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Friday Frolyks

Well, hasn’t it been an interesting week down at hot air capitol.

Anyway, since Reb is obviously lost in Vietnam I’ll put the weekend thread up.

 I believe this song is apt  for this week.

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  1. Everytime I leave they pull me back in…:). Good choice scraper. Luv the Floyd.

    My offering is from NZ…been listening to all of The Bats lps & EPs this past fortnight. Moved on now to The Clean…:

    (The Bats – Made Up In Blue)

    Ok, off for that beer…

  2. James,
    If a person gets into a fight with four and comes out best on his own land after being taunted and he has called the police to assist, the police wont charge but it turns into a civil matter if the four choose to persist?

    any answer would be valuable to me . Please reply

  3. Hell i might as well drink and forget it, just let it take its course. The officers words got me thinking if i could be charged. Life sucks!

  4. One minute im taugh and now i feel sorry i did anything. How is one to feel confedant in protecting his small square property one calls home. This is my safe place and now i have done wrong for keeping it they way.

    Thats my whinge for now.

  5. UN retracts claim over Gaza school attack
    Wednesday, 4 February 2009 20:49

    The UN has retracted a claim that an Israeli strike, which killed more than 40 people in northern Gaza last month, hit a school run by a UN agency.

    ‘The humanitarian coordinator would like to clarify that the shelling, and all of the fatalities, took place outside rather than inside the school,’ said the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

    It stressed that its initial report of the 6 January incident correctly stated that Israeli shells hit outside the school run by UNRWA, but admitted that it later referred to ‘the shelling of the UNRWA school in Jabaliya.


  6. / That poll has probably been hacked or skewed in some way. 😉

  7. Stephan, on February 6th, 2009 at 8:58 pm

    A Wednesday article on a Friday frolyk?

    The differences between the content of the story in the RTE and the story served up by Abraham Rabinovich in the Opposition Gazette for an Australian audience are interesting. Maybe the elipsis IS and WAS the story; but, shhhh, don’t question the Hasbara brigade too closely about an IDF that really, really wanted to say it had targeted a school, and targeting UN infrastructure was legitimate, now that the IDF has recanted that position.

    Over 40 Palestinians were killed and over 50 injured following shelling near an UNRWA school in Jebalya Camp on the afternoon of Tuesday 6th January 2009. Israel maintains that it was responding to rocket fire from Palestinian militants who were hiding inside the school compound.

    Chris Gunness, UNRWA Spokesperson 8th Jan 2009

    “I have been authorised to say that in private briefings with diplomats, the Israeli army has admitted that the rockets from Jabalya (two days ago) came from outside the UNRWA school compound, not from inside it. Therefore the allegations against a neutral UN human development organization were entirely baseless. This increases pressure for an independent investigation.

  8. Legion, if you think a Wednesday article appearing on Friday frolyks is bad you should have been here a couple of days ago when the baleful figure of Whitlam was lurking about. Talk about capture the zeitgeist of the early 70’s. Some of us struggle with the arcane rules of blogocrats.

    No doubt you have admonished that other poster for his ill-advised trip in the time machine?

  9. Just in case anyone’s interested…

    Here’s a holiday snap of me and the other arf hanging around an art gallery in Hanoi…

  10. Stephan, on February 6th, 2009 at 10:18 pm

    Legion, if…


  11. reb, on February 6th, 2009 at 10:48 pm

    Which one is you, sreb? For my album – its secret – scaper is in it, and you wouldn’t want show photos of scaper, now would you? So its quite safe…cough, cough!

  12. For joni and reb:

    Survey of bloggers: win $50

  13. Tony of South Yarra, on February 6th, 2009 at 9:27 pm Said:

    / That poll has probably been hacked or skewed in some way. 😉

    No, it’s a radio poll which are as meaningful as a phone, SMS or TV poll, that is meaningless.

    But it does show the respondents are smart and don’t confuse local weather events for global climate as the deniers nearly always do. The deniers are attempting to use the freeze in the UK as proof the world is in a global cooling, which is just as bad as the warming fanatics (and that includes Wong) using heat waves to infer the proof of global warming.

    Fact is Tony the planet is warming, and neither the freeze in the UK or the heatwave here has altered that fact. What it does show is that these extreme events will become more common and increase in intensity, which has also been shown in the models. As the CSIRO climatologist said the other day 40 is the new 30 so we better get used to it.

  14. On the Edge
    ToSY has been posting links on counters to Obama’s stimulus package but above is an impassioned article on how the Republicans (like the Libs here) are running spoilers and deliberately putting the Obama administration on the defensive at a time when they should be on the offensive.

    The parties of the robber barons never change their spots and even in the light of a global catastrophe, much of their own making, they still want scavenge all the wealth they can for their real masters, the robber barons.

  15. Tony of South Yarra, on February 6th, 2009 at 9:11 pm Said:

    ABC News Radio Web Poll:

    ToSY I really really hope you are more intelligent than to take TV, radio, SMS and web polls as being indicative of anything, especially web polls which are so simple to rig?

  16. There are four ways in which you can spend money.

    You can spend your own money on yourself. When you do that, why then you really watch out what you’re doing, and you try to get the most for your money.

    Then you can spend your own money on somebody else. For example, I buy a birthday present for someone. Well, then I’m not so careful about the content of the present, but I’m very careful about the cost.

    Then, I can spend somebody else’s money on myself. And if I spend somebody else’s money on myself, then I’m sure going to have a good lunch!

    Finally, I can spend somebody else’s money on somebody else. And if I spend somebody else’s money on somebody else, I’m not concerned about how much it is, and I’m not concerned about what I get. And that’s government.

    ~Milton Friedman

  17. Will the Extra Spending Be on Things We Need? If you hire your neighbor for $100 to dig a hole in your backyard and then fill it up, and he hires you to do the same in his yard, the government statisticians report that things are improving. The economy has created two jobs, and the G.D.P. rises by $200. But it is unlikely that, having wasted all that time digging and filling, either of you is better off.

    People don’t usually spend their money buying things they don’t want or need, so for private transactions, this kind of inefficient spending is not much of a problem. But the same cannot always be said of the government. If the stimulus package takes the form of bridges to nowhere, a result could be economic expansion as measured by standard statistics but little increase in economic well-being.

  18. Reb, you’re a dog!

  19. Is Milton Friedman really Marty Feldman? And which one is John Mac?

    They have so many similar traits.

  20. You’d have to ask John’s friend, Mat. 😉

  21. Has anyone got a clue what TB’s late night post means???

  22. WT?

  23. Sleep blogging?

  24. Somnblogulation?

  25. Censured by the minister?

  26. Ransom note from the robber-barons?

  27. Could well be…we’ll have to pass the hat around.

  28. Adrian of Nowra, on February 7th, 2009 at 7:21 am

    Nice link Adrian.

