Top Five – Restaurants

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This weeks top five takes us into a very subjective world – your favourite restaurants. You might choose for memorable meals where it was the company that made it great, it might be a secret little local.

After some considerable thought I have come up with my top five:

  1. Spice I Am – this is a small place on Wentworth St in Sydney. The massaman beef is just glorious
  2. Guillaume at Bennelong – we had the degustation menu there a few years ago. What a great night.
  3. Toko on Crown St, Surry Hills- noisy, crowded and lovely.
  4. Libertine – this is on a back street of Kings Cross. French-Vietnames. The boyf took me there for my birthday last week and as he paid it tasted even better.
  5. Quo Vadis – Soho London. Perfect modern English.

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  1. Vlado’s

    Only one that stands out for me as there are so many good ones (and so many more bad ones).

    That is McDonalds… …no I mean Vlado’s in Richmond Vic.

    The menu is, well meat and meat and meat, entrée meat, mains meat and desert can be meat but there are one or two non-meat choices.

    The actual menu is a tray of different meats bought to your table where you select which type you want and how you want it cooked.

    Never tasted a better steak anywhere in the world. This place is so well known it was an overseas client on a visit here who put me onto it, and since then I’ve had many overseas reps and clients who when we go down to Melbourne for business always ask me if we could go to Vlado’s. It has never been my suggestion.

    Oh of course vegetarians and vegans should avoid the place like the plaque.

  2. A few blasts from the past here:

    1. The Kitch Inn in Richmond
    2. Topo Gigio in Toorak..spag just like mamma used to make.
    3. The River Thai..sadly destroyed by the upgrade of the Pacific Highway and the RTA refusing to bypass Ocean Shores
    4. The Lotus Inn, in Little Bourke Street..from the days when chopsticks were mandatory.
    5. The Brunswick Heads hotel..the menu isn’t as good as it used to be, but you can’t beat the beer garden, sitting under the poinciannas.

  3. Though in Melbourne at the moment, here’s a few Sydney favourites – Catalinas, Claudes, Tetsuyas, Bondi Trat, Macleay St Bistro

    Limited taste in all matters, I suppose.

  4. 1. Domino’s pizza
    2. Burger King
    3. Legs n breasts
    4. McDonalds
    5. KFC

    Okay so that was TB Queensland’s list. Mine would be:

    1. Tetsuya (Sydney)
    2. Any half decent Vietnamese restaurant in Marrickville Sydney) or Richmond (Melbourne)
    3. This place in Chinatown (Sydney) near haymarket with formica tables and barbequed duck hanging in the window
    4. Nasi Kandar in Penang
    5. Roti Canai in Penang…

  5. I’ve made a career of eating out, so I consider myself an expert.

    About 25 years ago I went to the Steak Pit in the Wodonga Hotel, and quite frankly, I haven’t found anything to match it since.

    A few years ago I was talking to a Queenslander who told me that the best restaurant he had visited – and he assured me that I wouldn’t know of this restaurant – was the good old Steak Pit in Wodonga.

    When in Adelaide I like to get along to La Trattoria, which recently took out a prize in New York for making the best pizzas in the world.

    The worst restaurant in the country would have to be the slop house at a local golf club. It’s the only lousy restaurant in the world that you have to book to get into.

  6. “barbequed duck hanging in the window” (reb).

    Disgusting. Despicable. I wouldn’t be seen in the place!

  7. Re worst Migs, it’s hard to go past any club on the Cold Ghost especially the ‘bargain’ cut price lunches.

  8. MIn,

    My thought is that it’s tough that we’ve got to pay $25 for a steak, but if we pay only $5 then it’s going to be a hell of a lot tougher!

  9. A friend had a Japanese guest in town and took him along to the Hellenic Club here in Canberra. The overseas guest chose a fillet mignon. After the meal he approached the counter waving $300, thinking that a steak as wonderful as that would surely be close to $300.

