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After Sound Relief yesterday – where Tony and myself completely lost the plot on the Climate Change thread – I was wondering what your top five Aussie singles are?

Off the top of my head, my Top Five are:

  1. Under the Milky Way – The Church: I saw a remix on a DVD of the boyf a few weeks ago – great version.
  2. Friday on my Mind – The Easybeats: almost perfect pop.
  3. Khe Sahn – Cold Chisel: “gonna hit some Hong Kong mattress all night long”
  4. Great Southern Land – Icehouse: Iva did a great version last night.
  5. What about me – Moving Pictures:  Come on, it has timpani in it.

I think that after some blogocrats put up their top five singles I might have to re-do mine as I would have forgotten something vital.


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  1. Had to catch up on the Climate Change thread..and yes joni and Tony did completely lose the plot 😉 If it’s any consolation we lost satellite transmission about the same time, no storms here on the far north coast of NSW and so maybe there was a hiccup in the system.

    I ADORED the Oils..thought that Garrett took a song or 2 to get into his stride but pulled the whole event off magnificently.

    1. Power and the Passion – the Oils
    2. Working Class Man – Barnsey
    3. Agree with Great Southern Land
    4. Beds Are Burning – the Oils
    5. Don’t Dream It’s Over – Crowded House

    I could also throw in Reckless – Australian Crawl

  2. I cannot limit it to five, so Jedda and I have pulled our heads together and we have chosen ten between us. In no particular order:

    1. Living in a Child’s Dream – Masters Aprentices
    2. Beds are Burning – the Oils.
    3. Orchestra Ladies – Ross Ryan
    4. Young Girl – the Twilights
    5. Rain – Dragon
    6. Hear no Evil – Hunters and Collectors
    7. Everlovin’ Man – the Loved Ones
    8. Friday on my Mind – Easybeats (although I think it was recorded in England)
    9. Woman You’re Breaking Me – the Group
    10. The Way I Make You Feel – Ed Kuepper

    Special mention to:
    Someday Oneday – the Seekers
    20 Miles – Ray Brown and the Whispers

    Jedda has protested because she doesn’t like Beds are Burning and Everlovin’ Man. I’ll quickly hit “Submit Comment” then have a domestic.

  3. Miglo, that would be the ‘Groop’. But hey, some good, interesting choices there. (Played gigs on the same bill as the Groop, Charles Boromio, aka Ronnie Charles).

  4. Oftenbark, I was very alert not to spell Groop wrong. I even wrote Groop on the piece of paper on which I compiled my list. I spelt it out in my head: G-R-O-O-P.

    I ended up typing in Group.

  5. As always, the lady singers/artists do not seem to feature in ever-growing ‘best-of’ lists. Therefore, I shall begin with ‘ladies first’:

    1. S-s-s Single Bed – Noosha Fox
    2. Message – Tina Arena
    3. Ciao Baby – Lyn Randall
    4. Heading in The Right Direction – Renee Geyer
    5. Boys in Town – Divinyls

    (Honourable mention/s: Buses and Trains – Bachelor Girl, Lights Out at Eleven – Baby Animals featuring Suzie DeMarchi, local girl, very local, Torn – Natalie Imbruglia, Mellow, Please Mr. Please and more ONJ, Day You Went Away – Wendy Matthews, and many more.
    Judith Durham, of course, what a gracious lady with a magnificent voice!

  6. No probs Mig; Happens.

  7. Oftenbark, on March 15th, 2009 at 5:17 pm

    …and don’t forget Goin’ Out of My Head – Lyn Randell (Note: not ell OB) and 98.6 – Dinah Lee

    So your a muso OB?

    Migs – , my band did a gig with The Twilights in 1969, in Brissy at The Bowl – psychic, hey – doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo

  8. Oftenbark, can I add Total Control by the Motels to your list?

  9. Note to Miglo: I was looking through my large music collection, thought of the Loved Ones, and agree entirely with your inclusion of ‘Everlovin’ Man’. Right up there with the best ever. However, on with the main gig, and please do not take the order of list as rusted on preference:

    1. How Deep is Your Love – BeeGees
    2. Eagle Rock – Daddy Cool
    3. Capricorn Dancer – Richard Clapton
    4. Nothin’ Special – Mark Gillespie
    5. Dragon – Are You Old Enough
    6. Cruel Sea – The Honeymoon is Over (baby)
    7. Paul Kelly – (this is where I cheat, and with good reason)
    a) give in to my love, b) love never runs on time, c) down to my soul
    8. Friday on My Mind – Easybeats
    9. Evie, parts 1,2,3 – Steve Wright
    10. Everlovin’ Man – Loved Ones

