Senator Fielding – Senator for Drinking

Tonight Senator Fielding has joined the coalition and has voted against the tax increase for alcopops.

The Medical Journal of Australia published that the tax reduced the consumption of alcopops by 91 million drinks, and that this reduction did not result in a corresponding lift in other alcohol sales. So the tax worked.

Senator Fielding now has to explain why he promotes an increase in drinking.

Midweek Mayhem…!!


Good afternoon and welcome to midweek mayhem..

Our middle of the week, general gas bag thread.

Has anyone been watching Underbelly? Well here is a true story for you. Me, yes the rebster, once stayed at Terry “Mr Asia” Clark’s mansion in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. I kid you not.

It was after he died in jail in the early 80’s. All his assets (including the Bay of Islands Mansion) became property of the crown. It was during this time, that I got invited by a friend who was somehow connected to certain lawyers to go and stay there for a weekend with the rest of the “business people” and their partners. We got to see the hidden cellar (accessed through a hidden staircase in a linen cupboard) where the heroin was stored as well the jetty where the boats would pull in with “the stash”

I was just a young 20 something, but it was a hoot. The mansion was still fully furnished with a pool table as well as Terry Clark’s yacht. We went out on the yacht and some of the guys went scuba diving, and then we came back to the lodge and had a huge barbie with freshly caught scallops and fish and white wine.

Anyway, don’t know why I brought that up. But anyway…memories….*sigh*

RuddBank, DuddBank..?

As we are all aware, the Rudd Government has been acting proactively and decisively with fiscal stimulus packages that are designed to protect, as far as possible, Australia from succumbing to the negative recessionary pressures facing other nations.

In addition to the boost to the First Home Owners Grant, and the current cash handouts, which for all intents and purposes seem to be having the desired effect – retail spending is up, as is real estate sales at the low to mid range of the market. Continue reading

An Education Diversion to Financial “Doom & Gloom”

Amidst the doom & gloom of the financial & housing markets, I thought I’d take a quick stab at the subject that attracted me to Blogocracy (& from there Blogocrats) in the first place… Australia Politics.

Now, I’m not the most informed in the realms of current politics, which was why I started visiting the blogs (so I could be informed by people with more time than I had to chase things down) but, as I understand it, there are a couple of things going on in the Aussie Political Environment worth commenting on other than “financial roonation”.

Continue reading

First-home buyers in the eye of a storm

I know, not another doom and gloom thread.  I’ve been watching for some time now what’s been unfolding and quite frankly, I don’t like it neither, but it’s a reality many of us will have to accept.  The boom is turning to bust and in all likelihood it will be major. Continue reading