    This is what frustrates me the most. This catastophe happened under the watch of the RWDB’s who were in charge, howie here and bush there. Even Britains Labor were marching on to the beat of the conservatives.

    Well, whatever they did didn’t work. We keep hearing about how great our banks are, but this is only due to the regulations still in place around them, and the action taken by the government since. They were losing money hand over fist until the gaurantee, and yet chrnbull still craps on about it.

    While it is good that the package is being scrutinised, I have not yet seen anything pulled apart from it except along ideological lines. Both the IMF and treasury agree it is the way to go. With petty bickering over who gets what (ie fieldings crap about the unemployed, what a friggin time for him to get a conscience over them, er us), it is purely delay with no good outcome.

    OK, you have seen the package, you found a typo, it is fixed, move on.

  29. Tony…seen this?


    “The phenomenon discovered by the researchers, known as the Indian Ocean Dipole, has been in a positive or neutral phase since 1992 — the longest such period since records began in the late 19th century. According to the study, it indicates El Nino events do not directly drive drought, as previously thought.”

    I thought the science was settled concerning El Nino?

  30. No scaper, where did you get that from?

    It was thought there must have been another factor or factors involved as for example the current drought didn’t correspond to El Niño/La Niña events.

    This new correspondence to the negative and positive Indian Ocean Dipole along with the ability to track El Niño and La Niña allows scientists to be better able to plot and predict trends and thus help farmers and other plan for coming weather events.

  31. Very interesting, Scaper.

  32. From the UNSW Climate Change Research Centre.

  33. Also that research shows like the Pacific Ocean the Indian Ocean is warming which is why there has been an unprecedented positive to neutral diplole for so long, so how do you explain that?

  34. Indian Ocean Dipole

    There was a piece on this on Radio National earlier on in the week which is where I heard about it. They went into a lot more than that the newspaper article.

    Cloud streams going from the North West of Australia to the South East have been known not to belong to El Niño/La Niña so there had to be another driver. This is the type of pattern we have been having lately. Also the IO Dipole has been positive for a record amount of time which indicates warming of the ocean (Wikipedia explains).

    There is nothing in this finding that discredits global warming but much that supports it.

  35. Did I say anything about global warming?

  36. Problem. A Keynesian AS-AD model analysis suggests that tax cuts will shift the aggregate demand curve outwards. The wish-list of social expenditure is an indirect tax increase that lodges in the future. Tax increases are probably something that might be good for a runaway boom to slow an overheating economy, just as the boom-time is a good time to make social and infrastructural investments.

    In other words, the ‘discredited philosophy’ of ‘neo-liberalism’ now finds its match in an heir apparent ‘social capitalism’ which is every bit its dysfunctional analogue for an opposite swing of the economic pendulum.

    If the object is stimulus, either approach works; except, in one version, government chooses a very limited range of activities for how that money is expended while the real economy engages in a very much wider range of real activities. Imho, a concentrated stimulus at the expense of a more general stimulus fails to account for the complexity of the economy.

    It’s why I can’t support the package no matter how much I might think that the command social expenditures are worthy…they should have been bought by Howard, they could be bought by a future Rudd in a future boom-time, but they are wrong for this time.

  37. Yeah Adrian, do keep up.


    If you’re anything like me then you’re just not quick enough to follow the shifting ground & cryptic variations on a theme.
    A fine spectacle to witness the “non-scientific” digging up arguments in order to infer the fallibility of “science”.
    My understanding of science is that it welcomes attempts to test its assertions & in this way it evolves.

  38. Nevermind im ok, but thanks for asking. 🙂

    James i now know where it is headed.

    On a lighter note no injuries…and the police have been more then comforting to me today.

  39. Gee, ain’t we a precious lot today…did you read the whole piece or were you just focusing on the negative???

    To me it proves that the weather experts had got it wrong and there is a possibility to predict the seasons more accurately.

  40. Legion, on February 7th, 2009 at 11:14 am

    Some simple questions:

    If The Robber Barons can be directly linked to the failure of the gobal economy – over and over and over – and therefore have a great deal of reponsibility…

    …why do governments demonstrate reponsiblility and have the urge to spend more money?

    What happened to the huge profits made by business?

    Shouldn’t business be spending money too – on infrastructure projects (eg BHP Billitons iron ore project?)

    If the government can give a three year guarantee of the banks funds at the drop of a hat – why can’t they be rivised at the drop of a hat…

    …time for the banks to become corporate citizens – ie banks take profits in the good times and squeeze credit in the tough…

    …the government should say – take some risk with the bank’s money (ie lend a a percentage of the bank’s money!) or we remove the guarantee…

    …and finally, if a free market system depends on supply and demand and business just created a demand and if overspending (money that didn’t exist) got us into this mess, why spend more to get us out?

    Maybe businesses should not make 10% on last years profit – 10% on top of last years profit – 10% on top of last years- ad infinitum…what a dumb, (greedy), growth at all costs, system…

    …why not be happy with just a 10% profit on sales?

  41. Aqua, did you just beat the daylights out of four hoodlums giving you stick in your home? Hope you gave ’em one for me!! Mate, commencing a law course in 3 weeks does not a lawyer make, I’m sorry, but the missus, a practising crim and family lawyer, reckons it’s all about the degree…….the degree to which you were threatened and the degree to which you messed up their faces. More details?

  42. Yes Toiletboss, drag around for any small scrap, no matter how disconnected or connected, that proves the fallibility of science and thus meaning the whole AGW theory is a complete crock.

    Of course that the find is not really that new as the science knew for a while something else was driving our droughts other than the Pacific and have now found it, doesn’t matter. Nor the fact the find of a prolonged and record positive IO Dipole supporting global warming is to be ignored as well. What is important in this is the fallibility of science, which is supposed to somehow lead to the whole AGW theory being completely bogus.

  43. Aqua..check your inbox.

  44. Wow, how defensive!

    Spin it anyway you like…I don’t know why as you will be getting your treasured ETS anyway…we will wait and see how much pollution is reduced in the world.

    Just another money making industry in my opinion.

  45. Oh and now ETS boo! and the ruination of me because of it. What a lame side step.

    And I’ve stated I don’t like Rudd’s ETS as it’s a cop out and goes no where near far enough, and since when have you been against money making industries? Are they supposed to all exist to run at a loss now?

  46. Nuh James they wernt inside my house just the front lawn peeing and drunk as, i did overreact simply because of the numbers. Aboriginals being charged is a new kettle of fish for me, as the laws can be diferent.
    Police i never met got involved which confused me more.
    It seems the police cant charge one without the other and feel there is no strong case to take to court, however as stated yesterday this may become a civil matter. I am just still a little wild up from the insident so i dont mean to come across as a misery loves company type blogger.

  47. Got it Min.
    thank you. 🙂

    Might rest for a few hours, get my happy back.

