Frisky, Friday Frolykz..!!

Hello and good afternoon.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce our formidable Friday and beginning of the weekend thread.

Howabout we keep this thread GFC-free?

Let’s talk about some nice positive things; interesting books you might reading, DVDs, good food or wine (cue Miglo and Tom of Melbourne), recipes or whatever.

Last weekend we went to see The Watchmen at the movies. It was pretty cool but I kinda left still wondering what it was really all about.

Anyway, tonite’s viewing consists of Mirrors (with Kiefer Sutherland) and a cult horror “The Signal”

and I’m back on the chamomile tea…..

Trust everyone is keeping safe and well..


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  1. “and I’m back on the chamomile tea….”

    I’m back on the 389

  2. Reb

    I am safe and well. Cant be anything but as I live in the office at the moment. Thinking of having a wall put up and my bed moved in.

    Friday means nothing to me at the moment. I have had appointments every weekend and another a 8am in the morning and 2 more on Sunday.

    Some day it may come back to meaning 2 days off, but not at the moment.

  3. This will be the first weekend I’ve had off in 2 months, period.

    Pretty fkn glad about that.

  4. moving your bed into the office, but who would keep your tootsies warm, what with the weather getting cooler and all.

    Nothing much to report..hubby is still at the desal and it looks as if the job might last (fingers crossed) until Easter. He does have another job to go to however it’s down in Sydney. Sigh, I could be batching again.

  5. reb

    Just scroll down the page for some thoughts on Watchmen.

  6. Let’s talk about some nice positive things – its Friday The 13th – that’s good luck in this household – The Minister was born on the 13th!

    Min, good news – sort of…hang in there – you won’t be alone you’ve always got us Blogocrats..!

    Am I allowed to talk about the mad aunt?

  7. Mad Aunt…. reb?


    I am just gonna head up to my local (Harlequin in Pyrmont) a but later to watch the Tah’s versus the Gumbies.

  8. TB thank you..umm I think. Well, that’s a comfort, I have the Blogocrats 😯

    The desal is at 33% and no in spite of what the Courier Mail says, it’s not Anna Bligh’s fault. Could be some extra time..I know that you’ll be keeping fingers crossed for us TB (et al).

    Yes of course Mad Aunt discussions are permitted, in fact encouraged.

  9. This looks like one of TB’s shoes.

  10. If you’re looking for a good wine you can’t go past this one. Pity about the stupid name though.

  11. At least they didn’t call it Wild Miglo Creek Estate Miglo Muck.

    Now you’re talking hubby’s language..he is a port man.

  12. I’m a port man too Min. Port Adelaide, that is.

  13. Min,

    I have a Mad Aunt, in her late 70’s.

    She does Baroque dancing, all formal and stately in Courtly gowns. She also does Flamenco, with flashing eyes and castanets, and grey hair up in a bun. It’s a real sight…!!!

    She also has a Civil Engineering degree (back when women only did Arts at uni, if they went there at all), and Masters in Engineering (from UK), and a B.Sc (one of the early IT degrees in computing) and a PhD in medieval poetry. No kidding. I tried to read the Intro – about the poetry of the medieval stoics, or something like that.

    She also has a private pilot’s licence for light aircraft and a diving licence (both now expired, I expect). She has lived and worked in various parts of the world, back when women were meant to be housewives.

    I thought she was the best thing since sliced bread when I was a small girl. Sooo cool in her little open-topped sports car, with her racy stories of things she’d seen in her travels.

    Everyone should have at least one Mad Aunt… 🙂

  14. Off to son’s to watch THE game…

    Try and reply later…

  15. “I’m a port man too Min. Port Adelaide, that is.”

    What do you make of this “portman”?

    Can’t find the original link from a few days ago, but you’ll get the gist (limp wrist) of it.

  16. “What do you make of this “portman”?”

    Tboss, it’s just another innovation from the team that others dare to follow.

  17. lol

    um….yeah. Innovative.
    Refusing to bump is bound to win hordes of fans.
    Mayhaps I’ll even change sides myself.

  18. I’m not sure if this qualifies as a positive story, perhaps if you’re a hungry horse.

    Nevertheless it has novelty value, & balanced against my irrational loathing of equine evil I thought it was worth a mention.

    Don’t trust ’em, they look at you with the whites of their eyes.,27574,25176456-23109,00.html

  19. Don’t mess with Sarah or Bristol for that matter.

  20. Miglo,

    Have you ever had the Muck?I’ve never had it but I’d love to try.

  21. Toiletboss, like it or not – and I certainly don’t – but the idiots that run the AFL are hell-bent on turning Aussie rules into a game that resembles something like a mixture of Gaelic football and basketball.

    My guess is that they’re trying to make the game more appealing to a broader base. I prefer the old game, as you and many other diehards probably do too.

    But these idiots make the rules, and the clubs have to play by them. In my opinion these buffoons are ruining the game as a spectacle, as are those clowns with giant egos that officiate.

    I think that’s where Choco’s coming from. Let’s look to the future. Meanwhile, behind the Crow’s shed, I hear they are practicing drop kicks.

  22. Sorry Dave, but it’s sold out. A friggin $899 a bottle and it’s sold out! I’m guessing that you’ll find a few cases tucked away in reb’s cellar.

    I’m still curious about the duck muck. What the hell is duck muck?

  23. lol, yes some of them are dropkicks.

    N5, I saw the latest Palin saga break last night on the netnews at work.

    He seemed like such a nice wholesome boy too. Everyone knows that the redneck crap on his myspace site was a leftist meeja construct.
    I guess they’ll be casting witches out of Bristol down at ye olde temple of tonguetalking too.

  24. ‘The 70-year-old owner of the horse, Budi, said the animal was trained but sometimes turned wild, and had bitten in the past’ he said with a sqeaky voice.

  25. Budi clearly trained his horse (I didn’t catch its’ name) to sick-balls.
    It leads one to wonder, was the victim naked, commando or clothed?
    How did the horse know where to chomp?

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of one being successfully sewn back on.

  26. Toiletboss, I saw that story about the horse eating a man’s testicle; I thought there may have been a more romantic angle to the story than simply a hungrily aggressive stallion.

    I also thought – there but for the grace of god goes the Lord Mayor of Crapperville.

  27. Tips for RD1 migsta?

  28. Too early Tboss. I don’t even know who’s playing who. Hopefully though we’ll see a Port win and a Tingle’s loss.

  29. Tom, I’d love to indulge in a little denunciation but I know I shouldn’t.

    Said overseer appears to be becoming a little unhinged.
    …& I quote (from Bolt’s blog yesterday; note the time is remarkably synchronised with the tirade levelled here. I can’t believe he is hunting from the shadows)

    “I consider myself as centrist although I’m tending to lean a bit right of late.

    My take is that due to a lack of being able to form a sensible argument they tend to resort to name calling and violence as a best form of defence against their inadequatecies and I would have to add the gang mentality is also their weapon of choice.

    I would say it is not the exclusive domain of the left but my observation is that it is very much more prevalent on that side of the ideological spectrum.

    *****[youknowwho]… (Reply)
    Thu 12 Mar 09 (10:24am) ”

    Someone seems to be having an identity crisis.

    Maybe I’m imagining things but “we” are a gang?

    Please note, I always read Bolt at work if things are running well on NS; I have VERY limited options.
    In actual fact I could care less what ***** is doing or saying.
    No doubt this will be interpreted as hailing the cavalry rather than the comic relief that it actually is.

    About 6 7ths of the way down the page in the link…

    A little disingenuous dontcha think?

  30. Crows V Collingwood

    Port V Choco (but they will be also competing against Essendon)

  31. “My take is that due to a lack of being able to form a sensible argument they tend to resort to name calling and violence as a best form of defence against their inadequatecies and I would have to add the gang mentality is also their weapon of choice. ”

    For a monet there I thought you were talking about Crow’s supporters.

  32. lol migsta

    I don’t think that’s who he means.

    Painting with a VERY broad brush I guess.

    I’d like to wash my hands of this, I’m sure it’s getting tedious, but it refuses to lay down.

    The large cans of petrol Tom keeps pouring on the cinders are extremely effective.

  33. Toiletboss, I saw the name “Crapper Tez” there, and I thought he’d taken the lead from Crapperville.

    But no, it is simply that he has self injected the botox, though a little too deeply this time. His brain simply now churns out random (but very important) words.

    He is lean (a little to the right) is probably a consequence of a violently passionate affair, with an Indonesian horse. The horse bit him on an unspeakable region of his manhood, in close proximity to his leg.

  34. Crapper Tez is one of Uncle Andrew’s lobotomised regulars; in fact, all aspersions on the Lord Mayor aside, that entire link is chock full of nutcases with a major chip on their shoulder at perpetual war with “Teh Evil Left” (whomever they may be: I deduce that teh left is actually any sane person who deviates from the gospel according to Bolt for any [unforgivable] reason).

