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Blogocrats Exclusive: Joe’s Secret Letter

Few people realise just what Joe Hockey was really up to when he took over from Kevin Andrew’s as Minister for IR in the dying days of the Howard Government.  Fortunately, I’ve been able to obtain a copy of a letter leaked from a source who claims that not only was the Howard Government deceptive about Work Choices they also believed that Work Choices was the answer to many of our problems at the time.

It was fortunate for coalition that this letter was never released to the public.

Dear Fellow Australians

There are no simple answers the the problems we face, no matter how much we yearn for straighforward answers. We do, however, have an obligation for the greater good of our nation to accept the policy directions of the Hon. John Howard. You do, however, have choices.

Why Work Choices, and Why Now?

We face threats that we have never faced before and in order to preserve our way of life certain sacrifices need to be made.

In order to survive and thrive on the world stage we need to 1) build, maintain and sustain robust economic outputs, and 2) we also have to strengthen our homeland defenses and military capabilities.

Unfortunately, there is only one political party (the other has got no ticker) that can help us realise that goal, guess who? In reality Work Choices is also crucial if we are to move forward and remain a member (even senior member) of the ‘coalition of the willing’, and thereby prosper along with our allies (just look at the U.S economy and quality of life).

Whether we like it or not, Work Choices is in all our best interests – our word is our record’. But we have to act, and what is best for our country is not always seen as fair.

Why Work Choices?

Well, the workplace revolution is part of the big picture for two reasons:

1) Current and future cost of labour is not viable. In order to compete in the global marketplace we need to control costs, especially the cost of labour – note: OHS legislation is another costly distraction, that to needs to be culled to a more acceptable level.

2) Reality bites -we are at war, like it or not. Cost savings from the Work Choices will allow Australian businesses to prosper as well as encourage greater foreign investment, which in turn will aid governmental efforts to strengthen homeland security and military capabilities – this is expensive.

In essence, we need to focus on wealth creation, not public welfare issues – when we are in a position to think more altruistically, funds will be made available – on a needs basis only.

‘No more waste’, is an essential ingredient to ensure future prosperity.

What are the long term benefits?

Well, there are a number of benefits that are not immediately visible, and they are:

1) We have had it too good for too long – we are fat, we have too much obesity – by lowering wages we teach our children some important lessons – you can’t always eat what you want, and you should work hard for your money. This is also a major health issue which costs money.

2) In addition to point 1, we don’t want our children being brought up as anti-war protesters, we can’t defend our great nation if our kids become fat and lazy pacifists. Poverty creates a fire in the belly – the military offers some great opportunities where many of our children will be able to support themselves whilst defending the rights and privileges we hold dearly as a nation.

What Next?

Abolish compulsory voting – this is a waste of time because too many people vote with their eyes closed. This is neither good for the economy and our plans for the future.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

From the office of workplace relations

Believe it or not?

16 Responses

  1. Funny. You can just imagine the great formidable communicator sitting down on a hard hitting show like Sunrise (which Neil tells us is where major politcial stories start) and guffawing that only the coalition knows all the answers.

    Hockey was on Lateline last night and he admitted that he was not an economist and was therefore not able to judge what was going to happen with the unemployment figures and then went on to do exactly that. The boyf remarked “well if you do not know what you are talking about then shut the F up!”.

    I am think of a dedicated thread on the Lateline interview – will see what I can rattle up once the transcipt goes up, because there were some other gems in there too.

  2. “well if you do not know what you are talking about then shut the F up!”.

    Lol My thoughts exactly.

  3. And they were his exact words… and he normally does not swear at the TV!

  4. I caught an excerpt of Formidable’s performance on Lateline, and he was blathering on about how Labor’s stimulus package had failed to protect jobs in the context of 1900 workers being made redundant at Pacific Brands.

    And then it struck me. This was the guy who said, when touting WorstChoices, that if people didn;t like their pay and conditions, they could just f**k off somehwere else and find another job.

    Now he’s trying to come across as Saint Avunculur – Protecter of every working Individual’s right to employment.


  5. And i loved with Leigh asked him about the 40000 textile industry jobs that were lost overseas during the term of the previous government. Joe then went on a diversion to ignore the question.

    That is one of the things I want to put a thread up on (when I get a chance to lool at LL’s transript)

  6. Re Lateline and Shrek

    Is it me or does he have one of those mean, mealy mouths that you associate with bullies? …and twinkly little eyes.

    The other thing I noticed was his slight swaying side to side, particularly at the start of the interview – a sure sign of insecurity…

    Note to Self: Must stop applying the principles on “Lie to Me” to real life… 🙂

  7. TB, I think the reason the Big Avuncular One was swaying side to side had nothing to do with insecurity but more to do with the strain he was putting his chair under.

  8. TB

    “Is it me or does he have one of those mean, mealy mouths that you associate with bullies? …and twinkly little eyes.”

    Yes, I think he does TB. The master Paul Eckman would probably agree.

    Lie Detection – Prof. Paul Eckman

    This is where the idea for ‘Lie To Me’ comes from.

  9. Hoss Hockey comes across as a tout. A typical snake oil salesman. His performance was quite alarming for a politician. He does have some baggage though, he has 11 and a half years with the Rodent, and he was the salesman for serfchoices. The brand LNP can eventually cleanse itself of the Howard holocaust but only when they come to a realisation that it was based on smoke and mirroirs, lies, deception and fear. They are a long way from that at the moment. To start they need to throw the Howard hymn book out with the previous choir, and start all over again. Unfortunately Hoss has a bigger problem, he was part of that chior, but more importantly, he can never get rid of the stench of trying to sell serfchoices to the average punter.

    When will these idiots ever realise that it is now 2009, people woke from their 11 and 1/2 year slumber last year and they are now wide awake to the trickery of the rabble called the LNP.

  10. John, this letter……..is it the real deal or a hoax? It strikes me as odd that this sort of letter would be drafted in this way. I’m not really sure that it should be up without verification, even as a joke. The cross outs are a bit on the “crossed the line” side also. Maybe it’s just me.

  11. david, how could you impugn the good name of Uncle Joe. I checked his credentials on the Libtard Liberal site and they all like him. In fact they think he’s leadership material after Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop have a go.

    I just wish all you leftoids would stop lying about the wonderful people who brought you Regional RortnershipsPartnerships. After all, there was only a little bit of corruption and that’s perfectly fine if it’s Libtards Liberals who are corrupt because they’re only trying to help marginal electorates have access to a little pork-in-a-barrel.

  12. Jim of nowhere near North Melbourne

    Believe it or not?

  13. Nell near a railway in Sydney,

    Lol Good one Nell.

  14. I knew he was formidable.

    Stupid too apparently.

  15. Stuff youse, I’m voting for slavery for my grandkids, and there’s not a thing you leftoids can do about it! Back to yer SerfChoices, bludgers.

  16. Slib Liberal

    Stuff youse, I’m voting for slavery for my grandkids, and there’s not a thing you leftoids can do about it! Back to yer SerfChoices, bludgers.”

    Commie! (wink)

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