Midweek Mayhem!!

Welcome to Midweek Mayhem!!

The place where we get to talk about anything and everything – now with the prospect of a third world war if recent reports are anything to go by.

Pack up yer old kit bag and smile, smile smile..!

Have you ever felt under-appreciated? Un-noticed? Or generally unrecognised for all the hard work you do?

Oh well, too bad. Never Mind.

On another subject, do you believe in life after death?

And here’s a song for Phillip Ruddock..


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  1. Oh nooo reb, that’s awful. Plus thought to let you know that the opening bars I think (would need to check with TB) are from Let Me Call You Sweetheart. Umm err, for Ruddock?

  2. Did you like the movie ‘The Hunger’ reb?

    Sometimes I wondered who Ruddock was feeding on. Then I saw him in a couple of interviews and he seemed an amiable enuff fella. They said that about some of those top Serb brutes.

    Why would a man do such creepy things tho…like keeping kids behind bars? I guess Howard was the real dog whistler & Count Drac…and all his servants fell into place. But even Howard musta had someone pulling his strings. Surely?

    You see, I couldn’t work for a person who lets kids go mad behind razor wire.

  3. Nasks, Yes I saw The Hunger ages ago.

    Mid 80’s I think…

    Can’t really remember too much about it other than the fact that it had David Bowie in it..

  4. joni,

    re: WWIII – didn’t I post about just this possibility, a couple of months ago? Who doesn’t read Blogocrats?

    re: Being unrecognised – yes! Especially by, sreb…

    re: Life after death – bollocks

    re: Song – SONG! F***ing song? What f***ing song! You must be tone deaf AND brain dead…


    Dear Min, no – no definitely not, LMCYS – sounds more like part of a soundtrack from one of Lugosi’s horror movies to me…at least its music – sort of…

  5. reb, check this out:

    The Hunger is a 1983 English language horror film. It is the story of a bizarre love triangle between a doctor (Susan Sarandon) who specializes in sleep and aging research, and a stylish vampire couple (Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie).

    The film is a loose adaptation of the 1981 novel of the same name by Whitley Strieber, with a screenplay by Ivan Davis and Michael Thomas.

    The Hunger was director Tony Scott’s first feature film. The cinematography was by Stephen Goldblatt.

    The Hunger was not particularly well-received on its release, and was attacked by many critics for being heavy on atmosphere and visuals but slow on pace and plot. Roger Ebert, for example described it as “an agonizingly bad vampire movie”.

    However, the film soon found a cult following that responded to its dark, glamorous atmosphere.

    The Bauhaus song “BELA LUGOSI’S DEAD” plays over the introductory credits and beginning.

    After THE HUNGER Director Tony Scott (brother of Ridley Scott of ‘Alien’, ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Thelma & Louise’, ‘Gladiator’ & ‘Black Hawk Down’ fame) went on to direct such films as:

    Crimson Tide (1995)
    Beverly Hills Cop II (1987)
    Top Gun (1986)
    Spy Game (2001)
    Enemy of the State (1998)
    Crimson Tide (1995)
    True Romance (1993)
    Days of Thunder (1990)
    (some use of Wiki pedia)


  6. TB Queensland,

    Hate to say it, but someone beat you to it in predicting WW3, by a long margin.


  7. “Nostradamus!!!”

    Ever feel like we’re going around in circles?

    We’ll be talking about Mother Shipton soon enuff…:)


  8. Personally I think it’s a bunch of baloney Elise…I remember Islam haters quoting Nostradamus post-9/11…trying to build up the FERVOR :

    Interpretations :

    Most of the quatrains deal with disasters, such as plagues, earthquakes, wars, floods, invasions, murders, droughts, and battles — all undated and based on foreshadowings by the Mirabilis Liber.

    Nostradamus enthusiasts have credited him with predicting numerous events in world history, from the Great Fire of London, by way of the rise of Napoleon I of France and Adolf Hitler, to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, but only ever in hindsight.

    It is not only skeptics such as James Randi who suggest that his reputation as a prophet is largely manufactured by modern-day supporters who fit his words to events that have either already occurred or are so imminent as to be inevitable, a process sometimes known as “retroactive clairvoyance.” There is no evidence in the academic literature to suggest that any Nostradamus quatrain has ever been interpreted as predicting a specific event before it occurred, other than in vague, general terms that could equally apply to any number of other events.
    (Wiki pedia)

    More IRRATIONAL thinking perhaps. That led us to war…& this financial quagmire.

    If we do end up in war it will likely be contained like Iraq…and caused primarily by lazy politicians who use the military as a tool to deal w/ unemployment…& conflict zones as a DISTRACTION…& a corporate media dying for ratings.

    Haven’t we JUST been there, done that?

    Tho, I do think China will have huge internal strife…& America will see the Bolivarian Revolution & similar movements reach into its very core.

    Obama better not stuff the educators around too much. The idea of creating an education system similar to Japans where people learn to rush around like ants, work themselves to death & rarely find time for their children is not very appealing. Considering where their economy has ended up.

