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Meet me at the Watercooler…


Hello and welcome to our beginning of the working week thread.

I thought it would be interesting to start this week in a socially responsible, health conscious way.

And then I changed my mind.

Off your face. What are some of the strangest things you’ve ever done when you’ve been smashed?

I can recall, vaguely, a few things:

1. Doing some “performance art – interpretive dance movements” to a group of buskers doing Elvis Presley songs on King Street, Newtown at about 2.00am. A crowd formed and started cheering me on and throwing coins!

2. Driving through Marrickville (as a passenger) in my friend’s BMW. I was leaning out of the sunroof and ‘blessing’ everyone in “pope mobile” fashion.

3. Waking up underneath a shrub in my front garden after not quite making it to the front steps after a black tie function.

4. Getting up on stage at the Lane Cove Club, grabbing the microphone, while the band was having a break and performing an acapella rendition of “Tiny Bubbles” to a generally unnapreciative audience. Getting back up on stage and doing “interpretive dance’ accompaniement to said same band.

And last but not least:

5. Being asked to leave a karaoke club by the Management due to the volume of complaints by other customers. How humiliating. I think it was my rendition of Brown Sugar, complete with Mick Jagger impersonation that did it.

99 Responses

  1. Speaking of the Watercooler, isn’t it time we had an amnesty, and welcomed back anyone who may have beclowned themselves in the past, and hastily fled – or been driven from – the scene? Sockpuppets, lurkers, aspersion-casters, and all – you all the ones I mean.

    Doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance? 😉

  2. *you know the ones I mean*

  3. Tony – “Doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance?” No.

    I think you need to be a little more discriminating.

    I’d love to see the Lord Mayor of Crapperville here.

    I really miss the stories of daily encounters with important political identities, the problems with botox, and the trials and tribulations of supervising people. Who wouldn’t be energised by another burst on a vision for a hot, inhospitable, dusty, fly infested city of the future?

    I’d also be grateful if the trio of accountants – Huh, Rigles, and Pollytickedoff would join us. Light relief again.

    Let’s hope they are all following this!!

    But seriously, we are missing Adrian, and our original contributor to the Watercooler.

  4. aspersion-casters?

    The ability to cast aspersions is basically a mandatory requirement ’round these parts…!!

    Where would Tom and I be, if we couldn’t make disparaging remarks about TB’s dress sense, or joni’s musical taste or John McPhilbin’s relentless optimism….?

    Welcome aspersion casters!! Welcome one and all…!!


  5. You forgot IATW.

    (BTW, I believe one of the ghostly trio has already re-emerged, under a somewhat abbreviated moniker.)

  6. Did anyone else in Vic just get a text message warning of fire danger?

  7. Or should that be the ghostly trio (trinity?).

  8. James,

    I did. Guess Telstra didn’t realise I’m in Tassie.

  9. # What are some of the strangest things you’ve ever done when you’ve been smashed?

    you might need a bigger blog, where do i start

    *15 yrs back i climbed half way up the harbour bridge with a friend and we had a joint and had to sit there for hours till we got enough confidence to climb back down.

    * on a property after a few drinks i took on a wild emu, and learnt i could run fast.

    * No matter how funny it sounds always make sure cow tipping is not attempted in a paddock with a bull in it.

    Ive said enough for now.

  10. Yeah, James, everyone where i am got it.

  11. I agree Aqua..or else you would be writing an input larger than John McP..

    Re reb’s topic..strangest [or stupidist] things (not smashed, although maybe I should have been).

    Swimming a flooded creek at Billinudgel and having to be rescued by the SES
    Auditioning for the Royal Victorian ballet umpteen years ago and failing miserably
    Karaoke when I am tone deaf, can’t sing a note in tune
    Trying to shoo a bush turkey and discovering that they do not enjoy being shoo’d. As for Aqua, discovered that I could run really, really fast.