    Very Honourable mention/s: Wangaratta Wahine – Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band; Dear Prudence – Doug Parkinson; Hollywood Seven – Jon English; No Time, Come said The Boy – Mondo Rock; Way Out West – Dingoes; Sadness and Whiskey – Bob Evans; All My Friends Are Getting Married – Skyhooks; I Remember When Was Young; Every Time You Cry – J. Farnham & Human Nature; Undecided – Masters’ Aprrentices; Falling in Love Again – Ted Mulry; Man Alive, Love Junk – Johnny Diesel; Green Limousine, Memphis, Lost – Badloves; Guitar Man – Dave Hole; Don’t Fall In Love – Ferrets; Lonely Lives – Birtles & Goebels; When The War is Over, Bow River, – Chisel; I Remember When I Was Young – Chain; Razor’s Edge Goanna, Sorry – Easybeats.
    Hmmm. So many more, so little time. (OK, I’m not either an Oils or LRB fan, not big time, anyway).

  10. Oftenbark,

    Gerry (or Jerry) Humphries, lead singer of the Loved Ones was found dead in a London flat not too long ago. I think he was brother of Barry. He looked a bit like him, but not as ugly.

  11. Undecided – good choice. Rock at its rawest.

  12. Aaarrrrr. No Mig. Sorry. Martha Davis is an LA girl.

    TB of QLD:

    Right, ok, have it your way;
    Yes. Frustrated ol’ muso. Lets not expand on that now.

  13. Yes. Mig. Dont know which story is correct re being brother of the other Humphries or not. Suppose one of us should ‘google’. Off ya go Mig, and report back to the blogocrats asap (laughing, kindly).

  14. Oftenbark, it looks like it was only a rumour, started by Gerry himself.

  15. Oftenbark, on March 15th, 2009 at 6:01 pm

    Understand, OB, I once said, I’m an ex- muso and was told in no uncertain terms – once a muso always a muso – anyway – respect…OB

    …and life can be very sad…,21985,21878989-662,00.html

  16. Hey TB. In actual, real terms we are not ex-musos. No such thing. Once you have the muso bug, you have it for life.
    However, we may be considered as, and referred to, as ‘reclining rockers’.

  17. Dear oh dear. Of Course, Lyn left us in 2007. Sad indeed.

    Thanks Mig.

    So TB, Mig, let us indulge. (Hope Nasking chimes in soon).
    Went down to the excellent, local music store last Wednesday; purpose; to purchase set of D’Addario strings, EJ16 Phosphor Bronze, .012 to .053, and to drool over the Fender, Guild, Gibson, Taylor, Martin stock. My old muso mate who owns the store introduced me to Hank B. Marvin who just happened to be there stocking up on strings etc. Some years ago I met Satriani at the same store. (That’s when I think of myself of as ‘unworthy’, and as an ol’ muso).

  18. Oftenbark:

    1. The Bee Gees – How Deep is Your Love..


    Aaaaaarrrrrggghhh!! AAAAAAAAAARRGH!!!!!!

    *reb runs screaming from the building*

  19. I forgot Sweet Sweet Love by Russell Morris as an honourary mention.

    Bitch slap to self.

    I don’t think we’ll see reb for some time. Might hit him with Durham Town when he gets back.

  20. And who can forget “Jump in my car” by the Ted Mulry Gang.

  21. Yes Joni. RIP Ted Mulry. Sad.

    Hey Reb, do you think How Deep Is Your Love has too many minor seventh chords; and, do you think the words and melody line were written first with the beautiful musical accompaniment later, or vicy verca.
    Would love your thoughts on this great tune.

    Thanks Reb!

  22. Oftenbark, on March 15th, 2009 at 6:37 pm


    EJ16 – use the same – but I’m a singer/drummer so I only know six chords (luckily I can sing in key 😀 )

  23. Joni puked:

    And who can forget “Jump in my car” by the Ted Mulry Gang.

    Joni, please tell me you were joking.

  24. Is reb still running? How far can a bloke run in Tasmania?

    And Nasking hasn’t posted yet. I reckon he’s still compiling his top 750 singles.

    Hang on – somebody just ran past my window. Reb, was that you?