  9. Reb

    I can hear opportunities knocking; defence industry stocks – you can make a real killing in the long-run

  10. Nasking,

    Have you seen “Dark City?”

    That is one cool “dark” movie…

    I’m thinking of buying it for the collection ($12.95 at JB hi-Fi)…

  11. Nasking,

    “Personally I think it’s a bunch of baloney Elise…”

    Yes, Nasking, I think you are probably right. Everything written by Nostradamus is sufficiently obscure in both content and timing, such that we can all make what we like of it.

    Rather like horoscopes, really.

    That was actually where I was heading with the current bunch of economists. Fortune tellers, with their horoscopes.

    They should take lessons from the fortune tellers on how to be more obscure, so they don’t look like such prats when predictions like “stronger for longer” and “economic supercycle” are conspicuously wrong.

    Companies like Rio relied on the input of economists for their market projections, causing them to commit to major expansions, employ lots of people, demand the Government ramp up immigration, etc. Now look where it has led us – about to lose control of a major suite of national assets and future commodities pricing for most resources companies to our main customer. All we have standing in the way is the Rudd Government and a few disgruntled shareholders…

    The economists are STILL all over the map at the minute, including a range of outcomes from:

    (a) Recovery later this year, through to
    (z) The Mother of All Recessions…

    and various positions in between.

    Take your pick. Might as well treat the lot of it as Horoscopes and Crystal Ball Gazing?

  12. The wife has never been overseas and has this idea that she wants us to go to Hong Kong for a brief holiday.

    I’ve never been there and I don’t think I know anyone who has.

    Have any Blogocrats been to Hong Kong who are willing to pass their opinions on to me?

  13. HK is lots of fun. Food great, shopping great, sightseeing great.

    Just an aside, when I travel through HK on the way back from Europe I normally book a connection with about a 5 hour delay. Whe I arrive I drop my handluggage at the Cathay Lounge and then catch the fast train into HK Central to have a couple of cool ones with a mate who works there.

    A most excellent way to break up the long flights.

  14. Miglo

    Wine is expensive, therefore I’m not particularly fond of the place.

  15. Thanks Joni.

    Tom, what about the dust?

  16. Miglo

    Why Hong Kong? For the shopping? Or for Chinese culture? Or what?

    Speaking of shopping, I want to talk about hemlines. The latest bit of nonsense from the fashion journos, is that hemlines follow the economy:


    Well, um if they kept going in the same direction any further we could dispense with skirts altogether. As it was, a lot of skirts and hotpants didn’t even cover the nickers when girls bent over. Nice, if they have the figure for it…

    After hemlines have gone as high as they can go, where can they go next? Well, ummm, the hemlines then went back the OTHER way. Well I never!!

    And that could not be due to the fashion industries need to keep churning the look of the moment to keep sales moving? Heavens no!

    Must be due to some totally unrelated reason like the economy? Give me a break!

  17. Elise, why Hong Kong?

    Because my wife said so. She holds the power. I only hold the money.

  18. Elise,

    The hemlines are all Rudd’s fault. Remember, hemlines were always lower under a Howard government.

  19. Migs,

    I love HK. Been there a few times now.

    However as Tom says the wine is expensive. Make sure you take a couple of bottles with you.

    As joni says, take the fact train from the airport. It’s the cheapest and fastest way to get into the city.

    I usually stay at the Park Lane in Causeway Bay, but stayed at the Grand Hyatt once which was bloody awesome!!

    Must do things when there:

    Visit the Bird Market on Kowloon side
    Take a boat trip to Aberdeen
    Take a boat trip to Cheung Chau Island
    Night market near Nathan Road on Kowloon side.
    Catch a tram!!

  20. Miglo, I like places that meet the following criteria –

    • Alcohol is accessible and not too expensive,
    • The local food goes with alcohol.
    • It is not dusty.
    • It is near water.
    • The fly population is such that there is no need to walk around in a fly screen tent.

    These criteria apply equally to domestic and international travel.

    Honk Kong is ok, but I think you need to drink beer with the food. I prefer to drink wine with meals, so it is not a preferred destination.

  21. Miglo..re Remember, hemlines were always lower under a Howard government.

    Sounds to be a good argument for voting Labor 🙂

  22. Miglo,

    Maybe you should bargain with her?

    Say, umm, something along the lines “…as long as you will come and walk along the Great Wall with me…”

    The Great Wall is definately a sight worth seeing and pondering over. It speaks volumes about Chinese grit, determination and long-term goals.

    We could well do with contemplating this, when they come here bearing money for control of our mineral deposits. Aussies are short-term opportunists, by contrast, and we will get rolled if we underestimate their strategic intent…

  23. Miglo re hemlines… just brilliant.

  24. Migs bargaining with Mrs Migs??? I agree with Elise, go for something less urban. Enough traffic and tall buildings and shopping in Canberra. Eldest loved the Japanese countryside, wonderful people.

