The Oscars: it was not written for Mickey Rourke

The complete list of Oscar Winners 2009

There was bound to be one upset: Sean Penn was a worth recipient of Best Actor.

It just was not written for Mickey Rourke.

Slumdog Millionaire just showed what a well written story and a good team can do.

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Meet me at the Watercooler..


Or should that be “the keg?”

Welcome to our beginning of the working week thread. It’s usually the “watercooler,” but stuff it. I thought we’d have a glass of the red stuff instead.

Actually, I’m back on the chamomile tea. Which is bloody tragic when you think about it.

Well yesterday, was, apparantly, a national day of mourning.

It managed to elude me until I caught a snapshot of John Brumby bopping to a rousing rendition of “Reach out and touch somebody.” “Exactly where” was left to the imagination and what the entire fanfare had to do with the Victorian fire disaster escaped me, but I guess it meant something to somebody.

Certainly Kevin Rudd was in fine mournful form; all pursued lips semi-sedated delivery, however he was narrowly outdone by Malcolm Turnbull, who managed to deliver his monologue with much more heavy-hearted and sombre gravitas. The Milky Bar kid was no match for Turnbull’s Hamlet.

All we needed was Julie Bishop to throw herself upon the alter in tears wailing “why hast thou forsaken me?” And we would’ve had all the makings of a Shakespearean tragedy.

Tony Abbott had obviously been side-stepped altogether, no doubt with his demand to descend from the ceiling of the Rod Laver arena in glowing white robes and neon halo being considered ‘not in keeping’ with the current economic climate.

Joe Hockey was no where to be seen either, although rumour has it, he was touting the crowds outside the arena in a crown of thorns, dragging a life size crucifix and scalping tickets to his next appearance on Sunrise.

Anyway, this is the stuff of nonsense….

Over to youse…

108 Australian indigenous languages in danger

According to UNESCO, 2500 of the world’s 6700 languages are in danger:

A language is endangered when its speakers cease to use it, use it in fewer and fewer domains, use fewer of its registers and speaking styles, and/or stop passing it on to the next generation.
Safeguarding endangered languages

Thanks to Simon Maghakyan, an Armemian blogger at Global Voices for alerting us to this: Worldwide: 2,500 Languages Disappearing.

In Australia 108 indigenous languages are in danger. The UNESCO Google Map page can be activated by clicking below.

How many have you ever heard, Australia, Ten Canoes and Yolngu Boy included?

Global Voices does what it can to promote languages through its Lingua project that translates posts into as many as 20 languages. You can donate to keep their work alive by clicking here.

Housing Market’s About To Crash In A Big Way

There’s every indication now that tighter lending conditions will hamper recovery in the housing market anytime soon.  In short, ‘the BIG SQUEEZE in lending is on.  As the following news items indicate,  even the enthusiasm generated by the first homebuyers grant can be almost certain to dampen significantly in the months ahead.

Gone are the days, it would seem, that smaller lenders can compete with the BIG FOUR, and back to the days when the BIG FOUR had mortgage lending cornered. Continue reading