  12. I meant to put a smilie after the comment about John McP..whose expertise is very much appreciated.

  13. Should mention..the new pic on the avatar is eldest’s photography. Beach at Byron approaching sunset. She works with the long term unemployed and the disabled.

  14. Reb – “Where would Tom and I be, if we couldn’t make disparaging remarks…”

    about taxpayers, pedants, union hacks…

    Yes, I’m not willing to confine my self any longer. It’s open slather.

    And another thing. This site now has too many sensible people, all far too polite and most reasonable. I’m finding it quite infuriating.

  15. Whoa there a moment Tom. Lure to Tom..maggots..

    I am certain that between the two of us we can bore everyone to tears by talking about maggots 😉

  16. ” This site now has too many sensible people, all far too polite and most reasonable. ”

    Well why don’t you just F**K OFF THEN!

  17. I’m sure I can bore anyone to tears Min; in fact I often do, particularly when I’m not quietly contemplating something.

    And what’s the problem with maggots anyway? They’re only the “caviar of flies” or “insect veal”.

    Now there’s an idea for a brand new Australian industry, set it up in the dead centre of Crapperville!

  18. Tom..as previous I’m into ballet and odd movies and family and friends. Scarey I know, but you are sounding like one of the latter mentioned.

    Re Crapperville..I’m staying away from this. A friend I thought for a long time, but sadly not so. I wish this person all the best.

  19. When I was 20 (late 1970’s), I went to see Jimmy & The Boys. Ignatius wore a plunger on his stomach and used to mimic oral … er … you know between him and the keyboard player. Sometimes he’d thrust it out at the audience. This one time, I grabbed it and mimicked same on him.

    I think he almost wet himself.

    My girlfriend wasn’t happy.

    Although, I thought it was a hoot.

  20. Well Min, I ‘m sorry that you’ve pulled out of this outstanding business opportunity.

    I was going to offer you the “insect veal & fly caviar” franchise for the whole Byron coast.

    Anyone else want it? It’s going cheap. It’s my vision.

    PS – sentiment appreciated – likewise.

  21. Under the heading of all good things come to those who wait..(it’s an English/Irish/Welsh saying).

    http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2009/03/02/1235842317420.html Life of Brian ban lifted after 30 years

  22. “I am certain that between the two of us we can bore everyone to tears by talking about maggots”

    Now you’ve got me going:

    Funkadelic – Maggot Brain (1971)

    Eddie Hazel is a guitarist extraordinaire…

    Maggot Brain is perhaps the definitive musical statement by Funkadelic, and the title song, “Maggot Brain”, contains a ten-minute guitar solo which was Hazel’s defining moment and the one piece of music for which he has remained a legend — in 2008, Rolling Stone cited this as number 60 on its list of 100 greatest “guitar songs” of all time. Perhaps apocryphally, Clinton told Hazel during the recording session to “play like your momma just died” and the result was the epic sounds of Hazel’s guitar.
    (wiki pedia)

  23. I have never done anything stupid while drunk in my life (repeat ad nauseum and I may actually believe this)
    OK – I’ll fess up to two of things:

    I Broke my wrist jumping a fence at a hockey game ferrying ice to a girl who had been hit in the head. I was Coach of the team and my commitment to the team made me cut short a pub crawl I had been on after tonly 8 or so pubs! I can’t remember whether we won or not but the girl was OK and I think I needed the ice more than she did. I am told it looked very funny.

    Oh yeah and coming home late one night and thinking it would be great idea to Selleys the shower which I knew needed doing. Because I had my good clothes on I had stripped off to my undies. My wife busted me and couldn’t stop laughing for days (and telling all our friends about it!). On the plus side, I did a good enough job that i didn’t need to fix it up but I did have bloody silicone on my hands that I was peeling off for days because it was easier to smooth it out with my fingers! 🙄

    One of the funniest stories I know is a mate of mine who woke up in the morning with bits of shoelace all over his bedroom flaw. He confessed to using his scissors to cut the laces because he couldn’t untie the knots on his Doc Martins. The funny thing was, he had already untied one shoe but hadn’t taken it off so he cut those laces as well … made sense at the time I guess.