  25. The cost of wine isn’t an issue. Whenever I’m on holiday with the wife, somehow, without explanation, wine consumption decreases.

    It’s one of the great unsolved mysteries of our time.

  26. Second that, joni, inspired. 😉

  27. MIn,

    I was guessing that Miglo might not get so much out of shopping, which seems to be why some women love places like HK.

    I wasn’t proposing an alternative, but rather a means of doing something more interesting than shopping, which they could “dine out on” when they got back.

  28. Oops, that didn’t come out right.

    Meant to imply a bit of both, rather than one or the other. 😉

  29. “The cost of wine isn’t an issue.”

    I like to think along the same lines, but you do begin to question yourself when you’re forking out $100 for a bottle of Jacob’s Creek and you’ve just ordered a second bottle..

    It’s simply not sustainable over a 5 night stay.

    Like Tom, I simply can’t drink beer with food, beforehand is ok, but during – nup. It’s just not right.

    What about Bangkok (BKK)? The food is much better, the shopping is much better, the hotels are cheaper and the wine is cheaper too….!!


  30. BKK – not mention the, um, sights! hehe

  31. “Have you seen “Dark City?”…”

    Yes reb, I am “knowing” Dark City…:)

    My wife & I thoroughly dug it. Sometimes gets you thinking about what goes on in the world whilst we sleep. There’s an element of “the world is flat” thinking to it. Nice & creepy, eerie & mind boggling…like the best of the ‘Twilight Zone’ & ‘Outer Limit” episodes.

    Enjoy your popcorn w/ it. I put Tabasco on mine.


  32. Oh yes, the sights! Especially around Patpong


    You’re a very naughty boy joni…

  33. Leaving Hong Kong aside for a while, has anybody been to Arizona?

  34. No, but I’ve heard you can get a good education there.

  35. Do you have any evidence of that reb?

  36. “Like Tom, I simply can’t drink beer with food, beforehand is ok, but during – nup. It’s just not right.”

    When I’m in the mood I can skull (or is it skoll? or Skoal? or skol? or skal?) & eat vege pizza.

    I also like mash & curry sauce…or chips & gravy w/ my beer.

    I keep a pint glass in the freezer…love a chilled beer.

  37. yes joni, I think you sent it to me this morning…

  38. Just back from the periodontist, minus a further $325, had my titanium toof implant, torque wrenched to 35 Newton cm…and a lovely little purple, (colour coded of course), plug screwed in…(after eight needles and a hole punch to remove the overgrown gum – luverly!)…

    …another two weeks and a visit to the dentist for measure and mould for new bridge…and another visit for fitting…

    …and then back to periodontist and hygienist for final inspection…

    …at least I’ll be able to get rid of this Lego block out of the bottom of my mouth!

    …the mad aunt still in hospital and will be for another 12 weeks (it seems)…

    …still fighting over carpet replacement with Godfrey Hirst, they’ve finally agreed to replace the carpet but not the underlay…

    …still waiting for the Solar Power System to be fitted…

    …if the grandkids weren’t her this arvo I’d crack the bar early I reckon!

  39. “I also like mash & curry sauce…or chips & gravy w/ my beer.”

    All the major food groups. Very discerning of you Nasking.

    Any particularly kind of gravy preference? Bisto? Bovril? Oxo?

  40. Well TB,

    By the sounds of things it sounds like you’ll be dining on some of Nasking’s favourite fodder.

    Your just in time fer some mash wae curry sauce. Get that intae ye big fella!

  41. Homemade pumpkin soup I’m informed but I think I shall forego the crusty bread!

  42. TB…am wondering if this why dentists (and associates) have to have to have a TER score approaching 100 because when one graduates everyone is going to hate you.

  43. Sorry re above, a case of the hiccups.

  44. Well you certianly can’t say your life is dull TB…

  45. Good point reb. Your experience with Jacobs Creek is exactly the same as mine.

    I don’t drink that stuff here, I certainly don’t want to go overseas to drink it at that price.

    For the benefit of TB, what is the Lowes/Best & Less equivalent of Jacobs Creek?

    I suggest a nice little drop, something rebadged by Aldi sold in a convenient 1 litre container, probably known as something like James’ Stream.

  46. Oh yummo TB, one thing that I love is punkin’ soup. This plus mulligatawny.

  47. Nah! Tom…Trevi the stuff if you really want to go to the depths!

    We drink Cockatoo Ridge Brut as a quaffing wine – I prefer Jacob’s Creek pinot noir chardonnay, or Andrew Garrett…and my $5 reds – Len Evans used to give two really good pieces of advice:

    Your local tavern is the best wine cellar; and

    Price is not an indicator of a good (especially Australian) wine…

  48. Min, I like that Italian soup with everything you can think of in it?

  49. “No, but I’ve heard you can get a good education there.” – reb.

    Oddly enough, one of the sister unis to UniSA was the Uni of Northern Arizona, at a place called Flagstaff. A number of their students (including Native Americans) spent a year at UniSA, studying – oddly enough – Aboriginal Cultures and/or Contemporary Aboriginal Issues.

