Poll on Liberal Party Leadership

Here is our first poll for 2009.

And if you vote, please list your reasons (if you like).


24 Responses

  1. All we are saying is “Give Tip a Chance”.

  2. # Tip toe, through the Liberals…

  3. Even Moses couldn’t lead them out of the desert at the moment.

  4. Or should that be dessert, Stephan, what with Tips long lunches.

  5. Dead right Stephan, though I do reckon that some of them consider themselves the Almighty and hence able to part the sea.

  6. Good grief..tip has far too much dead wood. He is the gutless wonder who couldn’t manage a challenge against Howard – he was the person who was ‘blessed’ in his office to prepare himself for future leadership of the country (now that’s really scary) and now he is sitting there like a load of you-know-what on the back bench and doesn’t even have strength of character to resign and let the other blokes have a go.

  7. You’re right on those points Min. But the above poll could be the only poll he wins.

  8. Migs..one has to wonder. Why are these Polls even happening? All a wee bit strange isn’t it. There is a poll, the prime minister versus the leader of the opposition and thrown in for good measure is a back bencher of the Liberal Party.

    Who on earth could have commissioned such a poll so as to include a Liberal back bencher??? All verrrry strange…

  9. LOL Migs… that’s funny – maybe we should send Peter the link to our website… LOL

  10. Oh no! Peter’s losing this vote as well.

    Poor guy.

  11. Yes: it will give the ALP govt for several more years in power.

  12. Oh dear,

    Our “statistically reliable” poll of 14 still has poor Tip languishing on the back bench.

  13. Even though it is bad for Tip, I still reckon Shanahahnan could/would still spin it as the end of the honeymoon for Rudd.

  14. LOL Joni..

    “the honeymoon”

    I know people that haven’t been married for this long!!

  15. I voted yes. I’d like to see Costyello leading the Liberals. Not because I like the guy; I don’t. But because I’d like to see him take actually stand up and take a (the inevitable) thrashing.

  16. But, but, I thought Malvolio was the saviour wot was going to send Kev and those low class Labor fellows into oblivion by 2010!

    I voted for The Smirk, because it will forever sink the hopes of his cheer squad and put the lie to the Greatest treasurer crap for good. Also, “because I’d like to see him take actually stand up and take a (the inevitable) thrashing.”

    I’m betting he won’t have the bottle, even if the poisoned chalice Libtard leadership presented on a silver salver by a butler in a morning suit.

  17. Spare us!

  18. Well done Caney. Likewise. I would just like to have to see him pushed up to the stand and say, Yes It’s me, I’m it. I will live or I will slit my own throat in the next 3 weeks should the polls not improve.

  19. A hot tip for the top?

    Not tip, he’s not tip top.

  20. What we could post if Tip Custard ever got a spine!

  21. TB Qld,

    Spiney custard would never do!

    And the BBQ bull is not turning out well either.

    The liberals need a new recipe book, and some fresh ingredients.

  22. Maybe we could ‘out source’ Tip to the Pommies for a spell, looks a bit grim,err glum, there and the mighty Tip apply wot he keeps telling and telling and…..(cause they wouldn’t let him off the plane, in enough trouble allready, no room for more layabouts).

  23. “Yes: it will give the ALP govt for several more years in power.”

    I doubt the Liberal & National coalition will survive this economic downturn. I’m starting to think it will be so bad, create so many political/ideological divisions & require so much creative thinking that parties as we know them now will splinter. And new allies will rise from the ashes.


  24. “looks a bit grim,err glum, there”

    Lang Mack, It’s starting to sound like the “jolly old England” we know and love…for holidays…:)

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