  25. Singer drummer you say TB? Yes, I do recall now. Good. The Don Henley of the North.

    Look at it this way TB. Kneel Dim-ond only knows FOUR chords. He learned the fourth not long ago, still uses it sparingly. But hey, who cares. You’re better than Kneel. Kneel doesn’t play drums, and I’d back you to be the musc better singer. (DeBono lateral thinking at play).

  26. *much (better)

  27. Oftenbark, on March 15th, 2009 at 7:57 pm

    Lol! 😆

  28. I wish! Although I’ve discovered that music is like wine – paying a lot doesn’t make it better… 😉

  29. Note to Reb:

    You can run, but you can’t hide, Reb. C’mon mate, answer my BeeGees question.
    Which came first, the melody line, or the backing music?
    Or, as AccaDacca would say, ‘Who Made Who’?

  30. I can’t believe noone’s put up “Noone Wins” by The Bezerker.

    Clearly the best Australian single EVER…

    With Psycroptic’s “Skin Coffin” & “Battling The Misery Of Organon” coming a very close 2nd & 3rd.

    If Slayer were Australian they’d have the top 50 sorted, oh well.

  31. Here’s a photo of reb running (late for work again).

  32. Here’s a photo of reb running (late for work again).

  33. I can’t believe noone’s put up “Noone Wins” by The Bezerker.

    I can.

  34. You’re a very spiteful Duck sir.

  35. Toiletboss: I had never heard of ‘Berzerker’. Sorta like Tism on Red Bull and red Cordial.

  36. I also forgot about Bestial Warlust’s “Vengeance War ‘Til Death”. lol.

  37. Tboss, you addressed me as ‘sir’. I’m pleased to see that you’ve finally worked out how to address Port supporters.

    Your learning is almost complete.

  38. “Toiletboss: I had never heard of ‘Berzerker’. Sorta like Tism on Red Bull and red Cordial.”

    Yes…& possibly also on Columbian Marching Dust.

    Is Tism, is Good.

  39. “Your learning is almost complete.”

    He will join us or die my master.

  40. To Reb:

    ‘Hello . . . hello hello . . . is there anybody in there,
    Just write if you can read me
    Is there anyone at all

    There is no pain, Reb, you are receding
    A distant ship smoke, on the horizon
    You’re not even coming through in waves
    Your lips may move, but i can’t hear what you’re saying

  41. Toiletboss, on March 15th, 2009 at 8:04 pm

    …and I always thought you were over 14…

  42. Harumph….

    Now I’m the only paeon who can’t blockquote.

    I sense an underclass developing here. I will be slumdog the Philistine.

  43. Oftenbark, on March 15th, 2009 at 8:14 pm

    …we are sinking…

    …what are you sinking..?

  44. Toiletboss, on March 15th, 2009 at 8:15 pm

    Finally! You see the thruth! Thorry I haven’t got my falth teef in…

  45. “and I always thought you were over 14”

    Only in physical age TB, the brain is about 25 years behind.

  46. LOL! It shows, TBoss

  47. Got to go for the moment. The youngster wants to play Age of Empires3.
    Cyaz…you were only takin’ the piss outta me anyhow.

    Waaa waaa waaaaa…..

  48. “And Nasking hasn’t posted yet. I reckon he’s still compiling his top 750 singles.”

    Migs, more like having a blood transfusion to add to last night’s beer in my veins…:)

    What! no Tie me kangaroo down by Rolf harris?

    Have to agree on:
    Friday on my Mind – The Easybeats
    Under the Milky Way – The Church

    However, The Church – Almost With You (1982) brings back brill memories. Either one.

    Great Southern Land – Icehouse

    and yes Oftenbark

    Cruel Sea – The Honeymoon is Over

    and I really dig:

    Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – Do You Love Me

    and Min, I agree Power and the Passion – the Oils is a powerful song. Saw them in concert many years ago. What a performance by Peter G…

    Thought INXS – ‘Burn for you’ was a great song at the time….1984.


  49. But this is my all-time favourite Aussie single:

    Died Pretty – Winterland (1988)

    Love the energy.


  50. And this is outstanding:

    Goanna – Solid Rock (1982)


  51. 1) Know Your Product – The Saints
    2) It’s Only Natural – Crowded House
    3) Boys In Town – Divinyls
    4) Release The Bats – Birthday Party
    5) You Are Not Alone – White Cross
    6) Anything by Not Drowning Waving

  52. I just have to chuck in another one:

    He’s Gonna Step on You Again – the Party Boys.

