Next move – Bishop to ?

The speculation continues over the future of Julie Bishop as the opposition Treasury spokesperson.

LIBERAL frontbencher Peter Dutton has refused to say whether Julie Bishop should continue as the federal party’s treasury spokeswoman.

There is speculation Ms Bishop will step down following a series of blunders and recent polls showing the opposition is losing its mantle as a superior economic manager.

Who will be the replacement? Hockey? Robb?

Or could the master backup driver be a possibility? After all Costello seems to have been rejected by the commercial sector, and his career as a book writer seemed to have been short lived.

I say – come on Peter, go for it.


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  1. It would seem that the opposition would love the cream puff to come back in this portfoilo, but one of the major failures of the previous government was accepting responsibility for their actions. Imagine Costello being put to the sword in the house now the economic failures of their crew have been exposed. I can’t see him being anything but a target in this role. Ruddy and the ALP would have hours of fun with Costello. Bring him back….please bring him back, to explain why they let the country down so badly when their tax receipts were at a record high.

  2. And he would not be able to rely on “Mr Speaker” to get his laughs.

  3. Bishop to go at 1145am?

    Julie Bishop is expected to step down today as shadow treasurer and move to foreign affairs.

    In return for stepping aside voluntarily, Ms Bishop will remain as the Liberal Party’s deputy leader.

  4. It will be fun to see how they spin this change.

  5. Bishop to go at 11.45am?

    I guess that can only mean one thing –

    “the eyes don’t have it”

  6. Is this an arrow in the Heart for Turdball. After hiis smug smiling endorsement of her on yesterdays news, now look what happened. Either Turdball is a smiling assassin or he has very little suport of his senior people in the Lib Party. I guess it comes down to the question of who would trust Minchen and Robb anyway. Maybe it’s the start of the end for Turdball.

  7. Just walked in from vegie garden duties..was only half listening but I think that Sky says that Bishop has stepped down as shadow treasurer and that it’s Hockey.

  8. I liked this comment and quote from a SMH article yesterday:

    Distressed by “carefully placed stories” that she is performing badly, the Liberals’ federal deputy leader has decided she will step aside from the shadow treasury post if the majority of her colleagues demand it.

    Yes, it was all the “carefully planted stories” and had absolutely nothing to do with the dumb comments she made in interviews , nor her apparent lack of understanding of economics, nor her dumb “blogs” in the SMH – it was all the “carefully planted stories” 🙄

  9. david

    Is this an arrow in the Heart for Turdball.

    It’s hardly a ringing endorsement of his judgement 😉

  10. Does this mean that she has been sent to the naughty corner??

  11. “Oh meow” joni 😉

  12. Personally, I think hockey will get the call.

    tip is waiting for the grand prize. churnbull will take the brunt of the voters for now, and, when the nation slips into recession, tip will make his move. Voter anger will turn from lib to Labor then. The only obstacle is churnbull, and he is making it easier for tip daily.

  13. TomR..see above, yes t’is so. Hockey is it as a replacement for Bishop. Confirmed Bishop goes to Foreign Affairs.

  14. And where does Coonan go?

  15. Where would you like Coonan to go joni?

  16. LOL…. into an internet filter.

  17. I thought to go and have lunch, but then though nah..will sit and wait for joni to reply 🙂

  18. Min

    Woops, I am good at foreseeing what will happen after the event lol

  19. Min

    Also, thanks for the reply in the other thread, will get in contact with you soon

  20. Coonan will go finance evidently – that should be interesting …

    Julie to Foreign Affairs will also be interesting … not sure if having the deputy OS for a significant amount of time is a good thing but when it’s Julie it might just be a smart tactic!

  21. Going, going, GONE!,25197,25060479-601,00.html
    EMBATTLED Liberal deputy Julie Bishop has resigned from the treasury portfolio.

  22. Hear that whizzing sound? That is Shanahan spinning this as being bad for Swan.

    Her problem has been an inability to cut through on the economic debate and take advantage of the perceived weakness of Wayne Swan as treasurer.

    Her lack of authority has been clear for some time and as her weakness became more apparent the importance of her role increased.

    So – the problem is not that Bishop was bad, just that she could not make Swan look bad.

