Finally Frolyk Friskily for Friday

Well – what a week. We have had some major shenanigans in parliament, the devestation from the fires in Victoria and let’s not forget the floods and descruction in FNQ. And so the week comes to an end.

What’s everyone up to this weekend?

Tonight I am off to the Mardi Gras Film Festival First Night where a 30 second ad I created for Amnesty International will be shown (it will be shown before each film in the festival). I hope I got all the spelling correct. Saturday the boyf and I will be shaking and shimying on the dance floor, and then Sunday is Fair Day and more work for Amnesty. I am gonna need to come to work next week to have a rest.

Play nice, no swearing and no cut-and-pastes of long articles (you two know who I am looking at!).


DD – X marks the spot

Well Nick Xenonphon seems to be getting all of the blame for the failure of the stimilus package in the senate, but remember that the opposition (led by the ex-merchant banker) opposed the package from the day it was proposed, and they did not even make any amendment suggestions in the senate. So who’s actually not trying to be positive about helping the Australian economy?

And late last night the bill’s were passed in the lower house and will be re-introduced to the Senate today. And if they do not get passed then the government then has a trigger for a double-dissolution election (update: ToSY has a link  in comments that shows that a DD is not on the table at this point as the bill must get presented again after a period of three months), and is that something that the oppositions really wants? The good money suggests that the opposition really thought that the bills would get through the senate so that they could say “see – we did not vote for it” when the economy gets worse, but if the bill does not get passed today then they will wear the full brunt of the anger from the voters when things get worse.

I personally do not think that Rudd will pull the trigger on a double-dissolution election as we need to have a politicians that are working for Australia and not working for their election.

Sorry – one year on.

One year ago today I stood behind the Old Parliament House in Canberra to hear first hand the apology from our parliament for the stolen generations. The blogocrats logo at the top of this page is from a photo I took on that day. It was an emotionally uplifting day for me (being of aboriginal descent).

The SMH is reporting this :

A YEAR after Parliament apologised for removing indigenous children to integrate them into white society, new research has shown what many suspected – the policy had the opposite effect.

And Rudd has said this to the Koori Mail.:

Now, having crossed that bridge, the land on the other side of it is all about closing the gap,

Unless we get that right in housing, health, employment, education and early childhood initiatives, then the apology becomes a dead letter and I am not about to let that happen.

And so one year on, and what has changed?