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On another subject, do you believe in life after death?

And here’s a song for Phillip Ruddock..

Tony Abbott: “Christian Voters Betrayed by Rudd”

Federal Opposition frontbencher Tony Abbott has accused Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of betraying Christian voters by allowing a ban on overseas aid for abortion services to be overturned.

Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith has decided that Australian aid money can now be used to fund abortion services if terminations are allowed under local laws.

Mr Rudd told Government MPs that he does not personally agree with the decision, but recognises that the majority of his colleagues do not share his view.

But Mr Abbott says the Prime Minister now looks two-faced.

“He said before the election that religious values should be at the centre of the public square,” Mr Abbott said.

“After the election he has betrayed those values, his Government has abandoned those values, and I think that Christian voters who took him seriously have every right to feel let down.”

Now it might just be me (which it often is), however I wasn’t aware that the nation’s Christians were united in their stance against abortion. Sure, it’s common knowledge that Catholics generally are opposed to abortion, however to suggest that this is the widely held view of ALL Christians or religious people by Tony Abbott is presumptious to say the least.

Also, we’re talking about the funds being used in countries where abortion is legal.

It seems like this is just another example of Tony Abbott expecting his own religious views to be inflicted upon not only people living in Australia, but now in other countries where we provide financial aid.

But wait there’s more:

Mr Abbott said there were “better uses” for Australian aid money and Christian voters had a right to feel deceived by Mr Rudd’s claim to hold conservative values.

“I think they are entitled to say he is a phoney based on this government decision.”

Memo to the federal Liberal party: please sort it out

Even though it is amusing to see the problems that the tussle between Costello and Turnbull is causing to the Liberal party and their ratings, I cannot help but think that we need a decent opposition who will be debating the issues that matter instead of each other.

I really do not care about mandates, I just want the proposed IR legislation to be balanced. And if that means that the coalition votes against it or proposed amendments then so be it. Both sides of the house have that obligation to the Australian people. And if the people do not like it, then they will voice their opinion at the ballot box.

And so – will Costello please make up his mind. Does he want to be in or out? It’s not the Hokey Pokey.