Chillin’ by the Watercooler…



Welcome to our beginning of the working week idle chit chat thread.

It’s been very hot, or at least so I’ve been told in recent weeks, so a nice glass of iced water might just be what we all need right now.  Or maybe not…

There’s been lots of rain in Queensland, which is also a hot place too. This makes for a rather sticky combination, which probably explains why everyone is so badly dressed and the locals all make Steve Irwin look like Sir Humphrey Appleby tired.

Anyway, pull up a chair and place your orders.  Today’s bar attendant has been seconded from Qantas so you may have to wait a while, if in fact you’re served at all…

Don’t blame me. I just work here…


Qantas, the National Beggar.

Not content to compete on traditional measures such as quality of service, value for money and the overall customer service experience, Qantas has announced that it’s simply going to start begging customers to fly with them.

Speaking in London yesterday, Qantas executive general manager John Borghetti said that not since the SARS flu scare seven years ago had the airliner embarked on such a large campaign to remind people about the Australian brand.

“Mr Borghetti conceded the airline’s reputation had suffered in the past 12 months and the recession had dampened demand for travel. ”

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Next move – Bishop to ?

The speculation continues over the future of Julie Bishop as the opposition Treasury spokesperson.

LIBERAL frontbencher Peter Dutton has refused to say whether Julie Bishop should continue as the federal party’s treasury spokeswoman.

There is speculation Ms Bishop will step down following a series of blunders and recent polls showing the opposition is losing its mantle as a superior economic manager.

Who will be the replacement? Hockey? Robb?

Or could the master backup driver be a possibility? After all Costello seems to have been rejected by the commercial sector, and his career as a book writer seemed to have been short lived.

I say – come on Peter, go for it.

Bullying so bad bullied students turn to guns

When are we going to wake up to the destructiveness of bullying?

Bullied students turn to guns

Bullied students turn to guns SCHOOL students are being severely bullied at a rate of more than eight every week, pushing some young victims to threaten to shoot their tormentors.

There is ample evidence to suggest that victims are capable of becoming aggressors and often more destructive than many imagine.   The flight response can easily turn into a fight response that can be excessive and often misplaced.

Beyond the finger on the trigger – Opinion –

This is not a column excusing the Virginia Tech killer Cho Seung-hui. But it is important to understand that what drove Cho to murder 32 people on his university campus last week is what has driven so many other school mass killers in the United States and beyond: severe bullying at school. “There is a lot of evidence that he was badly bullied at school, especially through ridicule and exclusion,” an expert on bullying, Professor Ken Rigby, of the University of South Australia, said yesterday. “This almost certainly increased his sense of alienation and desire to strike back.”

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