    The imbalanced lean could definitely be due to mono-teste syndrome following an Indo-horse attack though; you may be onto something there.

  35. 1st Showdown is RD6 migsta.

    Having just looked at the draw I’m sayin’ that the Crows mightn’t have won a game yet by then (remember portscum early last year) & will be desperately gunning for the Power.


  36. Tom, you definitely have more inadequatecies than I do.

  37. Never read the Bolta directly but I follow his and other like ramblings via Pure Poison.

    Liked this piece by Ms Ove who can be quite aggressive. Lol.

  38. No large can of petrol being poured by me.

    I know there is a latent demand on this site to discuss the merit of flies, dust and intolerable heat. Here we have man with a deluded vision to educate the world in the benefits of living amongst all this.

    Have you ever tried a fly burger? There is an untapped market for them, and the Mayor of Crapperville is the horse loving man to eat one.

    I’m going now, to drink a 2004 bin 389.

  39. Bye Tom.
    Well I’ve now hit the jetlag wall of the day after NS & too many WT’s.
    Must also be off.

    Just a final warning to everybody.

    Never trust a horse.

  40. Tom

    2004 bin 389.

    Yum but too young.

    Just settling in to a 1996 Leasingham Classic Clare Shiraz. Haven’t tried it since it was released in 99 and it was big and oaky then and not much else other than plenty of promise – the big oak has dropped away and you can really taste the fruit now – great balance and length. Sorry about the language but F#@k it’s good.

  41. “and I’m back on the chamomile tea…..”

    reb, I find Celestial Seasoning’s ‘Tension Tamer’ is wonderful for bring stress levels down & subsequently blood pressure.

    Doesn’t work whilst getting pissed tho…:)

    Just rewatched ‘No Country for Old Men’. Certainly a technically brilliant film. Acting outstanding. Beginning to see what the fuss was about. Luv the use of sound effects/sound editing in Coan bros. films…the general mood of nihilism & the use of shadows, boots echoing down the corridor & thru doors, whistling wind, all reminded me of their debut “Blood Simple’ from the mid 80s. Highly effective. Tho, a bit of a downer.

    We’re watching “Jumper’ on DVD this weekend. Any good reb?


  42. Never trust a horse.
    TB, I have found through bitter experience, that if you preference a motor bike over a horse, the motor bike will still be waiting for you to go home after shed work, whereas the horse will mostly likely have already arrived(at home), unless of course it’s up at the neighbours.
    Although they do make good dog tucker..

    Just had slow cooked lamb neck cooked with basil,garlic, potato,red wine, mushroom ,a little rosemary ..took about eight hours, the lamb was about ten months old and we had some home brew Stout to compliment it with, that was two years old.
    Apart from the red wine, we bred the lot… Life is good :).

  43. “Let’s talk about some nice positive things”

    good idea. S’ loved the leftover pizza for lunch today. Was worried i’d used too much spicey sauce on the base. But she thought it was yummy.

    Tonite, it’s mash potato, w/ vege schnitzel, mashed organic pumpkin from S’s Dad’s farm, steamed brocolli w/ lemon drizzled on it. And chopped chillies in my mash.

    The constant rain from cyclone Hamish has been great for our veges. How’s that for a positive take on it?…:)

    Enjoyed listening to M. Ward’s new LP today ‘Hold Time’. Reminded me of Paul Simon on occasion.

    Here’s a song that always lifts me up:

    bob marley – jamming


  44. Ah, “Although they do make good dog tucker..” Wish someone else had said that :).

  45. Listening to:

    Mary Gauthier – Drag Queens In Limousines

    Good stuff LM…merci.

    I’m for dinner & a movie.

  46. There’s a fella in Qld. who’s getting some ;
    Mary Black
    Karen Dalton
    David Bromberg
    Nieve Parsons
    C.W Stonestreet
    Rita MacNeil and
    Slaid Cleeves
    He will, I’m sure, cherry pick out some stuff for (was going to suggest enjoyment) to listen to..

  47. We live in “serious and dangerous times,” says Robert Zellick, head of the World Bank with, presumably, a straight face. He’s got more front than Myers. He’s a better spinner than Warne, this fella.

    Zellick and Wolfowitz and their neo con whacko mates have inflicted an ideological disaster on us all. It is my opinion that these clowns should spare us the crocodile tears and resign. Zoellick and Cheney and Reagan and Thatcher and Howard advocated an economic system that made as much sense as running a bath with the plug out.

    The result has been an unmitigated disaster for at least 95% of the citizens of planet earth.

    The neo cons are culpable, even if they are too dishonest to accept any responsibility for their actions. We need open minded and suitably qualified people in charge of global financial governance, not people with a proven record of extreme failure and spin. We should put a German in charge of the IMF and find someone French or British to run the World Bank.

    The American neo cons must be severely punished for their arrogance, lack of accountability and repeated failures – I believe having to hand the Europeans control over the global economy would be a nice entree to criminal prosecutions in a number of jurisdictions.

    MODERATOR: Hi Elastic. Just a gentle reminder that we’re trying to keep this thread GFC free…

  48. 2 one point games to start the season – what a cracking start to the NRL season.

    Well done to your mob TB – they got there in the end. Good signs from the Dragons and Cowboys though compared to last season it is. Just shows what a good (different?) coach can do.

  49. Nasking,

    Last nite’s viewing was “just ok”. Mirrors with Kiether Sutherland while having the occasional scary bit, was all just a bitt too ordinary.

    Whereas The Signal was appauling. Ended up switching it off half way through – a real low budget crappy effort with awaful acting and a story that really went no where.

    I did see Jumper a while back but fell asleep half way through.

    I might have to have another look at No Country For Old Men again too. Thoroughly enjoyed it the first time around.

  50. Toiletboss, I see you have done some research, I must of really got under your paper thin skin…lol!!!

    I stand by my statement concerning the left and right based on my observations on many blogs that I visit…opposed to yourself being a one site wonder!

    I had a good chuckle at one of your comments a while back where you had one of your hate sprays then proceeded to talk about your footy team, says it all.

    I see that the commenters that don’t agree with the constant stream of threads here deriding the opposition whilst giving this government a free run has dropped off to almost nil and even some others have moved on.

    I see that you have an obsession with Bolt too…I don’t agree with a fair proportion of his opinion but that is no reason to vent considerable hate at the person, you have exposed yet another inadequatecy in your character…congratulations.


  51. Dave 55 – the 2004 389 might be a little young but I bought a coupfe of dozen – it was good value.

    I opened a 1996 707 recenty – I was disappointed – a little past it, so I’m drinking more, earlier. A good policy in my opinion.

  52. Well, it’s looking like being a top day here in Hobart.

    Methinks I might do a bit of gardening and then treat me and the other arf to a nice dinner somewhere.

    TB, how are yer new teeth feeling? Is that the last of all the major work?

  53. Yes scaper, 3 bags full scaper.

    I’m a lowdown lamaste’ full of inadequatecy (sic).

    If only I flitted around numerous blogs making unintelligible spiels denouncing the government because it won’t fondle my pet project; maybe then I’d be a worthy man like you.
    Please keep giving me valuable life lessons, you are inspirational & one day I’m sure they’ll put your visage on the $100 note.
    Your insightful wisdom has wounded me deeply through my paper thin skin.

    If you don’t mind perhaps you’d like to head off & rubbish the blog to generate more commenters. Just brilliant.
    Maybe if you go around the place posting about how crap your own blog is you might get some more commenters there too.

  54. ‘Lamaste’ – that’s a testicloctocomy performed by an angry, jilted horse.

  55. The Boss:

    “Maybe if you go around the place posting about how crap your own blog is you might get some more commenters there too.”


  56. Tom, you have no idea about cellaring wines. You Victorians have no class whatsoever. You’ve wasted, nay destroyed a 2004 Bin 389 when you could have cellared in for another 6 years and ultimately ejoyed a gem.

    Dave55, I think you had a bit of bad luck with the 707 as that could have lasted a few more years yet. But I agree with you that it’s better to open a bottle of wine a year early than a year late. Just don’t do waht guys like Tom and reb do and open them 10 years early.

  57. Dave55, on March 13th, 2009 at 11:38 pm

    Agree, Dave, a great way to start 2009! (Despite some awful refereeing – with TWO refs!). I’m feeling that the Broncs new team will shape up well, earlier than I expected…and I’ll keep any eye on our old coach’s team…

    reb, on March 14th, 2009 at 8:59 am

    g’day, sreb, no new teeth yet but the “worst” of it is over. I have a screw-in plug into the titanium implant now. Gotta see my dentist, have new teeth (two) made up and then she will unscrew the plug fit a pin and fit the new teeth on to the pin in the implant. About another three or four weeks…

    This visit was to check the implant was OK with a mini tension wrench (Periodentist showed me…when I told him I started my career as a motor mechanic) just like the ones motor mechanics use on cylinder heads only, about 15 times smaller – amazing stuff…

    …I have to have another check about three months after the new teeth are fitted – for the manufacturer’s warranty – seriously! 😀

  58. Very obviously someone put the mozz on the ‘Pies. Toiletboss I’m looking at you! Toiletboss, on March 13th, 2009 at 10:37 am Said:

    Friday 13th

    I guess that means that min’s maggies are gonna win tonight?

