Queensland election: thinking the unthinkable

Cross post from Labor View from Bayside:

I’ve been talking to some Queensland ferrets about the State election. Current call by one ALP outsider is a 4 seat majority to Labor. Feeling is that the South East, especially Brisbane won’t bring themselves to elect Springborg Premier. But will they remember that he’s really National Party despite the re-branding?

Haven’t seen a breakdown of the latest poll giving the LNP a 2% break but suspect the lead could be weighted towards the bush and regions. The old Beasley 1998 majority in the wrong seats syndrome.

After the WA debacle anything is possible. It seems that solid but boring government isn’t enough. The electorate are looking for blood. Factional pre-selection skulduggery and a lack of an articulated vision by Premier Anna Bligh apparently aren’t helping. Not to mention the elephant in the room – the economic crisis.

Flick Crit: Frozen River – what goes around…

Latest film review at Cinema Takes is Frozen River – what goes around…:

If you think times are tough, then make sure you see Frozen River to put life in first world society into perspective. It is the story of two women who put their lives and freedom on the line for their children. Melissa Leo’s stellar performance was nominated for an Oscar as Best Actress in a Leading Role. Hollywood doesn’t have many good roles for women of a certain age but the independents keep finding them.

This story is set on the U.S./Canada border. The St.Lawrence River runs through a Mohawk reservation when it isn’t iced-over, dividing New York State and Quebec Province. Leo plays Ray Eddy whose husband has skipped off with the little money they had to indulge his gambling addiction. She is a middle-aged mother of two boys whose one ambition is to buy a “double-wide” trailer home for them. Lila Littlewolf (Misty Upham) is a young Mohawk widow who wants to get back her baby son.


Poll on Liberal Party Leadership

Here is our first poll for 2009.

And if you vote, please list your reasons (if you like).

Tuesday by The Tea Trolley…



I forgot all about Monday’s beginning of the working week Watercooler thread coz it was a public holiday in Tasmania, and I spent most of the day lying about in the garden, looking at all the things that needed to be done and wondering whether or when they will ever get done.

Anyway, joni has kindly offered to man the Tea Trolley for us today instead. Mind you, he’s looking a bit worse for wear after Mardi Gras, but, what can you do…?

So here is our beginning of the week idle chit chat thread…

Would you like a bun with that..?

Birthday Messages

Happy Birthday reb… I thought we’d have a special thread just for you. 😛