Would you like curry with your chips?


Sometimes the choice between candidates, the balance between the expertise of each requires considerable thought.

IT could be game on for Pauline Hanson as former AFL star Warwick Capper looks set to run against her in the Queensland election.

You just cannot make this stuff up!

*Thanks Min for the tip.


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  1. Right. That’s it. I’m moving back to NSW …

    Er, no, wait. I’m moving to Tasma …

    Er, Pert …


    I’m moving to New Zealand and becoming a sheep. At least I might be able to pull a root there.

  2. Jeez Warwick’s looking a bit rough around the edges these days. To think I used to … never mind.

  3. Drat..link no longer valid but it came from: And then from The Age: http://www.theage.com.au/national/capper-to-bring-in-midnight-curfew-20090302-8lvx.HTML Quote:
    Capper said he was keen to run against Hanson to “give her a bit of curry”.

    A choice between fish and chips and curry??

  4. For anyone who doesn’t already know, Capper is a student of the Mark ‘Jacko’ Jackson school of self-promotion – the dial-a-quote technique that is the stock-in-trade of the lazy journalist.

    You always know it has been a quiet news day when the papers breathlessly announce that either Jacko or Capper ‘might’ be doing a book, a movie, or, in this case, running for Parliament. Do these people have no shame? Oh, wait…

  5. Ken, lol

    I saw this and thought pauline and warrick, in a country as big as Australia this is what we end up with appart from the original choice. How lucky are we, but deep down i think its to give Reb more ammunition.

    Who will be next? Corey worthington teen boy makes his own party .

  6. And not only but also from: http://livenews.com.au/Articles/2009/03/02/Warwick_Capper_challenges_Pauline_Hanson_to_election_cookoff

    “Yeah – Zoo Magazine’s sponsoring me and they’re paying for it and providing the bikini girls with placards,” he said.

    “Politics is like a popularity contest sometimes isn’t it – but I’m pretty popular too and I think I’d fit in OK there.”

    Pauline Hanson also formally announced on Monday she’ll be contesting Beaudesert.

    “We could have a bit of a cook-off between me and Pauline,” Mr Capper said.

    “She’s got the fish shop and I’m about to open a coffee shop called Warwick Cappuccino soon in Surfers, and if I win in Beaudesert I might open one out there too and give out free cappuccinos and a muffin.

    Yes..I can imagine this happening…

  7. Reminds me of an old quote that did the rounds prior to a Victorian election many years ago: Deciding between these two is like trying to decide whether to board the Titanic or the Hindenberg.

  8. Only Migs in this case they’re both wearing pink fluffy slippers.

  9. This quote best sums up what is going on here:

    “Mr Capper and Ms Hanson share the same publicist, celebrity agent Max Markson.”

    Perhaps Wozza is just being used to remind folks of Pauline’s efforts?

  10. As a founding member of the Swans, Ken, I know what you mean about Capper. Me too, me too …

  11. The people of Beudesert deserve better. Particularly those w/ rotting teeth.

    Plenty of those around. I almost fell for the NO FLOURIDE scare & BS. Then I remembered the health of my teeth in Canada…and dentists hear remarking how good they were. But over the years they started decaying full bore. No flouride I realised.

    But now thanx to Bligh there is a preventative in the water.

    Now we’ve just got to fix up the teeth partially damaged by Luddite Nat fears & policies. I shudder when I see the state of QLDers teeth sometimes. Thnx for nothing Jo & Johnny.

    As for Beaudesert, i know a planned big water hole they’re not impressed w/ too. Water gets discussed heaps. W/ the oft baring of rotiing & gapped teeth

  12. N’..it’s sad isn’t it..that the best available is Hanson and Warwick Capper.

    And the no fluoride debate is certainly a thing of mine as is no immunisation.

    It might seem a bit of a hoot to those who can afford regular dental care, but not much fun for those who can’t.

  13. “It might seem a bit of a hoot to those who can afford regular dental care, but not much fun for those who can’t.”

    Too true Min. When you think of how polio, small pox & such ravaged the land previously…took such a toll (even Franklin Roosevelt contracted polio in 1921)…& measles affecting pregnant women…I got mumps as a baby and can attest to the permanent damage it can cause. And poor S’ got whooping cough as a youngun & her chest has never been the same.

    I can’t believe the amount of irresponsible hysteria over vaccinations. The Libertarians are way off base on this one I reckon. I don’t visit those scare-mongering sites much these days.

    Gawd forbid we end up w/ epidemics again due to negligence & ignorance.

  14. Pauline Hanson..?

    She’s all class…

    Just watched her on that bastion of quality TV journalism “Today Tonight”.

    She can’t even pronounce privitisation…



    What State does she come from again…?

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