  59. Miglo and Tom

    I haven’t opened my 1996 707 yet. I have had some 96 389 though and it still has heaps of life left so I’d be surprised if the 707 is past it. Maybe you had a slightly oxidised bottle Tom?

    I don’t mind young wines but 39, 707 and Grange (and most good wines from the great Aus vintages) are all to tannic on release IMO. You recognise that they are great wines but they just aren’t as enjoyable. RWt is much more approachable as a young wine (probably the french oak as opposed to the American).

    One thing I’ve noticed recently is that the 96 wines are really showing how great a year it actually was. The fruit coming though is simply incredible. The worst thing about drinking a great wine like the Classic Clare is that I don’t have any left so there is a sense of loss when you finish the last glass (and look longingly at the wife’s still; half full glass) 😦 Might have to go look at Langtons and see if there are any for sale.

  60. While we’re all in an anti-Bolt mood you might get some enjoyment from this Media Watch clip of a couple of years ago. If it were played directly after the recent bushfires then I’m sure that there would be a strong surge of anti-Boltism in the community. He really makes my blood boil.

  61. Miglo – I’ve got a good stock of the 389.

    I’ll admit that I’ve made the mistake of keeping some too long. I’m not doing that again.

    Drink it now and lots of it! It’s a good quaffer.

  62. TB

    I didn’t see all of the Bronco’s game, only caught the end of it but I thought the reffing in the other game was pretty good (apart from missing the Storm take out a played in the run for a Sailor grubber that would have seen the Dragons get a penalty near the end of the game . The two refs really speed up the play.

    Thurston and Bowen looked a little rusty to me in what I did see; they can only improve which is an ominous sign for the rest of the comp.

    I thought Sailor had a pretty good game for the Dragons as well. Knocked on once that wasn’t his fault and coughed up the ball near the end but his tackling saved more than one try and he was one of the only players that could handle Inglis. His line break towards the end of the game that put Cooper in and tied up the scores was almost vintage Sailor (albeit a little slower than he was in the days of old). Inglis was, as usual, brilliant. He was the difference between the Storm and the Dragons.

  63. ” there is a sense of loss when you finish the last glass (and look longingly at the wife’s still; half full glass)”

    LOL Dave55 I’ve done it many a times.

    One evening I was totally engrossed in a Henschke Lenswood Abbotts Prayer (early to mid 90s vintage – can’t remember the year) and I went to eye the girlfriend’s glass and it was empty. She didn’t like it so tipped it down the sink!!!!!

    And I’ve since married her.

    Min, I watched the game last night and the pies woz robbed. At one stage through the last qtr the free kick count was 22-5 in the bigheads favour.

  64. “Drink it now and lots of it! It’s a good quaffer.”

    So is Duck Muck.

    And why haven’t you all looked at that Media Watch video yet? Do you think I post good stuff on here for nothing?

  65. “Very obviously someone put the mozz on the ‘Pies. Toiletboss I’m looking at you!”min

    Unfortunately for the rest of the League min, Geelong looks pretty much unstoppable.
    I thought that they were impressive last year, now they are frighteningly even more efficient & ruthless.
    Who will stop them? Many teams are going to be put to the sword if last night is anything to go on.

    Crows to beat them in the Grand Final…insert emoticon for lying here.

  66. Migs..after vac’ing and washing the kitchen floor I sat down to listen to Bolt’s opinion re global warming and I must say that I enjoyed the former more than the latter!

    I agree’s looks like Geelong. The ‘Pies are 1st with me (family tradition) but otherwise it’s Anyone But Geelong, Carlton and Hawthorn.

    Going back to the good old days, I would just like to be able to hear a player’s name and know automatically which team they played for.

  67. At risk of being seen to be obsessed with Bolt I watched the link miglo.
    As I’ve previously stated, I don’t hate him I just think he’s full of shit.
    Anti-AGW is just one of his crusades. I find his frequent warmongering & stimulation of xenophobia among his limpets to be equally contemptible.

    There is very little room for nuance in the Boltite worldview.
    I cannot reconcile the “with us or against us” rationale & the oversimplification of issues into left/right/black/white; it’s insulting to moderate intelligence.

    Sleeping with a blow-up Peter Costello doll is also quite unsavoury.

  68. Elastic Demand Curb, on March 13th, 2009 at 11:02 pm

    Agreed. Zoellick should not be allowed anywhere near an institution of influence or a position of power, along with anyone else openly calling for war on thinly-disguised economic grounds or participating in a program for a new empire, then or now.

  69. TB

    I hate to think about how much all this dentistry work is costing, however I have no doubt that ye shall have a sparkling ring of confidence when it’s all finished.

    You will be like your very own mirror ball at your next gig!!

    Gary “TB” Glitter!

  70. Not obsessed, my arse…I call trawling to find my posts obsessed…you are full of hatred for anyone that does not agree with your opinion.

    Boss?…no leadership qualities that I see, more like Brush…bristling crap!

    Here’s a challenge conga-ista, argue against the actions of your hero and his hand maiden without trying to shoot the messenger…that would be a hoot!

    I will more than understand if you decline…

  71. Migs

    She didn’t like it so tipped it down the sink!!!!!

    Noooooo pause Noooooooo

    I watched the media watch vid as well. Problem for Bolt is that even if he does realise he is wrong on climate change, he has boxed himself into such a corner and surrounded himself with so many rabid anti-climate change believers that I don’t think he could recant and still save face (or keep his readership!). I’m not sure where I saw it but he does seem to have moved away from the 1998 thing and moved to ‘the climate hasn’t warmed since 2005. Not sure where or why the change occurred but I did notice that it was a change.

    Has anyone else noticed that Watts Up With That has also started putting up the odd pro climate change argument as well.

  72. Scaper,

    Can I offer you a cup of chamomile tea…?

    Sounds like you could do with one….


  73. Dave55, on March 14th, 2009 at 10:54 am
    Inglis was a big loss, but I think he is a troubled soul the way he moves around – its like a permanent walkabout!

    As for Sailor, I don’t think he was ever really missed at the Broncos – most of us think he is over rated….

    Toiletboss, on March 14th, 2009 at 11:28 am

    You’re starting to sound a bit obsessed Tboss, 😉
    understandable though!

    reb, on March 14th, 2009 at 11:59 am

    About $8000! Starnge you should mention the “glitter”, I suggested to my dentist that at the price I was paying I could have a littel LED placed inside the teeth with a remote in my pocket for when I smiled…I too mentioned the Colgate smile – great minds…


    As for you lot and your bloody whines…. 😉 “gulp” aah! Its fer drinkin’ not wafflin’, Gawd strewth.

  74. “Not obsessed, my arse…I call trawling to find my posts obsessed…you are full of hatred for anyone that does not agree with your opinion.”

    Ho hum.

    You take yourself WAY too seriously little man.

    I’ve mentioned numerous times that I read Bolt’s blog at work, we don’t have unlimited net access, just to the sites. It’s morbidly fascinating & better than watching the grass grow; but if you choose to believe that I’m stalking you then so be it. You are very far from my thoughts until you interject here.
    Perhaps refresh your memory a little that it was you who pursued me to Pure Poison for some strange reason I won’t even try to comprehend. So who’s obsessed?

    What gives you the idea that Rudd/Bryce are hero worshipped by me? that’s lazy generalising on your spittled behalf scaper. I don’t have political idols.
    Is it so hard to understand that I can loathe the conservatives without licking the arses of Labor by default.

    I’m happy to be judged here on anything I’ve written, I am consistent.
    You seem determined to dig your hole deeper & deeper, have fun with that. Read back over your own posts & enjoy the increasing hysteria.
    At the end of the day you’re just some ego from Queensland with delusions of grandeur & sand in his knickers.

    You don’t have the ability to press my buttons scaper.
    How about a nice game of hide & go f@#k yourself.
    Call that hatred if you will. I don’t even know you apart from your strange mutterings, why would I waste time hating you?
    You have zero impact on my happy life.

    Apologies to others here who are probably getting bored with the back & forth.
    Scaper seems to need to get something out of his system.

  75. Dave55, it was Bolt’s claim a couple of years back where he said that bushfires weren’t going to get any worse because there was no such thing as global warming that miffed me. Captured in time by Media Watch.

    I take it you were distressed about the Henschke going down the sink.

