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Oz Bloggers’ Reactions to “Cricket Terror”

A cross post for Global Voices:

Australia: Reactions to “Cricket Terror”

Cricket, that shared legacy of British colonialism, has taken centre stage in Australian blogs following the terror attack in Lahore.

… This terror attack has taken bushfires off the front pages of Australian newspapers and the lead stories of the electronic media.

Featured blogs are:

Many Australians will guess which blogger had already decided the religion of the terrorists before they had been identified. If you’re not sure then a visit to his “stalkers” at Pure Poison is highly recommended.

Kevin Rennie


5 Responses

  1. If Wicca and the Tamil Tigers are found to have played no part in this attack it might come down to the religion of peace. The lack of enthusiasm by some of the police force in the immediate area might be a sign that some police and maybe an MP or two are simpatico with the gunmen and their goals.

  2. And all the attackers were able to just calmly hop back into their cars and drive away.

    Makes you wonder where the Paki coppers were. True, several are dead, but what about the rest? Off having tiffin I suppose.

    Surely they coulda shot-down at least one of these bastards.

    So, its a double hat trick for the ratbags and Paki Law Enforcement out for a duck.

  3. This just gets worse as people speak out.

    For one i dont believe the story given is correct or even close, i also dont believe this was ment to be a massacre, this was an over the top warning.

  4. I think it’s far more likely to have been home grown loonies than imports from Sri Lanka or India. God knows Pakistan has enough of these idiots to populate several countries.

    I feel sorry for the policemen who were gunned down and hope it doesn’t leave their families destitute.

  5. I see the Pakis have now supposedly identified the cuprits.

    Probably from their own ISI personnel files. Still, they’ll have to throw someone to the wolves over this.

    Looks like a case of “round-up the usual suspects” to me, so I suppose Abu Semtex and his brother Jabbar can expect a call from some gun-toting pukka dudes with bristling moustaches shortly.

    Or maybe not.

    Remind me: Just how long has Osama been successfully hiding-out there?

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