    He couldn’t believe that it was only $22.50. Steak like that in Japan would cost the equivalent of 300 Australian dollars.

    He asked to see the chef. The chef emerged to see this Japanese guest bow to him as an honour to have eaten such a wonderful meal.

    If only he had eaten at the Steak Pit.

  10. Reb

    Do you mean BBQ King on Golbourn St?

    Just had a quick bite at the Dixon St Food Court on the way home from Paddy’s.

    Yum yum.

  11. reb, on February 8th, 2009 at 1:58 pm Said:

    3. This place in Chinatown (Sydney) near haymarket with formica tables and barbequed duck hanging in the window

    Is that still there?

    It was an in the know sailor’s favourite. Look for a Chinese restaurant with lots of Chinese eating there and you have found a very good one. That is how we found that place.

    Second is formica tables with no table cloths as the Chinese believe unless there’s a mess left behind then the meal couldn’t have been good. Bare formica tables are a sign of a Chinese that has lots of messy eaters, thus good food. That place also met that requirement.

    I’d really like to go back to it if it’s still there.

  12. Reb,

    I thought the same as joni – isd it BBQ King? I love that place – best Peking Duck I’ve ever had …

    Best Restaurant I’ve ever been to was Tetsuya’s although Rockpool and Celsius (when it was run by Peter Doyle (now at est) were both fantastic as well. Haven’t been to any top end Sydney restaurants for a couple of years now but I’ve heard Guillaume is excellent.

    Up in Newcastle – Restauant 2, Paymasters and Bacchus are all excellent, esp Restaurant 2 which is BYO as well. Old George and Dragon in East Maitland is excellent as well. So add those 4 to BBQ King and I reckon you have my top 5.

  13. D55

    Ah yes – the Old George and Dragon – often go there with my folks when in town.

  14. 1. Squire’s Loft, South Yarra (steak)
    2. Tho Tho, Victoria St, Richmond (Vietnamese)
    3. Pinocchio’s, South Yarra (pizza)
    4. Lucky Phoenix, Commercial Rd, South Yarra (cheap Chinese)
    5. Amigo’s, South Yarra (Mexican)

    Special mention: Take-away breakfast South Yarra Station kiosk ($2 egg and bacon sandwich, $1 large cappuccino) 😉

  15. I’ll throw another couple in as well:
    Harborside Indian in Lavender Bay (Sydney) (between McMahon’s Pt and Milson’s Pt, and
    ‘Had to happen’ – mexican restaurant (aka Tequila Bar) in Nth Sydney – Brilliant Mexican food and the Margaritas are superb -or so I have been reminded 😉

  16. I should add, one of my bestest was the York on Lilydale eons ago. I haven’t been back for years, and suspect that it might now be just a pub with pokies. Six courses all matched with Yarra Valley wines.

  17. reb, on February 8th, 2009 at 1:58 pm

    Hey, I just saw that, sreb!

    I’ll put a hex on yer VN prawns! Hope the hols working fer yer, old mate!

    I always have trouble with these best of five – first I can’t think of any then I can’t bloody well stop! Here goes…definitely not in order!

    1. Hogs Breath – my favourite steakhouse – melts in you mouth (and The Minister and I have Lifetime Discount Cards – 25% off each meal)

    2. Best Chinese restaurant was in Amsterdam (my parents used to talk about one in Canada – the covert invasion, remember?)

    3. Michaels – Riverside (now gone I believe) expensive but the service, meals and surroundings were second to none…

    4. Fridays in London (’cause the service was great – they ran out of Mumm champers and gave The Minister Moet and “apologised” for the rain when they found out we had flown in that morning) the food was good and I met Bill Oddie at the next table)…

    5. The Minister’s Kitchen – I’m bloody hopeless at cooking (BBQ’s OK) but The Minister has fed me for 40+ years and in that time I reckon we’ve tipped about six experiments in the bin…she learnt to cook and bake from my dear old Mum and that means she knows how to “really” cook Yorkshire pudding!