    Oh and another mate climbed over the fence into the Maritime Museum in Sydney while completely smashed and tried to free the boats tied up there (go free little boats – go free!). Needless to say the Police kindly escorted him home (pissing themselves laughing) but didn’t charge him. To this day we have no idea how he managed to climb the fence and get in. No boats were harmed in the telling of this story.

  24. Actually Dave55

    Your recollections remind me of another story.

    I once tried to steal a parking meter. There were a heap of the old ones by the side of the road (as they were being replaced with the new digital ones).

    I had it lumbered over my shoulder, thinking that it would make a nice modern art installation in my flat, when the cops pulled up.

    The rest as they say…

  25. There is no amount of enticing that will encourage me to reveal my mischevious past while in a state of drunken stupor. Or sober. Stories like this are safely tucked away, forever.

    Trust me, you don’t want to hear them.

    Off topic, but some of the regular bloggers may have noticed – possibly with joy – that my contributions have wavered off over the last couple of weeks. This is because I can’t keep up with the amount of threads that are popping up.

    There were six on Friday, and how many today? And how many of them are about politics or the GFC? And how many keeping spilling over to a similar thread?

    The only option I have is to restrict myself to 4 or 5 threads a week. That’s my loss.

  26. Reb, they should make a movie about your parking meter escapades. Perhaps it should be titled Cool Hand Reb.

  27. are you still posting, Min?

    The gig went off great – the 80th…here’s the final song list!

    Dancers up, at I Do, I Do, I Do!

    Venus & Mars (1975) Wings – Paul McCartney
    Lilli Marlene (1915 – 1930’s) Marlena Dietrich
    The Way You Look Tonight (1936) Frank Sinatra
    Deep Purple (1938) Larry Clinton & His Orchestra
    All in the game (1951) Nat King Cole
    Fly Me to the Moon (1954) Frank Sinatra
    Unforgettable (1954) Nat King Cole
    Love Letters in the Sand (1957) Pat Boone
    Dream (1958) Everly Brothers
    True Love Ways (1958) Buddy Holly
    Heartbeat (1958) Buddy Holly


    Golden Hair Surprise (1975) America
    Laughter in the Rain (1975) Neil Sedaka
    When You Walk in the Room (1964) The Searchers
    Fields of Gold (1993) Sting
    I Do, I Do, I Do (1975) ABBA
    You Are So Beautiful (1974) Joe Cocker
    I Feel Fine (1964) The Beatles
    Sunny Afternoon (1966) The Kinks
    Achy Breaky Heart (1992) Billy Ray Cyrus
    Got My MoJo Working (1956) Muddy Waters
    I Saw Her Standing There (Just Seventeen) (1963) The Beatles
    Do Wah Diddy Diddy (1964) Manfred Mann
    Hey! Baby (1961)
    Satisfaction (1965) The Rolling Stones
    Make Your Own Kinda Music (1969) Mama Cass

  28. “This is because I can’t keep up with the amount of threads that are popping up.”

    I know what you mean…

    John McPhilbin has his daily economic armageddon “let’s all slit our wrists” commentary, meanwhile I’m trying to counter it with some “always look on the bright side of life” balance…

    It’s tiresome I know…


    a glass of orange cordial anyone…?

  29. Reb, the end is nigh.

  30. Migs, you’ve paying too much attention to John McPhilbin….!

  31. “a glass of orange cordial anyone…?”

    It’s not Kool Aid is it?

  32. Once I had a few drinks w/ my wife & a mate…at one point was passing by the living room wearing boxer shorts on the way to the shower, decided to stop for a moment & listen to an intriguing story my mate was telling…made the mistake of perching myself on the cats scratching post…our female pussy snuck up and decided to try out her sharp claws on the post…& guess whose sack got impaled?

    The others laughed hysterically whilst I agonisingly extracted the beasts talons.