    I don’t remember any of them going by the name of Sparta.

  50. Ministrone!

  51. “For the benefit of TB, what is the Lowes/Best & Less equivalent of Jacobs Creek?”

    TB has already kindly informed us that his lavish drinking expenditure extends to McWilliams Inheritance Reds for the princely sum of $5 a bottle.

    I guess the fact that it comes in a bottle is something I suppose…

    “rebadged by Aldi”

    LOL.. Oh you are cruel! We have so much in common..

    Except for the fact that you’re obsessed with Onions of course..

  52. I graduated from UniSA in 1992. Studied distance ed but went to the graduation (on advice from a friend).

    Had a wonderful four days, The Minister, parents and sister – mine was the first uni degree in either of my extended families…not now, we have Grad Dips. and a Phd. in medical research

  53. “That was actually where I was heading with the current bunch of economists. Fortune tellers…”

    Elise, the secret is reading widely, owning a computer, using it, travelling, working in various industries, cross-referencing…getting pissed… and hazarding a guess.

    Tho I reckon most of the journos & business analysts do more of the latter two…& far less of the other.


    And far too many are HAND PUPPETS, thru which THE WORD of their corporate bosses is spoken.

  54. TB of course..hubby being half Italian and half Irish it’s minestrone.

    I have a very easy one which you (or The Minister) can run up very quickly.

    1 tablespoon olive oil
    1 brown onion chopped
    126g bacon
    2 cloves garlic
    2 carrots, chopped
    1 parsnip chopped
    1 celery stick chopped (in fact everything chopped 🙂
    2 small zucchini
    6 cups beef stock
    can roma tomatoes
    1/3 cup risoni (this is pasta which looks like rice)
    1/3 cup fresh parsley

    Heat oil, bacon and garlic in a large saucepan. Add the veg.

    Add the stock and tomatoes. Simmer for 45mins.

    Stir in risoni, cook for about 12 mins. Season with salt and pepper, stir in chopped parsley.

    Serve with a sprinkle of parmesan.

  55. I think the McWilliams Inheritance Reds do represent great value.

    They’re much cheaper than the kerosene that I had been using to remove the grease from my car engine.

  56. Min, mm…mm a must try!

    Will let you know…I’ll make it when I watch Brokeback Mountain…kill two birds with one stone …so to speak! 😀

  57. Tom of Melbourne, on March 12th, 2009 at 4:33 pm

    Use Coke ya dill!

  58. How embarrasing.

    On one of our first dates, the other half and I were at an Italian restaurant, and he proudly declared to the waiter:

    “I think I’ll have the soup. Yes. I’ll have the Mine Strone Soup”.

    I nearly died. What can I say? He’s Chinese…

  59. Lol! Sounds like a dragline operator I know!

  60. Reb..eons ago (shh, b/f a couple of years before meeting hubby). A spunky young lad tried to impress me by taking me to an Italian restaurant in South Yarra.

    Being a young lass from Hawthorn I couldn’t understand the menu, however the veg soup sounded safe [minestrone].

    Oh no, all I could think of is that someone (pardon the expression) had up-chucked into the soup..it was the parmesan.

    Reb, perhaps me plus your b/f should go out to dinner together…

  61. Min,

    The b/f hates the smell of parmesan too. When I’ve been slaving for hours over a hot stove to make freshly made spaggetti bolognaise for dinner, he’ll have no qualms about saying “that smells like shit!”

    Just because I’ve sprinkled some parmesan cheese on mine…


  62. Me lucky – my boyf loves it on vege spag bol.

  63. I just asked The Minister to buy me some of that “faux’ Parmesan in the shaker, she prefers the real thing either flakes or grated off a block…

    ….goes extra well with a nice Inheritance Cabernet Merlot…

  64. TB – Use Coke ya dill!

    But TB, that seems a waste, some people can drink coke without gagging.

  65. Min and Reb,

    Try Romano instead of Parmesan – much rounder flavour. Recommended by an italian-Aussie mate of better half. Alternatively Grana Padano, freshly grated.


    “Elise, the secret is reading widely, owning a computer, using it, travelling, working in various industries, cross-referencing…getting pissed… and hazarding a guess.”

    Tried all of the above, and have resorted to hazarding a guess! 😉

    Was hoping that Reb and Joni would start a weekly tea-leaf reading?

  66. TB Queensland,

    Parmesan in the shaker is a v. bad move – it smells and tastes dreadful. Your Minister is totally correct. Take your Minister’s advice, and all will be well…

    I have it on good authority that Arnotts arrowroot biscuits dipped in coke or coffee is good for sore mouths after serious dental work. Looks pretty disgusting, but looks aren’t everything I suppose?

  67. “Was hoping that Reb and Joni would start a weekly tea-leaf reading?”

