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Top Five – Cities


Image created by www.wordle.net

Image created by http://www.wordle.net

This week we go international for our Top Five with your favourite international cities – inspired by reb latest international jaunt.

My top five are:

  1. London – I love the history, the theatre, the pubs.
  2. Toronto – music, snow, Ice Hockey
  3. Esfahan (Iran) – the central square is as beautiful as anything in Europe.
  4. Lisbon – food, food and food.
  5. Madrid – most people prefer Barcelona, but for me it is Madrid that I love.

Over to you.


58 Responses

  1. My favourites would have to be:

    1. Penang
    2. Chiang Mai
    3. Bangkok
    4. Edinburgh
    5. Paris

    But I’d gladly settle for anywhere that Isn’t Queensland.

  2. 1. London – for its heritage
    2, Paris – for the 2 km Avenue des Champs-Élysées
    3 Dublin – for the locals
    4. Naples – for its chaos
    5. Sa Pa – for its views.

    Reb you are somewhat unique. People from Tasmania rarely admit it, even when pressed. Lol.

  3. Canberra 1st. Sydney last. Every other city is in between.

  4. Cuzco – heritage of Incas, with Spanish flavour.
    Paris – though not for the Champs Elyse N5, for the 5th & 6th. Does the French Rivera qualify as a city? If so, substitute it for Paris.
    Venice – of course.
    Oaxaca – Fantastic scenery, and right next to Monte Alban.
    Perhaps Athens, for the vibrancy.

  5. That’s a surprising list Tom. I thought you’d opt for ‘international places’ such as Rabbit Flat, William Creek, Mungerannie, Stonehenge or perhaps Yuelba which like Venice has a magnificent Lagoon.

    But better still, the waters of Judd’s Lagoon know their place and don’t cause the locals or visitors to don galoshes just to get about when the moon is full.

  6. 1. Brisbane
    2. York
    3. London
    4. Amsterdam
    5. Perth


    1. Port Moresby
    2. Tokyo
    3. Mexico City
    4. Los Angeles
    5. Cairo

    Haven’t been to Tassie yet! Might settle in with sreb! 😆

  7. Mine:

    Beech Forest Vic, for it’s prisine streams and elf houses in the sides of the cuttings – for the daffodils that spring up where no one expects them.
    Badger Creek Vic, for the fairy tree house and the lyrebirds that sneak out to take a peek.
    Blackwood Vic, because of family and because of the lolly shop next to the pub.

    Min stops dead in tracks..it’s supposed to be international. Wait a mo……(many dots) am now in NZ (not really) and so the above are ‘international’.

  8. Yes Nature 5, Kununurra is nice and I do like Mt Isa, Kulgra, Coober Pedy and the future Crapperville. Anywhere where the flies are big enough to deep fry and wrap in some pita bread. TFF – “fresh flies, deep fried”.

  9. Awaiting moderation? is that the treatment sock puppets get?

  10. N5, there’s nothing wrong with William Creek, population 12, although the night I stayed at the pub one family was out of town, leaving 9. Yet . . . the pub was rocking.

    The place was packed with German and Swedish tourists, with one old German fella telling me that he visits this part of the world every year.

    “What’s the attraction?” I asked, “there’s nothing here”.
    He replied : “There’s nothing here. That’s the attraction”.

    Hmmm. Well said. Who needs the cities?

    My one tip to anybody visiting William Creek is to not get too excited over the pub’s menu or wine list. You can have a rump steak or a slightly cooked frozen crumbed chicken, washed down with a selection of red or white Jacob’s Creek.

  11. Miglo,

    Does Canberra really qualify as a “destination?” I thought most people that reside there are simply waiting to leave to go some place else, y’ know, like a real place.


    Trust you to list Brisbane as number one. Have you been into town lately, or that precinct you call Southbank? (Actually Southbank wasn’t too bad, there were some nice restaurants set back from the river in the backstreets).

    But why is it that Queenslanders have to dress like they’re dragging the dress code “casual” to new depths?

    Are there more Lowes stores there per head of capita then anywhere else in Australia?

  12. Reb..it’s not about the clothes, it’s about lifestyle. We Queenslanders and Northern New South Welshpersons opt for comfy.

  13. Just back from a fabulous Fair Day… exhausted.

  14. “Does Canberra really qualify as a “destination?” I thought most people that reside there are simply waiting to leave to go some place else,”(reb).

    Yes reb. We like to get away now and again to see how the poor people live.

    Next place to visit – Melbourne.

  15. Whiule my earlier comment clears customs (awaiting moderation), I’ll add that Canberra is the most boring place in Australia.

    That’s what you get when you allow bureaucrats to run things.