  76. TB..hanging in suspension. What is mad auntie up to?

    $8,000, groan and double groan! Imagine, you could have spent the $$s on something frivolous such as an overseas holiday.

  77. I posted this story on Tim’s site some time ago. I want to tell it again. It is about a friend of mine, an Aborigine from the mid north of South Australia. He was raised in a Mission. The “mission statement” was to drum it into the Aboriginal youth that they were lesser humans than the whites, yet “God still loves you”.

    This friend – at that point – had never ventured outside of SA apart from travelling to Alice Springs each year to play in the Imparja Cup, an Aboriginal cricket carnival. He is a cricketer of some note, captaining SA for many years and in 2005 was selected in the All-Australian Aboriginal team. A game was planned against Bangladesh, but it never eventuated.

    That’s another story, and not the one I’m writing about.

    A couple of years ago he came to Canberra as his department’s SA representative to help draft their new Certified Agreement. He stayed with me for the few days he was here.

    One afternoon we had to catch a bus from the city to pick up my car from the dealership after its service. We were the first at the bus stop. As we stood there I faced the direction from which the bus would come, talking to him, without looking at him. The bus came into view after a couple of minutes.

    I turned to say that this was our bus, but he wasn’t there. Instead, he was at the end of the line behind another dozen people who had joined us in the queue.

    I motioned for him to join me at the head of the line. He refused. I motioned a couple of more times, each time being ignored. I approached him and asked why he had placed himself at the end of the line, expecting some humorous response as he is quite a witty fellow. What he said, instead, made me experience one of the saddest moments in my life. This man, who I have the utmost respect for, when asked why he wouldn’t come to the front of the bus queue, responded meekly with: “Because I’m supposed to let the white people on first”.

    I could have cried. It still hurts me.

    In our conversation later that evening he admitted there is nothing he can do about the racism he is continually exposed to, so he just accepts it. There is nothing HE can do. Perhaps there is much WE can do.

    That evening we dined at the golf club and he ordered scaloppini. His meal was served and he gave a dumb look and said “Where are the scallops? I ordered seafood and I get veal.” Boy oh boy did I need a laugh at that stage.

    He’s back in town this week and I’m so excited to be seeing him again. We’ll dine at the club again and share another bottle of something nice. (He knows his wines – it was he who put me onto Filsell Shiraz).

    But we won’t be going to any bus stops.

  78. Some might put forward posts about history, about the socioeconomic effects..but this is the reality isn’t it. That one is moved to the back of the queue, to the back of the bus.

    I worry about my little granddaughter. Will she be treated differently, that there will be lower expectations regarding her education once people see the color of her mother? If say, she has a learning difficulty, will this be ignored because of her color?

  79. “Because I’m supposed to let the white people on first”.

    Makes me cry too. Migs this is what makes up a lot of the anger and militancy from Aboriginal people and I have to say that I would be the same if I had to live a lifetime of “letting the white people go first” and treated as a second class citizen of the country that I owned before white people came.

    In shops, the aboriginal or ethnic person is invisible as the shop attendants serve the white customers first. White people are treated respectfully, whilst Aboriginals are spoken to as if they are children and it seems it is always assumed that they are trying to steal something.

    Aboriginals who speak out and demand that the white people wait their turn etc are looked upon as ‘troublemakers’ but all they are doing is demanding their right to be treated equally as a fellow human being and not an inferior sub species of the white population.

    I would be loud and militant I’m afraid, Malcolm X style, ‘by whatever means necessary’.

    And people wonder why they self abuse with drugs and alcohol, it’s not hard to see why.

  80. it seems it is always assumed that they are trying to steal something.

    I understand this. While hubby was suffering from post-polio my way to contribute was to work the markets (leadlighting and crochet) Byron Bay, Bangalow and The Channon. One had to look the part wearing hippy style clothes and beads (to cater for the tourists).

    If I went to shops ‘in character’ I would be constantly followed around as you say, assuming that I was going to steal something. However, whenever I turned up in my conventional Portmans shirt, I was treated with respect.

  81. This development attracted little media attention:

    “The Liberals have voted down urgent measures to enhance the integrity and increase the transparency of our electoral system.

    Voted down were measures to:

    lower the threshold for the disclosure of political donations and political expenditure to $1,000 – from the $10,900 index-linked threshold introduced by the Howard Government

    require six-monthly disclosure of donations and political expenditure, rather than just annual disclosure

    ban foreign donations

    ban anonymous donations over $50

    no longer allow donations to separate branches of the same party to be treated as separate donations for disclosure purposes, closing a loophole allowing multiple donations below the threshold to be hidden, and

    tie receipt of public funding for elections to verified electoral expenditure, so that candidates are not able to make a financial gain from public funding. ”

    I wonder why.

  82. The attempt to:

    “tie receipt of public funding for elections to verified electoral expenditure, so that candidates are not able to make a financial gain from public funding. ”

    might well be called the Hanson Amendment, given that Pauline has made a packet out of Senate elections. What was the Liberal motive?

  83. N5

    Do you have a link for that article? Am keen to read the source article.

    This statement sounds a lot like spin to me: The Liberals have voted down urgent measures to enhance the integrity and increase the transparency of our electoral system.

    Why so ‘urgent all’ of a sudden?

    My guess is these measures will disadvantage the Libs while making no substantial difference to Labor. (I recall something about donations to Labor by unions being treated differently to others – Tom will know.)

  84. My guess is these measures will disadvantage the Libs while making no substantial difference to Labor.

    Why would it disadvantage the Libs tony?
    No-one is stopping donations from taking place, people and corporations can still donate, it’s just that the process will be transparent, as it should be.

  85. Don’t know for sure KL, just a hunch based on the fact they voted against it. I need to see the source article though.

  86. I seem to remember that the Liberal party thought the legislation did not go far enough. I will try and find an article.

  87. Here is an article on it at Crikey.

    In the Senate, the Coalition combined with Steve Fielding to block the Government’s electoral reform bill, which would have reversed some of the Howard government’s savage attacks on political transparency, such as returning the donation disclosure threshold from $10,900 to $1000.

  88. Once again, that Liberal in disguise, Mr. 1.77%, Fundies First Fielding assisted the Coalition in defeating the bill.

    I’ll be so glad to see the back of him.

  89. I realise I’m quite happy to take an occasional cheap shot at the Lord Mayor of Crapperville (expensive shots aren’t worth it).

    But this is getting to the point of being inhumane –

    reb, on March 14th, 2009 at 12:18 pm Said:
    Can I offer you a cup of chamomile tea…?
    Sounds like you could do with one….

    Next we’ll have reb suggesting that he try a bottle of McWilliams Inheritance Shiraz.

    Really, I think there is a law against recommending chamomile tea to someone without the sense to exercise independent judgment.

  90. I haven’t been keeping up with the news much for a while.
    You are right N5, it deserves highlighting & I’m surprised it isn’t a bit more front & centre (admittedly, there are other fish frying at the moment that are possibly drawing attention).
    Transparency can’t be a bad thing. I’m not sure how it can be legitimately defended as being in the best interests of democracy to impede such transparency.

    The implication being that those who would deny the oversight possibly have something to hide?

  91. Tony.

    Cousins did some impressive shit today.
    Still an evasive juggernaut. Kicked a great snap too.

  92. Tboss, you must have been watching a replay or something. They played last night.

  93. And I think we will hit 300000 on Thursday or Friday this week.

  94. Highlights on evening news.

  95. “Highlights on evening news”? about our 300000th hit?

  96. “He will, I’m sure, cherry pick out some stuff ”

    Mucho gracias LM…

    Try this:

    ‘Below’ by Slaid Cleaves

    “The wheels of progress turned”


  97. “Mirrors with Kiether Sutherland while having the occasional scary bit, was all just a bitt too ordinary.”

    reb, wasn’t it a remake of the Korean horror film ‘Into the Mirror’ (aka Geoul sokeuro) from 2003? Hollywood and their remakes eh? I wonder if it was motivated by the writer’s strike?

    I think I hold off on ‘Jumper’ then. I might watch ‘Eastern Promises’ instead. We were impressed by Canadian director David Cronenberg’s previous work w/ Viggo Mortensen, ‘A History of Violence’ (2005).

    Did you ever see ‘eXistenZ’, ‘Crash’, ‘The Naked Lunch’ & ‘The Fly’ (remake)? Cronenberg is one ‘out there’ and insightful film-maker. Had no problem w/ the “icky factor” in the old days…:)

    Got me thinking of cyber-punk William Gibson…these guys were prophetic, ahead of their time.


  98. “and a cult horror “The Signal”…”

    Speaking of cult horrors & people being affected by their BOX…Cronenberg also made ‘Videodrome’ (1983).