    Tasseography (also known as tasseomancy or tassology) is a divination or fortune-telling method that interprets patterns in tea leaves, coffee grounds, or wine sediments.
    (Wiki pedia)

    Wine sediments eh?…MIGLO!


  68. Nasking,

    I had a tea leaf reading, long ago, and was told “you will go on a long journey, and meet many new people, you will face challenges and difficult decisions…”

    Must say it was most useful… 😉

  69. “she prefers the real thing either flakes or grated off a block…”

    TB, I’m w/ the Minister when it comes to parmesan grated off the block.

    Tonight, I’m making a pizza w/ Nando’s Roasted Red Cooking sauce, vintage Italian parmesan, organic garlic, chives, onion, cherry tomatoes, garden oregano & basil, chillies & artichokes. W/ some sliced organic mozarella bubbling on top.

    Plenty of Crown Lager will be consumed. In a chilled glass. Until it’s not chilled anymore. Then the Tabasco goes in & the real fun begins.


  70. “Must say it was most useful”

    Elise, I was told by an extremely earnest palm reader many years ago that I’d have two children. I’m still waiting for them to knock on my front door.

  71. Just goes to show – never get your palms read when you have been out gardening… 😉

  72. Elise of Perth, on March 12th, 2009 at 5:15 pm – Looks pretty disgusting,

    Sounds pretty disgusting too…already had a couple of Panadol and about to open the bar early…

    …according to the expert (periodontist) a WT is perfect (antibiotic) and the soda water will soothe and smooth the furrowed brow…oh! yes…

    nasking, on March 12th, 2009 at 5:31 pm
    …earnest palm reader many years ago that I’d have two children…

    …and how do you prefer your children, N’…BBQ’d, roasted, stewed?

  73. “Alternatively Grana Padano”

    Elise, my wife just picked some up…will try instead of the Parmesan. Thnx for the tip.

    “and how do you prefer your children, N’…BBQ’d, roasted, stewed?”

    Are you sure you stayed outside & read a book during that corpse exhibition TB?

  74. Nasking,

    In line with your pizza plans, had a v. simple salad at a steak place recently, which might go with your pizza too:

    Rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes, topped by shaved grada padano, and drizzled with vintage balsamic.

    Rediculously easy to make, and tastes really interesting.

    I use a cheese slicer on the hard cheeses rather than grating them (you know, one of those things that look like a cake spade with a slit in it), or else a sharp knife (if I can’t find the slicer). It looks more interesting shaved than grated, and you get more of the cheese flavour and less of the grated knuckle.

  75. N’, there were other connotations flashed through my mind with “had” but I thought they would be in poor taste… 🙂

    “clink”, everyone! Ha! Nectar of the Gods!

  76. *clink* TB.

    I’ve heard that gargling scotch is a good cure for a sore throat..

  77. Min & Elise

    Just told The Minister about your recipe Min, and printed it out for her, “…we’ll try that…”, she says!

    Elise, The Minister was looking at Grana Padano this morning at the local supermarket…we’ll now try both (Romano as well)…

    Thanks to both of you…

  78. Well of course you have, sreb, yer Dad was from Glasgie!

  79. Elise, usually have a cucumber, lettuce or rocket leaf salad w/ cherry tomatoes, sliced radish and olives. Either add Balsamic or Italian vinaigrette. Sometimes lemon.

    Occasionally I slice the parmesan/Romano.

    Usually we make our own pizzas using Spelt flour…but we’ve been buying ‘Pane Toscano’ traditional pizza bases of late…quite delicious.

    OK, I’m off to make that pizza.

    Music maestro!…please

    soundtrack of federico fellini’s “Amarcord” by nino rota


  80. ““clink”, everyone! Ha! Nectar of the Gods!”

    & to you TB…& all.

  81. Clink everyone..!

    Dinnae furget TB, am frae glasgie ‘n awe

    ‘cept I wiz just a wain when we left.

    Aw danny boy, ra pipes, ra pies ur callin’ frae oother ther’ n ooher here ‘n awe….

  82. Hey, Jummy! Thud!

    N’, nice musik!

  83. TB


    Spoken like a true jock!

  84. reb, on March 12th, 2009 at 6:57 pm

    Yew, speek fer yersel, mon!

  85. “I’ve heard that gargling scotch is a good cure for a sore throat..”

    And if you get yer leg blow off too laddy.

    “nice musik!”

    another for ya TB…

    Nino Rota – ‘La Dolce Vita (finale)’

    I’ve cut, diced, shaved and even managed to rub chilli in my eye…oven’s on…& the amber nectar is going down a treat.

    ALLA SALUTE!…as they say in Berlusconi land.

  86. nasking, on March 12th, 2009 at 7:39 pm
    I’ve cut, diced, shaved and even managed to rub chilli in my eye

    Why would you do all that to your eye just to make a bloody pizza, N’? 😯

    No wonder I let The Minister cook for me! (KL will be down on me like a tonne of bricks!) – Nah! That’s silly, she looks after me, my girl!

    N’, I’m looking forward to one of your pizzas (a bloody big one, mind) and appropriate music – I like Dolce!

