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Flick Crit: The Combination

Promised review of David Field’s film The Combination now out:

The Combination: Testosterone Rules

After all the conflict at the opening sessions in Sydney, only one other person was in the St Kilda cinema at lunchtime on Saturday to see The Combination. A pity, because this is an Aussie film with attitude. It’s a good story, competently told. Actor and now director, David Field’s first effort is tight and straightforward.


This is the opportunity to discuss multiculturalism, race, drugs, crime, violence, youth and even love.


3 Responses

  1. I’ll catch the film on PayTV…might be a slow grower. Perhaps do better out of Australia. Like ‘Beneath Clouds’ by the talented Ivan Sen.

    Found the trailer & promotion by the media I watched very off-putting. The riots traumatised/worried many…& the thought that any images of that type of violence could set things off again I reckon put audiences off. Sad if it really is anti-violence. But like I said elsewhere, younguns & the immature types tend to remember the vilest of characters & actions & sometimes act them out.

    The good intentions might have an effect over time. But then will come more sh*t stirring radio jocks & irresponsible movies to negate them. Look at the rash of serial killer films & TV shows these days…anti-heroes, insanity…thrown to an anxious public like sweets & candy treats.

    I still intend to watch ‘The Combination’ down the road. Perhaps the film is a couple of years before its time?


  2. I preferred it to the much high profile Gran Torino that dealt with similar issues. Youth, violence, crime, multiculturalism, identity, personal responsibility. Helps if you’re Clint Eastwood and Hollywood.

  3. I’d be interested to watch it Kevin, particularly if you recommend it.
    I don’t really get to the cinema down here in the sticks & I’m fairly sure it wouldn’t be on anyway at the local.

    Will look out for it, same goes for Gran Torino (I dare say you’re correct about Clint & Hollywood).
    Both sound like the type of things I’d enjoy.

    I read your stuff Kevin, both on the flicks & your other great links. I don’t always comment but I still file it all in my brainbox for future reference.
    Thanks for the effort.

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