  48. Aquanut,

    Go to YouTube and check out Kimbo Slice. You might get a few pointers for next time. 😉

  49. I side step for no one…if you can not see that the speculators will move in and dominate the market at our expense, well…that is your problem.

    The same people that have contributed to the GFC will be rubbing their hands!

  50. Aqua..have replied. Hugs MinXXXX Most definitely, zone out time.

  51. By the way, I emailed Tim this morning to see how he was travelling.

    He said things are going fine and he’s enjoying the writing.

  52. Thank you Min that email gave me a lot to look over. I have only been up for 2 hrs today, nice rest does wonders.
    The Q is on my mind now, should i go anywhere, wish i knew where live aswell, will they come back.

    The answer is i’ll deal with as it comes. thats all there is.
    Thaks for replying James, i wasnt thinking much when i made that comment so i understand how hard it would of been to answer it. Silly question really when i re read it.

    pesto sauce with meat wrapped in pasta, im going to over-eat for sure

  53. Aqua, you did only what every person would have done. You were trying to protect your home and your family.

    It is unlikely that they will come back as they know what to expect if they arrive. You have made your home secure.

    Yummo..pasta, pesto.

  54. Its hard work doing the lawn at times i reckon, i mean watching that young kid push the mower around for some pocket money in this heat and then emptying the catcher walking that long distance to dump the grass gets tiering for me. i thank people for there kids.

  55. Aqua, no need to apologise, you had a head of steam. I suspect from what you wrote that the coppers said something like “Nothing for you to worry about unless they bring civil charges….” Coppers often don’t mind being a little dramatic and speaking in legal jargon. From what you’ve said, I doubt the invaders have a civil action so I’d open a cold beer if I were you and kick back for a bit.

    Change has arrived here now so it’s cooled off a bit. Hope the firies are ok..

  56. Cheers james, the police that arrived were against me.

    By the way id like to say im not tough beating on drunks, now if they were straight i would of impressed myself but i am ashamed at the advantage i had.

    The fire fighting crew have been let down with the progression of equipment provided, in an age where we can reduce man power. too much to say but this will do.

  57. Electronic Frontiers Australia member Geordie Guy receives death threat over web filter plan

    Online rights campaigner Geordie Guy received a threatening phone message last month after publicly disagreeing with an article supporting the filtering scheme.

    “I got home from work and found a message on my answering machine telling me to keep my name out of the paper,” he said.

    “It said to ‘cut the libertarian bullsh—’ or I’d be sorry.”

  58. Music break.

  59. Has anyone ever died on Iron Chef, they are so dramatic.

    Host: so what do think of the taste?

    Actress: hehehe hehehe hehehe good very good hehehe oh and hehehe

    love it

  60. TB Queensland, on February 7th, 2009 at 12:11 pm

    None of those questions is simple, TB; I could quite easily write a 7700 word essay on just the first one.

    Why do I think things are the way they are overall? Because capitalism is autopoietic, transforming and being transformed by its environment in and through its agents in much the same way that previous modes of production did. In that context, where capitalism has a morality all its own, it behoves agents to be aware that its morality, operating within and through them, is not necessarily their morality as other-than-agents, operating within and through it; whilst not denying that it is their morality as agents which enlivens the structural and functional forms which capitalism both takes from and seeks to impose on its environment. In an autopoietic system, that could count as knowledge, and probably does.

    On particulars…none of them is answerable without reference to the structural and functional attributes of capitalism as a holism. Even then, I’d only be an observer of the visible aspects, and would be supplying answers which don’t necessarily conform to the complexity of the dynamics between the autopoietic and its environment, per a static frame of reference, even as it is currently transforming itself and its environment through its agents, and they by it, once again. Hoorah for social capitalism; a capitalism saved from ‘itself’. 😉

  61. aquanut, on February 7th, 2009 at 9:41 pm

    I keep waiting for the ‘secret theme ingredient’ to be fugu.

    Mmmm. Oishii desu!

  62. AT least 25 people have been killed in Victoria’s worst bushfires since Ash Wednesday, with the death toll expected to rise

    The CFA Current Incident Summary gives a fair idea of how busy the fire authorities have been.

  63. Boy, Jack the Insider is going to be peeved off!

    He moved house on Friday and Telstra was supposed to reconnect to his new abode…his blog has not moved!

    I sense a thread coming up concerning the ineptness of this carrier and it won’t be pretty knowing Jack.

  64. Scaper, don’t get me started on Telstra!

    “Telstra was supposed to reconnect . . .” I am glad you said was supposed to, rather than was expected to, or promised to, or would, or advised that they would, or will be.

    The usual responses are forgot to, was too busy to, did the wrong house, there were technical difficulties or it was impossible to.

    Yet to hear of a story where they got things right.

  65. Re Telstra – when son moved and had a phone connected in Cairns, they disconnected our home phone. Numerous phone calls trying to explain to a little person in a different country that although father and son have the same 1st initial they are in fact 2 different people. Hopefully all other JA’s in Australia were not likewise disconnected. Also, that Cairns and Billinudgel NSW are two different places. This later one was particularly difficult to get through to the person.

    Three months after moving house and filling in all relevant forms, our Bigpond, phone and mobile accounts are still being sent to our former address. Phone call to Bigpond, yes we have updated your details..oh no they hadn’t.

  66. I’ve got a nice old barney coming up with Telstra, when I switch my internet provider. Three times I’ve spoken to them now, having had a nice old 30 min conversation with a computer condescendingly taking me through what might be the problem with my internet connection. Still not fixed. I can’t tell you the rage that builds up inside me when I have to answer questions of a computer. It is just so insulting.

  67. Never had a problem with Telstra (except the CEO) always serviced quickly and effectively…been withem for over 40 years…now my daughter… 😉

  68. Miglo…

    I’m sure you’re smiling today after the Aboriginal All Stars thumped the Crows by 54pts in Darwin last night.
    Apparently the Port All Star inclusions were at their tacky worst…or I like to think that they were anyway.

  69. Victorian fire situation map as the death toll rises to 35:


    And the appalling Bob Brown can’t politicising a tragedy:


  70. *can’t resist politicising*

  71. Tony, the toll has now risen to 49 people confirmed dead.

  72. terrible Min. That makes it worse than Ash Wednesday.

  73. Tony of South Yarra, on February 8th, 2009 at 4:37 pm

    Does, Uncle Bob, know we have a bit of a problem with the economy at the mo’…ie losing money?

    Insensitive, dick!

  74. For mine Bob Brown is just being a realist and iterating what several Australian climatologists are saying.

    The models are saying that extreme weather events will become more frequent, more intense and longer. As they said 40 is the new 30 and Australia should prepare for it. By continuing to bury our head in the sand and attack anyone who points out the disasters the extreme weather events are causing around us is not going to do a thing to help in facing these events in the future.