    And Miglo, if you come to Melbourne… um, I’m busy that weekend.

    Regarding moderation, is that because I used a false name? Or because I referred to Crapperville?

  16. Tom, I rather have a bureaucrat run my city than Eddie McGuire.

  17. People in Melbourne are so poor . . . they can’t even afford an avatar.

    Reminds me of that old joke: What’s the capital of Victoria.

    Answer: $1:50.

  18. “But I’d gladly settle for anywhere that Isn’t Queensland.”

    Reb, I feel the same way about Sydney.

    I’m quite comfortable in Sth East QLD…sure we can dress a bit daggy at times, but the casual thing is good as far as i’m concerned, it’s far too hot & humid much of the time to act like stuffy, snobby, pretentious, money obsessed SUITS like so many in Sydney I came across when I lived there in the 80s.

    Sure, Qlders can be a bit of an ocker bunch at times, initially a bit rough around the edges and seemingly unimaginative…but once you get rid of the airs and sit down for a beer & barbee or take in an ethnic restaurant…or go for a drive thru the hills and valleys outside Brisbane…or picnic at the various botanical type gardens…or hit the beach for a swim & lengthy walk along the shore…or take in a few alternative bands in the Valley & such…followed by a weekend of hunting down albums…they’ll often let their hair down & show a more imaginative, kinder, less ocker side…it can be quite satisfying to open up those tightly wound characters who fool outsiders w/ their casual attire & brusque, sometimes defensive exterior.

    Think of the alternative music scene that has blossomed here on occasion. Plenty of surprises in Sth East QLD…you just gotta persevere, go w/ the flow sometimes…not be too up yerself, “know it all” or attention seeking. Takes time to adapt to a place.

    I luv the greenery here in Brissie & Logan…my Dad visiting from Canada was impressed. Just could use more interesting and inviting drinking holes…& less ugly signage on buildings. And a return of the vibrant alternative music & art scene…tho I imagine that’s happening already. And I luv the fact that you haven’t got people knocking into as you walk or shouting at each other as you get in some cities I’ve visited.

    My top 5 over the years:

    1. Rome
    2. Brisbane
    3. Toronto
    4. Vienna
    5. York

    Wish i’d been to more Asian cities. Will note others list & comments for future travel. Was once an avid traveller…that stopped in 1987 apart from travelling in QLD & parts of NSW. So the cities I’ve recommended may have changed heaps. I hope Sydney has.


  19. Just to highlight further difference, I was considering putting Sydney in my list.

    Sydney is a city full of bottle blondes, real estate salesmen (or similar), men and women wax and everyone has a spray on tan, dinner party conversation is usually about real estate prices.

    Despite this there are attractions.

    Canberra on the other hand…the price of real estate is irrelevant (no one would move there voluntarily), the women have more body hair than the men, and the dinner party conversation is normally about an issue as riveting as – how to justify a move from an admin clerk class 15 to a class 16!!

    No attraction. I say we should have border protection around the ACT. Keep the politicians and public servants there.

    SE Qld? The land of crumbed and fried culinary delights, all you can eat. Crumbed food followed by more beer. Dreary food, overlaid with dull developers.

  20. Miglo, on February 15th, 2009 at 6:12 pm Said:

    “there’s nothing wrong with William Creek, population 12, although the night I stayed at the pub one family was out of town, leaving 9. Yet . . . the pub was rocking.”

    I agree there’s nothing wrong with William Creek or indeed any of the places I mentioned. Take Rabbit Flat as an example. If you have driven nine and half hours from Hall’s Creek and you are low on fuel, Rabbit Flat is modern-day economic and social Utopia.

    And now there is even better news because Rabbit Flat is currently open seven days a week which is a relief given that one does not have to pay a premium (King’s ransom) to have the bowsers unlocked.

    As for:

    “The place was packed with German and Swedish tourists,”

    That’s what makes it an ‘international destination’.

  21. Yes N5, I’ve seen the German and Swedish tourists looking as vast plains of scrub in awe.

    I suppose if you routinely see lakes, mountains, fjords and quaint towns, you might think it is interesting to experience flies, dust, misfits, excruciatingly long and boring distances, with no relief and nothing at the end of it.

    I think the reaction of these tourists is an pretention. They couldn’t admit that they’ve flown so far to see… nothing but flies and scrub.