  33. Having a bad day?

    The average cost of rehabilitating a seal after the Exxon Valdez Oil spill in Alaska was
    $80,000.00. At a special ceremony, two of the most expensively saved animals were being
    released back into the wild amid cheers and applause from onlookers. A minute later, in full
    view, a killer whale ate them both.

  34. A woman came home to find her husband in the kitchen shaking frantically, almost in a
    dancing frenzy, with some kind of wire running from his waist towards the electric kettle.
    Intending to jolt him away from the deadly current, she whacked him with a handy plank of
    wood, breaking his arm in two places. Up to that moment, he had been happily listening to
    his Walkman.

  35. Iraqi terrorist Khay Rahnajet didn’t pay enough postage on a letter bomb. It came
    back with ‘Return to Sender’ stamped on it. Forgetting it was the bomb, he opened it
    and was blown to bits. God is Good!

  36. aqua, aqua, aqua … :shakes head:

  37. TB

    I was enjoying that song list until this cropped up:
    Achy Breaky Heart (1992) Billy Ray Cyrus


    I know you enjoy the odd Celine Dion song but Achy Breaky Heart … really … ❓ (Tell me it was a request …)

    Good to hear the gig went off well though.

  38. reb,

    Your parking meter sign reminded me of a College incident. They were doing road works on the road from Uni to college and a few of us “borrowed” some of the yellow flashing lights. When we got back to college it became obvious that other people had the same idea because about half of the windows had flashing yellow glows coming from them. The effect was quite cool but let me tell you it is a bloody hard trying to face the morning with a hangover and bloody yellow flashing light doing it’s best to remind you of the night before.

  39. Dave, its a little humour my ex emailed to me.
    i thought it was too long to put into one post.
    or was it just stupid ?

  40. I’d like to know what Miglo thinks of the idea of Port Adelaide relocating to Tasmania.

    Report here – http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/sport/afl/story/0,26576,25128777-19742,00.html

    Personally, I don’t think Tasmania deserves this. First Hawthorn play a few games there, then they have Port Adelaide imposed.

    Haven’t these people suffered enough?

  41. aqua,

    The’re OK but in a groan humour kind of way. The seal one is good though (I love black humour)!

  42. Thats kind of why i picked the three different ones to post, was hoping one would appeal if any.

    Cheers Dave
    By the way how is the marriage going, still adding coins to the jar i hope. 😉

  43. Still adding coins aqua 😉

  44. Tom of Melbourne – shame on you for believing anything that appears in the Murdoch media. Actually, shame on you for even reading it.

    Oh, the penny just dropped. Being a Murdoch, Liberal loving rag your chances of finding some anti-union propaganda is good.

  45. Dave55, on March 2nd, 2009 at 9:23 pm

    G’day Dave,

    It were a request from the birthday boy’s, kids (grown up obviously)…personally I hate it but apparently its good to “boot scoot” to – as always I just aim to please…

    …they enjoyed it – that’s what its all about…imagine the range of ages for an 80th birthday and he’s got seven kids! …and they’re Kiwis – breed like flies they do… (80 guests)… 😆

    aquanut & Dave

    Coins? Coins? – its bloody dried peas, not coins!

  46. TB…?

    Boot scootin’?

    I’d like to see that!!


  47. TB

    In these uncertain times, it is the most enjoyable way I can think of to improve our financial security!

  48. Business Spectator:

    The hiccups the Rudd government is having over its emissions trading scheme will not be soothed by the messages it is getting from the black coal industry.

    The miners are Australia’s biggest commodity exporters, earning around $45 billion last year, and they supply 57 per cent of domestic electricity. They employ 30,000 people and another 100,000 indirectly. They feed $15 billion a year in to the nation’s pockets through remuneration, hiring contractors and buying goods and services.

    And they hand over $4 billion in royalties to state governments while paying another $2.5 billion in direct and indirect taxes.

    In the context of the current Queensland election, they are the largest single contributor to the Bligh government’s budget.

