Tony Abbott: “Christian Voters Betrayed by Rudd”

Federal Opposition frontbencher Tony Abbott has accused Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of betraying Christian voters by allowing a ban on overseas aid for abortion services to be overturned.

Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith has decided that Australian aid money can now be used to fund abortion services if terminations are allowed under local laws.

Mr Rudd told Government MPs that he does not personally agree with the decision, but recognises that the majority of his colleagues do not share his view.

But Mr Abbott says the Prime Minister now looks two-faced.

“He said before the election that religious values should be at the centre of the public square,” Mr Abbott said.

“After the election he has betrayed those values, his Government has abandoned those values, and I think that Christian voters who took him seriously have every right to feel let down.”

Now it might just be me (which it often is), however I wasn’t aware that the nation’s Christians were united in their stance against abortion. Sure, it’s common knowledge that Catholics generally are opposed to abortion, however to suggest that this is the widely held view of ALL Christians or religious people by Tony Abbott is presumptious to say the least.

Also, we’re talking about the funds being used in countries where abortion is legal.

It seems like this is just another example of Tony Abbott expecting his own religious views to be inflicted upon not only people living in Australia, but now in other countries where we provide financial aid.

But wait there’s more:

Mr Abbott said there were “better uses” for Australian aid money and Christian voters had a right to feel deceived by Mr Rudd’s claim to hold conservative values.

“I think they are entitled to say he is a phoney based on this government decision.”

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  1. Oh foolish mortal reb, to Tony Abbott there is only 1 sort of Christian, all the rest are heretics.

  2. So you want to have a fight over abortion eh Tony? – “Ok then, I’m game” – Julia Gillard (not really) 😉

    Jesus, He’s mad if he’s thinks they want this fight

  3. The thing I can’t understand, is why does he go around spouting his religious views to the press, and criticise the Government based on his own personal beliefs?

    He’s entitled to believe what he likes, but he’s a politican not a priest, and while he’s busy sucking on the teet of the public purse he could at least pretend to be interested in the affairs of Australia rather than spouting this garbage…

  4. If Tony Abbot wants Christian Values maybe he should go back and read the Beatitudes because he certainly doesn’t live by them.

    I told him this on his live blog on the Telegraph but he virtually told me to wake up to myself and waffled on with garbage.

  5. He’s a f**kin’ w@nker.

  6. Link provided on the other blog, I’ll pop it in here too:

    “But the historic shift was lauded by a wide array of aid agencies, women’s groups, family planning experts and many cross-party federal politicians, who said it would save the lives of thousands of women who would otherwise die in botched backyard operations.”

    And from:

    “We are talking about family planning services – information and access to contraceptives, ensuring that in countries like PNG where abortions are legal and are able to be performed, if a 10-year-old girl who’s been raped appears in front of a medical professional being funded by an AUSaid program, they are allowed to perform it.

  7. Reb,

    Totally agree that Abbott is “presumptuous to say the least”, and a sanctimonious prat.

    Let he who is without sin, Tony Abbott…

    The more he prattles on with his santimonious garbage, the less respect he gets in this household. He keeps picking up minor points, obsessing about them, and totally missing the wider picture.

    I do feel sorry for Turnbull, having to put up with the endless distractions of the Abbott and Costello show. It can’t be easy trying to lead that rabble, except to the nearest expensive wine cellar.

    Turnbull should lead them there again, bolt the door and toss the key into a dark well. Total waste of space, the pair of them.

  8. And Elise..why I do not understand Steve Fielding from:,21985,24403957-662,00.html

    STEVE Fielding has revealed he supports a woman’s right to abortion on demand.

    The admission will shock many of the Family First senator’s Christian supporters, including the ultra-conservative Assemblies of God Church, from which his party grew.

    Senator Fielding, 47, said in a wide-ranging interview that he believed it was a woman’s right to choose whether or not to have an abortion.

    “Some of these issues are never yes and no,” he said. “I’ve always said it is informed consent.

    But now from:

    Statement Steve Fielding, Leader of Family First March 3, 2009, It will be extremely disappointing if the Federal Government overturns this ban on foreign aid funding for abortion and I urge it to reconsider.

  9. Oh come on Elise, you want Turnbull to have Andrew Bolt at the door? That is a fate worse than a night out with Tony Abbott!

