Cocktail Party!

"What can I get you doll..?"

Hi-de-hi Campers!

I just looked at my watch figuring that it must be about time for an afternoon drinky-poo’s and was shocked to discover that it was only a little after lunchtime! So I figured, what the heck, why don’t we have a little afternoon cocktail party of our own? So please grab yourself a cheese cube or a “little boy” while I sort you out with a little glass of punch.

Please note that our blogocrats sophisticated dress code applies…


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  1. Please note that our blogocrats sophisticated dress code applies…

    Oh good, I’d hate to rule out our Queensland friends :mrgreen:

  2. I thought I just did!

  3. My deity reb… your dress would ignite at a mere suggestion of a flame.

    (and apologies for my comments this afternoon – I started the cocktail party early in the real world – hic)

  4. What the f**k are you on, Reb?

    Can I have?

  5. but reb, polyester is a much more sophisticed product than cotten and linen which have been around for 1000s of years (but then again, technology can occaisionally result in backwards steps)

  6. Ross,

    I’ve got these little red tablets with a picture of a rabbit on them.

    They’re a bit like Berocca, but better.

  7. “I thought I just did!”

    But my potato sack serves multiple purposes…can’t you bend the rules? I come bearing large, organic spuds.


  8. See the pineapple ice bucket in the photo? I’ve actually got one of those!!

  9. And as an aside – how long am I gonna have to wait until the ABC puts up the transcript of Hockey-Pockey from last night. There are so many comments I want to highlight… ooo – look – spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce… yumyum.

  10. Bend the rules? For you Nasking, of course.

    Oh look, TB’s gotten all dressed up…!

  11. reb, on February 26th, 2009 at 2:53 pm

    Mate, that’s invasion of privacy, I sent you that photo in good faith!

  12. joni


    LOL – he put’s his left foot in, he puts his right foot in (mouth that is)

  13. “For you Nasking, of course.”

    Cheers reb…I’ll just bring the bear necessities.

    Here’s a pic that came w/ the sack:


  14. It’s always difficult to bring sad news, but I thought you should know…

    There was a great loss today in the entertainment world. The man who wrote the song “Hokey Pokey” died. What was really horrible is that they had trouble keeping his body in the casket.

    They’d put his left leg in and … well, you know the rest.

  15. Rather than the potato sack I might where the outfit I wore as an undercover doco-maker in Afghanistan:


  16. Oh I don’t know TB, it’s really quite flattering.

  17. Which reminds me of another joke.

    “What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it’s all about?”

  18. ” I might where” as in “wear”.

    I think those rabbit pills are kicking in reb. Are they meant to look like brown pellets?

  19. “I think those rabbit pills are kicking in reb”

    You might be onto something there Nasking…

    Have I ever told everyone how much I love youse all…?

  20. Hehe…thought this might suit your mood reb:


  21. @reb
    Funniest six minute I’ve had all week!

  22. That got me moving reb. Shook my booty to the underground sounds.

    How’s this party song from one of our fave films?:

    Kinky Boots – Boots Medley


  23. Well I fail the dress code miserably, but I’m off on the morrow & am already hitting the sauce so I might just lurk outside of the gate & hurl drunken insults at the patrons.

  24. Excellent news Ross.

    I wonder how Fielding will adapt?

  25. TB may be able to help me out here.

    The WT’s are sliding down particularly well & I’m pretty sure that they aren’t usually consumed as cocktails.
    Could it be that this is more of a cockhandler’s party? insert wink or smile here.

  26. Ross: “Hooray!”


  27. Big time hooray!

    Wonder if this means the deals brokered with Mr Fielding are going to fall through… *evil grin*

  28. Nask to the rescue (he knows I’m a luddite)
    Music for the party, well
    there’s (From So Frenchy so Chick, shock records/filter music)
    Le Maximum Kouette , F!*k me Tender,
    Oliver Libaux, Le Petit Succes.
    Joan Armatrading , Baby Blue Eyes,
    Mick Conroy, a High Standard of Mediocrity,
    Big Blue Ball, Burn you up Burn you Down and,
    Nikolia Miaskovsky, Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra opp.66.

    There, that should help.

  29. Nasking,

    Loved that Kinky Boots Medley, and…the movie…

    reminds me of my “Miss Spent” youth.

  30. Party Track to celebrate Ross Sharp’s Good news!

    Anyone need a top up…?


  31. and no, that last track is not me n’ joni in drag!

  32. By request from LM…a subtle song about relationships:


  33. Poignant eh.

  34. “reminds me of my “Miss Spent” youth.”

    hehe…as a young man I used to deliver veges to Les Girls in Sydney. Worked for a few weeks at a fruit & vege barrow in Kings Cross. Crazy days.