    Against this background, they are out and about via the Australian Coal Association at present making it very clear that, as the global commodity boom slides in to history, they are less than happy at the way they are being treated in the emissions trading process.

    The message comes with teeth – the black coal miners have so far retrenched 2,000 workers as they wrestle a big downturn and there will be more job losses, they warn. For every job lost at the mines, ACA adds pointedly, three more are lost elsewhere in the service chain…

  49. So Tony – the answer must obviously be to let the emissions continue and to let the earth warm (ignoring the advice of the scientists).

    And then when we have major climate issues you can tell your grandchildren that you looked after the people who did all the poluting.


  50. Tony

    Can you give me any advice on super Fixed Income (eg pitfalls) – the company I’m looking at is SSgA.

  51. It’s an interesting conundrum.

    Australia is an energy exporter, regional towns throughout the country rely on power generation and mining. Without this industry they die.

    Many are already characterised by boarded up shopfronts, closed offices, poor regional services. The Latrobe Valley in Victoria has also suffered tragically during the bushfires.

    Regional centres that are affected by economic downturn, magnified by disproportionate bearing of the burden carbon reduction deserve as much consideration as anyone else, present or future.

    The severe social dislocation, abandoned or neglected children that occurs in regional centres are just as deserving as children of a future generation.

    I don’t think the social and regional dislocation that will result has been adequately addressed.

  52. joni, ask reb what would happen to Tasmania if they stopped all logging and wood chipping?

    …and limited tourism…because it could damage a pristine environment – dontcha know?

  53. That’s why AGW needs a paradigm change for the whole world.

    We have to decide whether we want to continue to destroy the planet we live on, or whether we want to try and protect it.

    And I do realise that I am a little OTT with this assessment, but it is MG week and I can be a little extravagant if I want to. 😛

  54. Joni,

    The point of the article is the black coal industry wants to be included in the ‘Emissions Intensive-Trade Exposed’ scheme, likt the LNG industry:

    If black coal had been included in the EITE – for emissions-intensive, trade-exposed – list of industries, miners would receive $500 million, or more, per year for 10 years in permit allocations. This would not be taxable.

    By comparison, the export LNG industry, included in the government’s EITE list, will receive assistance amounting to 60 per cent of its emissions trading costs.

    The coal miners reject the government assertions that they should be excluded from the EITE list because they can achieve abatement through taking up relatively low-cost technologies. “Fundamentally incorrect,” says the ACA. And the association says the government concern that some mines make windfall gains could be addressed simply by an allocation rule that directed permits to mines with high “fugitive emissions.”

    They offer some very convincing arguments IMO.

  55. TB,

    I think James is the best one to ask re super.

  56. TB,

    I’m all for business development as long as it is appropriate.

    I’m 100% in favour of eco-tourism in Tasmania, and believe it or not a sustainable forestry industry.

    What I’m not in favour of is Gunns logging pristine old growth forests to make woodchips that no one wants to buy anymore while the Tasmanian State Government continues to prop up the ailing company with taxpayers’ funds.

  57. Tony

    Let me stop being a slacker and I will read the whole article…

  58. Tony, on March 3rd, 2009 at 10:46 am

    Thanks, Tony. James whe-ee-e-re are you?


    Why not stop all logging and all tourism – they both damage Tasmania’s environment?

    Just making a point with regard to society, sustainability and commercial reality – as Tom says it is a conundrum and not as easy as just filling in the mines.

    BTW I don’t have an answer. Carbon capture may be a part answer – but that then becomes a ticking time bomb just like nuclear waste.

  59. TB..sorry for the delay. I usually clock off due to meal duties..just can’t stand those big brown eyes looking at me saying, Please feed me. And also the kelpie.

    Love the selection, my personal favorites being Buddy Holly and Nat King Cole. And Love Letters in the Sand by Pat Boone too, years and years since I’ve heard that one. I think that I could just about remember most of the lyrics.

    Please to hear that the occasion went off so well!!

