Flick Crit: W. – With God On His Side

Latest film review at Cinema Takes is W. – With God On His Side:

Unless you’ve been in coma for the last 8 years, it is impossible not to have an opinion about George W. Bush and his years as leader of the “free world”.

W. was a disappointment as a president. In many ways so is the movie W. Oliver Stone has presented the George W. Bush most of us know about. Drunk, wastrel, drifting from job to job, living in dad’s and brother Jeb’s shadows. Then AA, born again Christian, family man, successful Texas Rangers baseball team owner, Texas Governor and finally the ultimate office. His early life as the black sheep of the Bush clan transformed into a remarkably successful electoral career after becoming Governor of Texas in 1994. His actual achievements are more contentious.

I can’t bring myself to read the intimate details of W.’s White House or his family life so others can argue about the accuracy of his backstage life. Given Stone’s notorious tendency to make-believe, National Security Council meetings may not have finished with a prayer.

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Mardi Gras

Tonight is the Mardi Gras parade here in Sydney, and I will be marching with the Amnesty Internationals LGBTQ Network (yes – quite a mouthful). Our theme this year is 7/77.  So the best frocks and jocks will be on display. If any of the blogocrats are going or watching, keep an eye out for me during the parade as I will be wearing my sling to protect my shoulder (no reb, not that other type of sling – you’re disgusting!).

There are 7 countries in the world where same-sex love is punishable by the death penalty. Those countries are: Mauritania, Nigeria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen and Iran.

And there are 77 countries where same-sex love is punishable by imprisonment, which include: Singapore, Malaysia,  India, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea.

Just an aside, Sparta has published a comment on the Frolyks-thread on the same-sex marriage battle in California (which I will get around to reading). 

Here is a short ad I created for Amnesty International Australia that played before each movie of the 2009 Mardi Gras Film Festival. This ad could be getting some airplay on the Foxtel broadcast tonight.

I will fill you all in on the march tomorrow, when and if I recover. And I will have more to say on the censorship of our entry into the parade by New Mardi Gras.