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Kevin Rudd is a Toxic Bore!

In what can be described as not an uncharaterstic outburst, opposition frontbencher Tony Abbott earlier this week branded Kevin Rudd as “the worst parliamentary performer as Prime Minister since Billy McMahon.”

Widely reported in the mainstream media, Mr Abbott was on the attack over Mr Rudd’s parliamentary style.

“The guy is a toxic bore in the Parliament, and thank God you [Labor] have got [Julia] Gillard there,” he said.

In Parliament yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister Ms Gillard described Mr Abbott as a Cold Chisel-loving, macho man with the tenacity of a doberman, in a comical attempt to put down the new leader of Opposition business Christopher Pyne.

“In a choice between macho and mincing I would have gone for macho myself,” she said.

“Obviously the Leader of the Opposition, faced with the choice of a doberman or a poodle, has gone for the poodle.”

National Party senator Barnaby Joyce says Ms Gillard’s remarks have crossed the line.

Senator Joyce says if a member of the Opposition had made such a remark, there would have been public outrage.

“When you start comparing people to animals and dogs, and you know exactly the metaphor you’re using, and you know how it’s read, and you deal with that smirk on your face, then you’ve crossed the line,” he said.

“You know full well you’d feel terribly hurt and insulted if the same accusations and the same sort of insult was cast back in your way.”

Who would’ve thought that Parliament or indeed the media would become a forum or mechanism for politicians to exchange personal insults?

24 Responses

  1. Thanks Reb. Now I feel like a real ingrate. 😳

  2. Well, I’ll be damned , you did it Tony!



  4. No problem Tony, on the contrary I was hoping that you would feel like you’re one of the family!


  5. Back on topic.

    I’d have to agree that Kevin is a complete bore. Before the election he exuded much personality and hilarity as well as passion and enthusiasm.

    I guess that’s because at that time, the Australian population were “prospects”. Whereas now we’re “customers”.

    Also, the GFC would tend to dampen one’s spirits I suppose.

    But at least he doesn’t do that goofy thing anymore where he opens his mouth like he’s going to laugh and then nothing comes out. he just stands there pointing with his mouth wide open like a f**kin’ muppet!

    As for “toxic” (which literally means “poisonous”), I’d find it hard to identify anything he’s done so far that would fit this criteria.

    If anything he’s been working damn hard and seems to be handling things very well. And has the overwhelming endorsement of the majority of economists in his handling of the GFC.

    But when people throw around accusations like these – “toxic bore” – I always find it interesting to examine the credibility of the source. On this ocassion Tony Abbott.

    Calling someone poisonous is a bit rich coming from Tony Abbott!!

  6. I agree with reb.

    I think it is outrageous that Kevin Rudd has been labelled a “toxic bore”.

    Perhaps stifling, unmitigated, utter, complete, unadulterated …

  7. “Perhaps stifling, unmitigated, utter, complete, unadulterated …”

    Unlike John Howard.



  8. Considering the sh!t Barnyard throws around (even when he’s trying to be serious) that’s quite the comment from him

  9. But note how chuffed Abbott was that Gillard labelled him a doberman. Probably went to bed that night dreaming about it.

  10. Well Reb, he was replying in kind to Gillard, who had called Pyne “mincing” a bit rich coming from one partnered to a hairdresser.

  11. Indeed Min,

    I’ve always thought of Abbott as having more “reptilian” features ~ lizard like tongue, lives under a rock, cold-blooded etc….

  12. Precisely reb..probably doberman is the nicest compliment that anyone has paid to Abbott for a very long time.

  13. It’s an insult to dobermen/dobermans?

  14. “I’ve always thought of Abbott as having more “reptilian” features ~ lizard like tongue, lives under a rock, cold-blooded etc….”

    From the Rupert Squamata order?


  15. Now we understand the Libs’ behaviour since the election – they’re under the impression MPs are elected as entertainers. And they’re doing a damn good job I might add.

  16. Honestly, the use of parliament for the trading of personal insults (rather than for, say, debating policy & legislation) is the biggest reason I despair at our government. This is not a Liberal or Labour thing (nor strictly a Federal one), as watching either side/level of government during Question Time is like a fight between monkey tribes at the zoo. With all the booing, jeering, shouting, and insults that fly around over the most inane differences – I’m surprised they haven’t stooped to flinging excrement at each other!!!

  17. Having said the above, I could care less about how “interesting” a Prime Minister is (or any government leader for that matter). They are voted in to run the country and if they’re doing that in a “boring” manner – I reckon that’s pretty good actually. After all, interesting people lead to interesting times…. and we all know what the Chinese Curse has to say about “interesting times”…

  18. “I’m surprised they haven’t stooped to flinging excrement at each other!!!”

    You never know Ben, Perhaps if the Coogee Bay Hotel were to do the catering one day, it could well be on the cards.

  19. If the Miserable Liberals want to talk “toxic bore” they need look no further than the little rodent they all fall to the floor to worship,.

    In fact they might consider their party itself toxic, which is why it has been hung out to dry by the Australian people.

  20. “If the Miserable Liberals want to talk “toxic bore” they need look no further than the little rodent they all fall to the floor to worship,.”

    Caney, I still get narcoleptic moments when I think of “Howard the boar of all bores” farting away merrily on the morning radio everyday…ad nauseum.

    and that bloody walk every morning…I’m enjoying watching our fit Anna Bligh move her booty…but the Rodent’s moves left me cold.

  21. N’

    Yes, and that grating adenoidal voice, the earnest appearance that disguises the right wing dalek within, the eyebrows, the shoulder twitch, the bloody tracksuit …. aaaargh!! Toxic memories!

  22. Nooooo….not the tracksuit!

    Not again.

  23. Toiletboss, on February 27th, 2009 at 8:28 pm

    You know that a good power walk-up is critical to every paceman’s delivery!

  24. So this is what Kevin’s expected to do: Just sit there and smirk until tapped on the shoulder, at which point he leaps into the air to answer contrived questions that encourage the spitting of venom, smirk more, perhaps a little giggle, turn around to face the team for encouragement, build them up into a frenzy pleading for blood, shout out Mr Speaker every four words, throw insults to the opposition, and smirk more while ignoring the fact that school children in the gallery are laughing at his childishness.

    Sit down to roars of ‘here here’.

    If that’s what makes a good Prime Minister then I’m glad that our Prime Minister doesn’t fit that bill.

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