  87. “Why would you do all that to your eye just to make a bloody pizza, N’? ”

    I’m a sucker for punishment TB…:) And a wife dozing in the big chair w/ a wee smile on her face as she slumbers to the sound of Nino Rota.

    tho she awake now and salivating…about to dig in.

    “N’, I’m looking forward to one of your pizzas (a bloody big one, mind) and appropriate music – I like Dolce!”

    Yes, we must have a dinner for you all oneday. Plenty of music, vino, beer & cheer…& good chats. Around Christmas we put our Swedish style tree up…the children love it.

  88. Ok, now I’m lubricated I’ll take the hook…reb mentioned ‘Dark City’ above…and I played an inside joke using the word “knowing”…& ironically Elise mentioned ‘Nostradamus’…

    which takes me to the movie directed by Aussie Alex Proyas (of Crow, Dark City &
    I, Robot fame)…filmed primarily in Melbourne:

    The film is set in Boston, and to represent the city, filmmakers used Australian locations such as Geelong Ring Road, Melbourne Museum, Mount Macedon, and Collins Street.

    Filming also took place at Camberwell High School, which was converted into John Adams Elementary, set in Boston circa 1958.

    Interior shots took place at the Australian Synchrotron to represent an observatory. Filming also took place at the Haystack Observatory in Westford, Massachusetts.

    In addition to practical locations, filming also took place at the Melbourne Central City Studios in Docklands.
    (Wiki pedia)

    Knowing – Trailer (2009) HD?

    (I’m starting to feel like a backdoor ad machine…similar to the 7:30 Report these days it seems…hey! Kerry, I luvs ya…but how about talking to Mark Bahnisch at Larvatus Prodeo & contributor to Crikey if yer gonna put up a speculative election piece about our beloved QLD?…enuff Murdoch machine already!)


  89. Well it’s no good me hanging around Midweek Mayhem tonight – you’re all pissed.

  90. “Well it’s no good me hanging around Midweek Mayhem tonight – you’re all pissed.”

    Miglo, you Saint you:



  91. N, that’s an imposter! I know it’s not me as I haven’t fallen over yet.

  92. ‘Tis Friday the 13th!

  93. Aiieeeee!

    Friday 13th

    I guess that means that min’s maggies are gonna win tonight?

  94. Nasking,

    “Elise, usually have a cucumber, lettuce or rocket leaf salad w/ cherry tomatoes, sliced radish and olives. Either add Balsamic or Italian vinaigrette. Sometimes lemon.”

    Sounds delicious!

    Was that with kalamata olives? I couldn’t live without them for salads and pizzas these days. 😉

    Another fave in this household is Haloumi cheese (Cyprus style) – cut into 5-10mm strips and grilled until golden brown. We have it with grilled fish, with BBQ steak, and with Sunday grilled bacon and eggs and tomato. We alternate between plain Haloumi and chilli Haloumi, depending on the dish and our whims at the time.

  95. Elise

    We recently discovered Haloumi cheese and cook it like you do… have not tried it with breakie, but I will this weekend.

    We use the cheese in green salads with pine nuts too!

  96. Haloumi on the BBQ as an entree, here.

    Sorry about the clip I thought it was another version and was only Got My Mojo Working…anyway you get the idea…

    Funny, I don’t eat lettuce (tastes bitter to me) so all the women in my family tell everyone I don’t eat salad 😯

    My son doesn’t eat greens at all – if he’s taken to task he says, “…what do you think cows eat…? and I like steak …’

  97. TB Queensland,

    “My son doesn’t eat greens at all – if he’s taken to task he says, “…what do you think cows eat…?”

    Ah, so he’s a carnivore? Did you tell him that true carnivores eat ALL their prey?

    Including semi-predigested stomach contents, which is how they get the necessary vitamins and minerals from greens. Perhaps you should offer him that choice? 🙂

  98. Naturally Toiletb. I hope that it was noted how I didn’t say a word about the ‘Pies most splendiferous success this season (well, so far). We Pie supporters are an ‘umble bunch.

  99. Elise of Perth, on March 13th, 2009 at 11:37 am

    S’OK Elise, were having a sausage sizzle tonight before we watch the Bronco’s wallop the Cowboys…some of them have herbs and definitely stomach contents, the sausages, the sausages! 😆

    Hey joni, maybe a footy thread for Thursdays? (NRL and AFL)

    eg Fursdays Footy Fred… 😀

  100. OK and union and soccer and irish football and gridiron and … whatever

  101. And yes, Costello is still filling the headlines. From: http://www.news.com.au/couriermail/story/0,23739,25180591-952,00.html

    “SOMEONE should take former federal Treasurer Peter Costello ‘out behind the dunny and beat him up’, says former Liberal Party leader John Hewson.

    Mr Hewson has renewed his attack on Peter Costello, labelling him a “petulant child” as speculation continued that he was planning a leadership tilt.”