  10. Another ‘let’s you and him fight’ moment from Tony Abbott. How hard is it for Abbott to say he, Tony, has problems with it ethically, and perhaps acknowledge that Rudd shares those sentiments when Rudd says he does, instead of bearing false witness and imputing falsehood to another when there is none apparent simply because it suits Tony’s base political motives; but, in a liberal democracy consisting of a range of beliefs about all sorts of things, and not a fundamentalist theocracy, that isn’t the test to be applied in a Parliamentary system?

  11. Given that the Australian Government is again falling into line with American policy, and given the normal reaction against those who disagree, I think it’s reasonable to ask:

    Tony Abbott, why do you hate America?

  12. Min,

    I don’t understand Steve Fielding either.

    Do you think he knows his own mind, on more than a day to day basis?

  13. Elise..he always to me gives the appearance of running around like a headless chook, not knowing nor understanding what the issues are.

  14. MIn,

    ROFL !!!

  15. “He’s a f**kin’ w@nker.”reb

    That’s about the size of it.

    No need for me to launch an antireligious tirade, much as I’d love to.
    Abbott does all of his own bad publicity.

    Self-righteous, sanctimonious prick.

    Helping to smear the good name of moderate christians here & abroad.

  16. Toiletboss, do you have something against self-righteous, sanctimonious pricks as well?


  18. “Toiletboss, do you have something against self-righteous, sanctimonious pricks as well?”Tom


    Well yes, yes I do.
    Most especially the ones who hear the imagined voices of sky fairies & incorporate them into their skewed world view when judging the rest of “us” by their own fantastical morals. I could care less which side of politics they come from.
    Rudd does seem a little more discretionary in his public spouting from the book of fables thus far however.
    Abbott has never failed to get stuck in my craw.

    I’m unsure of what you’re inferring Tom.
    I don’t think you are sanctimonious or self righteous. I think you’re more objective than most without rusted on allegiance despite your anti-union penchant.
    Those who (wrongly) categorise you as “anti’Labor” or, by extension, pro-Coalition mustn’t be familiar with your back catalogue here or at Blogocracy.
    I think you are very careful & deliberate with the words you choose & certainly not what I’d call “rightwing”.
    More of a critic of the overall system.

    Saying the things that people don’t want to hear is commendable when your points are well substantiated.

    Your chief downfall is residing in the cesspit of Melbourne.

    Now off to work for me…

  19. aw shucks

  20. Toiletboss, on March 11th, 2009 at 10:29 pm Said

    “Your chief downfall is residing in the cesspit of Melbourne.”

    Can only agree!

    Tom why not try residing in Crapperville? As Mayor, you could create an attraction such as the BIG SHI!House.

    Think of the tourism possibilities. In particular, for the edification of the Japanese tourists, the back packer wait persons at the BIG SHIT!HOUSE could ask (with a straight face):

    “Would you like ‘FLIES’ with that?”

    The answer of ‘NO’ would take a denial to a new level of service. Instead of serviettes one could provides swatters.

  21. Well Nature 5 and Toiletboss, I see we have a comeback emerging from the (heir apparent) Lord Mayor of Crapperville. Modest at the moment, I’ll acknowledge, but I have no doubt that we will soon see a return to the glory days.

    Personally I think the comeback is a good thing. The Lord Mayor of Crapperville always provides a certain level of input, against which we can all assess our own contributions with huge satisfaction.

  22. Toiletboss (and Nature 5):

    “Your chief downfall is residing in the cesspit of Melbourne.”

    Personally I think that’s a bit harsh.

    Have you guys been to Brisbane?

  23. Hello Tom, I see that you can not resist mentioning me in your very valuable comments…I am humbled.

    Don’t worry, I have no plans to comment here on a regular basis, I’ve got my own echo chamber to yell in, lol… I comment mainly at The Australian as I find it more stimulating and balanced so you will have to assess your contributions (if that is what you consider your comments to be) by another benchmark and derive your jollys from such.

    I found your ‘token idea’ on the handouts quite entertaining, to be kind, at least it was an honest attempt at actually making a contribution…miracles do really happen!

    Keep up the good work, old chap.

  24. Toiletboss, oh Toiletboss, you really exposed your fine character at the poison thread!

    Couldn’t handle the heat so you told me to bring it here then you ran and tried to rally the cavalry…pathetic is the word that comes to mind.

    Yes, I wrote negatively about this site just like I have before to increase the readership and hence new commenters.

    Well, it was another ploy to get a certain person to comment at that Poison site and it worked magnificently.

    All fun and games.