    As a young man, Cronenberg attended the University of Toronto–first studying science, but eventually gaining his degree in Literature. Marshall McLuhan was a lecturer in media studies at the University during the same time (the early 1970s), and is often credited as an influence on Cronenberg’s ideas for Videodrome.

    Canadian rumours of mind-controlling television from right-wing extremists in the United States also inspired the story. The concept of brain tumor-inducing television programs is an urban legend dating to the 1940s, when people believed television signals to cause brain tumors.
    (Wiki pedia)

    Perhaps they should do a study on the culture of contemporary Wall Street…& make a movie about the effects of the computers & software they use?…kinda like looking at the hypnotic effects of the other gambling machines, such as the Pokies.

    Might interest John & RN & others.

  99. “Once again, that Liberal in disguise, Mr. 1.77%, Fundies First Fielding assisted the Coalition in defeating the bill.
    I’ll be so glad to see the back of him.”

    I’ll second that KL.

    He’s a great scapegoat for the Laborites who don’t want to see real “finance reform” changes tho. If they exist.


  100. Nasking,

    I love Cronenberg movies. Existenz is one of my all time favourites. I thought The Fly was ok but I’m not a big fan of Jeff Goldblum.

    Also really like David Lynch – Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet etc..

  101. “Existenz is one of my all time favourites”

    Me too reb.

    But this is the ULTIMATE:

    Wild at Heart – trailer


  102. oh yes, Wild at Heart – top notch!

    Oh and we watched “In Bruges” last night; thoroughly enjoyable (Colin Farrell and Ralph Fiennes).

  103. And this:

    Trailer – Ed Wood (1994)


  104. I loved Twin Peaks (does that count?).

  105. Tony, YES!

  106. Has anyone else read the news about Pauline Hanson’s saucy nude pics?

    Such a shy girl…,27574,25188788-421,00.html

  107. “Oh and we watched “In Bruges” last night”

    reb, been looking forward to it…

    Colin Farrell…luved him in Tigerland & Phone Booth… and Ralph Fiennes (Strange Days,The Good Thief, The Constant Gardener) .. are both hunks…in the acting category. And that’s coming from a straight guy…:)


  108. I loved Twin Peaks (does that count?).

    absolutely Tony…

    Twin Peaks Intro


  109. Thanks Nas. That brought back memories.

    I thought Kyle McLachlan was brilliant as the FBI agent.

  110. oh and for Tom of Melbourne and Miglo,

    Yes, ye may scoff at me for turning to chamomile tea but read this n’ weep.

    Two drinks is all it takes..!

    Imagine the horror shaking the nation right now…

    Guess we can add that to the ever growing list of seemingly harmless substances that can kill you dead at any moment ….Listerine….Vegemite…and now this!

    And people say there is a god.

  111. Tony & reb…isn’t this one of the best LOVE scenes ever?:

    Replace man/woman w/ lover.

  112. And this?

    Chris Isaak – Wicked Game

    This was our wedding dance.

  113. DAVID WEBER: Does more than two standard drinks a day cause prostate cancer?

    TANYA CHIKRITZHS: What we can say is that there is a significant association between prostate cancer and alcohol. The thing to remember is that with prostate cancer the causes have really escaped scientists so far.

    Yes, and there is also a relationship with prostate cancer and driving a car; and watching TV; and breathing.

    Just another beat-up I feel. (I hope!)

  114. Amazing classical piece from ‘Wild at Heart’

    Renee Fleming – Strauss’ 4 Last Songs – Im abendrot


  115. I wish you people were there.

  116. “Just another beat-up I feel. (I hope!)”

    I agree Tony…anything to get attention for these tabloids.

  117. Trouble is Nas, that particular beat-up was done by our national broadcaster (AM, RN).

  118. “Trouble is Nas, that particular beat-up was done by our national broadcaster ”

    C’est la vite! Tony…

    let’s lose EXPECTATION…

    Here’s our other wedding song:

    The Cure – Lovesong

    Enjoy it whilst we can eh?


  119. lol @ Pauline Hanson’s revealing history.


    Very opportune timing for such pics to “surface”. Why they never came up years ago when she was having a real tilt is puzzling.
    It will be intriguing to see how she handles this one.

  120. Outa here…gute nacht.

    one of my favourite scenes from
    WITHNAIL & I…about two out of work actors in the UK…years ago:


  121. Reb, I’ve never scoffed at you, as I’m a heavy tea drinker myself. Nothing revives like a good cup of tea. I drink wine to make myself ill, and tea to make myelf better.

  122. “Ms Hanson was drunk on passion pop and Mr Johnson on imported beer when the impromptu photo session took place, News Ltd says.”

    Passion Pop?

    She’s all class our Pauline ain’t she…

    No I can’t quite recall which State she comes from again…..

  123. “I drink wine to make myself ill, and tea to make myelf better.”

    Miglo…make sure you clean up afterwards…lol:

    Withnail and I – Doing the Washing Up

    Now I’m really gone…

  124. oh, morning miglo…

    Well, I haven’t had a glass of wine since Thursday.

    Although I did have a rather large bailey’s with ice last night, but that doesn’t really count cos it’s more like a milkshake, at least that’s my story anyway, and I’m sticking with it…

  125. What timing! I’m sitting here wondering how I’ll find the energy to make a cup of tea and presto, Jedda offers to make me one.

    I haven’t had a wine for over a week now reb. Lately when we’ve gone to the golf club I’ve ordered a cappuccino. I’m the laughing stock of Canberra.

    Watched Changeling last night. Another Clint Eastwood gem.

  126. Much as I abhor what Hanson willingly represents I do find the release of these pictures a slimy, calculated act of gross political opportunism.

    What somebody, anybody, did in their private life (particularly something as trivial & harmless as amateur erotica, clearly for the eyes only of the two parties involved) when they were 19 y.o. (some 30 years ago) is not fit for the public sphere. The despicable Herald Sun etc are milking the connotations.

    As shallow & nasty as her world view is, there has always been a strong undercurrent to subvert & cynically destroy her from the higher powers.
    Grubby politics.
    Her message is her own worst enemy & there is no need to throw buckets of shit at her or invade her private past.

  127. “A week?” “A WEEK?!”

    And here I was thinking I was achieveing messiah like status for making it through the weekend…..

    bloody hell…

  128. Hmm

    I disagree Toiletboss… She revels in media attention and demands it at any opportunity that suits her.

    Unfortunately on this occasion it doesn’t suit her. Too bad I reckon. She’s a public figure, quite insistently so, so this all just goes with the territory.

    Tough titties for her.

    Interesting, in one of her pictures she has her belt way up around her chest. She must’ve picked that style tip up from TB Queensland.

  129. Actually reb, it’s been 10 days.

  130. I agree with Toiletboss on this one.

    They shoudn’t have published the pictures. People’s sex lives are their own. End of story.

    Publishing stuff like this is just character assassination.

    And that’s something she’s quite capable of doing herself, every time she opens her mouth. She doesn’t need any help from the Meeja.

    As for those around here who think it’s fair game, well just ask yourselves how you’d feel about some of your own old polaroids (if you have such) hitting the net. Or about similar photos of your favourite pollie being published.

    I’m sure people here would be up-in-arms if, for example, the Hun published similar photos from Bob Brown’s private album. Or Kevin Rudd’s. Or Mal Turnbull’s. Or Tony Abbott’s (Ok, Ok, now that really would be porn).

    There’s not one rule for them and another for Hanson folks, even if she is a redneck ratbag.

  131. And just to put in my two-cents, I think the publishing of the photos is disgusting and those that published them should be ashamed.

  132. Don’t feel too sorry for Pauline because she will be quite happy at this development. Look at the demographic that votes her way – middle aged men with low levels of education. Her status will have risen in their eyes.

    Of course she will protest and claim outrage, But Hanson is one tough lady.

    BTW, I am not condoning the publication. Bad behaviour all round.

  133. You might be right about how the publication will play-out with her constituency, Nature 5. But I still say it’s bloody poor form to have published that stuff.

    I hope she sues the crap out of them.

  134. My understanding is that Ms Hanson can sue both the ex boyfriend and from

    If someone has used a photograph or image of you in an unfavourable way it may be possible to bring an action in defamation seeking an injunction and damages. The questions that must be asked are (1) has the image been used in a way that identifies you? (2) would it lower your reputation in the community or with people who you would normally come into contact with? and (3) has it been ‘published’? If the answer to each of these is ‘yes’, it is likely that you may be able to bring an action in defamation.

    ps. I hope that I have worked out the blockquote. I think that last time I put a space after the end of the quote and the term.

  135. Min – the blockquote was pefect!

  136. The first rule of Fight Club is that no-one talks about fight club.

    THREE people have been arrested and six others hurt after bedlam broke out while they were waiting to audition for America’s Next Top Model in Manhattan, AP reported.