    “It was “ridiculous” Mr Turnbull was being denied the opportunity to do something because Mr Costello was “basically doing nothing”.

    The article continues with: Vote now: Who should take Peter Costello behind the dunny and beat him up?

  102. Min

    I actually did not like Hewson advocating violence in that article. Noelene Brown’s comment on Q&A was far more effective. She said that Costello was like the kid that did not get invited to the zoo with the other kids and then says “I hope it rains”.

  103. “I actually did not like Hewson advocating violence in that article. ” – joni.

    Joni, how about we just bitchslap him then?

  104. How about we just recognize that the former member for Wentworth is probably a factional ally of the present member for Wentworth, and focus the psychopathology back on the psycho advocating violence?

  105. Ahem, I was no former member for Wentworth.

    I was advocating locking him in the vintage wine cellar with Abbott. Doing them both a favour, really. 😉

    Maybe Turnbull should at least be giving the truculent lad a few firm, well-chosen words, behind the dunny?

  106. “I was advocating locking him in the vintage wine cellar with Abbott. Doing them both a favour, really.” – Elise.

    In my language, Elise, being locked in a vintage wine cellar is a reward, not a punishment.

  107. Maybe making him dress as per Dolly Downer??

  108. TB

    S’OK Elise, were having a sausage sizzle tonight before we watch the Bronco’s wallop the Cowboys…

    At least your team (for once) isn’t the one in trouble for it’s drunken (alleged) shenanigans (I put the alleged after drunken because I don’t think there is any doubt about the drunken bit) 😦 A pity for Manly really because they started the year so well (or with (allegedly) a bang in the case of Stewart).

    Should be a good game between your mob and the Cowboys. I’ve actually tipped the Cowboys but it’s not a confident tip.

    Despite all the crap that’s gone on this week, I’m still tipping Manly to give the Doggies a touch up.

    Gonna miss not having Walrus or seano to sledge this year 😉

  109. Miglo

    In my language, Elise, being locked in a vintage wine cellar is a reward, not a punishment.

    Me too Migs, and it would be a relief to be in a good cellar if you were stuck there with Abbott, at least the ‘pain relief’ would be tasty and you could throw the empty bottles at him when you are finished (not that I’m condoning violence 😉 )

  110. Miglo,

    “In my language, Elise, being locked in a vintage wine cellar is a reward, not a punishment.”

    Depends on how long for…!

    Could get a bit boring after a while, d’ya reckon?

  111. I’m with Elise..in a vintage wine cellar with Abbott. I suppose that Abbott would allow one a glass or 2 as long as one could convince him that it was communion wine.

  112. Min at al,

    You could tell Abbott it was his parliament house office and then he would drink so many bottles he would not be able to remember 🙄

  113. Oh dear.

    Picturing myself locked in a wine cellar with Tony Abbott.
    It wouldn’t end well for him. I have serious reservations about his ability to talk me around to his way of thinking.

    Drunken stupor would probably be the only reasonable escape.

  114. No, no, Min. You have me all wrong!

    Not me in the wine cellar with Abbott. Costello.

    They deserve each other. They could invite their friends from the Nicholls Society along too. Just as long as we throw away the key… 😉

  115. “They deserve each other. They could invite their friends from the Nicholls Society along too. Just as long as we throw away the key…”Elise

    They may well have to resort to cannibalism in that instance. A wine drenched orgy of animalistic survivalism.

    Who would be the last man standing? & would you give the key back after that?

    I think Slick Nick Minchin is absolutely the Prince of Darkness & could take them all down.

  116. Phew..that’s ok Elise. I was a bit worried about you for a moment ;-). In that case, Costello deserves to have Abbott doling out the communion wine in very small doses.

  117. Toiletb..I recon’ that Abbott would eat Costello alive!

  118. “Toiletb..I recon’ that Abbott would eat Costello alive!”

    Yes, he certainly displays all of the unapologetic savagery of an (dumb, foot in mouth) apex predator.

  119. Dave55, on March 13th, 2009 at 1:56 pm

    G’day Dave, agree with your call on our game – I don’t know half (2/3rds?) of the new team – should be interesting…but the new boys look keen in training and warm up matches…

    …I was up at the Broncos club a few weeks ago and said hello to Alfie…my eledest g/son was enrolling across the road at TAFE

    As for IATW and seano – yeah, will miss them both…ya never know the new season might spring them…

    What d’ya think about a thread for footy?

    BTW its not the Broncos, its the Bulldogs what play up pre- season, our lot did it a the end last year – sort of -(no charges laid BTW – will o the wisp stuff)…and you of all people here should know that the Broncos have a rep for being the toughest on its players, playing up, can’t see the new coach changing that…or the board!


  120. Toiletboss, on March 13th, 2009 at 4:58 pm

    Apex predators, presumably, eviscerate some random periodically in full public view when they’re not even hungry just to make an example; more like the Headmaster, than a bunch of school boys behind the dunny, which says what about Hewson’s world or political views?

