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Our middle of the week speed hump thread where we get to reflect upon what was and could’ve been.

The global financial crisis (gfc) is really beginning to hit home now with mass redundancies both here and overseas. However it’s not all bad news. A number of economists have suggested that the worst is now behind us – at least in terms of the performance of sharemarkets. The US market is no around 9% higher than it was in November with speculation that Obama’a stimulus package with further confidence to enter the market.

In more important news I had a salad for lunch. It was nice. However can pasta salad really be considered a salad?

And here’s a funky toon for Julie Bishop…


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  1. Last year someone mentioned the car sharing companies that are springing up. Anyway, I am using one here in Sydney and it is fantastic. No need to rent a car anymore – i just book it over the phone or innertubes, go to the car and just drive away.

  2. Isn’t a salad just a meal that’s intentionally cold? Oh wait, that would include ice cream. IDK what the definitional boundaries of a salad are.

    The share market might have bottomed but the real pain for the masses has barely begun. The state of California is insolvent, likewise Kansas and probably others. They have no money to pay public servants and none to pay income tax refunds.

    This thing is only just beginning.

  3. I’ve heard that there’s a new pill that can help you forget any bad memories.

    Now, can anyone tell me anything about this Liberal party that I keep hearing about…?

  4. BTW California has the eighth biggest economy in the world. I find the fact that its government is insolvent rather scary.

  5. That is very scary, Ken.

  6. Isn’t “The Terminator” governor of California?

    He should be able to sort things out…

    what with that incredible intellect n all…

  7. Was just listening to a report which states that the average cost for a ye olde wedding is now $49,000.

    Just let me know if any of the blog crew are thinking about tying the knot so that I can save my pennies to help out.

  8. Well reb and myself cannot get married to our partners at the moment, so maybe we should thank the FMFB for saving us some money?

  9. Reb re In more important news I had a salad for lunch. It was nice. However can pasta salad really be considered a salad?

    Yes it can. However if you start throwing in animal protein such as bacon bits, then sadly pasta salad becomes main course rather than salad.

  10. BS joni. I will go out and get a license as a civil registrar myself. Actually, that’s not such a bad idea. And you know me, when I say it, I mean it.

    It’s just that currently such marriages aren’t recognised as even civil/common law marriages.

    Ah well, who cares, it’s feelings that count.

    Son isn’t married either and it took him over a year to achieve married man’s status via the navy. Cute: we are J&C A** and son and partner are now J&C A**. Well legally they’re not, but if the navy says ‘married man status’ then who is going to argue.

  11. I got married overseas, the funny bit was the priest takes me into the backroom and i was ready to hurt him, im no fool.
    Have you kissed a girl?
    are you a virgin?
    (10 or so questions just as lame)

    when a nod didnt supply a sufficient enough of an answer i would switch off and pretended i didnt understand

  12. Aqua..Jeff is a Catholic and was threatened with excommunication for marrying me (C of E). That he could no longer take holy communion.

    Am thinking that your answers might have been..Yes, yes, yes and double yes..and whooo yesssss. And nooo.

  13. #Jeff is a Catholic and was threatened with excommunication for marrying me.

    some priests really look up to themselves. I for one have no time for them. I did that for my wife, or only one fit person would have exited the room.

  14. # or only one fit person would have exited the room.

    wow how tough, i just get angry with that bullying behaviour.

  15. “what with that incredible intellect n all…”

    I guess he’s got some pretty heavy lifting to do.

    Lucky for him Obama & his stimulus package are playing Cavalry to the rescue.


  16. Well, too jolly late now as we’re coming up to our 34th wedding anniversary.

  17. Just for interest’s sake there are quite a number of bloke/bloke marriages on the Pioneers Index (this is to 1888) and this is aside from gender similar names such as Francis/Frances.

  18. Interesting. The proportion of people with private health insurance increased despite the medicare surcharge changes.

    Wonder if it is only temporary. Still a surprising result considering the GFC etc


  19. “A number of economists have suggested that the worst is now behind us – at least in terms of the performance of sharemarkets.”

    I reckon we’ve along way to go joni.