  137. Yay for me!! 😀

  138. It seems that someone at least is a little bit sceptic about these photos of Ms Hanson.

    Former One Nation member and NSW MP David Oldfield, a former Hanson adviser, said he thought the timing of the release of the photos was “amazing”.

    They would have been worth a lot more money 10 years ago, when Ms Hanson was involved in federal politics, he said.

    Mr Oldfield said rather than hurt her political campaign it might help, portraying her as a betrayed victim.

  139. What’s a “polaroid?”

  140. Reb & Miglo

    “An international study has found that more than two drinks of alcohol a day could cause prostate cancer.”

    I’m not concerned by that article. I cannot imagine that the quality of wine I drink can have any adverse effects.

    I can imagine that bundy & coke, fruity moselle, unwooded chardonnay, and the McWilliams Inheritance range could have adverse consequences for health.

    Best stick to quality, drink the good alcohol.

    “life is too short to drink bad wine”

  141. Ten days Miglo….Why..??

    Why may I ask…?

  142. “life is too short to drink bad wine”

    I’ll drink to that.

    Anyway, instances of prostate cancer will always be lower under a Labor government.

  143. I didn’t realize that polaroid photos lasted that long with such clarity. Also not certain how many people keep photos of ex g/fs or b/fs for 30 years.

  144. N5 – “Look at the demographic that votes her way – middle aged men with low levels of education. Her status will have risen in their eyes.”

    This was exactly my reaction. I think Hanson appeals to the dumb, redneck, simpletons. And let’s face it, that’s the majority of the Queensland electorate.

    I wonder whether Ms Hanson will commence advocating a transport hub, regional growth centre in one of the most inhospitable regions on earth.

    I think that is an idea/vision that seems to appeal to a similar demographic.

    I’m not sure how I feel about publication of these photos, probably just entirely unsurprised that they exist.

  145. Reb, I haven’t felt like a drink. Nor have I needed one. Mind you, things are going to change over the next couple of weeks.

  146. Tom of Melbourne, on March 15th, 2009 at 4:25 pm

    It’s true that Queensland has lower levels of post-school qualifications when compared with some other states. The reasons lie in history, particularly in the post-war period when both sides of politics had little regard for high school education let alone university studies.

    Thus when funding for post-school education became the way forward, Queensland missed the boat and for years was under-funded in terms of a fair demographic share. Not sure what the current situation is but I suspect Queensland late start still has some effects.

    As for Hanson’s appeal, the research suggests, that the demographic that she resonates with, is as I describe and while Hanson won’t get up there is now the likelihood that the ‘redneck’ mentality will make a strong comeback in this coming election.

    While Springborg cannot be blamed for his lack of formal school education, he has done nothing while in opposition. Beattie on the other hand did a research Masters when in the same position.

    Not yet the Smart State and things are looking down not up.

  147. Go Pauline!

  148. joni, are we still having a GFC “thread” this week?

    sreb, this might qualify me for THE CD!,27574,25189561-29277,00.html

  149. Go Queenslander………?

  150. Anyone else familiar with the Total War series?

    ie. Rome TW, Medieval2 TW?

    Got Empire Total War last week. On days off at the moment & I decimated the French in the New World this arvo.
    Very cool. Great historical content.

  151. Re Springborg.

    “It was pointed out that as he had left school at 14 the smartest thing he could do would be to jump the fence at the back of Parliament House into the grounds of the university of technology, enrol and broaden his knowledge, particularly with history and economics.

    He ignored the advice. That showed yesterday when he delivered the most lacklustre campaign speech imaginable, one full of cliches, lacking in both punch and message. It was an angry speech devoid of inspiration, wit or anecdote, that failed to embrace a captive audience desperate for a positive experience.

    Why on earth Springborg would think regurgitating the Bjelke-Petersen schmaltz about “family values” would resonate with the electorate defies imagination.

    It is puerile for him, or any politician from any party, to promote the view that his party is the only one that cares about the family unit. ”

    Tony Koch shares my view.,25197,25191663-7583,00.html

    I think we are about to go backwards.

    BTW, Hanson makes a powerful case why she is not the person in the photos.,25197,25192351-2702,00.html

  152. Heard Hanson on the radio this morning. As you say N5, the case she presents that the photos aren’t even her is very compelling & she sells it well.
    Confusing because the photos I’ve seen offer a strong resemblance & I’m not sure what she stands to gain from denial if they are in fact her. Have to give her the benefit of the doubt I guess.

    This also begs the question as to why the pics were even published (regardless of whether or not they are legit). What possible inference, other than implied sleaze, were the various papers aiming for? Hardly politically relevant IMHO.

    I understand the view of those who think she covets media attention & that she gets what she deserves. What I am wary of is a double standard whereby such slippery ethics are seen to be condoned when the target is a nitwit like Hanson, but presumably off limits for others.

    More to come on this during the lead up to the ballot I reckon.

    Oh yeah, Springborg does come across like a blustery twerp. Glad I’m not gonna have to suffer his rule down here in S.A..

  153. Toiletboss, on March 15th, 2009 at 8:05 pm

    Thought you’d like that, HD? Although I notice your almost speechless… 😉

    N5, you have just described The Borg with one word – peurile – well done…

    I’m still trying to figure out why the polls are showing such a close “race”…

    …I always thought that the punters stuck with the incumbents in times of trouble…still it only counts when they put pen to paper next Saturday…

    Bligh is a far more polished performer and more cridible than Springborg

  154. It was only a matter of time before this reptile slithered venomously back out into the sun.,27574,25192262-401,00.html

    Now all Cheney needs is an incident to prove his draconian credibility.

  155. You guys sure have an interesting (non)choice to make up there TB.
    Pauline Hanson VS W. Capper. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t the administration of your state at stake.

  156. N5, retraction – not your word peurile, Koch’s, credit where cridit is due (blockquotes help)

    As fo the “slow” response to beach clean-up by that other twit, Campbell Newman, I disagree, the explanation by Bligh is quite acceptable, (ie needing to properly plan and establish the extent of the damage rather than rush in and start removing sand and have to keep doing it and losing more sand…)

    …one of my clients (from a major mining company) once asked me if one thing stood out when I was training thier managers and supervisors…I told him they couldn’t plan properly and had to constantly backtrack…he, my client, said yes we’ve noticed the same thing…we were both emphasising the results of good planning in different training programs…

    …people often want to jump in feet first…there have been some mistakes with this oil spill (eg the second “spill” in the Brisbane River) but in general the clean up seems to have been fairly speedy once started – and more importantly, effective…

  157. TB Queensland, on March 16th, 2009 at 9:42 am Said:

    “I’m still trying to figure out why the polls are showing such a close “race”…”

    For a detailed analysis try this link.

    Toiletboss, on March 16th, 2009 at 9:37 am

    “This also begs the question as to why the pics were even published”

    She’s already initiated legal action and she has several ‘facts’ that seem irrefutable. Try, for example, the resort where the ‘dirty’ weekend was supposed to have happened was not even built.

    I suspect she is in the money again.

  158. Toiletboss, on March 16th, 2009 at 9:47 am

    Classic case for a “donkey vote” I would say, HD…luckily, not in my electorate, I’ll be voting for Vicky Darling…

  159. Toiletboss,

    As suspected, Capper’s name is nowhere to be found on the Beaudesert candidates list.

    He’s a publicity whore seeker, who plays to a totally complicit (tabloid) media.

  160. N5, thanks for the link – like I said, strange…and those figures are even stranger…

    …the polling on uranium was surprising to say the least…disturbing (given the ALP rsponses) from a personal point of view…

  161. “Oh yeah, Springborg does come across like a blustery twerp. Glad I’m not gonna have to suffer his rule down here in S.A..

    Hopefully we’re not going to have to here in QLD either Toiletboss…:) But we have to adapt I guess if it happens. My wife’s family will probably be happy…but not if he cuts teaching jobs & makes life hell for their kids.

    “Why on earth Springborg would think regurgitating the Bjelke-Petersen schmaltz about “family values” would resonate with the electorate defies imagination”

    You’d think the electorate would be more worried about breaking the connection between PM Rudd & Premier Bligh…going for a wholesale change now could create so much conflict between Rudd & Springborg that it could have a terrible effect on QLD jobs and flow of Federal money. Just at the time the country can least afford it.

    3 years from now might be a different story.

    Good points Nature 5.

  162. TB Queensland, on March 16th, 2009 at 9:55 am Said:

    “blockquotes help”

    Can only agree but I am not aware how to achieve same on this blog. Care to inform?

    As for:

    “but in general the clean up seems to have been fairly speedy once started – and more importantly, effective…”

    Can only agree. In fact there is some evidence that the clean-up has been too quick because the next tide has bought more oil in.

    But make no mistake, support for Labor outside the Brisbane area has collapsed.

    BTW, you might be about to be represented by a third generation used-car salesman who doesn’t even reside in the electorate despite his claims to the contrary.