  23. did well. I certainly didn’t pick Old Joe going to Shallow Finance Minister. Well that’s goin’ to be a shrek, boot skootin’ event.

    I like old Joe, but but but… Human services or similar. I still have the image of him as Shrek, which mind you he did very well.

  24. Min

    “Distressed by “carefully placed stories” that she is performing badly, the Liberals’ federal deputy leader has decided she will step aside from the shadow treasury post if the majority of her colleagues demand it.”

    I guess this makes those responsible for the stories a group of sniping women (lol).

  25. Avuncular Joe steps up

    OPPOSITION finance spokesman Joe Hockey is to replace Julie Bishop as treasury spokesperson as part of a reshuffle of Malcolm Turnbull’s frontbenc

  26. Taking a look at Joe one would think he caused the recession. Consumes way more than he produces.

  27. Joe is a goose. He is an incompetent bubble head. And he’s a lying, deceitful bastard (straight from the Howard mould). I should know: I used to work for him.

  28. Go Migs!

  29. But Migs, at least he is avuncular.

  30. Congratulations Avuncular! I’m sure you will as good a job with the Treasury portfolio as you did with managing WorstChoices…

  31. Miglo, you are describing many politicians there. Yes Hoss Hockey is a bit short when he needs to think on his feet, hence the old “if someone is holding a gun to your head, then tell them to shoot” stupidity. His problem is going to be keeping up with the Turdball twists and turns on his economic policies. This job is surely a suicide mission. One has to get behind Turdball’s approval of everything, then within days do a reverse sumersault with a double pike. The problem then is that he will need to sell another twist and turn to joe public, who have woken from thier slumber and are awake after the Rodent screwed them for many years. The problem Hoss has is that he can’t lie on his feet that well.

  32. The irony is that Joe loved his job. The reality is that he was lousy at it.

  33. Joni and reb,

    It is of no consequence whatsover, but the shapes of your heads on your avatars are the same shape as the head that sits on Joe’s neck.

    Bubble shaped.

  34. From John McP..Go Migs. The Sweat Hog lost my respect when re refused to accept his mate Rudd’s invitation to the daughter’s wedding.

  35. Addendum, just trivia but it maketh the man.

  36. Wow, on another Howard Era related issue!

    Telstra attacks human rights record
    Paul Maley | February 16, 2009,24897,25060093-15306,00.html?referrer=email
    TELSTRA has launched an extraordinary attack on Australia’s human rights record, citing the Howard government practice of keeping children in detention as a reason why a charter of rights is needed.

    In a submission to the national human rights consultation panel, the country’s largest telecommunications company wholeheartedly endorses a charter, arguing it would “provide greater clarity about the protection of human rights in Australia”

  37. Says much about the Liberal leadership ‘team’ and the way they talk (or don’t) to each other. Yesterday, Turnbull was loud in his praises apparently unaware they Julie was about to jump or be pushed.

    Why didn’t she tell him? Perhaps they don’t talk? (While they live far apart, telephones actually reach across the land.) Or perhaps they do talk and neither knew that Julie was about to be topped?

    Either way, Malcolm is shown to be a passenger on the bus but certainly not the driver. He remains in the leader’s position only at the whim of the power brokers. Another humiliation!

    Swan would be laughing. Since he got the Treasury appointment (shadow and actual) he’s seen off Costello, Turnbull and Bishop. Methinks the ‘avuncular one’ won’t cut the mustard also, unless he totally reinvents himself which is most unlikely and besides he’s not know for his work ethic.

  38. John..Telstra wants a Charter of Rights..???? Perhaps they should run a candidate at the next election.

  39. Min

    They want a Charter of Human Rights, but certainly don’t like addressing employee pay issues.

    Union pursues Trujillo on pay and conditions,25197,25030970-15306,00.html
    Mitchell Bingemann | February 10, 2009

    HUNDREDS of Telstra workers stormed the company’s offices in Sydney yesterday demanding that chief executive Sol Trujillo return to the negotiating table on union employment agreements.

    Some 200 protesters took the fight to Telstra’s offices waving fake $13.4 million notes emblazoned with the face of Mr Trujillo and carrying placards denouncing Telstra’s refusal to negotiate on pay and conditions.

