Union bites Labor

The Community and Public Sector Union will tonight launch an ad “that claims the global financial crisis is putting more pressure on public servants in Centrelink and other departments”.

PUBLIC servants will launch an unprecedented campaign against their political masters today to protect their jobs from budget cuts.

Through the Community and Public Sector Union, the federal bureaucracy will warn the public that essential services will be cut if jobs are slashed.

I guess the union does not realise that they are criticising their own, but the main point is actually true – the government should not cut any public sector jobs in this GFC. It is now more important than ever that the public service is there to support the public.

Free-Market Mal Drops A Big Log

Talking about doing a big dump on the environment.  Need I say more, other than it’s rumoured that Mal made millions in the process.

Green blue: ‘Hypocrite’ Mal was a logger

OPPOSITION Leader Malcolm Turnbull is being accused of hypocrisy as he tries to out-green Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Critics of Mr Turnbull claim the former banker and corporate lawyer once held shares in a company that logged rainforests in the Solomon Islands. Continue reading