Caption Competition

I think it is time for another caption competition.

This time we have Malcolm “Waterloo” Turnbull. Some in the media have said that one thing is certain – he certainly has a pair. So – what can we come up with for this picture, but be careful, remember that reb has a CD to give away!



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  1. “You go in about this far and then provide stimulus”

  2. The puppet masters who pull my strings tell me that tax cuts directed at the weeniest amount of rich dicks will help stimulate them this much.


  3. I bit off far more than I could chew… 😯

  4. My package needs a stimulus because……well…….

  5. Oh! I forgot, joni, we’ll add a home grown ladyfinger ( 😆 ) banana to the prize pool

  6. Excellent TB… the prize pool is growing

  7. “by next week, my poll rating will be this big”

  8. Max are you ok,
    Yes 99, it missed me by that much.

  9. In the Liberal Party, we call this 9 inches.

  10. How to pinch an idea.

  11. NO
    (i take back my comments, lets say i was never in this caption room at all)
    Just found out Reb is giving the winning CD.(changes names and address)

  12. aquanut, on February 6th, 2009 at 10:54 am

    …and what about my banana?

    (could be a caption too…!) 🙂 Double entendre?

  13. “Our moral backbones may be only this big…but the clubs & batons we’ll get the private security & police to use on protesting workers will be huge in comparison…bring on the election.”


  14. Its not the size of the package that counts (or so I keep telling myself) 😦

  15. And I Rudd doesn’t listen…. his is in for THE CRAW!!!!

  16. #…and what about my banana?

    😯 TB’s banana

    This is camel abuse!

    It better be one good banana

  17. I know someone with eyebrows this long.

  18. LOL Aqua…. excellent

  19. joni, WTF’s a CRAW?

    aquanut, this is not about me, OK, just my…Whoo! You are awful..!

  20. TB

    Remember in Get Smart…. the Craw – the guy who could not say Claw??

  21. No. I’m not perfect. I’m far from perfect. How far? This far.

  22. “my fellow australians,in this time of national crises,someone in the media has said that i certainly have a pair.well i do and they are each this big,unlike mr. rudd who blah blah blah etc etc”

  23. joni, WTF’s Get Smart?

  24. Oh dear, TB…. where to start, where to start!

  25. maxwell smart agent 86(shoe phone) , agent 99, the chief, control vs kaos.

  26. “Oh dear, TB…. where to start, where to start!” (joni).

    Actually, joni, that makes a very good caption.

  27. hi and welcome Axeman.

  28. “I might be this far away from political oblivion, but I’m damned if I’m gonna change my tune now. Greed is Good. Always has been, always will be. So get used to it, you losers.”

  29. You are all far too clever for me today and so I’ll just have to add to the prize: 1 pair lorikeets that I have been baby-sitting for youngest for the past 2 years.

  30. “Remember – it’s not my fault, I only beat Brendan by this much for the leadership”

  31. And I’ll donate bird eating spider. No hang on – my wife let it go. Now I find out that people pay $100 for them as pets.

    If burning all those letters from Vietnam wasn’t enough, now she lets go of a perfectly good spider!

  32. Get reb to send you a letter miglo.

  33. Drat and darn Migs, I could have used that spider. [psst, could have always fibbed and told daughter that her father accidently left the cage door open].

  34. Speaking of reb . . . last night in Coles some guy was wearing a T-shirt that said “Tintin in Vietnam” with a picture of reb, I mean Tintin. I kid you not.

    Even in Vietnam, reb continues to haunt us.

    And do make sure he sends that letter. Like the other 350 plus letters, I want this one sent from the battlefront.

  35. joni, where to start indeed! 🙂

    BTW, did sreb have his joint?

    aquanut, its huge axeman – ie as in…” bluddy ‘ewge”

    …and welcome too, to,,, huge axeman

  36. “This is how much tax I pay”

  37. Double drat and darn..was trying to find a clip of Stonewall Jackson and song ‘Waterloo’ but removed.

  38. “I know someone with eyebrows this long.”

    aquanut, that got me chuckling. Give the fella a long yellow one.


  39. The book “Great Men and Heroes of the Liberal Party Since 1945” is that thick.

  40. Miglo,

    I have that T-shirt at home too! “Tin Tin in Vietnam” as well as a host of others.

    However I have it on good advice that Tin Tin never actually went to Vietnam in any of his adventures. It is a fabrication (so to speak) of the illegal t-shirt traders.


    Off now to walk around the old french quarter of Hanoi, and try to walk off last night’s execsssive dinner. I think I’ve put on about 3 kilo’s since going on holiday…

  41. Gimme a $2000 tax cut, gimme a $2000 tax cut, gimme gimme gimme…

  42. And with’s not very clever.

    Here sweetie, just come a little closer.

  43. It only looks like a $2000 Italian suit, it really was only US$100 with two pairs of trousers.

  44. “I think I’ve put on about 3 kilo’s since going on holiday…” (reb).

    Just goes to show how unhealthy holidays can be. I suggest you return home immediately and finish painting the house.

  45. When Neville Wran, Nick Whitlam and I owned our very own merchant bank, I was this close to ALP preselection.

  46. Lost somewhere, but reb most definitely mentioned a waistcoat.’em, very very sexy a la George Clooney.

  47. No, it really is only this long!

  48. Jane

    His support?
    His honesty?
    His debt?

  49. In and out quickly – so hopefully reb will put up the friday thread.

  50. joni, three out of four ain’t bad……; )

  51. “Of course I’ve got a pair!, they’re both about this big”

  52. You’d have a worried look on your face too if Peter was coming up behind you and only this far away.

  53. ” it was this close , I near sh!t”

    The case, which is scheduled to begin in February 2010 and run for at least six months, would repeatedly draw attention to Mr Turnbull’s links to Australia’s largest corporate collapse in the lead-up to the next election.

  54. “The case, which is scheduled to begin in February 2010 and run for at least six months, would repeatedly draw attention to Mr Turnbull’s links to Australia’s largest corporate collapse in the lead-up to the next election.”

    I wonder if Malcolm has the will & courage to cut the strings?…I kinda feel for him…the CAGING can’t be healthy for a man who wants to walk the Earth…free…& lead others to…

    the system sucks

    and the fckers grin…in the gaslit nacht

    change is coming

  55. I was this close to reigning as Emperor of the New Republic before some antediluvian insisted we had to keep the Queen. But Janette is gone now. And I, for one, look forward to the day when a New Republic shall manifest its power with a new Head of State and a new figurehead imprinted on all the coinage in all the hands of all the land.

  56. I’m rich and I’m a bitch
    You’re outta luck so you suck

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