    …and I like Maccas for a quick lunch!

  18. Dave 55 “Harborside Indian in Lavender Bay”

    I love that restuarant. I should have put it in my 5.

  19. TB:

    “Hog’s Breath?”

    Why does this not come as a surprise…?

  20. Joni, Adrian, Dave,

    Nah it’s not barbeque king. I can’t remember the name but it’s a few doors up from the elevator entrance to the Manadarin.

    They have a pink fluorsecent swirly neon light on the ceiling as you enter – must be for Feng Shui.

    It’s still there and is absolutely tops!

    They have a menu which is English and Chinese, but some of the best dishes to be had are just hand scrawled on butcher’s paper in Chinese and plastered around the walls.

    They do fantastic salt n pepper king prawns and fried rice with salted fish n chicken – yum!

  21. Reb, I always like the Golden Century is the vicinity fo Haymarket.

    The decor seems similar.

  22. reb, on February 9th, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    You know i never realised it but Hog’s Breath specialises in – BEEF? Its a steak house?

    Why not Bull’s Breath?

    BTW sreb, don’t eat any seafood in VN its all caught in the open sewers…

    …oh! That’s right, most of their diet is fish…bugger! 😀

  23. Reb and TB, it’s called Hog’s breath due to the person who takes you to this restaurant.

  24. harry da wheels

    although that was years ago i sometimeswent out just so i could end up there eating.

  25. Aqua..Harry da wheels is BAD. Go to the little cafe across the road for the best brekkie (as long as calories don’t count).

  26. PS..Aqua, why are you now a camel? I liked you as a bloke with a scribbly goatee. However, everyone needs a change.

  27. i need to store fat like a seal. Im too active.
    if your drunk or just finished swimming your hungry for anything.

    My mate told me how he took his girlfriend to a restaurant that was in complete darkness and could not see a think but the waiter wore night vision to serve. I asked “WHY”. oh its in Sydney somewhere

  28. Aqua, don’t be’re not like that at all.

  29. But ..

  30. Aqua, I would have thought that your top restaurant would be the Pacific Ocean.

  31. Min, on February 9th, 2009 at 3:08 pm

    Not sure what that means, Min, I know you wouldn’t be referring to me or The Minister that way… 😆

    …you don’t mean, sreb 😯

  32. miglo, I’m not a big seafood fan but i do overcook and eat some stuff with heaps of spices. I dont eat fish.
    But the wife is topped up regularly with the spoils of the ocean.

    By the way Happy birthday to Jedda the other day, Hope she worked hard to make your day speacial.
    (you cracked me up with that)

  33. Sorry, have to choof, a rellies 3 children confirmed burned to death in a car. Be back when I can.

  34. Min, my heart goes out to them.

  35. Min

    Please let the rellies know that all of Australia is feeling for them.

  36. Somehow Aqua – and I apologise for this – I had images of you seal-like chasing a fish.

  37. Thankyou joni and migs…how did I know that you two would be the first to lend support. Mum, Dad and bubs.

  38. Min

    Just back on, My heart goes out to you and your family at this tragic loss. All Australians hearts are crying out at the moment for all those experiencing loss at the tradgey unfolding. No words can truly convey the sorrow we feel for those effected.

  39. Miglo..Aqua is indeed seal-like chasing a fish. Write to each other please. Joni, am carrying your heart felt wishes…as always.

    Shane, I know how much you care.

    With apologies, have to go.

  40. I express exteme apologies to joni for taking over the blog topic. It was: sitting in front of ye olde computer and then a phone call.

  41. No apologies needed min.

  42. Miglo im not ignoring your comment, I wanted to reply but i cant be funny, its hard right now as i cant stop thinking of the news Min is recieving.

  43. A waiting game at present Aqua and you and Migs and Joni are my rocks.

    Love to brothers of the soul. MinXXX

  44. Min,

    Just logged back on, and very saddedned to read about your tragic loss.