    Politicians have always used disasters and fear to make political points, Howard did so all the time as has Rudd on an occasion since getting into office.

    Official toll now 61.

  75. It’s 65 now Adrian. I went through the Ash Wednesday fires, just on the outskirts however I will never forget loading the family photo albums into the car, son dressed only in a nappy and daughter clinging to me and waiting for the most wonderful CFA bloke telling me whether or not I should evacuate. Hubby couldn’t get home as the road was blocked.

  76. I too went through Ash Wednesday and remember vividly the Dandenong hills as one big torch lighting everything up for miles around in a scary orange glow through the black of the overhead smoke which had darkened out the sun.

    Most of the residents in our area, which was an outer Eastern suburb of Melbourne at that time, spent days running around putting out embers from the fires in the Dandenongs.

  77. Adrian,

    Go and educate yourself:

    Victoria’s natural environments are some of the most fire-prone areas in the world. High temperatures and limited summer rainfall produces conditions of very high fire danger in Victoria’s eucalypt forests. Sudden strong wind changes that can hamper efforts to control fires, are also common.

    The bushfire danger becomes serious in some parts of Victoria every few years. However, bushfires as severe as the Ash Wednesday fires appear to occur six to ten times a century.

    Ash Wednesday 1983

  78. Tony how about you educate yourself.

    Were there or were there not record temperatures in Victoria (and now NSW). Melbourne hit its hottest temperature ever on record. This is worse than Ash Wednesday.

    The prediction is these events will come more frequently and be more intense, but of course you just want us all to sit back and wait until that happens more than six to ten times a century before admitting there might be a man made problem.

    How about this for a radical thought Tony? Instead of playing ostrich and squawking it’s all natural, just ignore it, we treat the science as real and the predictions as more than probable so we plan for it and then do everything in our power to mitigate the probability of further disasters in the future by changing the way we live.

  79. Reporters were desperate for Turnbull to politicise this tragedy. He refused. Sadly, Bob Brown couldn’t show the same class.

  80. Tony of South Yarra

    I see Bob isn’t the only one to use the Victorian fire tragedy for poltical points.

    dolt is at it too.

  81. ………and equally sadly, neither apparently can Adrian.

  82. Where the link to that James?

  83. That should be where’s, sorry.

  84. Well its done now, so…

    If we can’t point out that the weather was actually colder last year therefore AGWCC may be wrong…and we are chastised and told we must take into account longer periods…etc etc

    …how come now its hot in the South that, demonstrates the models are correct…?

    …talk about an each way bet to prove a point…

    …so how doeas AGWCC explain a RETURN of the wet season in North Queensland?

    …or the RETURN of snow to England’s North…(and South)…

    …what a wonderful planet we reside upon…

  85. Got a few mates from down Gippsland way. Some real horror stories coming out. This is going to be a very sad period whilst this all gets sorted out.

  86. All those things are abnormal TB and records never recorded before.

    How is that natural TB?

  87. James of North Melbourne @ 12.43, and those wonderful voice recognition sites! No wonder I’m in permanent state of rage.

  88. What? Abnormal?

    The only thing that’s abnormal is the setting of fires!

    My rellies have whinged for years ’cause it stopped snowing at Christmas in Yorkshire…as a kid my home used to be snowed in (snowdrifts) and we often had to be dug out by family and friends…its a “natural” cycle…it has RETURNED…

    Wet season and flooding in FNQ – and here in Brisbane…natural… mate, I worked in a workshop behind the RBH and swam out with over 3m of water over the road in 1974…the workshop had been flooded three times previously…there is a low forming off the coast of Brisbane right now…the weather has RETURNED…

    …after the ’74 floods they built Wivenhoe Dam as part of the flood mitigation scheme (not as a water storage dam)…they expected to be flooded again…ask anyone who lives in the Northern Rivers of NSW – flooding is “natural” there too – not a word I used in my post BTW – that’s yours…

    This info may help…records from 1824 (before even I was born 😀 ):


    …Penny W is quite keen to demonstrate the weather down south indicated AGWCC…and is not “natural” too…

    …you trust your scientists’ models (not all of who agree BTW) – some of us have experienced it!

    Bit like the Global Financial Crisis – it was overpaid experts that caused most of that too…! 😉

  89. TB Queensland,

    The most I have heard Penny Wong in reference to the extreme conditions down south is that it is consistant with what the scientists’ predicted.

    I have not heard her (yet) attribute it solely to AGW.

    And I have not heard her use the tragedies unfolding to her own political advantage, unlike dolt and Brown.

  90. TB.

    The worst natural disaster in our history.
    (Ash Wednesday was also largely the cause of arsonists and lightening strikes, the fires cause their own lightening)
    I looked but couldn’t find anything that stated the North East was having record floods during Ash Wednesday.

    The highest ever flood level recorded in Ingham.

    The hottest day ever in Melbourne on top of the hottest heatwave.

    The hottest heatwave in Adelaide.

    The hottest ever recorded temperature in Katoomba.

    Record blizzards in the UK and Europe.

    In their summer heatwaves in Europe.

    No snow in Red Square at Christmas.

    Snow in parts of California that had never seen snow.

    etc. et. al.

    Of course some of these things have happened in the past and come in cycles with severe events every few cycles, but what is occurring is happening more often, becoming more extreme and lasting longer whilst it is predicted these things will start to become more part of the normal than the extreme.

    TB is the global temperature increasing or decreasing decade on decade since industrialisation?

    Does heating the earth destabilise its climate?

  91. Wow, I just got back from Canberra and I see that the site preacher is riding on the deaths of many preaching the CC mantra.

    You are getting your ETS but you are still not happy and want to convert the great unwashed???

    Well, I’m going nowhere near this DEAD issue.

  92. scaper, I just had a shower!

  93. I better have one too as I feel dirty after visiting that place.

  94. Min
    im sorry to hear the news has hit so close, I wish i knew what to say.
    I also feel a lot more people have not been found, If it wasnt in another state i would be helping for sure. It hurts to sit back only to hear the news without helping out.

    be prepared for some very gut wrenching stories of heroics and loss, the worst is yet to come of this tragedy.

  95. Heart breaking news from min, no words will suffice but be sure your in my thoughts tonight

  96. Thank you so much to all. Aqua, you don’t have to say anything, I know…

    It’s cousins..but I have wonderful memories of hanging on the clothes line. We used to go roundy-roundy. My cousin (now deceased) broke the whole thing. By gee did he get a bolt around the paddock with the leather strap.

    And to new friend OnlyO..

    And here am I sitting on some silly blog (with due apologies) but I feel so helpless but am very grateful for all the supoort recieved.

  97. scaper…, on February 9th, 2009 at 4:12 pm Said:

    Wow, I just got back from Canberra and I see that the site preacher is riding on the deaths of many preaching the CC mantra.