  22. “SE Qld? The land of crumbed and fried culinary delights, all you can eat. Crumbed food followed by more beer. Dreary food”

    You obviously haven’t eaten here:

    Himalayan Cafe
    640 Brunswick St
    New Farm 4005 QLD

    High in the glacial peaks of New Farm is a little bit of the most mysterious nation on earth. Suitably colourful, the interior of this rather small restaurant might remind you of a Nepalese teahouse were it not for the fact that there is a massive selection of vegetarian food on the menu, along with such dishes as a delicious, tender goat stew and a delicately flavoured prawn dish. Seating is available either at the tables and chairs on the pavement or on the cushions inside. Trying its best with the prayer flags and bunting, the Himalayan, while not completely authentic, is interesting for its use of Nepalese and Tibetan decoration and is a relaxing place to recharge.

    My wife & I ate their twice coupla years ago…fabulous food & atmosphere, particularly if you eat at the back sitting on pillows. I luv spicey, vegetarian dishes. Should put this in top 5 restaurants thread.

  23. Al Fresco Italian Restaurant at Surfer’s Paradise was another fave of ours…but haven’t been their for a few years…great pizzas & pizza bread:


    we must start exploring Sth Qld again…


  24. Well reb already said it for me…

    “But I’d gladly settle for anywhere that Isn’t Queensland.”

    Tassie is awesome BTW but I was 8yo when I went there so excess human filth may have despoiled it by now.

  25. the cocarucha in surfers paradise use to privide a good laugh and the host would walk around with a bottle of tequilla pouring it down your throat one nip at a time.

    The main toilets: when you open the door you were shocked and you hear laughing in the background as all the customers have a clear view, the toilet was 5 foot up the wall, often one would look around with the confused look to see what to do next. the main toilets were elsewhere.

    Top 5 cities, not sure where to start.

  26. To be fair I must reserve my judgement on Crapperville until it is no longer figmentary.

    As I stand 6ft2 I would have a supreme view across the spectacular lowlying scrub.

  27. “Top 5 cities, not sure where to start”aqua


  28. Still looking for it.

  29. 6ft2… lol you sleep diagonal on a bed too.

  30. Tom re these German so-called ‘adventurers’ (in plague proportions in the NT), I am constantlyamazed when the tourist buses arrive at Katherine Gorge late at night, many whinging visitors alight. And I thought the Poms were bad.

    They are even worse in the mornings complaining about the cries of the fruit bats who roused them regularly during the night and then shat on them as they ventured out to see what the ruckus was.

    BTW, the bat-shit made them even more attractive for the flies the next day and provided a better base for dust adherence. Clearly no sense of humour or adventure but I think that’s what the Germans are like. Lol.

    Personally I think we should provide every Japanese, Chinese and German Youth with a free tour of the outback and thus ensure they would never think of invading.

    As for me, I love a sunburnt country … Her beauty and her terror The wide brown land for me!

  31. “Personally I think we should provide every Japanese, Chinese and German Youth with a free tour of the outback and thus ensure they would never think of invading.”

    You may well be onto something there N5.

  32. “6ft2… lol you sleep diagonal on a bed too.”

    Diagonal except for when I’m horizontal.

  33. “the cocarucha”

    Is that place still going Aqua? I went there just over 20 years ago and I’ve never had so much fun at a restaurant.

    I remember getting fooled by the fake toilet door and a horn sounding to let the whole set of diners know that I – for that moment – was a complete idiot. However this toilet wasn’t up the wall, instead in was a 6 inch high toilet bowl.

    I remember one young Japanese tourist having her head yanked back and some tequilla poured down her throat and she went into spasms. I don’t think she could hold her grog that well!

    And the condom performance was a laugh. People were dragged on stage and a condom was placed over their heads and noses, and the “volunteers” had to breathe in their mouths and out their noses into the condom. The first one to burst the condom was the winner.

    Some of the condoms stretched to over a foot long and 8 inches wide. About the right size for Tom, I’d say.

    And speaking of Tom: there is no scub at William Creek or anywhere in the vicinity of the oasis. There is red dirt. Miles of it. Hundreds of miles of it. And the occasional emu. Plus a few camels.

  34. I’m meant “scrub”.

  35. “Personally I think we should provide every Japanese, Chinese and German Youth with a free tour of the outback and thus ensure they would never think of invading.”

    Have you been to Coober Pedy lately? It’s just like Surfer’s Paradise, minus the buildings and the sea. Somebody’s making a hell of a lot of money convincing tourists to go to the hell-hole in the middle of nowhere.

  36. Miglo, on February 15th, 2009 at 10:44 pm Said:

    “Have you been to Coober Pedy lately?”

    No. Actually (not lately) it’s not off the beaten track. These days I am into contrasts. Lol.

    “It’s just like Surfer’s Paradise, minus the buildings and the sea.”

