What if Howard had Won the Election..? Caption Competition

Min and Jane have broached the idea – “What if Howard had won the election?”

How would he be handling today’s economic crisis? Jane suggests that he’d be trotting out the same old mantra that “we’ve never had it so good.”

What do you think he’d be saying?


Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)

Wise Advice: My point is this, we need to hear about what should be done to reduce the risk of the GFC happening for the next generation. TB”

I’d like to share some more good advice, it’s brilliant:



Oz Bloggers’ Reactions to “Cricket Terror”

A cross post for Global Voices:

Australia: Reactions to “Cricket Terror”

Cricket, that shared legacy of British colonialism, has taken centre stage in Australian blogs following the terror attack in Lahore.

… This terror attack has taken bushfires off the front pages of Australian newspapers and the lead stories of the electronic media.

Featured blogs are:

Many Australians will guess which blogger had already decided the religion of the terrorists before they had been identified. If you’re not sure then a visit to his “stalkers” at Pure Poison is highly recommended.

Kevin Rennie

It will get a lot worse, says Mc Aberrant

The bursting of the commodities bubble and a softening Asian economy on top of inevitable economic contraction and a sea of household  debt doesn’t make for a robust economy.  Yes, it is very likely to  get a lot worse.  Nice to see the ALP and Opposition agreeing with me.

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