    And the rabid one is still making ridiculously inappropriate and idiotic comments.

  98. kittylitter, on February 9th, 2009 at 7:10 pm

    Agree! Astounding!

  99. I’ve been spaminated.

  100. spam, yum

  101. There was some discussion here recently about Wal-Mart. Since I can’t recall which thread it was on, I’ll put this here:

    Charles Platt goes undercover at Wal-mart – New York Post

  102. Tony of South Yarra, on February 9th, 2009 at 7:42 pm

    Very interesting Tony so I took the trouble of going to the Boing Boing site where the article first appeared. Charles Platt seemed to want to de-bunk the experiences of minimum wage workers as appeared in the book Nickel and Dimed.

    Mr Platt wasn’t entirely honest about his experience at walmart though, as some of the posters had observed.

    #10 posted by flarbas , February 1, 2009 11:49 PM

    As an entity of singular success I find Walmart and what it does and stands for exceedingly interesting.

    I am critical of some I learned of the business and in admiration of other aspects. I’ll be honest in that I might not have been as critical a reader of Nickel and Dimed as you were, and found your interest and take enlightening.

    But forgive me if I have a few questions about your own motivation for your experience and this blog.

    To be honest your last sentence:

    “Somehow that kind of news is never as popular as denunciations of the free market written by professional handwringers such as Barbara Ehrenreich.”

    Threw up a number of red flags that your unbiased stance that you take in vetting Barbara Ehrenreich’s book is as neutral as you would have us believe. I see you already have an opinion of what popular news is, and Ehrenreich herself as a “professional handwringer”

    I’m also interested in how long you spent as an employee at Walmart? A couple days, weeks, maybe a month? I wonder if the amount of time you spent was long enough to really know the wrinkles and warts of any employer or workplace.

    And did you try to live only on what you earned? Which I took as a major point of the book.
    Jay Acker

    #59 posted by striatic , February 2, 2009 1:08 AM

    Mister Platt, I’m not an anti-corporate “hater” by any stretch, but after reading through the comments here it is clear that you’re avoiding answering some questions.

    It’s clear you’re avoiding the question of how long you actually worked at the store.

    It is also clear that you’re avoiding answering the question of whether or not you tried to “live” off your earnings at the store.

    I shop at wal-mart from time to time and the employees usually seem happy to be there, more so than other retail stores. However, I don’t think your experience there should be taken with much weight unless you worked there for at least a month, covering all your monthly expenses with the wages you earned there.

    Unless you did that, your experience comes off as mere play-acting. Most jobs I’ve worked at have a pleasant “honeymoon” period when you first join and everyone is trying to make a good impression and all the tasks are still novel and interesting. It sounds as if you were still well within this period.

    #60 posted by rsk , February 2, 2009 1:09 AM

    Of course, this piece drips with intellectual dishonesty — as Zarkonnen and others have pointed out, the writer rigged the game, played it temporarily, and summarily declared himself the winner. This sort of self-centered delusion is temporarily acceptable in teenage boys who have read Rand for the first and fallen in love with the puerile concepts expounded therein; but in an adult it’s repulsive.

  103. If comments are the ctiteria by which this should be judged, then why didn’t you provide a link to the Boing Boing blog in question, so all comments may be read – pro and con?


  104. Tony my debate with the man would of ended after i said this.
    To be equall you would of found just as many faults as good points.
    If a bad point was raised it was dressed up with” will its better then the other mob.
    There isnt a company in the world as good as what he talked up about wal mart.

    sorry but it stands that this man has nothing but a stain on his tounge.

  105. Min thinking of ya.

    Hugs and support through out the night. Wish there was something more i could do.

  106. Tony of South Yarra, on February 9th, 2009 at 9:18 pm Said:

    If comments are the ctiteria by which this should be judged, then why didn’t you provide a link to the Boing Boing blog in question, so all comments may be read – pro and con?

    My apologies Tony, I was rushing to go out and didn’t finish off the post properly (in my own defence, it is pretty rare that I forget to link). I realised I’d forgotten as soon I drove away, but wasn’t coming back to fix it – knew you would remind me. Thanks for being so kind as to provide the link in my absence :p

    Charles Platt: Embarrassment to Walmart defenders everywhere (Part 1).

    Charles Platt: Embarrassment to Walmart defenders everywhere (Part 2).

  107. NP Kittylitter. Here are two more Wal-Mart articles for anyone interested:



  108. Tony

    I was one of the bloggers commenting on Wal Mart and I read your sites with interest.

    It shows that maybe Wal Mart is waking up a bit in imp-roving its health plan. I would like to see proof of wages other than statements by Wal Mart.

    However it does abosultely nothing in placating my belief that the company is a predator closing thousands of businesses in its wake.

    It did show me what seemed to be an avertising blog for the company, as he found absolutely nothing negative in his experience. I find it amazing that an independent under cover investigator would find nothing but positive experiences any under cover strory ( not just this one) and this cements my scepticism of the total exercise.

    It is now pushing into the Health Insurance industry in attempt to gain a strong foot hold into another part of poeples lives. Reminds me of my previous employer entering the Life Insurance industry and coercing its employees to dump the long held union policy with AMP and join their cheaper premium policy which pays no premuim returns like AMP.

    Only 2000 staff remained with AMP and over 30,000 moved to the employers insurance. Amazingly after a couple of years the staff part of the insurance was closed and transferred to the insruacne section to be treated as standard customers. Staff now pay standard premuims with no return. I still pay very small premuims with over 50% of my cost returned to me each 3 years.

    To whose ultimate benefit was this plan of overwhelming assitance to staff by the employer.?

    If you think employers do something to benfit their employees instead of the eventual bottom line then you are oblivious to how capitalism works.

    Websites by unions or anyone with an opposing opinion are essential to bring a balanced view, exactly the same as having an oppostion and a government. Otherwise we have dictatorial monopoly businesses ocntroling what we see hear and believe. Oh looks like we already have some of them in News Corp and Fairfax.

  109. Tony

    Have a few for you to read about Wal Mart.





    Here is a full programme on Wal Mart. Click on the watch the full programme online. I am watching it at the moment.


  110. Thanks Shane,

    Will do when I get time.

  111. “And the rabid one is still making ridiculously inappropriate and idiotic comments.”kitty

    Seems to have a real gripe with Adrian at the moment, doesn’t like the conclusions that he comes to perhaps? maybe they don’t fit his paradigm.

    I would have said that this…

    “Wow, I just got back from Canberra and I see that the site preacher is riding on the deaths of many preaching the CC mantra”

    …is easily the dumbest, most unnecessary comment made at this site re the fires.
    Inferring that Adrian is somehow “riding on the deaths of many” is just plain wrong & more to do with bitterness than good judgement or legitimate disagreement with anything Adrian has posted.

