Oh no!

Pauline Hanson plans to run in Queensland poll.



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  1. I think Pauline Hanson is a serial offender. Put her last.


    I can’t really think of anything else to say.


  3. Interesting.

    Will Pauline’s presentation of a “variant” alternative confirm or deny what many suspect about Queenslanders?

  4. She’s a redneck, even rednecks are entitled to representation in a democracy. Furthermore, her presence in the debate drags out the “redneck” position allowing it to be dealt with in formal debate, rather than violence. As well as that, she can’t be more destructive than some of the more extreme greenies that enjoy the “benefits” of a parliamentary vote.

  5. Wasn’t there something about Ms Hanson receiving X dollars just for running?

    The closest that I can find is at: http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,23619656-5006786,00.html

    EXPLOSIVE new documents contradict Pauline Hanson’s explanation for “siphoning” $213,000 from her party’s bank account.

    In an explanation on her website, Ms Hanson said the cash was transferred because the money was not deposited into the nominated account.

    However Australian Electoral Commission records seen by The Courier-Mail reveal party agent Bronwyn Boag personally provided the AEC with the nominated account.

    The AEC has denied making an error and said it deposited the cash in the account nominated on an electronic funds transfer form sent last November.

    Me thinks the lady is either very naive or a crook.

  6. James@7:00pm. Your second sentence I am in total agreement with.
    I beg to differ with the thrust of your third sentence.

  7. Oh no. Not again.

  8. I think she’s had her time in the sun. It will be interesting to see if she can attract a sizeable vote.

  9. “Oh no!
    Posted on February 24, 2009 by joni

    Pauline Hanson plans to run in Queensland poll.
    😯 ”

    So that’s what you mean by brevity Joni (lol). You couldn’t stand writing another word could you?

  10. She’s a loathsome offensive brute, but I just can’t look away. There’s something appealing about this woman but I can’t put my finger on it (lol) PLEASE EXPLAIN!

  11. I really really really do hope that this is a joke. Cate Blanchett to star as Hanson in biopic. http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,25075582-601,00.html

    An excellent career move for Cate…ummm…

  12. Ross Sharp, on February 24th, 2009 at 5:35 pm

    I understand Ross but you could be a little more grown up about it…

    …all I have to say is:


  13. From the link:

    “Ms Hanson has so far pocketed more than $400,000 from unsuccessful Senate campaigns in the past two federal elections.”

    Settle down. She won’t get elected and she doesn’t want to get elected.

    It’s all about the money and with this election income she can keep off the streets. And at the federal level at least she gets the dollars even if she doesn’t spend a cent because no receipts are required.

    All parties like it that way. Disgraceful!

  14. Keeps her out of the fish & chip shop I guess.

    Talk about offensive. I Agree with N5 it’s all about the money, she’s a serial offender – didn’t they talk about changing the rules, called the Hanson legislation, to prevent such a thing from happening again? If they have changed the rules, is it just federal and not state?

    Can you be convicted of a crime, do jail time and still run for parliament?

  15. Yes N5, that was my reaction to her standing.

    KL – she’s not just a serial offender, she’s a professional offender.

  16. I should point out that here in QLD, the reimbursement rules are far more stringent than the ‘anything goes’ free-for-all at the Federal level.

    Provided a candidate gets more than 4% of the first preference formal vote an amount of $1.54737 (maximum) is payable provided a Return of Electoral Expenditure is provided (within 6 months).

    Not sure how she will handle that requirement but I suspect she might be a little ‘gun shy’ given a previous incarceration. I assume she knows that at the State level different rules apply. Lol.

  17. What State does Pauline Hanson come from again..?

  18. Yes HRH reb, for our many past sins we have Pauline who I should point out is not in any elected position.

    On the other hand, Tasmania has Eric Abetz who still remains elected and, I should add, by the ‘whole’ population of Tasmania.

    Please explain!

  19. Look Pauline is not the only problem. Here in QLD we have a LNP candidate who is into solar energy big-time. Indeed, he has established the first solar-powered political campaign office in Brisbane.

    BUT, and there always is a BUT, he has them pointing away from the sun.

    “A LIBERAL National Party candidate who praised himself for putting in solar panels at his campaign office has installed them facing the wrong way.”



  20. The real worry is that:

    “He holds a degree and a double major in accountancy and marketing.”

    The better news is that he is a ‘blow-in’, only been here since 1978.

    “John has lived in Queensland since 1978, having spent his early years in Noosa Heads and Toowoomba and attended boarding school in Brisbane.”

    It’s probably his early years in Noosa that’s at the root of his problems. Lol.

  21. reb @ 8.38: “what state does she come from?”

    A state of disbelief? A state of incredulity? A state of xenophobia (c), ™?

    Go for it!

  22. QLD is the SMART STATE. And then there’s Pauline.


  23. Nature 5,

    Gawd, you had to bring up Senator Abetz – half man-half machine.

    Living proof that Cyborgs walk amongst us unoticed.

    I would hazard a guess that he’s even more of a Nazi than Pauline….!

  24. Nature 5, on February 24th, 2009 at 10:04 pm

    N5, they are everywhere (solar panels incorrectly mounted) annoys the cr@p out of me.

    Ideal is North @ 26 degrees – and frames can be manufactured to suit.

    There are five houses in a row close to us with hot water panels all facing West.

    A new house being constructed up the road has hot water panels facing East – I told the owner who just shrugged his shoulders…just a waste of money…

  25. TB Queensland, on February 25th, 2009 at 10:04 am Said:

    “has hot water panels facing East – I told the owner who just shrugged his shoulders”

    ‘Just shrugged his shoulders’? Right! My suspicions are aroused. The ‘shoulder shrug’ is an invaluable anthropological clue as to his origin, If you could confirm that he ‘grunted’ as well (from both heads), then we can safely conclude he is from the State of …

    Mexicans from the deep, deep South are so easy to spot. Lol.

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