  53. “Anything by Not Drowning Waving”

    Yes Ray, they certainly have some goodies:

    Not Drowning, Waving – Willow Tree

    Which reminds me, it’s been awhile since I last saw ‘Proof’ (1991) directed by Jocelyn Moorehouse, starring Russell Crowe & Hugo Weaving . It’s a good soundtrack by NDW.

    Title: PROOF
    Production Date: 1990
    Release Date: 1991
    Produced as: Feature Films
    Media: Film
    Summary: Psychological drama about a blind-from-birth photographer who believes his photos capture the world as it really is but who needs someone he can trust to describe the photos to him.
    Country of Origin: Australia

    (National Film and Sound Archive)


  54. I’m back.

    And I refuse to be drawn on anything to do with the Bee Gees (*shudder*)

    What about Renee Geyer then, “This is a Man’s World”

  55. lol@reb

  56. Mornin’ all. Great to hear from you Nasking.
    As for Reb . . . well . . . good morning Reb. Trust all is well with you.

    Talk about omitting good musos, songs, etc.

    One hit wonder Leonardo’s Bride, ‘even when I’m sleeping’, and another:
    Jack Jones, master class singer guitarist of Southern Sons:
    ‘Hold me in your arms’ – Beautiful stuff.

    Tina Charles. Linda George. Wendy Saddington, Daniel Johns.

    It may be a man’s world, but it would be nothing, nothing without a woman (we’ll leave the ‘girls’ out of this).

  57. Ray Hunt – ‘It’s only natural’ – Great song. Typical class from Crowded house/Finn Bros.

  58. Which one of you lot is going to admit that Shut up a Your Face, I Put my Blue Jeans On, and Marshall’s Portabal Music Machine are among your favorites?

  59. Look, look, look, I’m gonna gate crash yer pinko lists with 11 tracks, OK? It’s not that I’m flippin rude – he winks – perish the bloomin thought. It’s jest that my opinion is much, much more important than anything yer treacherous little ppl will ever bloomin come up with, OK?

    Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap – AC/DC ( Bwoocie’s theme toon)
    Whole Lotta Rosie – AC/DC
    I Remember When I Was Young – Matt Taylor
    Long Way To The Shop – AC/DC
    12 Pound Tootbrush – Madder Lake
    Howzat – Sherbet
    Touch Too Much – AC/DC
    Livin In The 70s – Skyhooks
    Half Time At The Footie – Dave Warner From The Suburbs
    Can I Sit Next To Yer Sheila – AC/DC
    Boney Maroney – Hush

    Say what yers like, tiny brains, this list is 123% beyond reproach – “she ain’t exactly pretty, she ain’t exactly small” – because i say so, OK?

  60. Here’s a pinko song for ya Bwooce, you can grab your snag outa the muffler now, it’s nice and crisp:

    Radio Birdman – Aloha Steve & Dano


  61. Check out the suits. Snazzy eh?

    Models – I Hear Motion (1983)


  62. Nice trip back in time w/ present day band:

    Wolfmother – White Unicorn


  63. Nasking,
    Wolfmother- unicorn
    that clip has the colours you see underwater at night with a torch. hurts the eyes but you just keep watching anyway(on my computer it does).

  64. One of my favourite songs. Billy Fields “You weren’t in Love with me”

  65. Plenty of Aussie singles to choose from. My wife likes this one particularly:

    Clouds – “Souleater”

    Clouds were an indie rock band from Sydney, Australia formed in December 1989. The core of the group consisted of frontwomen Jodi Phillis (guitar and vocals) and Patricia “Trish” Young (bass and vocals). The line-up of Clouds changed several times with different drummers and lead guitarists. Clouds’ music was distinguished by rapid and unusual chord changes, creative bass guitar, and Phillis and Young’s vocal harmonies.

    (Wiki pedia)


  66. Link helps:

  67. Long Way To The Shop – AC/DCLong Way To The Shop – AC/DC

    BWOOCE, you said shop. Did you mean Long Way to the Top if you want to rock ‘n’ roll, or Long Way to the Shop if you want a sausage roll?

  68. cool aquanut…hypnotic colours eh?

    sometimes I try to imagine the music that would capture the mood of being underwater for a long period…I’m sure this band will get it one day:

    Decoder Ring – Fractions

    nice love spurned song joni…sweet…he kinda looks a bit Like Elton there eh?

  69. He looks so dated! There is a version out there of Mick Fleetwood – a very bizarre version.

  70. Miglo lol…Stace & I chuckled.

    This is a powerful. sombre mood evoking single:

    Decoder Ring – Somersault

    Decoder Ring was formed in 2001, in Sydney, Australia.