    Telstra’s chief executive was nowhere to be seen, however, as he was absent in Perth on a peace-keeping mission after industrial action the previous week caused a 48-hour network outage for one of the telco’s biggest customers.

  40. John, yes I do understand this. In a nutshell. Telstra refuse to address employee issues. They then come up with a furphy, putting out a press statement saying that they are a Human Rights company and will push government for a Human Rights Charter.

    Hugs, MinXXX

  41. Miglo,

    I didn’t think Joe had a neck.

    I thought his head sat squarely on his shoulders. I don’t think he’s capable of turning his head independently of the rest of his body.

    He’s kinda like the Fred Flinstone of Canberra I suspect.

  42. Well thank goodness reb. I was beginning to think that you had wafted off into a never world of smart suits and left us behind.

  43. REb,

    He did have one, but is sank under to the immense weight of his head.

  44. Migs

    At least reb and I are wearing clothes 😛

  45. Jeesus Wept.

    The drycleaning bill for my new suits is $120!

    I’m beginning to wonder whether iit’s really worth it.

    But then I will be the best dressed person in Hobart, which by default also covers Queensland too.

    So I guess it’s worth it….


  46. Hi all.

    I am in down town Coonabarabran for the week. Arrived yesterday. Newell Highway between Goondiwindi and Moree almost closed due to water over road. My poor car nearly drowned. I don’t know how she made it through. One lot was 500m of water and the poor thing nearly stopped a few times. Trucks ploughing thorugh and drowning the car didn’t help.

    Only a week ago there was stifling heat with record temperatures in the town and the area.

    There is rain everywhere with Bourke getting 8 inches.

    Hopefully I will be able to get home on the wekend.

    A land of droughts and flooding rains to be sure.

  47. “At least reb and I are wearing clothes”


  48. Migs

    Very very good question. For me the answer is so that I do not scare the locals with my birthday suit.

  49. Education spokesman Chris Pyne will take over the tactically important role of manager of opposition business in the House of Representatives from Mr Hockey.

    Oh great – now we will have points of order complete with petulate whining 🙄

  50. Will Pyne have to step on the despatch box to reach the microphone?

  51. petulate = petulant (my bad)

    Will Pyne have to step on the despatch box to reach the microphone?

    I’m afraid you’ve lost me on that one joni …

  52. Well he is only 12 (voice not broken eyt).

  53. ah – gotcha!

    I’d never actually thought of him as looking only 12 but now that you mention it …

    At any rate – it should be interesting watch him ‘perform’ as manager of Opposition business.

  54. “There is rain everywhere with Bourke getting 8 inches.”

    Who’s Bourke..?

  55. reb – now you have me crying.

  56. All this talk of 8 inches reminds me of a poem:

    There once was a fellow from Kent,
    Whose c*ck was incredibly bent.
    To save any trouble,
    He’d stick in in double.
    And instead of coming . . . he went.

  57. That’s despicable Migs.

  58. Mention anything to do with sex and reb blushes.

  59. Miglo

    Except when reb is the one mentioning it!

  60. 8 inches and sex in a julie bishop blog, you guys make me sick, now wheres my gerbil

  61. Scan reading:

    Who will be the replacement? Hockey? Robb?
    ~would love the cream puff
    ~fun to see how they spin
    Just walked in from vegie garden duties
    At least reb and I are wearing clothes
    For me the answer is so that I do not scare the locals with my birthday suit.
    There is rain everywhere with Bourke getting 8 inches

    Anyone care to add to the above??

  62. I’ll grant you min, that it was a bit of an odd thread, but then – that’s what Julie brang to the portfolio.

  63. “brang?”

    Is there such a word as “brang?”

  64. “brang”

    It must be a Queensland term. I think what you meant to say was “brought”


  65. Joni, do you want me to be serious and sensible? Sorry, I am following aqua re 8 inches sex and Julie Bishop.

    It’s been a bugger of a week and another bugger of a week to follow. Am appreciating some down time via the blog.

    joni: No no no…. we need some lightness to start the week. Some laughter, some giggles.

  66. Neil used it in “Play me” and that’s good enough for me!

    Song she sang to me
    Song she brang to me
    Words that rang in me
    Rhyme that sprang from me

    And the word is in the complete Oxford Dictionary as the Scottish past tense of the verb “to bring”.