  60. Very much enjoyed the jokes Aqua..will read them out to Jeff when he arrives home. He will especially like the one about the seals!..most definitely his sense of humor.

  61. Tony,

    The simple solution to this in the short term is to take fugutive emissions from Open Cut mines out of the CPRS. Reporting on this is questionable at present.

    Underground mines can capture their Methane and work out how much they are releaseing or burning and converting to CO2. They chould be covered and it might actually drive some more investment into electricty generation from mine drainage gases (of which there has been significant work done already. The latter shouldn’t cost jobs and leaving fugitive emissions from Open Cuts out until they have better reporting methods definately wont.

    This exercise is just a chest thumpig exercise by coal at any rate. They know they can deal with the cost of the CPRS on emissions but you can harly blame them for trying to get a better deal.

    BTW, the bulk of the lost coal jobs are in coking coal and not thermal or were in construction of new projects now on hold. These jobs will return quickly as soon as there is any sign of recovery in the Japanese economy (very little coal is exported to China BTW as China is actually a net exporter of coal). The CPRS will not put coal workers out of a job in the first 5 -10 years of operation.


    Geosequestration and better uses of coal are the answer in the long run but wont help the fugitive emissions issue. We need price drivers on the cost of carbon to really drive the investment though. The funds are there but the will needs a bit of injection!

  62. Where’s Adrian? Come back soon!

  63. “There was this one time that I was drunk on power and effectively faceless”, says John Yoo, again.

  64. Min, yep big success. Talk of more work for the club itself…send you a photo of my Min (The Minister) and me on the night!


    Good, intelligent post my friend. I wrote BHP Coal’s (now Billiton) methane extraction and compression training and assessment program (in the early 90’s).

    Alternative energies have been left to flounder for too many years to suddenly provide equivelent energy.

    There is also a lot of misunderstanding (and deliberate fogging) of alternative energy performance parameters…

    eg people still believe electric cars are the future when it really is only fuel cells powered by hydrogen that can replicate the power, performance and distances achieved by oil powered vehicles…and we don’t have the infrastructure in place (eg refill stations) nor is it supported by governments – another example of being controlled by The Robber Barons (ie oil companies in this case). Hydrogen – the most abundant substance in the universe – and we don’t use it yet…mmmm


    and…Where’s Adrian?

  65. I think Adrian was such a regular, that the site relied on him for the moderate/left position.

    Much the same way as it relies on me for the countervailing opinion.

    Adrian put so much time and effort in here, that it’s fine if he wants to give it a rest.

    I’m sure he knows that we always value his contribution, even if it is mindlessly leftoid and very politically correct.

  66. Dontcha luv Queensland politics!

    Ms Hanson – asked (AGAIN to) to please explain… 😆

    Bloody hell, hot in the fish n chip shop tonight!


  67. I’ve gotta say that I really miss Adrian’s posts because I vould generally just rely on him to say pretty much what I thought. I have found myself posting more since he has stopped posting to put the moderate/ centrist (slight left) POV forward.

    Adrian was far more articulate than me as well – and his post’s were shorter, and his links better … Come back Adrian, for everyone’s sake.

  68. Actually TB, I watched Pauline’s performance on Today Tonight and it was absolutely hilarious…!!

    She stormed off into the kitchen, and then with hand firmly placed on hip, started going off at this nice young journalist, who, much to Pauline’s dismay, simply retained her composure.

    Pauline then just went balistic!! It was gold!

    Pauline obviously thought the camera’s weren’t running by this stage, and as usual started yelling things about a media conspiracy etc whenever things don’t go her way.

    She’s a complete nutter….!!!

    What State is she from again….?


  69. According to the AEC website, the Deadline for nomination of candidates in the Queensland election was 12 noon today, Tuesday 3rd March 2009.

    Does anyone know if Warwick Capper actually nominated? (My guess is he didn’t.)

  70. How do people feel about this?

    Should the public no longer donate for disaster relief?