    Original line-up consisted of Matt Fitzgerald ( keyboards, guitar) Geoff Towner (bass, El Mopa), Pete Kelly (guitar, Sea Life Park), Kenny Davis Jr (keyboards, piano, The Jackson Code, The Blackeyed Susans) & Thomas Shutzinger (drums). Original line-up recorded the EP “Spooky Action at a Distance” (2002) and album “Decoder Ring” (2002). Geoff Towner departed in 2003 and was replaced by Ben Ely (Regurgitator).

    The band wrote the soundtrack for the 2004 Australian film Somersault, for which the band won an AFI Award for ‘Best Original Music Score’…

    (Wiki pedia)


  71. Somebody mentioned Mick Fleetwood. This Mac song was a follow up to Oh Well, went Number 1 in the UK but wasn’t released in Oz.

  72. Great song Migs…& here I was trying to keep to the Aussie theme…:)

    I’ve got the Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac Lp w/ My Heart Beats like a Hammer, Merry go Round, Long Great Mare etc…it’s great.

    This is going back a bit:

    Gong: Flying Teapot

    Gong is a progressive/psychedelic rock band formed by Australian musician Daevid Allen. Their music has also been described as space rock. Other notable band members include Allan Holdsworth, Tim Blake, Didier Malherbe, Pip Pyle, Gilli Smyth, Steve Hillage, Mike Howlett and Pierre Moerlen. Others who have, albeit briefly, played in Gong are Bill Bruford, Brian Davison and Chris Cutler.

    (Wiki pedia)

  73. For Oftenbark to wake up to:

    Daddy Cool – Come Back Again – Live TV (1971)


  74. Thanks Nasking.

    I love that song; have a great respect for Ross Wilson. One of the very best musos on this planet.

  75. Nasking, the original Fleetwood Mac were awesome. Don’t know if you’ver heard One Sunny Day, but do yourself a favour and hunt it down.


  76. Great stuff Migs…

    One Sunny Day

    Built around a monstrous guitar riff from Jeremy Spencer, “One Sunny Day” showcases his ability as a great purveyor of an intense blues, even though he was often in the shadow of Peter Green. Modeled after “Rock Me Baby,” this high, lonesome blues is highlighted by one of the great three-way guitar duels in British rock history. Spencer, Green, and Danny Kirwin all play interesting interlocking lines, and this, around a simple, three-chord, minor-key progression, sets the band above most of their contemporaries at the time.
    (review by Matthew Greenwald, All Music Guide)

    On the LP ‘English Rose’.

    English Rose could be considered the third album by Fleetwood Mac, released in January 1969 (see 1969 in music). It was originally a US-only compilation, combining 6 tracks from the UK-only Mr. Wonderful (*), 3 UK non-album single sides (**), two not-yet-released songs from the UK version of Then Play On (***) and one other previously unreleased track (****).
    Mick Fleetwood appears in drag on the cover.
    (Wiki pedia)


  77. Couldn’t help myself:

    STEPPIN’ OUT (1966) – Eric Clapton w/ John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers


  78. I’ve been racking my brain over this one and hope that someone here has a better memory than mine. Does anyone recall the name of the 60’s group whose lead singer was disabled..he wore calipers.

  79. Min


    What about Ian Dury and the Blockheads?

  80. Returning To Australia:

    UNDECIDED – The Masters Apprentices


  81. Min, the only “disabled” singer I remember was Ross D. Wylie, he was resident vocalist at, The Scene, when my band worked there. He used to “hold court” every Saturday night in the back room…behind the stage, where we all waited before we went on stage…(could hardly call it a Green Room!)

    He went on to host one of the TV shows (Uptight – I think?) … he only had one “chart” song…The Star – pretty dreary song actually…

    Ross’ biggest attribute was his personality and sense of humour and he could hold a note of course…he had a misshapen leg, from polio I think, but no calipers.

  82. ” Does anyone recall the name of the 60’s group whose lead singer was disabled..he wore calipers.”

    Min., I know American Walter Jackson lead singer of the Velvetones & Brit Steve Harley of the 1970s rock group Cockney Rebel both had polio at one point but not sure they wore callipers.

  83. Yes joni, this was an Aussie. He performed at QClub (Vic) among other venues. [for the Victorians, this was indeed the Kew Civic Centre].