  67. Reb: Ms Jenkins your English teacher here. Brang is the past tense of bring or brought.

  68. Oh f**k off!

    Only someone from Queensland would drop “brang” into polite conversation…

    Youse all need your heads looked..!.

  69. And with all of this talk about Julie Bishop and sex I would have thought that Walrus would have chimed in by now.

  70. Oi! Reb!

    I am a cockroach and proud of it.

  71. You talk 8 inches and immediately the hosts get excited 🙂 Must remember to use mm next time to avoid arousal.

  72. Psst! Shh! I think I can come out to play…

    sreb, you are quite correct…the word “brang” does not exist in my “The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary” (two bloody great volumes of it!) on page 274 – brandy, brangle, brank – no brang!

    Nor does it exist in my Australian Pocket Oxford Dictionary (and why should it if its not in the biggest and best Oxford Dictionary?) – p.80 – brandy, brash – no brang!

    BTW, sreb, did you know I come from Queensland?


  73. I don’t think brang is a word used in ‘proper’ english, maybe as slang. Very common anyway, like youse and gotten etc. probably used extensively in Qld 🙂 (just for TB!)

  74. Yes TB I know you come from Queensland.

    I’ve been anticipating the backlash to all my anti-Queensland comments, but so far you’ve disappointed me.

    I’ve even been making pointed remarks about Queenslanders’ dress sense and the number of Lowes outlets, yet still ye excercise great restraint.

    If you were truly from Queensland you woulda had “me guts fer garters” by now.

    Or are you just being diplomatic? It’s just not like a Queenslander to be diplomatic.

    I’m very confused. I need a drink. Oh look there’s one here in front of me…


  75. Dearest reb. There are a lot better at this than me, mostly because I’m only 5’1/2″ but here goes.

    Wadda mean ya wanker, Lowes. You poofter snob (like that one, cheesy grin).

    If ya wanna tutu, my lil sisters got one that fits ya. After all ya got nuffin’ to put in it.

    Does this help?

  76. Don’t worry Joni I got this one

    Oh f**k off!

    Try to watch your language reb


  77. I’m getting the flighing high sence off everyone in a line with there choice of weapon to calm Reb down..

  78. Aqua

    Reb’s operating at a sub-prime level and may just go into a meltdown. Damn I have been writing about the financial crisis for too bloody long!

  79. John hug time. But I miss out because I’m too short.

  80. lol Min (everyone bring yellow pages)

    Its fun when Reb gets in this mood, it reminds me of his drinking nights.
    Im not considered a QLDer yet, im still referred to as the bloke from sydney or the diving bloke.

  81. sreb, I have been rather busy in and out of hospital (as a VISITOR!) over the last seven days so I’m a bit weary…

    …however, I met two nurses on two different occasions recently arrived from NSW and they were not sure whether they liked it here or not… 😯

    …they were both informed politely some Queenslanders thought that we had too many cockroaches, Mexicans, crow eaters, sand gropers, twin head Taswegians and bloody kiwis migrating to the Great SEQ…massive problem – for Queenslanders… (second growing region in the world after Pheonix, Arizona – where’s Sparta when you need him)

    …the same goes for your “insults” – we really don’t care – nobody is migrating to Tasmania or any other state/territory for that matter – must be a reason they want to come here – if we gave you a hard time you might think its worth defending – if we agree, or ignore you, you might all PISS OFF! 😆


    Note: I do suggest you checkout Lowes share price…

  82. lol Min (everyone bring yellow pages) Umm, aqua is this for me to stand on because I’m too short for the group hug??

    TB I have to choof due to dinner duties. Just to let you know that I have been thinking of you and imagining what you have been going through re your Auntie. Did the hospital have an opinion re Auntie’s symptoms and where to from here. You mentioned that (bless her soul) Auntie gave you power of Attorney. Ah well, in spite of Auntie not being everyone’s favorite at least she knew who would look after her.

  83. Min, on February 16th, 2009 at 7:21 pm

    Thanks Min – I’ll move my reply post to the Watercooler in the morning I too have to choof…family have arrived…

  84. Min, on February 16th, 2009 at 6:55 pm Said:

    John hug time. But I miss out because I’m too short.

