Taunts turn to violence – bullying exposed‏

Bullying is so widespread it’s hard to know where to begin in addressing the issue.  This thread follows on from yesterday’s thread Bullying so bad bullied students turn to guns

Today, the Daily Telegraph have revealed that a Parliamentary inquiry will begin taking evidence into what to appears to be a growing problem.

Taunts turn to violence

BULLYING victims will be invited to tell their harrowing stories to a Parliamentary inquiry which has begun taking evidence.

Since launching an anti-bullying campaign this week The Daily Telegraph has been inundated with complaints that schools and workplaces have failed to take action against the perpetrators.

Frankly, an inquiry of this sort is well -overdue, in my opinion.

Then again, I’ve been following a whole host of cases that should have highlighted just how widespread bullying really is and the devastating impact it has on those affected.  Here as just a few examples I’ve found.

Bully thugs run family out of town

THE grieving family of 14-year-old bullying victim Alex Wildman have fled their Lismore home after a campaign of terror and intimidation.

School’s Out: Homosexuality, Bullying and Suicide

SA HEALTH has ignored its own advisory group’s repeated warnings a “noxious” work environment is putting the health system “on the verge of collapse”.

Documents from the Health Department’s Workforce Reference Group show doctors have been warning of the dangers of “overwhelming” workloads since at least 2005.

The minutes of the group’s meetings, circulated to SA Health officials, show doctors fear work overload and low morale are threatening their health and the proper treatment of patients.

It is understood work-related stress was a factor in the suicides of three public hospital department heads – the heads of psychiatry, general medicine and emergency – in the past two years.

The South Australian Salaried Medical Officers Association says it understands work-related stress and workplace bullying were factors in the recent suicides. SASMOA senior industrial officer Andrew Murray said at least one person had been pushing for a reduction in workload.

School’s Out: Homosexuality, Bullying and Suicide

Suicide is now the leading cause of death by injury in Australia ahead of car accidents and homicide, and it is the largest single cause of death in Australian men. In recent years, several reports have linked homosexual orientation to youth suicide. Studies estimate nearly 30 percent of gay youths attempt suicide (Nicholas and Howard, 1998), but the complex relationship between the two has not been studied. This paper, therefore, focuses on the cultural context of suicide and asks questions about how it comes to be constructed as an option for young people experiencing harassment due to sexual orientation.

How an army of bullies drove a soldier to suicide

An injured trainee soldier hanged himself after enduring a culture of “denigration and harassment”, a damning internal army investigation has found.

The soldier, 20-year-old Jeremy Paul Williams, believed he was likely to be discharged because of leg injuries, but his depression was aggravated by bullying at the army’s School of Infantry at Singleton, NSW.

After drinking heavily for the best part of a day, Private Williams tied a rope to a tree and hanged himself in the early hours of February 2, while on infantry training near Sydney.

Families of bullied soldiers who took own lives receive compensation

The Federal Government will today announce ex gratia payments to the families of four young soldiers who killed themselves after being subjected to bastardisation, bullying or neglect.

The relatives of Lance-Corporal Nicholas Shiels and privates Jeremy Williams, John Satatas and David Hayward have been fighting for more than three years to have their losses acknowledged.

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  1. It’s a NSW state parliament inquiry. Still, anyone of any age from anywhere can make a submission.

  2. Lyn, on February 18th, 2009 at 10:11 am Said:

    It’s a NSW state parliament inquiry. Still, anyone of any age from anywhere can make a submission.”

    And the indication I’m getting from Sydney’s DT is that they’ll be pushing very hard. There’s no shortage of angry parents and teachers etc. Take a look at comments from last year

    Thursday, July 31, 2008 at 06:00pm

  3. Lyn

    I get an overwhelming sense that so many people have stories to tell, yet would rather forget than remember the pain associated with bullying.

    I think Elizabeth Farrelly is close to the mark: We constantly Band-Aid bullying – in schools and workplaces, nursing homes and churches, government departments, ministerial offices and even in the army (uh, isn’t that what armies are for?) But in truth we now have a system based on bullying; run by bullies, for bullies. A system that not only rewards and promotes bullies, but covers up when they’re caught.

    Bullying and toxic favours provoke mood of disgust

  4. Taking a united stand is THE ONLY WAY!

    Town fights school thugs
    A TOWN in which two bullied teenagers committed suicide is taking the fight to playground thugs in a bid to stamp out the deadly behaviour. Schoolboy victims Alex Wildman and Tim Winkler killed themselves seven years apart after bullying at Lismore on the North Coast.
    Victims across the state contacted The Daily Telegraph with stories of how their lives were made a misery by bullies, including one woman who was held over a stairwell by her ankles.
    State Nationals MP Thomas George has letterboxed homes in Lismore urging the community to unite to “stamp out bullying”.
    “The time to think about how we can eliminate bullying and act . . . is now,” Mr George wrote.
    “Bullying at school, in the workplace or at home is totally unacceptable and cannot be tolerated. We need to empower teachers and principals to discipline students, boost the number of school counsellors and get schools and police to work together.”

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