    I most definitely remember Ross D. TB. I was a lucky girl, my best friend at High School was Farida (1/2 Australian Chinese & 1/2 Malaysian) and big sister Suzette used to compare QClub and so I got to go back stage lots! However, it wasn’t Ross that I was thinking of. This bloke was sometimes in a wheelchair, however he always performed on 2 feet. A very nice resonating baritone (from memory). I think that he also performed on Uptight as a guest.

  84. Sorry, Min, can’t recall anyone in a wheelchair, nor can The Minister…

  85. It wasn’t Jeff St John by any chance?

  86. And the prize goes to…Miglo. You are a treasure. It was Jeff St John and the Id. Very nice and bluesy at:

  87. Thanks Min. All I can remember is his song Teach Me How To Fly.

    Such irony. A duck remembering that song.

  88. You’re reading my mind Nasking. No sooner had I read Miglo’s reference to Fleetwood macs ‘Oh Well’, ‘Steppin Out’ entered my mind. Must be the mental picture I have of the very distinctive guitar riffs in both tunes, oh well!

    Yes. Jeff St. John (caliper assisted) resides here in WA. Saw him some years ago in Freo. Good as ever.
    Another caliper assisted musician comes to mind, being Stewie Spears, drummer for Max Merritt and the Meteors. Calipers being the legacy of a horror auto crash the meteors were involved in way back in the 60s. Max has facial scars, also a legacy of that accident.
    Backstage on evening (after being support band for Max/Meteors), Stewie downed a bottle of JW Black Label, drank straight from the bottle, in (very) quick time. Amazing!
    I kid you not.

  89. Migs..for eons, with every thread relating to Aussie rock all that I could think of was this bloke at QClub in the ’60s. Just loved his voice and stage presence. But for the life of me I couldn’t remember his name.

    For you:

  90. Thanks Min.

    Oftenbark, wasn’t the late Stewie Spears married to Wendy Saddington for a while?

    All that hair!

  91. As an aside Nasking and Miglo, the third tune (our) band has played on occasions, along with Oh Well, Steppin Out (mainly as a chaser), is another Clapton/Cream version of a song with a classic riff, that being ‘Outside Woman Blues’.

  92. Not sure Mig. Wendy was regular visitor to WA. Great gutsy blues voice, way before her time, sorta like Australia’s Julie Driscoll.
    Wendy might be regarded as the earlier model of Renee Geyer.

  93. Well done Migs, I didn’t know that. Will have to add it to the knowledge draw.

    Oftenbark, one of my pleasures is to listen to my Cream live cds & pretend I’m Ginger Baker.

    ‘Outside Woman Blues’…but studio version.

    too true lyrics…sometimes.


  94. Great stuff Nasking. I have various versions of “Outside Woman Blues’, my favourite, apart from Cream, is the live version by Doyle Bramhall II, at the last Eric Clapton Texas blues festival.

    And . . . Nasking, its fair that you should pretend to be Ginger Baker.

    However, don’t ever put on a school tunic, pretending to be Christina Amphlett. You may be arrested.

  95. Outside Woman Blues- Doyle Bramhall II

    “don’t ever put on a school tunic, pretending to be Christina Amphlett. You may be arrested.”

    For sure Oftenbark, for makin’ one butt ugly woman…a public offence…


  96. What a heartfelt version:

    Wendy Saddington – Tomorrow Never Knows (1971)

    Turn off your mind, relax
    and float down stream
    It is not dying
    It is not dying

    Lay down all thought
    Surrender to the void
    It is shining
    It is shining

    That you may see
    The meaning of within
    It is being
    It is being

    That love is all
    And love is everyone
    It is knowing
    It is knowing


  97. Fantastic, Nasking. Have seen that clip, and others, of the Texas Blues gig; nevertheless, good stuff.

    BTW, you will have noticed Bramhall plays with strings in upside-down position; usually has a favourite right-hand Strat with stringed inverted positions as he displayed when I saw him live last year as a backing guitarist on the Clapton Aus tour, along with another total gunslinger guitarist, Derek Trucks. Those two showed up ol’ Eric, sad to say.

  98. Nasking: Look up two other versions of Outside Woman Blues, one by Pat Travers, the other by a band named Back Door Slam.

    Furthermore, the versions of the Hendrix classic, May This Be Love, and the Beatles’ classic, I Want You, off the Abbey Road Album, performed by another great guitarist named Eric Gales are well worth watching/listening to.

    Ciao for now. Back later.

  99. Thanks for the Wendy clip Nasking. Been years since I last saw that lady.

  100. Interesting info Oftenbark. As someone who always wanted to play guitar & drums but had the ability of a cat swimming against the tide I can appreciate the technical aspects w/ a wee bot of envy included. I’ve doodled w/ the synth/piano & written plenty of lyrics…even ventured to sing (strangle a cat) & do spoken poetry to music.

