Rudd Slips

Kevin Rudd today said that the governments stance on the GFC has created a “political shit storm”.

On one hand I think that there is nothing wrong with what he said, but the primary issue is that our PM should be more circumspect with his language.

Bad work Rudd.


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  1. The fact that he apologised immediately might mean that it’s a positive. Imagine a PM that apologises. Lol.,25197,25157062-12377,00.html

    Perhaps another desperate attempt by Rudd to be like the average punter? More likely a very much toned down version of the language he uses in private.

  2. Oh I don’t know. I kinda like it when politicians, especially PM’s, let “slip” a so-called naughty word. Besides, “shit” is hardly offensive these days, compared to, say, “c**t” which everyone seems to be using. “Shit” is almost quaint now.

  3. I would have said ‘shit fight’ . Everyone had a laugh about it.

  4. He’s got the toughest job in Australia in the most demanding circumstances imaginable. I’m prepared to cut the bloke some slack … after all, he did get the lying rodent off our backs, didn’t he.

  5. “Caney, on March 8th, 2009 at 9:55 pm Said:

    He’s got the toughest job in Australia in the most demanding circumstances imaginable. I’m prepared to cut the bloke some slack … after all, he did get the lying rodent off our backs, didn’t he.”

    Personally I thought the show was a pretty true and accurate reflection of what we’re up against, and I’m thankful Rudd’s in the PM’c chair (F$%K yes!)- It’s the Coalition with BIG MAL who are most likely to sabotage any and every effort made by the Rudd Government to help ease the very hard hits we are and will continue to experience. Frankly I’m sick of the attempts being made at political point scoring – we’re all in this together.

  6. I didn’t see the show, John, nor will I be watching it. I have been quite annoyed by bias on Channel 7 lately, so I’m giving them a wide berth from now on.

    Agree about the opposition. They would sabotage the economic health of the nation if they thought they could get political points from economic downturn.

  7. That’s not Kev’s only faux pas. Kev747 penned an essay in which he slammed rampant capitalism yet it was that same evil, rampant and ravenous capitalism that put his wife in a very comfortable position. She is worth an estimated $60 million (BRW 2007). She seems to have done rather well under rampant capitalism.

  8. I think “shit storm” is pretty tame compared to some of the words the everyday Aussie would use to describe what they thought of WorkChoices and/or what they think of politicians on either side of the Right/Left divide. Were it not for the fuss being raised about the whole thing, I would never have noticed he let the “s-word” slip.

    The focus should be on the actions of the politicians in question, both Labour & Liberal. After all, good governance requires a good Opposition & their party unison has all the strength of tissue paper lately. Costello is obviously milking the media attention for some reason. Given the dismal failure that was his memoirs, I can only realistically think he is trying to keep Malcolm off-balance to make his second coming more potent. Hmmm, tissue paper, potency, second coming… perhaps I should censored.

  9. Caney – “have been quite annoyed by bias on Channel 7 lately, so I’m giving them a wide berth from now on.”

    Newsflash – ratings plummet as biased observers desert!

  10. Nice try, Stephan, but I do not think that Theresa Rein’s business would classify as “evil, rampant and ravenous capitalism”.

    Rudd’s essay was an attack on the investment organisations (banks, insurance companies) etc. that continually sought bigger and bigger profits to the detriment of their businesses, and the world economy.

    For example, has her company gone the way of ABC Learning?

  11. Joni – “I do not think that Theresa Rein’s business would classify as “evil, rampant and ravenous capitalism”

    No, perhaps just humble rampant hypocrisy.

  12. Tom,

    Why would it be hypocritical?

    From what I see what Rudd’s article said and what his wife does are completely different issues.

  13. Well Joni, I think that if one half of a marriage makes tens of millions out of a policy deeply and philosophically opposed by the other spouse, and they subsequently advocate election of their spouse into political office, support their policy platform. Then they have to sell the bossiness for millions to avoid direct conflict of interest. That’s hypocrisy.

    In fact I’d day it represents an Olympic standard in hypocrisy.


  14. So – the hypocrisy is not related to the Rudd article then.

  15. Joni – what article. I haven’t read any articles, I’m only commenting here. I’ve been out all day, and drinking all evening.

    Things always make more sense when I don’t follow the news too regularly.

  16. Tom of Melbourne, on March 8th, 2009 at 11:00 pm

    To put it mildly, I think that your logic is off the planet. You fail to see that all of us’ whether we like it or not have to operate with the ‘givens’,

    As for:

    “Then they have to sell the bossiness for millions to avoid direct conflict of interest. That’s hypocrisy.”