    Insurance companies say uninsured should not get charity money:

    INSURERS want the Victorian government to stop donations to bushfire victims from being used to rebuild the homes of people without insurance…

  71. Unfortunately I do not think that Adrian will be back.

    As I alluded to last week, the personal attacks were only one of the reasons that he is not posting anymore. The major reason is health.

    I have been in email contact with him and I felt that I would not mention the health reason, but he emailed me again over the weekend to ask me to clarify the reasons he is no longer posting.

    Can I suggest that we all respect his reasons for not posting, and maybe in the future he will be in a position to make a contribution again?

    And I feel bad at not explaining the real reason for his departure, and I hope if he reads this he understands that I never meant to cause any misunderstandings.

  72. Kindest regards and well wishes from me Adrian.

    Hope you’ll be feeling better soon, can’t keep a good man down for too long.

  73. That’s a topic well worth discussing, KL.

    The uninsured are of probably the most needy from a long-term humanitarian point-of-view (depending on whether they had assets other than those lost in the fires). But the fact that they were uninsured in the first place raises other relevant issues:

    Were these people being irresponsible in not taking out home insurance, particularly in a high-bushfire-risk area?

    Is it fair to the insured residents, who were presumably paying higher premiums as a result of the low overall rate of insured properties (as low as 50% in some cases)?

    Were the uninsured being responsible members of their communities, when around 20% of insurance premiums in these areas go to the volunteer and professional firefighting services’ bushfire funds.

    Does it create a moral hazard where residents may decide to forgo insurance in future because a precedent has been set where the government and charities will pay them out in the event of another fire?

    That’s not to mention whether it is fair on all other taxpayers to pay for the losses of those who deliberately remained uninsured.

  74. Kittylitter

    Without wishing to come across as a heartless b@stard, I think that people that didn’t have insurance should get a fixed capped amount like $10,000K.

    But then it also raises questions like should renters be entitled to this as well as homeowners….

    I don’t know…

    Maybe we just talk about something else where my ignorance and poor judgement skills are a little less self evident.

  75. Adrian,

    Very sorry to hear about your ill health. I hope you feel better very soon, and that we can resume our ‘robust discussions’ once you feel up to it.

    Best Regards,


  76. Here’s one of my all time favourite songs (Not that I’m trying to change the subject or anything)

  77. Sorry to bring the thread down… and reb and I are having a hard time finding “happy” and “positve” stories, so if anyone has any suggestions please let us know.

    And that can be a suggestion for a photo caption comp too… we still have that CD to give away.

  78. joni..please send my love to Adrian. He was my rock when son RAN was deployed to the Gulf. Tell him: And Aye to Matelots.

  79. But then it also raises questions like should renters be entitled to this as well as homeowners….

    Of course they should. I donated for people, not houses.

    People lost more than a house, they lost all their belongings, they need a hand to feed and clothe themselves and try to return to a normal life. That’s why I donated, I really did not think of who was insured or not. I just assumed that those who weren’t insured would not be able to re-build.

    If you’re not insured that is the risk you take and they can’t expect a new house to be built for them, I wouldn’t, just the basics to survive and all are deserving of the same amount whether insured or not, home owners or renting.

    On the other hand i would not like to see the charities profit from an excess of people’s donations which were specifically for bushfire victims.

  80. Yeah, agreed KL.

  81. joni..following from TB’s song list, here is Pat Boone doing a really really bad rendition of an African American song ‘Ain’t that a shame’. But they had to do that in those days didn’t they..if the singer was black the song wouldn’t sell and so they got nice white people to do cover versions.

    Above the white version, below the black version by Fats Domino…

  82. Re the above clip, note how Fats and band were roped off..no doubt to act as a deterrent to stop the black fellas leaping up and raping all the lucious white girls in the audience.

  83. I’m afraid this isn’t the sort of good news I was hoping to find. Things are looking very bad in Pakistan now:

    A DOZEN masked gunmen armed with rifles and rocket launchers attacked a bus carrying members of Sri Lanka’s national cricket team today, wounding as many as eight players and killing five police officers.