    Luv a great bues…or jazz session. Gettin’ me some Chick Corea next week. And a good mate is spoilin’ me rotten lately w/ a few splendid sounds.

    How’s this for memories?:

    Stevie Ray Vaughan- Texas Flood


  101. Hi Oftenbark,

    many moons ago, I spent almost decade as a rock journalist and broadcaster in Sydney. I’ve got lots of grand memories from that era but nothing tops Crowded House’s first gig. They played acoustically – the phrase unplugged had not yet become popular – on a boat cruising around the inner parts of Sydney Harbour.

    They’d changed their name from the Mullanes to Crowded House shortly beforehand.

    While the boat packed with freeloading print and radio hacks, people like me who were always on the ‘guest list’ and often not as attentive as we could of been, we all knew that that night we’d experienced something really special. Witnessed a pop band that so magically defined the genre, a group that would go far …

    If I recall correctly, Crowded House played tracks from the first album and a couple of tunes that had not made the cut for that album. They held the generally cynical audience in the palms of their hands from go to woe. No-one wanted to disembark at night’s end.

    The world really was their lobster …

  102. Just walked to this…gorgeous:

    morning sun – bad company

    The Morning Sun Comes Thru My Window
    All Night Long I Have Been Waiting
    We Who Are Constantly Moving
    Leaving Part Of Us Behind

    She Moves Across The Room With Easy Grace
    Mona Lisa Smiles Up On Her Face
    I Who Am Completely Mesmerized
    By The Sunlight In Her Eyes

  103. Back to Australia…remember this as a lad…reaches into your core:

    Russell Morris – The Real Thing (1969)

    I wonder if Steve Fielding plays this when noone’s around & starts prancing in front of the mirror?

  104. Bad Company, from Running With The Pack:

    Is it true that Bad Company were formed from Free (of Alright Now fame)?

  105. Can’t believe that The Real Thing was written by that flippy floppy good boy Johnny Young.

  106. And The Real Thing was produced by that hat-wearing Egyptologist Molly Meldrum.

  107. Egyptologist!!! He’s a f***ing relic. If I found something like him on a archaeological dig I’d throw it back.

  108. Bad Company are an English hard rock supergroup founded in 1973, consisting of band members from Free (Paul Rodgers, Simon Kirke), Mott the Hoople (Mick Ralphs), and King Crimson (Boz Burrell). Bad Company was managed by Peter Grant, who had also guided Led Zeppelin to massive success
    (Wiki pedia)

    Another Aussie moment:

    SAD DARK EYES (1967) by the Loved Ones


  109. Since you seem to be over here, Nasking…just wanted to say thanks again for the Greg Egan tip.

  110. To all the greedy sods out there…I have NO SYMPATHY for you as your plastic mountain melts…and the cards of debt burn in your shaking palms…easy come, easy go:

    Grant McLennan – Easy Come, Easy Go


  111. N’ remember the Court of the Crimson King?

  112. No worries Legion. I was intrigued by ‘Diaspora”s use of fleshers & gleisner robots. I’m always trying to imagine how we will evolve. Enjoy. I’m a fan of Greg Bear too.

    I imagine Aussie Steve Kilbey (soloist & member of The Church, amongst other pursuits) also reflects on such things now & then.

    Freaky Conclusions (Steve Kilbey)


  113. One of my all-time fave lps Migs


    In The Court Of The Crimson King – King Crimson


  114. An early version of a powerful song:

    Giles, Giles, and Fripp – “I Talk to the Wind”


  115. N’ my alltime favourite LP is Then Play On by Fleetwood Mac, the 1969 English release that had One Sunny Day on it. It was re-released some years ago but Oh Well had replaced One Sunny Day. Pity, OSD, in my opinion, is their greatest song ever.

    If you get a chance to listen to Then Play On head straight to Searching For Madge. You’ll get drunk just listening to Mick Fleetwood’s drumming. Inspiring. Brilliant.

    I’m just ducking back to another thread for a while – Neil’s legendary dummy spits are on display.

  116. Where to begin? OK.
    Never mind Nasking. You have refined musical taste IMHO, and music obviously touches you. Good. so be it.
    Boy you dig up some amazing clips. Well done.
    Love the ‘Sad Dark Eyes’ too. Great stuff.
    Just thought I’d mention, the Loved Ones piano intro on Everlovin’ Man is uncannily similar to the intro Alan Price plays on the animals version of ‘I put a Spell On You’.
    But hey, thats history.