    You might find this an interesting read:

    Finance Capitalism Hits a Wall
    The Oligarchs’ Escape Plan


    (Michael Hudson served as Chief Economic Advisor for Dennis Kucinich’s 2008 presidential campaign and holds the same position in Kucinich’s Congressional campaign. He has been economic advisor to the U.S., Canadian, Mexican and Latvian governments, to the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), and he is president of the Institute for the Study of Long-term Economic Trends (ISLET)….wiki pedia

    Here’s the conclusion:

    The result can only be an increasingly extractive economy, until households, real estate and industrial companies, states and cities, and the national government itself is driven into debt peonage.

    The alternative is a century and a half old, and emerged out of the ideals of the classical economic doctrines of Adam Smith, David Ricardo, John Stuart Mill, and the last great classical economist, Marx. Their common denominator was to view rent and interest are extractive, not productive. Classical political economy and its successor Progressive Era socialism sought to nationalize the land (or at least to fully tax its rent as the fiscal base). Governments were to create their own credit, not leave this function to wealthy elites via a bank monopoly on credit creation. So today’s neoliberalism paints a false picture of what the classical economists envisioned as free markets. They were markets free of economic rent and interest (and taxes to support an aristocracy or oligarchy). Socialism was to free economies from these overhead charges. Today’s Obama-Geithner rescue plan is just the reverse.



  20. nasking, on February 18th, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    Luv it, N’ – still chuckling as I type…

    …hang on, joni, its going to be a long, hard bumpy, ride! …and its all downhill for this year!

    ..when will they ever learn? Da da… When will they e-e-ver learn…da da da dada da…

    …what we need is a revolution led by honest people – bugger!

    Well my income is reduced to a virtual dribble now at 3% and expected to fall – that’s OK though, ’cause two of our banana trees have fruit!

    Might make our fortune with 120 bananas and the flood up north, hey!

    Always one persons misfortune is another’s profit in a “dog eat dog world” (as I’m sure, KL, would agree)

  21. A new blog at Crikey has just started – the Anti-Bolt/Blair/Akerman “Pure Poison”. You just need to register and it don’t cost nothing, but I think it’s a fine antidote.


  22. Thanx for the link Ross.

    It just so happens that I loathe Akerboltbrechtsenahan enough to register over at purepoison & I’ll be watching the site with interest.

  23. Just went for a read Ross. And yes hands up, I cannot get published on Bolt’s blog.

  24. I think it’s disloyal to post elsewhere.

    We should confine our brilliant and insightful commentary to our friends here. It is just too valuable to share.

  25. That’s why I’m here Tom, Bolta refuses to publish my comments 😕

  26. Tom @ 1:01.

    You’re absolutely right old sausage. My life now has meaning after ‘meeting’ you.

    You’re the nicest paradox I’ve ever met.

  27. PurePoison is pure joy!

  28. I know we all “hate” Bolt, but that judgement the Crikey laughs about was pretty bad. The magistrate did beat up on the prosecutor and unnecessarily so, and that’s after having read ALL of the passage, including the bits ommitted by Bolt.

  29. Sorry James, I forgot that you “hate” it when people pick on Bolt, or Christianity.

    My mistake, I better go & deregister myself I suppose.

  30. Surely you mean you are going to flush yourself toiletboss?

  31. It’s not so much that, WaterClosetMaster, but Crikey shit me in that they can’t ever see some of the irony of what they present. I’m not sure if there is a website that engages in greater misrepresentation of facts than Crikey, yet they devote a blog to a subject with at best a thin case of misrepresentation by the subject.

  32. Yes, I may well flush myself.
    But being the cleanliving puritan that I am I will most probably shut my eyes & block my nostrils as I go head first into the bowl; I have to leave my mouth open to breathe underwater unfortunately.

  33. Toiletboss,

    Warren and Chad will be in town on Sunday. The excitement is building.

    Poor Jedda has been waiting 3 months for this momentous event and now she has to go to Adelaide for a few days. She is devastated. You can probably feel the devastation from where you are. It’s very powerful.

  34. James, I agree re crikey. I was just being a dickhead.

    I gotta say though, Bolt irks me bad & I’ll be taking the opportunity to join in the Bolt-bash over there.

