward.”

  144. Glad you enjoyed the music thread Oftenbark (if yer out there)…you were good company too Miglo…

    I enjoyed that thread too N’. It pleased me that so many of us have similar likes and dislikes. Oftenbark’s agreeance with me that Ever Lovin’ Man by the Loved Ones gave me a little bit of chirp.

  145. That should have read ” . . . Ever Lovin’ Man by the Loved Ones stands up there at the top” gave me a little bit of chirp.

  146. “It pleased me that so many of us have similar likes and dislikes.”

    et moi

    ahhh, I’m a sucker for liftin’ spirits…sneak this in whilst the lady is busy…
    Enjoy the wine Migs…


    EVERLOVIN’ MAN: Loved Ones

    © 1966 Lynch/Lovett/Anderson/Humphreys/Clyne

    Bring it all back baby everything we did was wrong
    Leave it where we found it, oh baby please be gone
    Dreams are easy oh but baby understand
    It’s so very hard for you to leave your everlovin’ man

    Bring you everything, oh everything man should be oh baby
    My word is easy but I’ll leave you in your misery
    My world is ended but baby understand
    It’s so very hard for you to leave your everlovin’ man

    I don’t need your lovin’
    I don’t want your lovin’
    I won’t have your lovin’
    Oh baby no more

    Bring it all back baby everything we did was wrong
    Leave it where we found it, oh baby please be gone
    Dreams are easy oh but baby understand
    It’s so very hard for you to leave your everlovin’ man

  147. Thanks N’. It still sends shivers up my spine. How does a bloke sing like that? Are his tonsils made of leather?

  148. ‘how does a bloke sing like that’? – Mig

    Tight underwear, Jack Daniels, Eyes Shut.

    Good call fellas. No probs. Thanks.
    Kudos to Joni.

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