    Yes indeed. Johnny Young did write a huge hit for Russell Morris, produced by Molly. Coincidentally, in 1967/68, or thereabouts, Russell Morris released a single being a cover version of a Spencer Davis Group song ‘When I Come Home’, which I had put on our bands play list around 12 months prior to Russells release. Hmmm. On more than one occasion people had referred to us as having played that song on stage as a cover of Russell Morris’ single. Well, not so.
    Speaking of Paul Rodgers, saw Mr. Rodgers live back in early 70s fronting ‘Free’. Apart from having a Bad Company CD, I also have Paul Rodgers sings Muddy Waters Blues, featuring a horde of excellent guitarists, being Dave Gilmour, Richie Sambora, Jeff Beck, Steve Morse, Buddy Guy, Trevor Rabin, Brian May, Brian Setzer, Slash, Neal Schon, Gary Moore.

    Ahhh. Mott the Hoople, very underrated band; with their masterful version of the David Bowie song ‘All The Young Dudes’. Excellent stuff. Which reminds me of another brilliant vocalist fronting bands such as Squeeze, Ace, Mike and the Mechanics, none other than the brilliant Paul Carrack.
    If you guys get the chance, please listen to Carracks rendition of the beautiful Eagles song, lead sung originally by Timmothy B. Schmit, being ‘Love Will Keep Us Alive’.

    Hi Ray Hunt: A very interesting post indeed. Rock journalist and broadcaster, more interesting. You were witness to something truly special in seeing the Finn Bros. at that stage. Excellent. Their songs will live forever.
    I can vividly remember seeing Split Enz on TV performing ‘Late Last Night’ all those years ago. I thought I was witnessing something special even then. Wierd, unusual, but so much class.
    Rock on.

  117. Oftenbark, Eric Gales, nice stuff, brings back memories…I have quite a collection of music where Hendrix was involved…

    I fear Afghanistan WILL become our next Vietnam…& the lords of war machines will profit again to excess…brave younguns will die under a barrage of nonsense from politicians & hails of fire from wily insurgent creators…and our common sanity will be laid waste to…as HELLCLONE ravages the land, taxpayer’s pockets, and rips the fabric of family from the participants kin…

    Band of Gypsys – Machine Gun 1


  118. Where does the unrelenting climate MELTDOWN & the war HELLCLONE take us?…

    into the sea I fear, back to the roots…amidst the

    “The Restless Waves” – Dirty Three

    Thnx for the supportive comments Oftenbark, I treasure your comments. Same goes for Miglo…& others.

    We have a wealth of music in Australia. Let’s be enriched by it…rather than always getting rich off the back of the tortured land. Both need to be left here for the children…& their children…to fill themselves on.

    Great post joni. Til later.

  119. I imagine after another hectic week plenty have this day on their mind…including joni…the song might ease the pain of waiting:

    Friday on my Mind – The Easybeats


  120. This band seems to have sprouted from the Blue Mountains…I like the chiming Byrds style geetar…I think Miglo will dig the vid:

    Belles Will Ring – The Coldest Heart


  121. Speaking of Roger McGuinn, Chris Hillman & the lads…an instrumental piece that still puts a tingle up my spine from the 1997 CD reissue of
    The Notorious Byrd Brothers:::

    The Byrds – Universal Mind Decoder (Instrumental)

    Do ya dig it? 1967…


  122. Might as well play some music whilst the others are having a Blogocracy reunion…:)

    “Needle in a Haystack” – The Twilights (1966)


  123. Two QLD boys met some girls and other fellas and:

    The Go-Betweens – Streets of your town


  124. Sounds like Big Heavy Stuff will be playing a reunion show in Sydney. Certainly an essential part of the Australian section of my CD collection.

    Big Heavy Stuff – Hibernate


  125. You’re a gem Nasking.

    Thanks to all for the excellent posts, kind words, the wonderful memories of days long gone.

    Good top 5 subject matter Joni. You did good.

    Kind regards to all, OB

  126. Got in a bit late on this discussion. Here’s a slightly less mainstream top 5:

    1. Nick Cave and the Bad Seats – “Mercy Seat”
    2. Radio Bridman – “Aloha Steve and Danno”
    3. You Am I – “Berlin Chair”
    4. The Loved Ones – “The Loved One”
    5 Paul Kelly – “Before Too Long”

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