    I think the differences extend beyond the buildings abd the sea. Surfers Paradise (no need for the apostrophe these days) has slightly more nubile young things in various stages of undress than does Coober Pedy. Although I did notice there were similiar numbers of spivs offering ‘special deals’ re Opals and the like.

    I must admit that the ‘outback’, particularly the NT has been well marketed. The simple truth is you have to love the ‘basics’, ‘back to nature’ to like the outback.

    As for me, I love to travel internationally, but as soon as I get home, I want to again visit the ‘wide brown land’ and as soon as possible.

  37. “slightly more nubile young things in various stages of undress than does Coober Pedy”

    My brother spent some time in Coober Pedy & he reckons that there’s lots of whores there, he was horrified.
    To my surprsie, my father was astonished last week when I told him that there were prostitutes in Mt Gambier & they advertise in the Border Watch. LOL. I never realised that he was so sheltered, in his defence he has been living on a farm in the SE SA since he weas 2yo.

  38. Tboss, prostitutes is one thing that Canberra does have plenty of. So I’m told.

    Rumours around town suggest that many politicians have their favourite.

  39. World’s oldest profession.

    Where are they not?

    Don’t know any personally, it’s a lifestyle choice I guess.

    I bet Wilson Tuckey has a menagerie.

  40. N5 – “The simple truth is you have to love the ‘basics’, ‘back to nature’ to like the outback.”

    No N5. I’ve experienced the basics, even enjoyed them from time to time.

    But the outback means swallowing unfried flies, being unable to find shade under a tree, unless you find one near one of the water holes that are about 500km apart. Relentless heat, flies, dust, misfits. There’s a reason that most people don’t like it, and that I s- it’s an unfriendly environment.

    The basics that are actually enjoyable if it involves water that is near the coast rather than inland. Though in Queensland, this is near impossible to find, so I’d imagine the idea of an “away from it all” break near the coast is incomprehensible.

    That’s the problems with Queensland, the parts with water worth visiting cater to the “all the crumbed prawns you can eat” brigade, while the less developed regions don’t provide for the types of water activities that I enjoy.

  41. My 5 worst are –

    Los Angeles
    London (though it has improved a little during the past decade)
    Surfers Paradise

    I’d have to register my disagreement with TB about Mexico City, Cairo and Tokyo.

    Mexico City may be noisy, polluted and dangerous, but I think the bars & bustle make up for this. Similarly Cairo has plenty of good eating and drinking places – that’s how I judge its civility.

    Tokyo is vast and interesting, and not outrageously expensive as long as you eat local

  42. aquanut, on February 15th, 2009 at 9:45 pm Said:
    6ft2… lol you sleep diagonal on a bed too.

    I am 5′ 1&1/2 and hubby is 5’8″ and he still sleeps diagonal on the bed.

  43. “It’s just like Surfer’s Paradise, minus the buildings and the sea.”

    Isn’t that just the same as Canberra…???!!!

  44. Tom,

    You’ve been to Tehran yet you haven’t been to William Creek!

    I’d say that’s pretty sad.

  45. Reb,

    Who owns the livery stable in Hobart these days?

  46. Miglo – William Creek is more difficult to get to.

  47. True Tom. But much easier to get out of.

  48. “But much easier to get out of.”

    A bit like Canberra…

  49. Canberra isn’t easy to get out of as quickly as anyone would prefer.

    I’d prefer to have any meetings in the airport longue, that’s enough sightseeing too.

  50. ““But much easier to get out of.
    A bit like Canberra…” (reb).

    But reb, who’d want to leave?

  51. Note to Blogocrats: Canberra is Australia’s best kept secret.

  52. Migs..who is able to?

    Just for the Canberra-ites:

  53. Miglo –“Note to Blogocrats: Canberra is Australia’s best kept secret.”

    Please do everyone a favour and keep the secret to yourself.

  54. Happy to Tom. Would hate to have the place invaded by Melburnians.

  55. Lol Min you only need the pillow to sleep on, give your hubby a break. hehehe

    Miglo no that place closed down about 12 years ago from what i remember or simply relocated elsewhere.

    Surfers paradise now is a miniture sydney and nothing else. it once held the best life style but now is nothing special.

  56. “Surfers paradise now is a miniture sydney”

    Are you shittin’ me?

    A mini Bondi or Manly maybe….

    But Miniature Sydney? I don’t think so….


  57. Your right its better cause it has a beach. still i noticed little difference after crossing the border.

    Reb hope you enjoyed your stay in QLD. the fashion state.

  58. Aqua. I would be eternally grateful for 1/6th of the bed. No point in talking to you lot who obviously take over most of the bed leaving the missus (or mister) hanging over the side trying to clutch onto one corner of the sheet.

    And, still i noticed little difference after crossing the border.

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