Plastic People

When this show came to Brisbane I took The Minister to see it.

VENEZUELAN President Hugo Chavez  has closed the travelling exhibit of dissected cadavers, Bodies Revealed, saying it’s evidence of the world’s moral decomposition.,27574,25159979-401,00.html

I sat outside and read a book.

I’m not into the hospital and surgery and emergency blood and guts TV shows nor the Anatomy for Beginners (where they cut cadavers up and draw on nude models to demonstrate locations of body parts) or Plastination a TV show that demonstrated the process.   I dealt with enough blood and gore as an OH&S officer and manager.

Politics aside (eg Chavez, Venezuela)- is there a moral dilemma here? 

Should children be allowed to see human beings – once someone’s mother, brother, father, sister, friend ?  (schoolchildren were viewing the exhibition in Brisbane)

Is it “science” to display dead bodies…or exploitation?  (The claim has been that the money earned is used to develop the process of plastination.)

As a science I think it is brilliant, as a sideshow exhibition – I don’t think so.   Perhaps its an extension of “any means to earn a quid”…

When I read the story I thought – “…good on ya…” (closing it down) – but then I thought am I just being like the people centuries ago, who wouldn’t/couldn’t accept that the world is a globe…

I still lean towards it being a brilliant scientific tool but not an exhibition…but I’m still not sure…

…knowledge, education, learning…but how far do we go?

IR Legislation

This week Federal parliament is due to debate the new IR legislation laws. This is the legislation that Turnbull has previously said that the opposition will support the legislation.

But all is not as it seems.

Last week the minister for sniping from the backbench, Peter Costello, said that the government should “reconsider” the legislation. Remember, this is the person who set up the HR Nichols Society, which believes that Workchoices did not go far enough.

There are also other rumblings from the coalition over the IR changes where other members think the proposed legislation is wrong. Will they vote against Turnbull’s wishes? I think it’s going to be an interesting week in parliament.