    My heart goes out to you and yours…

  45. And you are a rock too reb. And shane, et al. I was thinking that everyone was safe.

    Hubby is due home and I have to tell him. Once to all and thank you.

  46. Min, what sad news.

    You should write to me and tell me their names so I can have some flowers put on their graves.

  47. Scaper. There are 131 names. I hope that you put flowers on all of their graves.

  48. Min

    Have to go now but my thoughts are with you at this time. I will check in again tomorrow.

    To all of the blogocrats take care of yourself and those you love and maybe we should all reflect tonight on what we have, not bitch about what we don’t have or who is right and wrong in politics and the economy. For at least 24 hours anyway.

  49. No…just the three children.

  50. Scaper, you want the names of my cousin’s children who have been burnt to death? No, you are not going to obtain these names. What on earth could possibly be your motiviation.

    I was tempted to give you the surname, but then I thought not.

  51. Aqua, it was probably inappropriate for me to crack wise jokes given the seriousness of the moment, but it’s my own way of dealing with things.

    I still think you’re a fish of some type.

  52. Oh ok, scaper scaper…, on February 9th, 2009 at 5:49 pm Said:
    No…just the three children.
    you just want the names of the 3 children just as you wanted my daughter’s address.

  53. Min,

    I know you’ll deal with this tragedy the best you can and that you will be a source of inspiration for those that need it.

    When it does get too hard, just remind yourself that aqua is a fish.

  54. Daughter’s address???

    You mean the one that was handing out at Saint Lucia on election day?????????

  55. scaper…, on February 9th, 2009 at 5:58 pm Said:
    Daughter’s address???

    You mean the one that was handing out at Saint Lucia on election day?????????

    You are a nasty twisted person. You suggest that my youngest daughter’s address was handed out at Saint Lucia on election day.

  56. Min, Min, Min…you said your daughter was handing out how to vote cards at Saint Lucia and said I should go and say hello.

    Well I did and the organiser said she had never heard of E…your foil at the time is she was on her lunch break meeting the now PM!

    Stretching the truth???

  57. Scaper, guess what Erin was indeed on her lunch break and didn’t get to meet up with you. One of the luckiest breaks in her life however I do not think that this young girl would have been conned by you.

  58. Conned into what???

    She was not handing out for Labor…you can slander me as much as you like as I believe that you are a liar!!!

  59. I will go with hubby’s opinion..that you are an idiot and to ignore you.

    Of course daughter handed out. You were very very p’d off that you couldn’t meet up with her.

  60. I laugh when people that lie go into attack mode…I’ve got you pegged!

  61. I will go with hubby’s opinion..that you are an idiot and to ignore you.

    Min, forget this fool . Be assured our hearts go out to you.

    A new low scaper, I will have nothing to do with you from now on, disgracefull

  62. scaper you have been angry for a few days now
    As a friend please have some fun time buddy. Give me a ring we can chat about anything you like.

    Please do not persist with this attack, It will hurt more then just two parties.

    I dont want Min to feel she is a liar on a day she has recieved very aweful news, and i would equally do it for you Scaper.

  63. Miglo great, my wife agrees with you.

    I am not a fish, i am a human ( deja vu)

  64. Min, on February 9th, 2009 at 4:20 pm

    Oh! Min! So, So Sorry!

    (Just saw your post beeen to hospital – 85 yo Auntie – heart attack yesterday)

  65. TB..thank you so much for writing. What a bug awful day. Just when you are queried about ‘which children’ have been burnt to death by scaper he then accuses one’s daughter of being some sort of prostitute.

    Ah well, at least it kept the adrenalin going. Cousin and auntie are deceased.

  66. Adrian, I think Vlado’s is a great restaurant. They only cook meat, everything else is cold – salads, strawberries & cream for desert.

    Heart attack material for sure, thus my wife insists on me eating there about each week.

  67. Heart attack material for sure, thus my wife insists on me eating there about each week.

    lol 😀

  68. lol Tom.

