Hockey 1, Hockey 2

Was Joe the first pick for opposition treasury spokesperson or not? There are so many stories in the press today detailing how Turnbull actually asked Costello on Sunday (before Bishop fell on her sword) if he wanted the job! Including this story from Dennis Shanahan:

ABC radio last night cited unnamed Costello supporters who said Mr Turnbull’s offer of the shadow treasury job was not a “clean” one.

And this from the SMH:

Senior Liberals say categorically that Mr Costello was asked whether he wanted the shadow treasury when it became apparent that Ms Bishop would be forced out. The latest offer was made on Sunday.

And so Joe is now going to be taunted forever as “number two”, and we all know what number two’s are.


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  1. Oh yeeeah!

    A thread about faecal consolation positions.

    Thanks for gratifying my fixation.

  2. And so Joe is now going to be taunted forever as “number two”, and we all know what number two’s are.

    Wasn’t ‘Jackass Number Two’ already released here…:)


  3. Number Two: a minor character in the Douglas Adams novel The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

    and perhaps to be a major character in the Peter Costello epic The Implosion at the End of Neo-Liberalism.


  4. And Joe Jackson had a song called “Be my number two”.

  5. I see the ASX has plunged on opening this morning – must be reaction to Joe Hockey’s appointment and Peter Custard’s petulant withdrawal again 😉

  6. “And Joe Jackson had a song called “Be my number two”.”

    Can’t see too many wanting Joe Hockey as Number 2 in the way that Joe Jackson used it though.

  7. …Peter Custard’s petulant withdrawal…

    Oh, the fun we could have with that comment *evil grin*

  8. And Turdball and the gutless wonders relationship must be pretty sour. If the phone call happened, there were 2 privy to it, Turdball and Costello. Turdball is stupid but not that stupid to leak that his salesman is the secong string, so who can we assume leaked the offer to the press?. If Costello supports the party and its leader, why is he trying to undermine it. Is he staying on for revenge, it certainly looks like it. The funny thing is that I scoured the pages of the Sydney Daily Tele for their take on the Libs circus, I went through ove 20 pages before I saw anything from their royal blue reporters Akerman and Mc Crann. If the ALP played musical chairs like Turdball, then it would have been splashed all over the front pages. So much for impartial reporting.
    Minchen’s silence has been deafening in this, is it part of the plot to let Turdball fall on his sword and the dickhead duo of Costello and Minchen come to the rescue of the “Pity Party”

  9. It is just delicious watching them still fighting amongst themselves, but it means that the focus is all on the opposition and not the actions of the government.

  10. But joni, you forget, the Libs are a “united team”….

  11. United against each other.

  12. Just wondering how Pyne will go as manager of opposition business. At least we won’t have to listen to Hockey shre*king.

  13. Min… that’s funny.

    And no – no sign of Adrian.

    If you are out there Adrian – just check in so we know you OK.

  14. reb, on February 18th, 2009 at 2:09 pm Said:

    But joni, you forget, the Libs are a “united team”….

    derived from Adelaide United, the pissant town, to lib, the pissant party

  15. Joni, is it delicious watching them fighting or frustrating (for most) that they seem to refuse to fight. I think Turnbull was trying to get his enemy close and Costello refused to take the bait.

  16. James of North Melbourne

    Yes, tip is going to sit back and let them implode, and then come racing in on his silver charger.

    And I can just hear the RWDB commentators creaming themselves already. Akers is going to be needing medication. (different to that which he is obviously already on)

  17. I get the impression that Costello is having a wow of a time. Howard brought in Turnbull in order to stick the rude finger up to Costello. And now Costello is sittin’ there..well cop this you b*stards.

  18. Wasn’t Costello No 2 for 12 years of Government?

  19. And once I get a chance to read I will put a post up on the National Health and Hospital Reform Commission’s interim report….

  20. And so now Old Joe is it, our future treasurer should the Libs win the next election. Any opinions re Joe Hockey as Treasurer?

  21. Min, has Joe ever had an original idea. If the Libs ever win another election, and Hoss Hocley hasn’t died of old age, he will still be implementing someone elses ideas.

  22. Hmm..

    So we have so far via David:

    1. Hockey has never had an original idea.

    Anyone care to dispute this?

    I will add in as a 2.

    Hockey has about the same understanding of the economy as Bishop.

  23. David you bought up a good point, how is the media getting in early on the news and so often.

    What a dog to his own party and i see why howard was always to scared to hand anything over to him untill his own future in the party was finished.

    Turdball , lol. i cant get that out of my head.

    Min, I cant see this lasting long. The attacks on Costello for not being strong will be small in comparison

  24. “Yes, tip is going to sit back and let them implode, and then come racing in on his silver charger.””

    Tom R, it wouldn’t surprise me if Costello sits there the next few years quietly sabotaging & destabilising the Libs & Nits thinking “there you go, that’s what happens when you support an obvious inferior like John Howard over this genius package”.

    It’s happened before.


  25. “And now Costello is sittin’ there..well cop this you b*stards.”



  26. I think Costello will recontest the next election. He’ll wait until then for the leadership.

    It’s a 4½ year plan, not a 6 month one.

  27. Tip will only re-contest the next election providing the remaining sloths in the Liberal party carry him into parliament on an elevated throne, with Julie Bishop and Joe Hockey flinging a path of rose petals to hark the arrival of his his royal highness.

  28. “It’s a 4½ year plan, not a 6 month one.”

    He might be a bestselling author by then? Not want the job.


  29. A party is only as strong as its leader. The Pity Party would need to be desperate to run the cream puff Costello at the next election. He has too much form for being yellow, a revengeful mongrel, and if he ever attains the leadership, there will be hardly anyone left to support him, based on his current search and destroy mission on the party.

  30. I hope they offer Abbott the top job.

    It would be hilarious – all seething vile invective..

    “The wailing and gnashing of teeth will always be lower under a Liberal Government”

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