    Good things come in small packages Min

    Hey, remember this song

  85. Hockey for shadow treasurer? Jesus H. Christ. They’re really reaching here.

    Poor Turnbull’s down to a rook and a couple of pawns.

    I reckon Rudd’s got him in three.

  86. Evan, on February 17th, 2009 at 12:49 am

    Any good player would concede at this stage…King (pun…) Turnbull should be on his back by now… 😀

    As for Joe Hockey “defender of the free market” what are these people in government for, if they don’t believe in governing? Oh! That’s right, infiltrate the government so that The Robber Barons “can’t” be governed…

    …and what an oxymoron – “free market” – has turned out to be, for most of us it has become a very – “expensive market”!

  87. TB

    As for Joe Hockey “defender of the free market” what are these people in government for, if they don’t believe in governing? Oh! That’s right, infiltrate the government so that The Robber Barons “can’t” be governed…

    …and what an oxymoron – “free market” – has turned out to be, for most of us it has become a very – “expensive market”!

    How right was I when I wrote this yesterday! Lol

    “Taking a look at Joe one would think he caused the recession. Consumes way more than he produces.”

  88. I note that Denis Shanahan has proclaimed Joe Hockey as the “formidable communicator” this morning…


  89. And without wishing to labour a point. I’m sure there must be some parts of Queensland that are really nice.

    I’ve heard that the Gold Coast is an unspoilt paradise for one thing…

  90. reb, on February 17th, 2009 at 9:43 am Said:

    I note that Denis Shanahan has proclaimed Joe Hockey as the “formidable communicator” this morning…


    Reb, I think there’s something seriously wrong with this guy. He’s a bit like Piers. So rigid and dogmatic in their beliefs that some of the things they write are purely idiotic.

  91. reb, on February 17th, 2009 at 9:46 am

    I’ve heard that the Gold Coast is an unspoilt paradise for one thing…


    Calm down, TB – mispelling – I know you meant “spoilt”

  92. Queensland, the deep north.

    I always find the sun & surf loving image odd, Brisbane is a long drive from any beach.

    Business attire is purchased from Lowes, polyester short sleeve shirt, polyester tie, polyester shorts, and walk socks. During the “cooler” months substitute a polyester suit from Lowes. No need for a skerrick of natural fibre. Nice and clingy.

    “Where did you get the suit?”
    “I branged it from Lowes!

  93. “Brisbane is a long drive from any beach.”

    Not true Tom. They have this lovely “manufactured” one in the heart of the city called “Southbank”. It has real sand and water and further encourages city dwellers to dress even further down than normal.

    I have it on good advice that a singlet, budgie smugglers and thongs are considered suitable boardroom attire.

  94. “Where did you get the suit?”
    “I branged it from Lowes!


  95. “I branged it from Lowes!

    Now that’s funny!

  96. “I branged it from Lowes!

    Now that’s funny!

    MMph! some of us don’t think so…

    BTW – “branged” isn’t a word – you must keep up Tom!

  97. Whoosh!

    There goes joni in a huff.

  98. I love it when joni is in a huff. He is just like a fluffy puddy-tat waiting for someone to ask him to come out and play again. And just cos he’s so cute, we all do.

  99. TB: Min whispers an aside. I get the feeling that we northern NSW welshpersons and Qlders might outnumber ‘the others’. Creepy music ensues about the others.

  100. Min

    joni = fluffy puddy-tat waiting for someone to ask him to come out and play again.

    Don’t know about the ‘just cos he’s so cute’, Rumour has it that even Sir Elton thinks joni can be a nasty bastard – his temper’s legendary. And we all know about Sir Elton’s temper tantrums. (wink)

    His sister’s just as bad

  101. MMph! some of us don’t think so…


    And it’s still funny.

    laugh…I laughed ’til I cried!

    His cousin’s just as bad

  102. Min, on February 17th, 2009 at 11:59 am

    Keep the secret, Min, keep the secret !

    Remember where you live is actually Queenswales… 😉

    PS posted re aunt on Watercooler as promised…

  103. TB, Queens Wales??? Now that could indeed be. Off to check Watercooler.

  104. Kitty

    “scarlet takes a tumble ” what a f$#king classic. Action replay!

  105. You are a bad kitty, KL 😆

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