  163. N5 & TB, try not to be too despondent about Queensland.

    It is very much a state made up of small towns. Narrow-mindedness is popular in small towns. They exist throughout Australia, but Queensland has so many.

    Pauline Hanson is a typical product of small town narrow-mindedness mindedness. She is stupid and bitter, a loathsome combination for anyone in public life. Queensland seems to breed plenty of these types.

    I thought the photographs represented her greatest contribution to the betterment of the Australian way of life, but it seems that she hasn’t even provided this distraction.

  164. TB Queensland, on March 16th, 2009 at 9:58 am Said:

    “I’ll be voting for Vicky Darling…”

    My mistake, I thought you lived on the other side of the bridge and therefore I thought you would be deciding the contest between Lillian van Litsenburg (ALP) and Bill Gollan (LNP).

  165. “Can only agree but I am not aware how to achieve same on this blog.”N5

    Welcome to the shrinking ranks of the blockquote illiterate N5, I thought I was a recluse in here.

    “She’s already initiated legal action and she has several ‘facts’ that seem irrefutable. Try, for example, the resort where the ‘dirty’ weekend was supposed to have happened was not even built.

    I suspect she is in the money again.”

    It certainly appears that way. Somebody is VERY wrong on the content of those pics, dare I say wrong & dishonest. I bet they sold a few extra rags over the weekend though, happytimes in Rupertland.
    Hanson doesn’t seem smart enough to have fabricated such a tangible rebuttal so I’m inclined to believe her at this stage & assume that teh meeja was deliberately loose with its fact checking.
    Witness the spectacle of the mysterious Jack Johnson being dragged through the tarpit if his story is indeed bogus; a great way to deflect attention from the papers’ flexible moral outlook.

    “He’s a publicity whore seeker, who plays to a totally complicit (tabloid) media.”TOSY

    Thanks for clearing that up Tony. I haven’t been following it very closely as it’s far removed from my little niche in the world but I’ll be interested to see how things pan out. A Labor defeat wouldn’t be a huge surprise given the duration of its reign & the shaky political/economic climate. Looks like the best (non)choice would be the lesser of two evils if I had to vote.

    A good summary re Capper…”He’s a publicity whore seeker, who plays to a totally complicit (tabloid) media.”
    Particularly noting the inane media.

  166. Tom of Melbourne, on March 16th, 2009 at 10:10 am Said:

    “is a typical product of small town narrow-mindedness”

    Tom, beware the generalisations. Small towns also ‘produced’ Peter Beattie, Kevin Rudd and wayne Swan to name but three contemporaries.

    On the other hand, Sydney gave us John Howard and Bronwyn Bishop while Melbourne provides Jeff kennett and Perth gives us Wilson Tuckey who is not exactly known for his open-mind.

    But then again, exceptions prove the rule, or so I am told.

  167. “Can only agree but I am not aware how to achieve same on this blog.”

    There’s a few of us. It might look good, but I’m a traditionalist, so I prefer the old fashioned quotation marks.

  168. Blockquotes

    …as for italics eg text just type “blockquote” in place of the – ? – …

  169. lost the

  170. use the vee marks over the comma and fullstop…eg

    vee blockquote vee your text vee backslash blockquote vee

    your text

  171. You can blockquote like this:

    <blockquote> text </blockquote>

  172. Thanx TB. Will give it a go.

    It may lend an air of false professionalism to my dribblings.

  173. Toiletboss and N5, can you understand what these guys are on about.

    I’d suggest a boycott of this block quote nonsense.>text”<

  174. <blockquote%gt; It may lend an air of false professionalism to my dribblings. <blockquote%gt;

  175. Yep, now I look reaaaally stoopid…

    Take 2…

    It may lend an air of false professionalism to my dribblings.

  176. Testing:

    Apparently, the Pelican Beach Resort was not opened until 1986.

    “This guy has indicated he is 52 – that makes him between two to three years younger than me and if I was 19 and that would have put him at around about 16 or 17.

    “I’ve never known a person named Jack, what’s his name, Jack Johnson. So there are your facts,” she said.

    Did it work?

  177. Ha! I guess I just snuck into the club.

    Thanks people.

    Better just make sure I can do it twice…

    I hate, I hate, I hate Peter Pan…

  178. Yep, it worked N5.

    I dare you to try Tom the traditionalist.

  179. “Tom, beware the generalisations.”

    Agree. My wife is originally from a small town (tho Beaudesert has almost become part of the urban sprawl these days). She is a wide thinking & compassionate indiviual. And practical. Plenty of good people bred in small towns.

    Though it’s handy if they get out and have other experiences to broaden their horizons.

    That’s why I prefer the suburbs here…small towners meets big city dwellers…partially due to the First Home Owner’s Grant scheme.


  180. OK it works. But is there some way this can be made available for a cut and paste because I don’t think I’ll remember how to repeat this in a day let alone a week.

  181. N5 – “beware the generalisations”

    Fair point, but from the civilized end of the continent, Queensland does have a special something when it comes to politicians. There have been more than enough odd Queensland politicians to support a very amusing thread.

    “On the other hand, Sydney gave us John Howard”. Kogarah gave us John Howard, this is a small town within a metropolitan area. I’ve always thought that there should be some restriction on movement of people in and out of Kogarah. Most people from Kogarah are bitter, mainly because they’re from Kogarah (Clive James possible exception).

    Bronwyn Bishop is from the north shore, this is as isolated from the real world as any Queensland breeding ground for small mindedness.

    Wayne Swan, man of the world. I don’t think so.

    Tioletboss –

    I’m sticking with quotation marks.

  182. Fair enough Tom, the quotation marks are certainly quicker. The blockquotes do help to visually separate “borrowed” text from individual musings though.
    BTW I’m also from a small town & this probably serves to reinforce your point. I could also generalise about Melbourne & Adelaide.

  183. nasking, on March 16th, 2009 at 10:49 am Said:

    Though it’s handy if they get out and have other experiences to broaden their horizons.

    Can only agree. Springborg is typical National.

    Born in 1968, Lawrence was brought up on the family’s small mixed farming property where he and wife Linda live today with their four school-aged children

    Small town mentality and hasn’t taken the time to expand his horizons. Noe his ‘interests’:

    Prior to election, farm labourer. Interests include astronomy, bee-keeping, fishing, cycling and shooting.

    Yes like all Nats he has to have an interest in ‘shooting’. And when he says astronomy, he probably confuses that with astrology. Yoy know looks up his ‘star sign’ on a daily basis.

  184. Testing new gravatar…

  185. We will have all the blogocrats as HTML experts before too long.

  186. BTW,

    I watched two repeat screenings last night:

    No Country for Old Men



    Both brilliant!!

  187. Toiletboss,

    Like the new avatar – Buffalo of Buffalo Lodge, no doubt.

    (Will miss young Christopher, though.)

  188. Why can’t I see Toiletboss’s new avatar?

  189. I’m still seeing the Pynedemon Tony but you must be getting the new pic at your end by the sound of it.
    Yep, dats Teh Buffalo indeed. He is about 15 feet up the wall above the double doors on the outside of the front of the Lodge.

    I am toying with the idea of going up in my roofspace (it’s Huuuuge) & boring out his eyes so that I can sit up there like a nutcase & watch the unsuspecting plebs in the street outside….mwahahahaha [supposed to be an evil laugh].

  190. Why can’t I see Toiletboss’s new avatar?

    I can’t see it yet either miglo, it’s in the pipeline I guess

  191. I thought No Country For Old Men was pretty good too reb. Love the disturbing individual who tosses the coin to decide fates.

  192. Why can’t I see Toiletboss’s new avatar?

    Migs, you probably need to clean out the cookie-jar thingie.

    / not a techie

  193. Agreed on the cookie-jar thing….

  194. Maybe I’ll see it at home on my own PC. I’m trying to imagine what it might be. I’ve narrowed it down to:
    1. A grape.
    2. A fruit tingle.
    3. A toilet.
    4. Joe Dolce.
    5. A crow.

  195. Thanks Tony/joni. Can’t mess with me cookies here at work. It will be resolved at home tonight.

  196. WTF is a Joe Dolce?

  197. I’ll give you a “fruit tingle”

  198. Joe Dolce sang Shut up a Your Face.

    John McPh must be having lunch. He hasn’t posted anything for a couple of minutes now.

  199. John McPh must be having lunch. He hasn’t posted anything for a couple of minutes now.,/blockquote>


  200. Toiletboss

    “the disturbing individual?”

    You mean the fu*kin psycopath!

    He was brilliant!! Has to be the best psychopathic killer in decades. Beats Hannibel Lector hands down.

  201. Wassamatter you?

    Issa miglo turning japanese Ireallythinkso?