  69. Tom of Melbourne, on February 9th, 2009 at 7:27 pm
    The Only Ones, on February 9th, 2009 at 7:30 pm
    Adrian of Nowra, on February 9th, 2009 at 7:33 pm

    …and I thought scaper, was being an arsehole!

  70. I suspect I jumped…sorry if I did…been a wierd day…believe me!

  71. Uncle was police sergeant in charge at Traralgon. Am a bit sick of being called a liar.

  72. Aquanut @ 7:01 pm.

    Very good post. I rate it as your best ever. It shows a side of you that we normally don’t see on blogs. Maturity at its finest.

  73. “Heart attack material for sure, thus my wife insists on me eating there about each week.”

    People’s dislike of you Tom is getting pretty close to home.

    Does she belong to a union?

  74. MIn,

    I have a couple of family members in the force and I agree that they sure do keep you honest. Stepdaughter is an acting superintendant and her hubby is a senior sergeant. Boy does it peeve him off that his wife outranks him.

    Back on topic:

    Best Chinese can be found at the dingy little place behind the Opal Inn Hotel in Coober Pedy. Best hamburgers are at the Open Cut Cafe in Leigh Creek. Runner-up goes to the Oodnaburger from the Pink Roadhouse in Oodnadatta – the only hamburger I know that can feed a family of five.

  75. Hellooooo. Is there anybody there?

  76. Well Miglo, following your deeply insulting personal attack, I’m going to talk with my wife.

    At least she knows me well enough to hurl well informed, accurate insults.

  77. Best Indigenous cooking can be found at Iga Warta, one of the Adnamathana groups in the Flinders Ranges. They make ugly wriggly things with funny names taste devine.

    I have a distinct feeling that I’m talking to myself.

  78. Wow…if I had lost three relatives I would be devastated and I consider myself a hard nosed bastard!!!

    I certainly would not be posting on a blog…would you???

    Now let me see…I want to have flowers put on the children’s graves and then I get called twisted, a conman, then to top it off I have been accused of calling someone I don’t even know a prostitute because she was not known by anyone that she was supposed to be assisting.

    I remember a few weeks ago getting an email and the person admitted to fabricating malaise to avert getting attacked…ever since I have lost respect and consider the tactic to be deceitful!

    Does anyone here think that I would raise this issue knowing that I would be castigated without being 100% convinced???

    You have all been sugar coated by this person and I really don’t care if you believe me or not.

    I won’t cater to fantasists!!!

  79. why thank you Miglo but i like to keep the bar low so theres not a lot expected from me.

    But two friends arguing is a no no. If i say nothing then they are not friends. The direction of the arguement ment i was not going to sort it self out either.

    Also its not about sticking up for any side its about the pain each delivers during.
    # They make ugly wriggly things with funny names taste devine.
    who would off though, ducks and grubs

  80. devine

  81. Nature 5, on February 9th, 2009 at 8:44 pm

    Been wonderin’

  82. Hi N5, haven’t seen you here for a while, you said you were going to Broadbeach.

    Did you have the all you can eat menu, or mainly the crumbed prawns?

    Did you go to Broadbeach??

  83. Scaper i really wish you took some time out, you asked some question which deserve answers, but maybe on another day, as for the flowers thing well,

    Then say it: “You got my comment wrong.”

    But its a shame you chose to continue on an attack.

    Also i like this place when i should be doing other things, do you judge me for hanging out with friends for comfort, offcourse you dont.

    its been a bad day for many today including many from this blog they deserve better for choosing our company

  84. scaper, peace

    Min, peace

    From a child of the sixties! How lucky are we?

  85. TB – how can Min, in any way, be called on to make peace with somebody who has said such offensive things on the afternoon of her receiving such terrible news?

    If he had said this to you at such a time, you would be furious and rightly so.


  86. Tom of Melbourne,:

    “Did you go to Broadbeach??”

