Free-Market Mal Drops A Big Log

Talking about doing a big dump on the environment.  Need I say more, other than it’s rumoured that Mal made millions in the process.

Green blue: ‘Hypocrite’ Mal was a logger

OPPOSITION Leader Malcolm Turnbull is being accused of hypocrisy as he tries to out-green Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Critics of Mr Turnbull claim the former banker and corporate lawyer once held shares in a company that logged rainforests in the Solomon Islands.

While Mr Turnbull has previously described his role as a “corporate doctor,” documents obtained by The Sunday Telegraph show logging activities increased rather than decreased under his watch.

Released to coincide with the emissions trading scheme (ETS) debate, the reports are set to raise further questions about the Opposition Leader’s commitment to the environment.

Priestess Penny: It’s not right, Wong

Mr Turnbull was chair of logging company Axiom Holdings for seven months between 1991 and 1992 after buying a 16 per cent stake with fellow investors.

The company was one of several involved in logging activities in the region at the time.

The documents include a 1992 AusAID report into logging activities in the region which shows the company almost doubled its log export levels in that time, while also significantly increasing its profits.

The report, Timber Control Unit Project – Solomon Islands, reveals that log export levels rose from 25,500 cubic metres to 40,900 cubic metres.

The documents also include details of scientific studies by Queensland and Solomon Island researchers which highlight the lasting environmental damage from logging in the region.

Environmental hypocrite or not?

Over to you


4 Responses

  1. Poor Mal.

    He just keeps-on snapping-off those logs.

  2. Lol Evan

    I don’t think it’s wise for ex-investment bankers with Mal’s history to be tackling environmental issues at a political level. It smacks of hypocrisy and shows Mal for what he is ‘a man whose pursuit for power is driven by his own self-interest and desire for power itself’. He has a lot in common with JWH.

  3. I’m not sure I’d want big Mal absolutely side-lined from environmental politics as leader of the Opposition by ad hominems. I say that for a couple of reasons. First, it says nothing about the actual ideas being introduced into the public sphere; they might be good, bad, or indifferent. Second, I tend to think that two-party politics is overly sterile in its approaches to environment as is, being that elections only occur every few years and environmental politics tend to revolve more around politics and less around environment, and I tend to doubt that either party places an appropriate emphasis on the environment per my preferences; so any public debate about it is a plus.

  4. Legion

    “environmental politics tend to revolve more around politics and less around environment, ”

    Spot on!

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