  112. Min, sincere condolences. I must have missed the news while at work yesterday. Very sorry to hear.

    I think the toll will be a personal tragedy for many people as time passes.

  113. Inferring that Adrian is somehow “riding on the deaths of many” is just plain wrong & more to do with bitterness than good judgement or legitimate disagreement with anything Adrian has posted.

    Yep, pretty low blow and nasty tactics.
    Must have had the desired effect though of shutting down debate, ‘cos Adrian hasn’t posted since. Bit hard after you’ve been accused of using horrific deaths to suit your argument.

  114. Adrian,

    I agree with KL and HD…but…

    Only one person insulted you…and he has been a bit rabid of late…as some of us have told him…

    The rest of us not only enjoy your posts immensely but look forward to the knowledge that you offer…on a wide range of subjects…

    …sometimes I agree, sometimes I don’t but that doesn’t diminish my respect and (I hope) our virtual friendship…

    …it would be sad for the rest of us to lose you through one silly comment…

  115. I don’t think Adrian is that easily put off TB, made of sterner stuff IMHO. Perhaps just busy?

    It would be a huge loss though, he brings immense detail to his comments & is courteous & articulate.
    I feel no need to defend him I might add, & he doesn’t need defence.

    I felt compelled to respond to the ridiculous statement above which is dripping with misplaced contempt. Part of a trend to oversimplify & condescend about many contributors here in an overtly antagonistic way.
    The judgement from on high is unsavoury & doesn’t flatter the message of scaper.

  116. Adrian

    Not sure what has transpired and I agree with TB.

    It would be sad for the rest of us to lose you. You and I have agreed and disagreed on topics and thats whats makes for a good site, alternative opinions. otherwsie we may as well fold under News Corp censorship.

    Whatever has happened I ask that you consider the value the rest of us place on your comments and weigh that against a decision based on the comments of one person.

  117. KL,HD and TB – agree

    Adrian, please don’t stay away. I look forward to reading your comments, always

  118. Toiletboss,

    I had planned to stay out of this foodfight, but I’m sure you’re right about Adrian: he’s a bulldog, and wouldn’t be put off that easily. (He might be doing some work for a change. ;-))

  119. And min is also missing too. I hope that she too is not avoiding this place and is just busy.


  120. Yeah Tony, I’m wary of getting into this myself (I suppose I expect some invective) but it had to be said.
    Wasn’t trying to start a foodfight.

    I haven’t taken a shine to some of the broad generalisations that have been made against the collective inputs & perceived bias’ of regular contributors here. Sometimes accompanied by sneering at this blog .

  121. Well at least we agree – HD

    I just want to get back to some decent discussion without the personal insults…

    …I admit to guilt in the past but I now make a serious effort to maintain some semblance of good manners…

    …the personal insult stuff does nothing for the site and I think its the least we can do as some way of thanking joni and sreb for their efforts in maintaining Blogocrats…both of whom I might add, have never, to my knowledge, thrown a serious insult (well apart from sreb – he does it to me all the time!)… 😀

    …the couple of stouches I’ve been involved in I found most unpleasant…and on reflection I should have ignored the comment…or never have made one myself…

    …life’s just one big a learning opportunity!

  122. As much… no make that a lot more than you ToSY.

    Hey the stories of my death have been exaggerated.

    What’s all this about me going, I haven’t gone anywhere and in fact am immersed in a large project making lots of money for my boss.

    There seems to have been a bit where my posts didn’t go through and I don’t know where in the chain they were stopped.

    Insults, water off the proverbial and are only a reflection on the insulter not the insultee.

  123. I’m not sure as I was at work A/S yesterday so don’t know detail but if min has lost someone she knew in the fires then that may well be occupying her today, understandably.

    Also, I don’t think Adrian has gone anywhere, he’s just not here at the moment.

  124. I had drafted this – now redundant, like most of my comments, but I’ll post it anyway –

    I agree, I hope that Adrian is just doing some work.

    I always try to start an argument with him, and often he falls for it.

    He is usually generous to have one or 2 exchanges. Following this he allows me to descend ungracefully into the very deep hole that I inevitably dig for myself.

    Very good value.

  125. I agree with Toiletboss. Min would be attending to other priorities and IMHO will be back when these priorities have been finalised.

    Also Tboss, A Crow’s zealot just phoned to say that Dom is the new Port captain and the Crow’s Neanderthals are having a real spat on the ‘Tiser blogs.

    Those morons can’t help themselves. Thank God they never visit Blogocrats. Probably far to intellectual for them.

  126. (He might be doing some work for a change. 😉 )

    You got him TOSY!

    Yeah must be nice to be paid whilst you mouth off on a blog! (just jealous ‘cos I can’t – public servant you know and every minute of my working day taken up by the demands of the job).

    And, did I mention – a shift worker (running joke in the family, you have to be a shift worker to understand).

  127. I always try to start an argument with him, and often he falls for it.

    Very accommodating of him, but then that’s the kind of person Adrian is!

    I don’t think I’ve ever had an argument with him. We are simpatico on many things.

    TOSY and the paradox = non simpatico!

  128. “And, did I mention – a shift worker (running joke in the family, you have to be a shift worker to understand).”kitty

    I understand, I know well what it means to whore my lifestyle & sleeping pattern for money.

  129. TOSY and the paradox = non simpatico!

    I can’t speak for any paradoxical personas, but personally, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 😉

  130. Dom Cassisi (did I miss an sss?) as captain, hehe, I saw that yesterday.

    You must be worried, they really are scraping the bottom of the barrel!
    Probably would have to try pretty hard to be a bigger knob than Warren though.

  131. The “tiser blogs, as with all of the news.com mainpage comments sections, are festooned with numbskulls miglo.
    You have my 100% agreement on that score.

    BTW, you did notice that the Crows got flogged by the Aboriginal AllStars in Darwin on Saturday night didn’t you? 5 of the AllStars were Crows players, let down ably by Burgoyne’s, Motlop, Pearce etc.

  132. You got it wrong Tom, you start the argument to bait, I nibble to get you to reel in and you oblige.

  133. Adrian of Nowra, on February 10th, 2009 at 12:33 pm

    OK! Matelot!

    Gave us all the opportunity to say nice things anyway!

    Now we just need to support, Min…

  134. TB re Min


  135. Yoiks!

    I totally hadn’t read any of the Fave Restaraunt thread until just now; being the human detritus that I am I don’t much go for formal eateries, LOL.

    What to say? I guess I can see why you guys thought min may have been absent.
    Nasty business, only reinforces what I was musing above IMHO. An odd, angry person full of self contradiction who sees red far too easily far too often.

    Terrible news re the fires BTW, absolutely shocking.

  136. Thanks for the links SIQ, interesting reading. Pleased to see that unlike Australia, the German people have resisted the US style IR invasion. (my bold)

    The authors wrote: “Wal-Mart’s attempt to apply the company’s proven US success formula in an unmodified manner to the German market turned out to be nothing short of a fiasco.”