    Sure did! (But why the punctuation stutter? Perhaps it’s catching? A terrible disease. Lol.)

    As for:

    “Did you have the all you can eat menu, or mainly the crumbed prawns?”

    Both. After all I was there for a week and the Casino offers ‘special deals’ for esteemed Members such as myself. I not only attacked the meals but also the tables and the slots. All in all it was an enjoyable week even though I was (again) badly wounded in the financial stakes.

    But then again we must do our bit to keep the economic wheels turning. Tom you must try it and because you and TB are special people and I am a person of influence, I will get you free memberships. (Lol.)

    All you need to do is turn up, mention my name (optional) and sign on the dotted line. In return you will get more offers than …

  87. The Only Ones, on February 9th, 2009 at 9:27 pm

    My understanding is that the relationships go back a long way!

  88. I just despair at times that all the effort that reb and I put in is worth it.

  89. I think I understand what your saying TB, but in all fairness, c/would you tolerate what has been said here today if it was directed at you, personally?

  90. Well Nature 5 I did see a series of photos of some sailing near Tonga, provided by one of our regular contributors. This activity looked a lot more interesting than the inside of an all you can eat restaurant, crumbed prawns, or the decoration of a tacky casino.

    Happy gambling!

  91. I like to eat from a bin.

  92. joni, on February 9th, 2009 at 9:42 pm Said:
    I just despair at times that all the effort that reb and I put in is worth it.

    Actually it is! Both of you provide a great forum for ‘ideas’ but it seems to me that you lack a ‘Strategy’, including policies and the like

    Completely unsure what your ‘Mission’ is? Not sure what your ‘Vision’ is? And as for your ‘Values’ I am completely lost.

    But take heart.. If you want you can EMail me at the current address which is alive and well.

  93. Tom of Melbourne,

    “Happy gambling!”

    Tom, gambling isn’t about being happy. Gambling (whatever form it takes) is about making ‘choices’. It’s about life. While we choose to make choices (consciously) we also choose to not make choices even if we are unaware of same. Indeed making choices is inescapable.

    Tom, I have sailed a bit in my time. Brisbane to Gladstone and all that a few times. But if you think that ‘dust’ is a problem, try seasickness. It makes you throw up! Again and again.

  94. the only ones
    dont mean to be rude but who are you?

  95. always eat something you love before getting on a boat,

    sea sickness yum, get to eat your favorite meal again and again.

  96. speaking of rocking and vomiting where has toiletboss been lately.?

  97. dont mean to be rude but who are you?

    OK, I will try not to sound cranky because you may have missed it the few times I have said this before(to be fair, I think at least one of those times got lost in the “troubles”)

    I used to use ” another girl – another planet” , however my computer exploded(literally, big bang, blue flash, sparks, the whole deal) and that was the end of that PC. After a while I bought another one, tried using my old HDD but no go, DOA. I then had redo my favorites. As a precaution (it’s a bit different for girls then for boys on the net) I never use real info when creating online email accounts etc and I couldn’t for the life of me work out the password for my old email, stupidly I have never bothered putting in accurate info in those test questions so I couldn’t convince wow.mail that I am me. I gave up, I try’ d agap with a new email here but that didn’t work, I tried what I though was the email addie but I was wrong, I gave up. I re- registered here under a new login, I used the name of the band that sang AGAP because I thought that would help people understand I wasn’t sock-puppeting. I had numerous attempts to get it all to work (post’s would appear, in moderation sometimes then vanish, others would appear then be gone nxt day, some just disappeared the moment I clicked send)after a number of emails between joni and myself. After many mysteries he got it all working and I posted in comments awhile ago a brief summery of what happened and the reason for the name change(after all that, I cant be fucked risking changing the login again as I think joni may well kill me if it all starts again) 🙂

    Hence I use this nick, one I like less butt it will do. I also explained this a week or so ago and again with scaper a few days ago on some thread…

    There, I hope I’ve explained this as best as I can and thats is that

    (ps, please don’t think I’m grumpy at you aqua, it’s just been a long long road to get here) 😉

  98. cool Only take your skirt off and stay a while. I like flirting with you.