    No Tom. It’s actually the opposite. In fact it might be argued that Rein has been discriminated against.

  17. Tom,

    The “evil, rampant and ravenous capitalism” quote came from Stephan who was trying to link Theresa Rein’s company to the article that Rudd wrote on neo-liberalism.

    And there is no such link between the article and her business.

    The hypocrisy that you have said is Olympic Gold has nothing to do with the article and what Stephan was saying.

  18. So Joni, you agree then that the action of Ms Rein in making an absolute poltus out of a policy diametrically opposed by her husband (while she loyally advocates his election and political platform) represents rampant hypocrisy?

    Nature 5, you seem smart from time to time. Yet you are unable to identify the following inconsistencies –

    • Too drunk to remember a gyrating naked woman in a strip club. Have you ever been so drunk?
    • Wife makes a fortune out of a policy that husband and party opposed.
    • Wife sells business for millions, so as not to cause political embarrassment.

    Can you imagine the controversy and political mileage if Mrs Costello or Mrs Turnbull advocated the reestablishment of the CES or nationalisation of Telstra?

  19. No – I do not think it is hypocrisy. I do not think that the actions of a partner should be used to denigrate any politician.

    (ooo – off to bed now)

  20. And another thing before I pass out for the night.

    It is also entirely hypocritical of Rudd to enjoy the trappings of the wealth obtained on the basis of a policy he and his party opposed, and Rudd does enjoy the trappings of wealth

  21. Trust Tom of Melbourne (anti-unionist extraordinaire) to run, again, with the Liberal Party line.

  22. “Tom of Melbourne, on March 8th, 2009 at 10:30 pm Said:

    Caney – “have been quite annoyed by bias on Channel 7 lately, so I’m giving them a wide berth from now on.”

    Newsflash – ratings plummet as biased observers desert!”

    If ratings did plummet it would be interesting to know why. Personally, I think there’s a lot of pain and confusion out there and the mention of this crisis is bound be off-putting. More and more I’m getting the impression that people are genuinely afraid and are hoping that the problems will magically disappear. Frankly, I really can’t blame them either, but that’s not the way the world works.

    Now, more than ever we need greater cohesion and clarity as a nation.

  23. One of the most significant weaknesses we have today, and especially in this climate, are state government’s like NSW. They’ve grossly mismanaged state finances over the last decade not to mention health, transport, education etc, and they’ve got the gall the hire more spin doctors to try and create the illusion that they’re competent and in control.

    $1m extra a year for advice
    “THE Premier Nathan Rees’s mega-ministry is costing $26 million a year, with the wages bill for political advisers and spin doctors increasing by $1 million a year under his stewardship.

    Despite his pledge to cut the number of advisers working in ministerial offices, Mr Rees presides over a gargantuan government where staff numbers have blown out to 239.

    But the Premier has defended the size of the staff, with a spokesman saying everyone was working long hours to deliver a bumper $56 billion infrastructure package.

    “All staff salaries are being met from existing ministerial budgets,” the spokesman said.”

  24. Jeez Tom, you bring-up Therese Rein on this thread too.

    Have you got a fetish for her or something?

    Come clean, I say.

  25. Who cares if he slipped, for god sake it personalizes him a bit. He is always such a damn stiff. Yes we want our leaders to rise above the herd but it is refreshing to get a glimpse of the “man” behind the politician for a change………

  26. I think Rudd described it perfectly, it is a political shitstorm, and all they do all day in parliament (besides drinking free wine) is sling shit at each other.

    The general public? Most of us are as ignorant as shit, probably because we exist on a diet of spun shit.

    I say let’s stop being so hypocritical about Australia’s government by allowing political ‘families’ to escape public scrutiny. Let’s hear all about the exalted wives, partners and offspring of the privileged politicians who live very well off the public purse, it might make life a bit more interesting and entertaining for the rest of us.

    The ‘unwritten rule’ of not mentioning the wives/families is just a shelter for our (not always well behaved) hypocritical pollies to hide behind, financially and morally. Shine a light on the lot of them.

  27. The guy says around 4000 words just to say hi to his kids in the morning, he must be running at 100,000 a day.

    He going make a “swear” now and then.

  28. joni, are you suggesting that Mrs Rudd kept her AUD$60 million in coffee jars and bikkie tins? She avoided at all costs depositing that money in various bank accounts and investment ventures is what you’re saying.