    One example of that might be that Wal-Mart’s American managers pressured German executives to enforce American-style management practices in the workplace. Employees were forbidden, for instance, from dating colleagues in positions of influence. Workers were also told not to flirt with one another.

    A German court ruled last year against the company’s attempt to introduce a telephone hotline for employees to inform on their colleagues.

    High labor costs may have been a big hurdle for Wal-Mart Germany, as well as workers who tried to resist management’s demands which they felt were unjust.

    One Wal-Mart employee told the newsmagazine Der Spiegel that management had threatened to close certain stores if staff did not agree to work to working longer hours than their contracts foresaw and did not permit video surveillance of their work.

    Wal-Mart Germany has had several run-ins with the trade union ver.di, which represents retail store workers.

  137. Oh, for the benefit of TOSY, that quote was taken from SIQ’s first link (all I’ve read so far).


  138. Bob Brown was canned for saying the Victorian bushfires are a sign of things to come because of AGW but what about this from Pastor Danny Nalliah of Catch The Fire Ministries, good and close friend of both Peter Costello and John Howard with Peter Costello having no problems with promoting this group and Danny?

    CTFM leader, Pastor Danny Nalliah said he would spearhead an effort to provide every assistance to devastated communities, although he was not surprised by the bush fires due to a dream he had last October relating to consequences of the abortion laws passed in Victoria.

    He said these bushfires have come as a result of the incendiary abortion laws which decimate life in the womb.

    Where is all the outrage that is normally spewed forth by the RWDB media hacks against any statement by a Muslim spokesperson or religious leader? Across the MSM, not one bit of condemnation.

  139. joni, perhaps you could do me a favor and pass my email on to min. After yesterday, she might prefer a private chat for now(perhaps not, just saying)


    joni: will do

  140. Adrian of Nowra, on February 10th, 2009 at 2:16 pm

    Where is all the outrage that is normally spewed forth by the RWDB media hacks against any statement by a Muslim spokesperson or religious leader? Across the MSM, not one bit of condemnation.

    Now that is sick. Unbelievable to most sane and rational people. Yes, where is the media posse? god and pastors, certainly do work in mysterious ways.

  141. kitty

    Wait until you view the story on frontline in the last link, an amazing eye opener.

  142. Adrian

    I am a catholic and was amazed at what the pope is up to. This link was very interesting on the priorities of the catholic church these days.

    Once again I feel a sense of shame.


  143. I agree Adrian,

    That statement by Danny Nalliah is every bit as stupid and inappropriate as Bob Brown linking the current bushfires to global warming (although I will commend Nalliah if he carries through with his promised assistance to those communities).

  144. Then what about the comments during the bush fires by Wilson Tuckey and David Packham, “outraged extremists and latte conservationists” for “perverting public policy” and defeating the efforts of “the folk of the bush” to “live a safe life” (who was given space in The Australian to say that) along with others that the fires and deaths are the fault of the Greenies and The Greens and the deaths are on their hands?

    Or those who are saying that bush craft has been lost because of conservation policies, in other words large scale land clearing and clear felling of Australia’s little remaining bush would prevent future fires.

    Actually that was a George Bush suggestion (on advice from America’s largest timber company) during the height of the last Californian wildfires. Chop down every second tree in the US, which will take away half the fuel thus the fires will only be half as big.

  145. BTW, you did notice that the Crows got flogged by the Aboriginal AllStars in Darwin on Saturday night didn’t you?

    Yes Tingleboss. I did notice. In fact, I noticed with immense pleasure.

    All losses the Crows incur bring me pleasure. I hate them that much that if they played a team captained by Dubya and I’d barrack for Dubya.

    Barrack – Dubya – no pun intended.

  146. shaneinqld, on February 10th, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    Hypocrisy has always astounded me – in religion, in business, in government – especially “deliberate” or “known” hypocrisy…

    Shane, bless you my son,,,

    … (I’m obviously as well qualified as some of the clergy in the CM article)…

    …you must wonder what JC would think if he popped down again…

    …I never thought of it before but perhaps that’s why the church is so anti abortion – they might lose the second coming… 😯

    …God truly works in mysterious ways…

    …the pleasures of agnosticism await (I’m cooking chicken satays on the Weber BabyQ…mmm)

  147. TB

    I am disillusioned by most religions, fabatics on all sides and leaders of all religions doing stupid things in the name of God.

    I believe in God, but I do no believe in the crap being preached from Churches, Mosques and any other so called places of worship by religious zealots out to stamp their own interpretation of gods will.

  148. Yes Adrian, a lot of people have strong opinions on these terrible events, and what caused them. Some just couldn’t hold their tongues.

    The Royal Commission will air all of these matters – John Brumby promises that everything will be on the table.

    Personally, I am going to wait for a more appropriate time to discuss the politics surrounding this.

  149. Tony

    Hope you find time to watch the last link I gave you regarding Wal Mart.

  150. Thankyou ToSY, good sense and that is what the article on all those making strong and ideological opinions at this moment stated, they should hold their tongues and let the Royal Commission do its job.

    After that they can let fly with their opinions.

  151. Oh and I believe Climate Change cause and effect will be in the brief for the Royal Commission.

  152. I will Shane, probably tonight.

  153. That’s good Adrian. Should be extremely interesting to watch, considering the rules of evidence apply, and anyone can be compelled to appear.

  154. TB

    I knew catholics were in trouble the day they elected Pope Benedict XVI.

    Had a gut feeling from day 1.

  155. Tony

    It is not an extreme story on Wal Mart by any means, very interesting and can be applied to most companies in the current economic climate of the last 5 or 6 years since the emergence of China.

  156. they might lose the second coming

    Boom tish


  157. From now on, whenever we mention Costello we should mention the comment by Pastor Danny Nalliah, just like how the RWDB always want to mention Rev Wright and Bill Ayers.

    Now what was Stephan saying over on the Gitmo thread?

  158. Actually no, Joni. If you can find similar comments made by the pastor/priest where Costello has been worshipping for the last 20 years, that would be the equivalent.

  159. And let Stephen Fielding also be mentioned along with Danny Nalliah:

    In November 2004, Nalliah campaigned for a seat in the Australian Senate, as a candidate of the Family First Party.

  160. Interesting tactics by Mr Springborg as to why he used a billionaires chopper for his own travel.

    If Mr Springborg thinks that his generous billionaire would have no expectation in return then IMHO he is oblivious to reality.


  161. shaneinqld, on February 10th, 2009 at 3:13 pm

    Don’t fret Shane, according to Nostradamus (doo doo doo do) he’s the last Pope then all hell breaks loose…

    BTW I was disillusioned with the church at five yo, something it took my parents a lifetime to overcome… 🙂

    The Only Ones, on February 10th, 2009 at 3:35 pm

    TOO, my family on my mum’s side is renowned for sarcasm…the lowest form of wit, according to some…gets me into lots of bother (as you have probably witnessed here! Luckily, sreb, usually gets it!)