  121. And we will have a Sport thread up next week… Thursdays?

  122. joni, on March 13th, 2009 at 5:53 pm

    Only if you remember that synchronised swimming is not a sport.

  123. Nor is aerial ping pong. 😉

  124. Sync swimming – pfft!

    I was a region rep for Waterpolo when I was at High School – now that is a tough game.

  125. I think that this one got a brief mention (apologies can’t recall by whom), that Dr Hewson is the former member for Wentworth and it just so happens that Turnbull is the current member for Wentworth. Surely it cannot be that Turnbull is sending in Hewson to say what he can’t???

  126. Eldest was Victorian gymnastics champion on the beam and son was Victorian Open judo champion. Youngest does Morris Dancing 🙂 And hubby was a fair to middling wicket keeper for St Dominic’s.

  127. Min,

    Better half and I can do the Charleston!

    Neither of us are champions, though. 🙂

  128. Elise re the Charleston. I’d like to see that 🙂

    I was a ballet dancer..sadly you wouldn’t know it to look at me know but I still have some of the moves 😉

  129. Digging around the traps and collating some very thin information, Hewson sees the emergence of factions among young liberals and State-level liberal party politics, which he assumed couldn’t be occurring without Federal MP and Federal Liberal Party, and probably Prime Ministerial, collusion; and is particularly ill-disposed towards the ‘right’ faction, preferring ‘moderates’ like young Malcolm who know which side the electoral toast is buttered on when it comes to a centrist electorate and social views like Abbott’s and Costello’s and their ‘right’ fundie friends.

  130. “Nor is aerial ping pong”Legion

    Succint antagonism.

    Somewhere on the Eastern Seaboard then?

    re Hewson. I suppose the decent thing for me to do would be to keep “teh good of teh country” in mind, but I do so enjoy the slings & arrows perforating the Libs with friendly fire.

  131. Toiletboss, on March 13th, 2009 at 6:34 pm

    I figure the slings and arrows is all good…while I’m trying hard to edit out a mental film illiberally dubbed ‘Gangs of Sydney North Shore’, with battle-scarred silverbacks, err silvertails, zipping around in red Ferraris to deliver their payloads of bejewelled dark knights on trojan horses and 24 carat knuckledusters.

    Yeah, Brisbane, here. Any activity is good, even sports. But lowering the centre of gravity did bring out the peaceful martial artists, the stick jumpers, and the dancers of the underwater nutcracker suite.

  132. lol. Battlescarred silvertails.

    ” peaceful martial artists”

    I’ve done a little of that at a karate seminar, they had lots of representatives from other martial arts come in & instruct us.
    I can see the benefit. Slow but technically disciplined, good for physical maintenance.

    Martial arts has never been about violence to me, I’m a serene individual. More to do with the art of self control, evaluation & good for physical confidence.

  133. “Yeah, Brisbane, here”

    You must be superstoked about this then…


    &, any learned predictions re the state election?
    Will it matter?
    Can people really stomach a hybrid conservative party?
    Will Joh arise to plague the living?

  134. “Was that with kalamata olives? I couldn’t live without them for salads and pizzas these days.”

    Same here Elise.

    My Dad is big on Haloumi…I find it a bit rubbery. Might be getting the wrong stuff eh?

    BTW, thnx for kind comment on other thread. Sometimes I invest to much emotion into comments methinks. That oil spill hit me real hard this morning. Lost it a bit. S’ tells me that she can’t watch the news anymore…too many negatives, too much scare-mongering…too few answers.

    Had a good walk these evening, helps work the cobwebs out.

    Meant to say I’m impressed w/ your use of solar.

  135. “&, any learned predictions re the state election?
    Will it matter?”

    Not so learned, but I reckon if this oil disaster doesn’t get The Greens out nothing will. The results for Indooroopilly should be interesting.


  136. Toiletboss, on March 13th, 2009 at 7:08 pm

    Mmm…we seem to have Wears-Hard-Hat-In-Hospitals-For-Confused-Photo-Op Lady up against The Running Jogging Man, this election. Anna is competent, but boring. The LNP is the LNP, and incompetent, but doesn’t yet know the full extent of its incompetency, which can only be realised through ambition’s seizing back the power denied cattle jockies and mining magnates all these long, long years in the wilderness. Wishful thinking has The Jogging Man jogging home somewhere far away from the commanding heights of Parliament House, and not a victory lap; reality may be somewhat different, and is a thought I cannot even begin to contemplate, presently.

    On the Brisbane River, and oil slicks, one already has some idea about what the EPA routinely turns up in dredging samples, and one would suggest that a minor slick is least of the River’s worries. Ditto for a hundred tonnes of oil spread up the Coast; if a hundred tonnes is a disaster, it’s not much more than a cosmetic one, and a useful distraction for a short and early campaign.

    Agreed, Nasking…the preference allocations, and deals done like the thousands of ‘Green Jobs’ which look very much like recycled versions of the job descriptions for the defunct Work For The Dole scheme, should make things interesting.

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