    Umm i mean talking to you.

  99. Huh! – men, if they didn’t have a penis, girl’s would throw rocks @ them 😉

  100. aquanut, on February 9th, 2009 at 10:48 pm Said:

    “Only take your skirt off and stay a while. I like flirting with you”

    Joni, that comment and your lack of moderation is one of the problems with this Blog.

  101. typical you complement and get threated with rocks.

    rocks wow, im so hard.( you really must play my game or its going to be hard)

  102. Nature5 dont play hero with me when im drunk.

  103. I have no problem with aqua’s comment N5, although I appreciate the fact that you stand up for women. In fact I like a bit or flirty stuff sometimes between boys@girls in both my online life and RL. Obviously with the exception of when it gets creepy (creepy happens a lot more then perhaps guys understand, especially on the net, hence my thanks to N5 for his comments)

    But in this case it’s not necessary, I’m all over this guy N5 . lol ;D

  104. I think this is a sensational site. It has everything-

    *family disputes,
    *cosmetic surgery
    *occasional intelligent discussion,

    It’s got the lot.

    So cheer up joni, it will be great material for a TV series – perhaps called “Soft & Flabby Underbelly”

  105. talk about killing a fun mood.

  106. lol Tom,

    im going for a walk, after my cold shower.

  107. talk about killing a fun mood.

    Now, don’t be like that kitten, I did say I was “all over you” Hopefully that will get you through the night 😉

  108. Nature there is nothing wrong with this web site, its your choice to come here as you have been told, but on that note thanks for stepping in. god knows what she would off done to me as the shy person i am.

  109. Tom of Melbourne, on February 9th, 2009 at 11:07 pm Said:

    “I think this is a sensational site. It has everything”

    I agree. And in spades!

    Even a resident a village idiot. Lol.

    But sorry for the late posting. Somewhat accustomed to the tables only warming up in the later, adult hours.

    As for:

    “occasional intelligent discussion,”

    Perhaps you could use an asterisk as a reference point. Lol.

  110. Toms not a village idiot. i like him nature5

  111. but on that note thanks for stepping in. god knows what she would off done to me as the shy person i am.


  112. Night boy’s, you sleep tight aqua 😉

  113. Min – thinking of you , with everything I have

    Hopefully, things will feel slightly less awful in the morning :hugs:

  114. aquanut, on February 9th, 2009 at 11:27 pm Said:
    Toms not a village idiot. i like him nature5

    Tom is certainly NOT the village idiot! Far from it. FGS read between the lines.

  115. Nature5 im saying you were right. now let go of the grip and settle pettle. this will only get ugly if we continue or your next comment can end it.

  116. fine i’ll go for the walk as i intended, if you havnt seen a reply from you nature ill take it your pride has the better of you.

    it dosnt take this long.

  117. I resent being referred to as the village idiot.

  118. I don’t think Miglo is the village idiot, he lives I Canberra, and that is no village.

    I agree N5, we do have one though.

  119. Miglo, on February 10th, 2009 at 8:15 am

    Village twit, OK, Migs?

  120. TB, I can be a bit of a goose at times.

  121. I like you too aquanut! Was it you that suggested that I rinse my wetsuit in horse urine as a shark repellent?

    No, I’m confused. My wife rinses my business shirts in horse urine, and encourages me to clean my wetsuit with a raw T-bone steak before entering the water.

  122. Aquanut:

    “I like to eat from a bin”

    Reminds me of an old song by The Cramps –

    Don’t Eat Stuff Off The Sidewalk

    (It won’t do you no good)…

  123. reb, on February 10th, 2009 at 1:12 pm

    How’s yer tummy holding out, sreb?

  124. How’s yer tummy holding out, sreb?

    TB, it’s probably STICKING out!