    I thought my comment was witty…but it was also in bad taste…

    …I’m a drummer/singer, TOO, so thanks for the “boom tish” (my gen just says, “boom boom”)… 😉

  162. I was dragged screaming to church once by my ex, but I was the first one in line when the priest offered everyone a drop of the fire water.

    I was hoping for bigger glass though. You’d have thought that the Catholic Church could’ve afforded some proper sized wine glasses.

    And some decent wine too.

    Haven’t been back since.

  163. “I was hoping for bigger glass though. You’d have thought that the Catholic Church could’ve afforded some proper sized wine glasses.”miglo

    At the Catholic Boarding School I went to the Holy Father’s didn’t blanche at all when 200+ Catholic boy boarders (& girls, it was co-ed) repeatedly quaffed down goblet after goblet of “Teh Blood O’ Christ” during communion.
    Heathens like I were expected to go up, kneel before the Holy Father (cough) & be (sanctmoniously in my eyes) blessed by their divine hands. Eventually I got sick of this patronisation (I know, they meant well, they were only trying to save my immortal soul) & just sat at the pew while everybody else went up for eucharist.
    The disdain & naked contempt directed my way for not ambling forward like a sheep for my blessing was something to behold! Didn’t exactly make me rethink my apprehension about religion.

    Shane, your position is noteworthy. I certainly respect your right to believe what you choose & to me it seems that you have identified many of the ingrained vulgarities of religion quite well & therefore are not slave to their common pitfalls. The kind of personal spirituality that you pursue is enlightened & I wish you well with that mate.
    I hope my occasional anti-religious rants on here are not misconstrued by you (not that you’ve ever indicated such) because they are never directed at reasonable people like yourself.

    Me & organised religion go way back to, as a 5yo, having an argument with my ridiculously pious Lutheran Nanna (who is still a beautiful person after being struck down with a stroke & bedridden 4 years ago) about people evolving from apes…obviously fairly struggling to articulate my point at age 5.
    Them Lutherans eh, they can be particularly nasty, better believe they “strongly dislike” Catholics. How can so many splinter groups, sects & denominations ALL maintain so adamantly that there’s is the one TRUE god?

  164. The WT flows…

    It’s my (only) day off today before N/S tomorrow & my good friend Michael Phelps will be visiting soon.
    An interesting day or two here from the snippets I’ve been privy to.
    You are a cool bunch.

    I don’t eat out of the bin, but I might hide in there & ambush passersby.

  165. Soon I will assume the likeness of my hero…swoon.

  166. Lol at you lot. funny stuff.

    # but I might hide in there & ambush passersby.

    visions like that crack me up for a while.

  167. Happy to be a bindweller with you brother.

  168. Visions of Christobel Pyne erupting from a big green SULO, perm bedraggled with banana skins & carrot peel…spouting effeminate wierdness & faux bravado.

  169. I don’t eat out of the bin, but I might hide in there & ambush passersby. (Tingleboss).

    We had an RSM (Regimental Sergeant Major) who used to hide in bins and peek out the top to see if soldiers were marching whenever they crossed the parade ground.

    We all thought he was weird.

  170. Soon I will assume the likeness of my hero…swoon. (Tingleboss).

    Mr Magoo?

  171. The dishonourable member for Sturt as it happens.

  172. WordPress assured me I’d snatch his body within the hour.

  173. my gen just says, “boom boom”

    Oh my God your Ugly Dave Grey! aren’t you!

    I knew there was something familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it… I considered Uncle Arthur for a while but he’s funny so that doesn’t fit 😉

    Couldn’t quite work it it out…until now! 😀

  174. AGAP, glad you’re still about. I thought the to & fro may have driven you away.

  175. HI Toiletboss, na I’m still here, you’ll know when I leave (standards will improve) 😉

  176. Toilet

    Religious rantings are fine mate . I went to a catholic boarding school as well, only our group guzzled the wine outside church hours in the back of the chapel illegally :).

    I come from a family of strict catholics on one side and strict high church of england on the other. One side refused to attend my father and step mothers wedding in the catholic church and the other half refused in the church of england church so it was held in the Presbyterian church.

    Yes Lutherans do hate the catholics experienced that as well when i was young and befriended a lutheran employee at one of the towns i worked in for the Bank, he was fine but his parents would look at me with lightening bolts,its amazing how supposed prophets of peace are determinied to be nasty.

  177. Toilet

    This discrimination even extended to christinings of any children or grandchildren or great grandchildren.

  178. The Sphinx and the Pyramid of Giza from space:


  179. Tosy

    Amazing thanks for the link to view them.

  180. The Sphinx and the Pyramid of Giza from space:

    Thanks, am always in awe of them.

  181. The Only Ones, on February 10th, 2009 at 6:34 pm

    UDG! God forbid! (apologies, Shane)

    Although you should read, sreb’s, posts more closely! 😉

  182. Tony of South Yarra, on February 11th, 2009 at 10:44

    G’day, ToSY, The Minister has always been fascinated with Egypt, our lounge decore is “Egyptian”, all genuine too.

    We visited in 1997 – climbing inside The Great Pyramid and looking at the preciseness of fit of blocks that would need a massive crane to lift (a preciseness difficult/impossible to achieve today) – I began to understand Von Daniken’s obsession with his UFO theories…

    …many pyramids are below ground (nothing up top at all) accessed by stairways or ladders and it’s estimated only about 10% of Egypt’s archeology has been located!

    …great place to visit…many lasting memories including – “…baksheesh…” (“…tip or money…”) …but you wouldn’t want to live there!

  183. The dishonourable member for Sturt as it happens.

    I know HD, he’s almost a parody of himself isn’t he? If listening to him didn’t make me want to puke or throw something, I’d find Prissy Pyne comical. He thinks he’s pretty good though, thinks himself a prime minister-in-waiting.

  184. “The Sphinx and the Pyramid of Giza from space”

    Puts dust, flies, scrub and other big rocks into some perspective, doesn’t it?

  185. Tom of Melbourne, on February 11th, 2009 at 11:45 am

    LOL! 😆

  186. “He thinks he’s pretty good though, thinks himself a prime minister-in-waiting.” (kitty).

    Exactly, and in the government-in-waiting.

  187. Exactly, and in the government-in-waiting.

    PM-in-waiting, of the government-in-exile of Australia!

  188. Kittylitter, he’s just another Prince Leonard of the Hutt River Principality.

    Soon he’ll be producing his own stamps under the Principality of Sturt.

    If they won’t make me king, I’ll create my own kingdom, and I’ll rule forever.

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