  35. Miglo, she should ask herself whether maybe providence has smiled upon her by removing her from the sad spectacle of Sydney beating the seven shades of shit out of her beloved Portscum.

    On a more positive note, the Crows are sure to give Geelong a football lesson on Saturday night at the Dome…gulp.

  36. Swans cannot win on Sunday, they couldn’t beat Dimboola U12s in the pre-season cup. Because they don’t want to, and rightly so.

  37. Why don’t they want to?

    Portscum are clearly worse than Dimboola U12’s.

    James, you seem far too rational to be a portscum follower.

  38. “I’ll be taking the opportunity to join in the Bolt-bash over there.”

    That’s practically treason.

    So… we’re not good enough for you anymore?

  39. Nope, this is home Tom.

    Wherever I may roam I’m just providing filler & interjection between the comments of people who actually know what they’re talking about. No delusions of grandeur within me.

    Of course if we had a dedicated thread for nothing more than airing my grievances against Bolt in a childish fashion then I wouldn’t have to be unfaithful.

  40. I’m a Swans man, old South Melbourne. The pre-season cup is a joke of a comp. Roos knows that it’s virtually impossible to be in top form for the whole season so he makes it his goal to get into the top 4 then have the players hitting form at finals time. There’s only one comp, the the premiership one. The other is about revenue raising for corporates and the Swans aren’t into that.

  41. Please, PLEASE James!

    You are laying waste to my vivid fantasy of Portscum not winning a single game in 2009.
    Couldn’t you just find it within yourself to ask Roos to make an exception, just this once? then they can go back to tanking if that’s their want.

    BTW, I’m gonna claim the same “they didn’t really want to win anyway” if by some miracle the Crows don’t manage to pulverise Geelong.

  42. Hmmmph…..you lefties, can’t even do evil right!! What you want is for Port to win the pre-season cup. Watch the ferals fill their pants as they talk of the likelihood of winning….”the DOUBLE”. Then sit back in delight as it all starts to disintegrate and old Choco gets more and more uptight. Why kick them off the bottom rung when it’s so much more fun kicking them off the third storey. We did it to Carlton a few years ago and my sides have still not fully come together.

  43. Tigers do it every year too……

  44. I cannot keep it a secret any longer. I barrack for Collingwood.

  45. I am way too stingy to want them to have any kind of success, even fake, pre-season success.

    Choco is great to watch when he gets uptight though, stumbling into this season on his last legs I hope.

  46. That’s seriously funny min. But you seem so nice, I therefore know that you must be having a lend
    You don’t really barrack for Collingwood…do you?

    If you post a pic of yourself burning an effigy of Eddy McG I’m willing to forget that I ever heard the “C” word.

  47. I do agree with James on one thing, and that is that the pre-season comp is a joke. For one, I can’t stand all the rule changes that are trialled in the pre-season games.

    But . . . we don’t get the opportunity to see top ranked professional machines like Port play here often so we must seize the moment.

  48. LOL.

    Yes, they are like unprofessional seized machines.

  49. Sorry Toiletb..it’s true. However my cousin was Johnny Jenkins aka Jerka..the original one who played for North Melbourne, later Preston. Does this earn me redemption points?

  50. “Does this earn me redemption points?”min

    Not really.

    The only good thing that I can come up with about Collingwood off of the top of my head is that they’re NOT Portscum.

  51. Toiletb..I figured as much. At least I hate Hawthorn and Carlton, does this count?

  52. At least if that dental thing comes into Medicare we won’t have to worry about the Collingwood supporters benefitting in any way.

    Bloody rule changes, and they are planning on bringing some of them into the season proper. Thing is, EVERY YEAR they think of a way to make the umpires centre of attention then spend the year complaining that the umpires are criticised and that they can’t recruit them. Here’s a tip, stop making up stupid effing uninterpretable effing rules!

  53. “Here’s a tip, stop making up stupid effing uninterpretable effing rules!”

    Dead right James. As Tim Lane said: “If it’s the best game in the world why does it have to be changed all the time?”

    Get rid of that idiot Demetriou and get some stability and a return of the hard nuts back in the game.

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