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I know I am a bit late, but let’s have a Top Five Movie Comedies thread.  I think we need it with all the doom and gloom that is hanging around our heads.

I will have a think about mine and will put up my top five in the comments after I give it some thought. But let’s restrict this to movies only.

The Financial Crisis. Is it really different this time..?

There’s no shortage of people who proclaim that we’re facing economic armageddon, because this time it’s global and the entire financial system is on the brink of collapse, but is it really all that different?

“The most unnerving stock market reports since the 1930s Depression become daily more dismal.”

Time Magazine “The Economy: Crisis of Confidence,” 1 June 1970

“Falling real estate prices and the fragile state of the banking system make this recession unlike any other and extremely difficult to forecast.”

The Wall Street Journal, article by John R Dorfman Quote attributed to Carmine Grigoli, chief investment strategist, First Boston Group 7 February 1991

“Investors have been frightened of an economy that seems out of control…. A Gallup poll published last month found that 46% of adults feared a depression similar to the classic one of the 1930s.”

Time Magazine, “Seeking Relief from a Massive Migraine,” 9 September 1974

Scary Guy, Big Heart

I came across a comment this morning on my previous thread Bullying so bad bullied students turn to guns

The comment came Gary Lee who is Director Of Operations Worldwide for The Scary Guy. Gary writes


I have seen the You Tube video a few times now and I cry too, which is why I wish to offer you and all the people here who share your view information about a remarkable individual that I GUARANTEE will make both an INSTANT & LIFE LONG impact on the youngsters (and adults) of Australia.

Feel free to contact me at any time.

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