  25. Nature 5, I find it quite bemusing that you re-emerged at this site under a new handle to attempt to re-invent yourself but it did not take long to get back to your fine sniping form, eh, ABBA!

    You, to me, are a prime example of the under-culture that holds this nation back!

    I’m sure you wear that badge with pride as it is the only badge you deserve.

    I see that your last comment at Blogocracy alluded to using others as a social experiment…well, now the shoe is on the other foot and I have enjoyed it immensely…thanks and I must say that you have lived up to my expectations of your good self.

    Oh well, back to The Australian.


  26. Things are a bit quiet at your own hugely successful blog then are they scraper?

    Cavalry? you have a vivid imagination.

    What heat in particular am I meant to have not handled?

    I’m not sure why you are so haughty. Your strange fluctuations & tantrums are all very easy to source in the extensive electronic record you’ve compiled in your wake.

    I see you really meant it when you said you’d never be coming “here” again.

    Boohoo. Shouldn’t you get back to being the only fair & balanced pseudovisionary haunting the blogs?

  27. “Lamaste”

    That’s Portuguese for the taking of a firm grip on oneself by ones handle by those that have injected so much botox into their forehead that it infects the brain.

  28. Can we get back on topic please.

  29. Yeah – let’s pick on Abbott.

  30. Is it safe to enter the water? 😯

  31. How funny…

    Tony Abbott still maintains that Australian voters are still sleep walking:

    When asked about whether Mr Costello’s takeover of the leadership was inevitable, frontbencher Tony Abbott replied: “I’m here today to talk about the fundamental dishonesty of this Government.”

    “I think that what is inevitable is that sooner or later the Australian people will wake up to the fact they’ve got a fraud and a phoney as their Prime Minister.”

  32. It’s probably important to restate that this ban on assistance for women was a result a deal done with Brian Harradine.

    This 60-something, father of 13…

    Nice bloke Brian: So in other words give them contraceptive devices, shove IUDs into them, and that will fix maternal deaths, it will too, won’t it? But is that genuine freedom?

  33. scaper…, on March 12th, 2009 at 9:56 am

    Oh Dear. Didn’t notice your valuable contribution once again scaper. Perhaps you are being a troll? Lol.

    As for the :

    “the under-culture”

    ‘Under-culture? Please explain? Perhaps a new concept that provides an intellectual breakthrough in explaining how Crapperville will be viable. What with Everald’s high-speed trains decimating the Australian wildlife as they race through the ‘unfenced’ outback. scaring the crap out of the drivers and the passengers and the high speed broadband, the ‘furure looks promising. Lol.

    Go there! The “Out Back’ i mean! And after you have been and actually read some serious literature come back. Or is that too much too ask. Lol.

    But please keep commenting. This site needs a village …

  34. “Tony Abbott has accused Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of betraying Christian voters by allowing a ban on overseas aid for abortion services to be overturned.”

    I’ve hesitated to reply on this thread. For good reason.

    I previously insulted, inadvertantly, the female population who have aborted children. I referred to them “as killers”.

    I apologise to them all for such a RASH use of blunt descriptive language.

    My response was instinctual perhaps…knee-jerk. Being tired, so weary of the thought of DEATH.

    I’m one who tries to see through the eyes, suffering, joy of others.

    It has hampered my relationship w/ peers since my time immemorial.

    I cannot speak for the woman in Africa who is raped from behind…HIV a possiblity…or a child slave…

    I cannot begin to understand the torment of a former Yugoslavian woman…brutalised, seeded for an insane ideological cause…

    I cannot truly imagine the depressed existence of a woman living under a bridge worn down by the desire to want to provide love to eight children but working 12 hours a day to feed them, hoping to please a similarily depressed & self-esteem weakened husband, after the flood…many miles North.

    But I do understand how ridiculous…how OUTRAGEOUS it is for some to CONDEMN…without providing appropriate SEX EDUCATION.

    And appropriate PROTECTION.

    And I have begun to understand that SOME…FEW…are not just hand puppets. But perpetrators of SERIOUS CRIMES in their support for INTENTIONAL NEGLIGENCE policies.



  35. Tony Abbott is spot on- Christian voters are extremely dissapointed by Mr Rudd on this issue.Abortion is not an answer -women need support to have their babies even if they decide they cannot rear the baby themself.Adoption is a very viable alternative with neither child or mother being a casualty

  36. Considering his bum comments, Toiletboss would have to be the most apt moniker of all time.

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