    Of course she redistributed the wealth according to socialist ideals. Oooops! Hang on a minute. She was paying her staff according to the Howard WorkChoices plan so she kept most of the dosh herself.

    I’ll bet the Two Ronnies would love to have this material to work with. It’s pure theatre.

  29. “shitstorm” seems pretty tame to me.

    If had said “we find ourselves facing an absolute f**kin’ c**t of a situation” then yes I can image that some people might take offence.

  30. lol @ reb

  31. reb, on March 9th, 2009 at 9:04 am

    sreb, whats a – finkin’ cart?

  32. About all that the Therese Rein saga illustrates to me is that there are unresolved tensions between the social and the capitalism bits in ‘social capitalism’, which is descriptively and normatively a transitional process anyway. Does Malcolm, like Stephan et al, want people questioning the social or the capital components? Identifying Therese Rein as a capitalist abstracted from context doesn’t say much. I guess we could junk capitalism, but that would appear to be a spanner in the works of both social capitalism and laissez faire capitalism. Better ask Malcolm what his thoughts are there. 😉

  33. Tut tut the naughty PM said a bad word. Wow he’s just a normal guy. How sad that so many people think this was just a slip. You’re all kidding yourselves. His script writer told him to say it so he would look like one of the blokes. His whole MO is to use catchphrases and scripted language to pick up the dunce vote and I reckon it’s working !

  34. The word shit is commonly used throughout Australian society. It is not, however, commonly used by the prime minister, or any other politician, in front of a national TV audience.

    Mr Rudd used the word deliberately for effect. He believed – or more likely was told – it would endear him to the ‘ordinary’ folk he was addressing. Instead, it came across as the contrived stunt it was.

  35. “contrived stunt”? A possible spoonerism.

  36. I was going to say cunning stunt, but thought better of it. 😉

  37. hehe Tony

  38. spoonerism or oxymoron?

  39. Gees getting all uptight at this?

    I reckon is a ‘shit-storm’ in a tea cup.

  40. Tom: if you repeat the phrase ‘a gyrating naked woman’ one more time, we’re all going to start to worry about you.

    For the Libs..sure as h*ll beats the cr*p out of having to come up with policies.

  41. If anyone gives a flying f**k about the PM using such language, I’d suggest they chill out a bit more.

  42. Alastair, on March 9th, 2009 at 10:47 am

    Language, please, Alastair, Blogocrats does have some standards… 😉

  43. What’s it coming to when you can’t throw the odd f word around, particularly when the PM’s coming out with s words?

  44. You’ve got a good point there, Alastair. 🙂

  45. Sparta @ 12:39 am. I actually agree with you!!!!!!!

  46. Right, so the first reaction by those wanting a go at the government when Rudd curses is “How dare he!?!”… then when it turns out that people don’t give a toss about it, it’s a “contrived stunt” to endear him to the people.

    It is embarrassing how desperate the detractors of Rudd/Labour are getting. Especially given there are quite legitimate complaints to make (but I guess they aren’t emotional enough).

  47. And just on the “contrived stunt” angle, anyone for a re-post of the oh-so natural happy feet photo?

    Mr Kettle meet Mr Pot.

    (And we do not pick on the happy feet photo because of the contrived nature of the photo – more so because it is hilarious).

  48. SHIT…I missed this thread…what was it about?


  49. A “shit storm” – well who bloody cares! How truely silly can the press get?

    If Rudd was in the habit of swearing regularly, and was swearing to foreign leaders on a regular basis, THEN we would have cause for concern. It is so incredibly trivial, I can’t believe the press is busy wetting themselves over it.

    It was most probably scripted. It was out of character compared with his usual style, so it sounded clumsy and fake.

    If his script writer told him to say it, then he should tell the silly bugger to find a more meaningful way for the PM to connect with the rest of us riff-raff.

    Authenticity and role-appropriate behaviour both count for more than cheap scripted throw-away lines, I reckon.

  50. Elise of Perth, on March 9th, 2009 at 6:20 pm


  51. I agree Elise (that it was scripted)..

    Who says “shit storm” these days?

    “Shit fight” maybe but not “shit storm”

    And it just didn’t suit the milky bar kid.

    Scripted! SCRIPTED!!!!

  52. Yeah it was funny and it was controversial……..

    The media are wetting themselves over it and the blogs are running hot…………..

    But what about the debt that he was so calm about lumping us all with……..?

    I can see major tax hikes for all of us in the future……..

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