Global voices tackle the economic crisis

Mong Palatino, a Filipino currently living in California, has produced the first of two posts for Global Voices on the global economic crisis, Global recession and its discontents

This post is an attempt to describe the social impact of the great financial crisis as seen and felt by ordinary citizens around the world.

The most commented signs of the crisis are the Wall Street crash and the collapsed housing industry in the United States. Without belittling these unfortunate economic disasters, we should also highlight other symbols of the crisis which people around the world are witnessing and experiencing everyday.

For example, the economic downturn is forcing many South Koreans to change or abandon their travel plans. This has affected the tourism industry in Brunei which is a favorite destination of many South Koreans. Because of declining number of global tourists, Egypt’s tourism workers are complaining that their salaries are not given on time.



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  1. renniek, it breaks my heart.

    We try to contribute what we can. Biome living, free trade products…but how can we alleviate the suffering?

    We will. What can WE do? Any bona-fide charities & such?

    And we think Danish films are depressing?

    Ken can tell us so much about the suffering overseas…the NEED. Listen.

    The butterfly effect…WINGS movement…creates such SUFFERING.

    Let’s be more CAUTIOUS.

    Complain less.


  2. Important considerations Kevin.

  3. Kevin

    I mentioned something similar last year in relation to the food crisis, where there was social discontent in the Philippines. The potentional for social unrest from the GFC is real and is something that I reckon governments around the world are concerned with.

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