The Oscars: it was not written for Mickey Rourke

The complete list of Oscar Winners 2009

There was bound to be one upset: Sean Penn was a worth recipient of Best Actor.

It just was not written for Mickey Rourke.

Slumdog Millionaire just showed what a well written story and a good team can do.

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  1. I wouldn’t call Sean Penn’s victory an “upset.” Mickey Rourke was a SLIGHT favorite, but with too many things pointing in Sean Penn’s favor, it really wasn’t a surprise that he won. The fact his movie was nominated for Best Picture helped. Also, how he portrayed a real life figure rather than Rourke who played a fictional character. Oh, and Sean Penn won the SAG award for Best Lead Actor, so that proved his peers were behind him more.

    The one upset was in the Best Foreign Language Film category. The win to Departures over The Class and the favorite Waltz with Bashir was the only real upset… though it’s almost predictable that the Academy is unpredictable in this category.

  2. What a shame. I was rooting for Mickey Rourke – can we say rooting here – but he was never a realistic chance once he’d stuck up for GW Bush and pissed off most of Hollyweird in the process. I gave him extra points for that.

  3. herculesrob

    Agree with most of what you say. Upset was too strong. Haven’t seen Departures so it’s hard to say whether The Class and Waltz with Bashir were badly done by.

    Mickey is an original. Loved his performance. Try not to spend too much time thinking about the off screen personas. You’d never watch anything.

    Still can’t work put why Cruz won. Sentiment perhaps.

  4. Wow. I’m just watching the Oscars replay. Bollywood goes to Hollywood.

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