    “Party Track to celebrate Ross Sharp’s Good news!”

    Now you’ve got me goin’ reb…luv this:

    Rose Royce – Car Wash

    My Dad used to sell the car wash machines in the UK…:)


  35. Jane, on February 26th, 2009 at 3:11 pm

    You keep doing that and I’ll spill me, WT!

    Toiletboss, on February 26th, 2009 at 5:02 pm

    “clink” fellow WT connisseour

    I wonder if,sreb, color co-ordinates his drinks with his new suits – fluffy duck with the yellow one, nipple with the pink one and the shiny blue one with blue lagoon…wow! The Tassie Boy’s on fire!

    Ross Sharp, on February 26th, 2009 at 4:39 pm

    Seems everything may be falling into place…although telstra has a few hurdles…$pd20090226-PLVR4?OpenDocument&src=kgb

    As for music I’ve been working on the numbers for my gig on Saturday for a friend who turns 80 (amazing – me mum’s 86!).

    I’d post them but after the bagging (pun!) about my suit – well ’nuff said!

    “clink” to all

  36. “Poignant eh.”

    Hits the spot

    How’s this?:

    (Dance With Me)


  37. “a fruit & vege barrow in Kings Cross. Crazy days”

    Jeesus, I bet Nasking. When I moved to Sydney in 92 they still had those fruit n vege barrows.

    I imagine they’re a thing of the past now.

    Enjoyed a really good book a while back called “We’re all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars” – a collection of short stories from people who lived around the Cross from the end of WWII through to about the late 80’s. Really good reading.

    So now you are living in QLD is it so?

  38. TB:

    Of course I colour coordinate me drinks. A fluffy duck to match me Canary yellow linen number plus a pink hanky to match the cocktail umbrella..

    “I’ve been working on the numbers for my gig on Saturday…”

    I reckon you should throw in a few 80’s numbers TB like “Turn Me Loose” by Loverboy.

    By the way, have you noticed we now have the same initials “Tassie Boy”.


  39. “We’re all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars”

    Sounds good reb…I bet I could add a few stories. For awhile we lived in Darlinghurst. My ex-wife worked in a jazz cellar. It was a combination of fun, heady days & abject terror. Some real hard core crims floating around back then.

    Also got to board a Canadian navy vessel…great guys…plenty of booze. Wonderful night. Don’t remember much.

    Burn You Up, Burn You Down – Big Blue Ball

    Excellent party BTW.



  40. Nasking

    I got the title wrong, but here’s more info on the book…

  41. By the way, have you noticed we now have the same initials “Tassie Boy”.

    That’s all we’ll share…mate! 😉

    ‘ish a god parshy…bu’ dinsh r a bit shlow…

  42. I’ve found a few mare a these tablets wae ra rabbit on rum, dis anywan want wun?

  43. Dance with Me, I like that, she’s wonderful, I may reinvent my self as an onion seller, and see if I can bring tears to her eyes also. The B/W suits me :).

  44. I’ll have what TB’s having.

  45. “here’s more info on the book”

    much obliged reb.

    Joan Armatrading – Baby blue eyes

    “clink” back to a fellow Qlder TB. How was Tom Cruise in the movie?


  46. “I’ve found a few mare a these tablets wae ra rabbit on rum, dis anywan want wun?”

    Chuck one over the fence to me reb. I always liked the bits of paper with Lady Di’s face on ’em the best…or penguins.

  47. I’ve just received a message from joni, he’d like to be here for the party but he’s a bit busy at the moment with his political activisim stuff.

  48. No thanks reb. The one you gave me before knocked me out for a couple of hours, and now I’ve got a sore a**e. Heyyy, wait a minute…

    / only jokin

  49. reb at 7.24


  50. ” I may reinvent my self as an onion seller, and see if I can bring tears to her eyes also.”

    Ooh la la!
    You syn-propanethial-S-oxide lover you.

    Must go…time for dinny:

    All those rabit pellets, cocktales & booty moves make me ravenous.

  51. lol

    How do you cut to the (despicable) pics like that?

    An invaluable blogging tool.

  52. “How do you cut to the (despicable) pics like that?”

    Link to YouTube Toiletboss…& then copy the address bar at top & add to comment.


  53. Look, just so I can rest easy before I attend bed and Classic FM, in the photo at top, is that Joni or Reb ?.

  54. Mack Lang, I thought the photo resembled an acquaintance I met at an over 35s swap night at the North Wollongong RSL.

  55. Thanx nas’, but I meant the pic that Lord branged…

  56. “Thanx nas’, but I meant the pic that Lord branged…”

    realised that the moment I posted…I blame it on the NOIZE at the party. And the bunny pellets.



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