A thoughtful U.S. President for a change

Some Americans seem amazed that they have a President who appears to know what he’s talking about and is intelligent. Typical of the reactions this week were David Brooks and Mark Shields on PBS News Hour yesterday:

DAVID BROOKS: Well, I guess the first thing that comes across is that he does project an air of confidence, and not only confidence he projects — one does tend to have confidence in him when one hears him. And I certainly, just as a viewer, certainly had a sense, “Well, this guy is taking it seriously.” …

MARK SHIELDS: I thought — David’s right. He does project incredible reassurance. I mean, if you look at what he did this week, both on the budget and this, it’s a combination of boldness and sort of reflectiveness. I mean, you get a sense of — I mean, it really is a major, major change in the way the government will be run and what it will do, but it’s — there’s also — I’m just trying to think — thoughtfulness about him that is reassuring, especially as you listen to him in the interview with Jim.
Shields and Brooks Weigh Obama’s Troop, Budget Plans

After 8 year of George W. Bush, it’s a refreshing surprise for many.

Kevin Rennie


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  1. Kevin, after eight years of Bush and longer with Howard, Auntie Jack from the ‘Gong would attract the same comments.

  2. Yeah, it’s early days.

  3. Is Mark Shields, like, the right person, I mean, is there no one better, like, to express opinion on the Commander in Chief? I mean does he, like, I mean, mean what he says?

  4. It might be early days, but one of the things that I’ve picked up that’s glaringly different from Bush is that Obama actually seems to be quite an intelligent individual.

    This, in sharp contrast to Bush, who was merely a puppet for big business and mouthpiece for protecting their interests.

    In the end, Bush just resorted to lampooning his own stupidity and ignorance and became court jester of world politics.

    What a sad, pathetic yet stranegly fitting end to one (if not ‘the’) worst presidents in history.

  5. Like, Stephan, you can like, tell he’s like clever when he goes like “I’m taking it seriously.”

    Different from like Bush who was like misunderestimated.

  6. Well, at least Obama seems to know where Afghanistan is.

    After that cretin that preceded him in the White House, that alone is a refreshing change.

  7. What gets me is Bush knew this money crisis was coming and pumped more money into the war.
    He sat back untill the public found out and then screamed for rescue packages.

    I say if Bill clinton did do this(or got the ball rolling) at least it was an idea for the voters/civilians and not an invasion of another country.

  8. But … but … Bush had an MBA!!

  9. FROM HARVARD!!!!!!

  10. But could he apply the MBA to the real world?

    How many failed businesses was he connected with? The USA was just the latest, but for that one daddy’s friends could not help him.

  11. Ken, you’ve really gotta get over this MBA thing.

    Warwick Fairfax had an MBA, also as it happens, from Harvard. And just look what a wood-duck he turned-out to be.

    Poor Warwick, you will recall, was the gormless prat who left the family media empire in pretty-much the same sort of state that Bush left the Good Ole USA.

    Dunno about you, but I’m starting to wonder exactly what kinda education Harvard is providing.

  12. If i recall an artical once about Howards son getting special treatment while doing his education in America also.
    wonder how far the special treatment went?

  13. Joni I think daddy’s friends like Cheney and Rumsfeld actually helped him too much.

    Evan an MBA demonstrates that someone has passed the prescribed number of coursework units. That’s ALL it demonstrates. The people who gazed in awe at Bush’s MBA obviously have no understanding of the difference between academic learning and management practice.

    If I were to propose the best academic background for a politician it would include history, theories of the state, political ideologies, economics, sociology … but definitely not business and management. The idea that being head of government is just like running a company is wildly misconceived.

  14. Ken, Bush probably got his MBA from his room mate’s cereal box.

    aqua, Bush probably discounted the cereal box for young master Howard.

  15. lol Jane.


    # Obama hasn’t made a real world decision.

    blah blah blah….. stops dose a pose. then ends with

    # It’s too early to judge Obama yet. He is a gifted politician. But he’ll have to do a bit better than this first month if he’s really going to make the world a better place.
    Isn’t Bush rewriting history in the Bush library of facts.

  16. Ken Lovell, on March 1st, 2009 at 2:25 pm Said:

    “If I were to propose the best academic background for a politician it would include history, theories of the state, political ideologies, economics, sociology”

    Can’t disagree with that but I would probably throw in some Philosophy with an emphasis on Axiology which probably includes some of the concepts you highlight.

  17. media studies as well.


  18. Worth listening to:

    NEWSHOUR w/ JIM LEHRER | President Barack Obama #2 | PBS

    Part 1 is on YouTube too.


  19. N’, I liked what Obama had to say in that bite. He’s not promising the quick fix or that he has the perfect and only solutions to the problems the US is facing.

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