  125. “I like to eat from a bin”


  126. Even the ever reliable can’t tell me WTF “Lamaste” means

    Is it something along the lines of GFYourselves?.

  127. TB, it’s probably STICKING out!

    Probably getting the tailored suit altered as we speak!

    Toiletboss, on February 10th, 2009 at 1:59 pm

    Is it something along the lines of GFYourselves?.

    I was trying to work that out myself, but had to give up in despair, it will forever be a mystery!

  128. Lamaste (sic). Maybe Lambaste?

  129. “Lamaste (sic). Maybe Lambaste?“

    Thanks for the clarification N5, I momentarily wondered what that word was.

    Given the contributor, I thought it may have been Spanish for the activity he was performing on himself during the one handed blogging activity.

  130. Tom @ 4:26pm


    You are a naughty, naughty paradox.

    Of course “lambast” doesn’t remotely resemble “despunta” & come to think of it it involves more than one individual anyway.

    Upon checking, luckily the definition for “despunta” doesn’t appear in the either so at least I won’t be lambasted for using it…I hope.

    Still, clearly you are all a pathetic bunch of Lamaste’s…I can tell by your characteristic smell.

  131. Youd think id learn but no, here i am with another scotch

    Tom , your wife sounds very caring. where would you be without her love.

  132. “TB, it’s probably STICKING out!”

    “Probably getting the tailored suit altered as we speak!”

    Correct on both counts.

    Tailor-made suit operation – mission accomplished.

    Now just have to figure out how to pack everything and minimise excess baggage fees!

    One of the tailors was a tiny Vietnamese screaming queen by the name of mr Xe (pronounced ‘say’). Very flamboyant, arms flapping everywhere while screaming “TAKE OFF PANTS PLEASE!!”





    *pats me on the bum*


  133. What an interesting comment section this thread has.. I’m enthralled with the intrigue and deception.

    A good read. Thanks.

  134. Hi angel,
    How is things?
    except for yesterday i havnt seen you comment for a little while.

  135. Hi Aqua. I haven’t been commenting.

    I am managing to follow a lot of discrepancies here and there. I don’t like fibs, you know that already.

    I am doing a lot of reading, the history within blogs is absolutely fascinating, and a real eye opener.

    Makes you wonder about personal ethics now and then.

  136. yeah i went through the history a while back and learnt a little more and it was fun to read all the early comments.
    i was a nut case.

    was?… you may reply, but im on to it

  137. You’re on to the nuts? Better be careful Aqua, you wouldn’t want to have to go into damage control, would you?

  138. Curiouser & curiouser.

  139. Not curious, just Aqua’s nuts.

  140. WTF? his nuts are in damage control?

    Me no comprehende.

  141. ok, i wasnt sure what you ment. but you want to tell me something?

    im always curious

  142. Quick aqua, follow me into the SULO bin!

    Things are starting to cause a confused ache in me brainbox.

  143. Am i in trouble?

  144. Im trying TBoss but the headlights have stunned me.

  145. No, I should have phrased that properly. I’m not interested in nuts.

    Does that sound better?

  146. lol…
    do you know how scared i was, the room is half full of urine, lucky im waterproof.

  147. or should i say the bin.

  148. Nutcases! where?!

    …that’s why I don’t eat at restaraunts, too many damned nutcases.

  149. You want me to send you a packet of grown up nappies?

  150. Only if they come in colours as it might clash with my cape.

  151. PS Aqua, is that a male or female camel?

    Why said there was nutcases? Nuts only, no cases involved.

    OK, I’ll behave now. A little light relief from the midst of devestation.

  152. Your camel has nuts, and you keep him in a cage? WOW!

  153. male and just call me Kamil
    leave my nuts out of this but you may enjoy the hump

  154. Umm, one or two?

    Where the hell is your wife and her elbow?????

  155. Where the hell is your wife and her elbow?????

    i got protection

  156. Good, you need protecting. Wouldn’t want to spoil those camel things.

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