Flick Crit: Frozen River – what goes around…

Latest film review at Cinema Takes is Frozen River – what goes around…:

If you think times are tough, then make sure you see Frozen River to put life in first world society into perspective. It is the story of two women who put their lives and freedom on the line for their children. Melissa Leo’s stellar performance was nominated for an Oscar as Best Actress in a Leading Role. Hollywood doesn’t have many good roles for women of a certain age but the independents keep finding them.

This story is set on the U.S./Canada border. The St.Lawrence River runs through a Mohawk reservation when it isn’t iced-over, dividing New York State and Quebec Province. Leo plays Ray Eddy whose husband has skipped off with the little money they had to indulge his gambling addiction. She is a middle-aged mother of two boys whose one ambition is to buy a “double-wide” trailer home for them. Lila Littlewolf (Misty Upham) is a young Mohawk widow who wants to get back her baby son.



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  1. Black Robe is one you may know of, set in the area, I enjoyed the film and the book, ‘god bother warning’ applies.

  2. I’ll be certain to check this one out. Informative review renniek.

    I hope during this economic downturn that people find more time for small budget, indie films like Frozen River…& the film festivals.

    I’m finding the movie channels on PayTV pretty handy too. And late night SBS. But there’s nothing like the big screen experience Tho the seats can be a pain for bearish characters. Used to love going to the Schonell here in Brissie, out on the UQ campus…they closed it down for awhile…but pleased to hear it reopened.

    Black Robe, yes gorgeous imagery, harrowing story directed by Aussie Bruce Beresford. Lothaire Bluteau was brilliant. He was also wonderful in The Confessional & Jesus of Montreal.


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