  84. joni, on March 3rd, 2009 at 2:59 pm

    Sad news…

    Adrian – will miss you…!

    Get Well Soon…old salt!

    Look forward to your posting again…soon


  85. Take it easy Adrian.

    Never knew anything about blogs until I found Blogocracy a couple o’ years back.

    You’re definitely one of the most credible, well grounded, consistent & factually substantiated bloggers I’ve come across. Hard to emulate.
    You’ve increased my understanding & broadened my reading list. Much appreciated.

    At the end of the day our health is paramount.
    Best wishes mate.

  86. “They appeared to be well-trained terrorists. They came on rickshaws,” he said.

    I don’t remember that being in the manual. Maybe it was under the chapter on local transport and improvised egress devices.


    All I know is that Adrian must be feeling particularly unwell if he’s allowing the Fitzgibbons of the world to run amok making and unmaking materiel military purchases without passing comment. Nevertheless, and independent of any speculations as to causes or outcomes, I hope Adrian is taking good care of himself and wish him well.

  87. “Off your face. What are some of the strangest things you’ve ever done when you’ve been smashed?”


  88. “I don’t remember that being in the manual. Maybe it was under the chapter on local transport and improvised egress devices.”


  89. Partied with Phelpsie? Err, no, that WAS Phelpsie. 😉

  90. This is total supposition…but I’m sayin’ I’m way too rough around the edges for Phelpsie to even spend five minutes in the same room with me without risking all of his sponsorship$.

    Aside from that he’d have no hope of keeping up.

    Would probably whip my sfinkta in the pool though.

  91. “Would probably whip my sfinkta in the pool though.”

    No matter who you are, that’s a given.

    (You’d be quietly happy with Geelong ATM, Tb?)

  92. To be honest I hate the “unbeatable” aura surrounding Geelong.
    If they play anyone but Port I’d be very happy to see them get flogged. The Grand Final last year was fine reckoning; unfortunately, I imagine that it’s strengthened their resolve & made them even more dangerous.

  93. “Re Crapperville..I’m staying away from this. A friend I thought for a long time, but sadly not so. I wish this person all the best.”min

    Don’t trouble yourself min. He’s been bitterly mouthy about your good self, & this site in general, at various other blogs.

    Only good for laughing at.

    Hi there if you’re still lurking scraper.

  94. Hi Fixturefordipsosingofbodywastepersonincharge

    “Only good for laughing at.”

    Next time you have an exchange with him, could you let him know that you’re laughing at him on behalf of me as well.

  95. Toiletboss, on March 3rd, 2009 at 6:56 pm Said:

    “Don’t trouble yourself min. He’s been bitterly mouthy about your good self, & this site in general, at various other blogs.

    Only good for laughing at.

    Hi there if you’re still lurking scraper.”

    Tboss, what crawled up his nose and died, FGS?

  96. “As I alluded to last week, the personal attacks were only one of the reasons that he is not posting anymore. The major reason is health.”

    Well I disagree with about 99% of Adrian’s worldview but retreating due to personal attacks? Talk about calling the kettle black. Regardless, find your stones there old soldier and get your but back to the front line after some well deserved R&R. Seems you have been carrying the water for many here………..It has always been my experience that the loudest guy in the room tends to be the one others fall in line behind. Anyhow, get well you “pain in the ass”!

  97. Whoops…..”butt”!

  98. Joni you know what the health problem is dont you. If so,
    it scares me that its not a simple matter to mention.

    i dont know if you saw it this way but you put a friend ahead of the blog and in my view no fault can be found with those actions or intentions.

    (Wish i could hold my mouth back at times.)

    Thinking of ya Adrian.

  99. (TomM) I think Adrian was such a regular, that the site relied on him for the moderate/left position.

    Much the same way as it relies on me for the countervailing opinion

    Only difference is…Adrian made sense and you are nowhere near as lucid or moderate 🙂

    (that was for you Adrian, I know you wanted me to say it)

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