  202. Maybe it is a plucked duck?

  203. Reb, the fruit tingle is an in-house joke. Sometimes I’ve called Toiletboss ‘Tingleboss’, and he’s even posted as ‘Tingledrunk’ in response.

    The ‘Fruit Tingles’ is a derogative name for his football team, the Adelaide Crows. Their guernsey resembles layers of fruit tingles. Everybody sees the joke except Crow’s supporters. They have no humour. They are mostly dull, boring, vindictive individuals.

    Fortunately, Toiletboss has crawled out of the gutter in which the majority of them dwell.

  204. He was brilliant!! Has to be the best psychopathic killer in decades. Beats Hannibel Lector hands down.

    Agreed. A very calm executioner. Menacing. Physically & behaviourally imposing.

    Loved it when he caught Woody going up the stairs.

    Much graphic violence but also much implied violence left to the imagination.

  205. Migs

    Very funny, I was doing a ritual dump (LOL) Lost 3 kilos.

  206. Instead of plucked duck try this one:

    I’m not the pheasant plucker I’m the pheasant plucker’s son. I’m only plucking pheasant’s til the pheasant plucker comes.

    Say it quickly. It’s plucking hard. Even for a duck.

  207. Very funny, I was doing a ritual dump (LOL) Lost 3 kilos.

    John, that must be a load off your mind.

  208. Miglo,

    I see, thank you for the explanation which I shall duly forget momentarily.

  209. You’ve got no idea Migs. Tony posted his comments on the economics thread and bang, a sudden rush came (LOL). It’s a real load off my mind, and Tony assures me its clear skies ahead. Thanks Tony.

  210. “I was doing a ritual dump”

    Charming. And hear I was thinking you were just re-charging the Iron Lung.

  211. Tom of Melbourne, on March 16th, 2009 at 10:50 am Said:

    more than enough odd Queensland politicians

    Indeed who could forget Fred Paterson, the Member for Bowen, the only ‘communist’ ever elected to an Australian parliament. And for those who think he might have been a complete nutter:

    PATERSON, FREDERICK WOOLNOUGH (1897-1977), barrister and politician,

    Fred attended Gladstone State School, Rockhampton Grammar School (on a bursary) and Brisbane Grammar School. He won the T. J. Byrnes medal (1913) for coming top in the State in the junior public examinations and an open scholarship to the University of Queensland (B.A., 1920), where he read classics and boarded at St John’s College.

    At school and university he proved a successful athlete and Rugby Union footballer; he served in the cadets and in the Militia. A devout Anglican, he hoped to be ordained after his graduation.

    Then there was Red Ted Theodore (former federal Treasurer and associate of the Packers in a range of ‘different’ enterprises). I spent an interesting couple of days in Chillagoe being shown about by the local historian and we went all over copper mine at Mungana which was one site for Ted’s ‘unorthdox’ approach. And yes the flies were bad but the company was good and the beer was cold.

    Then there’s Tom Aitkins, Ernie Evans and let’s not forget Vince Gair.

  212. Tony posted his comments on the economics thread and bang, a sudden rush came (LOL). It’s a real load off my mind, and Tony assures me its clear skies ahead. Thanks Tony.

    That’s OK John. It’s called a virtual enema (handy for anyone who has all their intellectual capital invested in just the one idea).

    / Joking

  213. Watch yourself Tony. Hey, that makes me a bit like John Howard, Costello and Turnbull then.

    Reb “re-charging the Iron Lung” technology is amazing all I simply have to do is plug it into my PC and click on Blogocraps. Not to be confused with this place, of course.

  214. Well hello, (quick visit)
    I am wearing my rubber glove again and diving in a drysuit(dont pee in a drysuit) going up and down the coast of bribie looking for anything i can clean. before i used the dry suit i exited the water and my hair was slicked like a motorbike riding 70’s pornstar. In the news you will see all these virgins cleaning the beach, but in such events i wear a pink wetsuit, very man-ly if you dont paint your nails.

    I see Tony wrote a thread , im sure i can chip in with some abuse. 🙂

    Min 😉

  215. So pleased to see you back Aqua and to know that the nasty coral growth that took residence in your arm is improving.

    Well, things are on the up and up (so to speak), they’ve been able to locate virgins around the Bribie area. I would have included you only you’re a married man.

  216. # Well, things are on the up and up (so to speak), they’ve been able to locate virgins around the Bribie area. I would have included you only you’re a married man.

    Just aswell my wife found it one day by accident.

  217. Aqua re: Just as well my wife found it one day by accident.

    Do you mean the coral growth or do you mean you-know-what resulting in you not being a virgin. Either whichway, congratulations and well done to Mrs. Aqua!

  218. Good to see that you’ve popped your head in for a gander aqua.

  219. Julia Gillard retreats on union right of entry, union inspection of wages records.

    Yet again Ms Gillard is proving exactly how incompetent she is.

    Firstly she, and unions, belatedly acknowledge the damage that would be caused by their award “modernisation” process.

    Now she acknowledges that the union right of entry provision was going to be a dogs breakfast.

    In mid 2007 Kevin Rudd had to entirely redraft the ALP IR policy after she stuffed that up.

    Anyone remember Medicare Gold? That should have been the warning about her competence.,27574,25193690-29277,00.html

  220. Tom, if I had have known the ALP was going to be this incompetent I would have voted for Howard.

    Thankyou for showing me the truth.

  221. Hee -hee Miglo.

    Well said Tom.

    Give us Joe Hockey any day…

    Hockey for PM!!

  222. Reb, it appears as though both you and I have seen the light, for which we shall be forever grateful to Tom.

    And now that Tom’s message has been spread, he may never have to preach it again.

  223. thank you for that Miglo and Min.

  224. Miglo – “And now that Tom’s message has been spread, he may never have to preach it again.”

    Um, I don’t think that’s possible. It’s probably a compulsive disorder. Untreatable, terminal, it lasts until the final breath.

  225. Toiletboss, on March 16th, 2009 at 10:38 am Said:
    Thanx TB. Will give it a go. It may lend an air of false professionalism to my dribblings.

    Bad news I’m afraid, HD, just read your dribblings from the above post and they don’t seem to be any more “professional” at all. 😦

    Is your new avatar a sheep stuck in a toilet? 😆

  226. Tom of Melbourne, on March 16th, 2009 at 2:47 pm

    Tom, are you familiar with the term “ambit claim”?

    You really don’t comprehend unions at all do you?

    Poor thing…sigh…death rattle…gurgle… RIP Tom

    Tom wasn’t a union man
    He wasn’t a man at all
    But he wrote a lot of bullshit
    And we all had a ball

  227. TBoss, all you need now is a “Moo” doorbell.

  228. Is your new avatar a sheep stuck in a toilet?

    Yep, the toilet bowl protrudes horizontally above the entrance to my humble abode…& the sheep carved latin words into the toiletseat on its way through the S-bend.

    TBoss, all you need now is a “Moo” doorbell.

    I’d settle for some new doors. I’m pretty sure that they’re still the originals & they’re barely holding together.
    I had to use a whole tube of Loktite around the lock last year to cement it in place; the whole thing was disintegrating from aeons of slamming, foot traffic & South East weather.
    Rather than a MOO doorbell I have a Jack Russell that goes deafeningly apeshit whenever someone approaches the front doors; very effective.

  229. Stick the jack russel above the door so it suddenly comes to life and barks loudly as you approach.

    I’ll come over if you do that, just to see what it looks like and how you feed him and call it the Russel lodge

    Are you on acreage TBoss ?
    How old is the property?

  230. Block is about 20m across at the street & 100m deep.
    A real pain in the ar$e to maintain.
    Middle of town but a good enough size that privacy isn’t an issue, it’s easy to forget that I’m in a town.

    No older than 70 years or so I reckon, but I’m uncertain of that.
    Needs work.

    It would have been cool to see the “Buffalos” meeting here when it was first built.
    From the pics I’ve seen it looks like they wore some freaky ceremonial shit.
    Also, the bottom sections of the windows that run down the sides is opaque, so people couldn’t peek inside & check out what the Lodgemen were up to.
    I wonder if there are bodies under the floorboards?

  231. sounds like you need heaps of glue and a nail.
    Buffalos in adelaide? wow learn something everyday.

    I remember just a few years back walking in the national park at night i came across deer in sydney.

  232. Toiletboss, on March 13th, 2009 at 7:33 pm Said:

    & I quote (from Bolt’s blog yesterday; note the time is remarkably synchronised with the tirade levelled here. I can’t believe he is hunting from the shadows)

    “I consider myself as centrist although I’m tending to lean a bit right of late.

    Lol, Tboss. If leant any further, he’d fall over, into a pile of his own bull sh@t, one can only hope.

    Migs & Tboss, I don’t agree that the umpire’s pets will win the flag this year. They were “unstoppable” last year too and went off the MCG sooking.

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