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Midweek Mayhem

And what mayhem it has been today.  I do not have much time to put much in here – so be nice, and talking about other things that are of interest, or that you think may be of interest.

And here is a bit of self promotion. Mardi Gras is coming up, and I am one of the organisers for the Amnesty International LGBTQ Networks group for the march on the 7th of, um, March. If anyone is interested in joining us just let me know on here and I will foward details. And we do not wear outlandish costumes – just a simple t-shirt with our message (which is top secret at the moment). I will try and get the poster that we have created up on here later – just a bit busy now.


50 Responses

  1. Joni,

    what do you think about the attempts to get Mardi Gras moved to Homebush Bay?

    “we do not wear outlandish costumes”

    You can count me out then. At least if I look bad in an outlandish costume I can blame the costume.

  2. Music break.

  3. Joni..well that’s no good, I have a number of outlandish costumes that I was hoping to donate.

    Well said Huh re: At least if I look bad in an outlandish costume I can blame the costume.

    I have in the wardrobe 2nd bedroom, 3 sets of angel wings (black, purple and white). Sad that no one is game to wear ’em.

  4. Joni

    200,000! Great effort! Took me 18 months to get to 20,000 but who’s counting.

  5. Just watched John Pilger’s doco ‘The War on Democracy’.

    How do psychopaths & serial killers in the guise of politicians & military leaders & CEOs gain power & bring down democratically elected leaders & control their populations like zoos? With the help of the CIA it seems…& the loops that run that stinkin’ empire. And the scum that call themselves the ‘”mainstream media”.

    I really hope Obama feeds in to the need for justice & change. And rational diplomacy over violence. That freakin’ American empire desperately needs a moral transfusion.

    Reflecting on the human rights abuses under governments of all persuasions, I wonder if Humanity will ever get its shit together? I guess the War Crimes Tribunals are a start…& the expansion of communication via the internet & YouTube. And insightful docos like Pilgers.

    We need to get educated. Not just charmed & led by pied pipers wearing corporate logos on their costumes.

    Good on Kevin Rudd & his team for putting the safety & learning environment of our school children as a top priority…rather than feeding the great maw of the elite…and SHAME on Peter Costello & Malcolm Turnbull for their negative approach. I guess they’d prefer to feed the investment banks & execs from ventures like ABC Learning.

    Don’t the selfish rich act like cut venomous snakes when they don’t get more than their share of the financial pie?



  6. And with apologies joni. Amnesty International is a most worthy organisation and one obviously close to your heart and so fluffy feathers isn’t the image.

    Double apologies, just got carried away.

  7. Mrs scaper received a letter from a debt collection agency demanding over five hundred dollars for a supposed gas bill that has not been paid.

    She rang the gas company and we owe nothing, it’s a shakedown which will go wrong…this office if it exists will be getting a visit from the fraud squad…picked the wrong people to stuff with.

  8. nasking, on February 4th, 2009 at 6:44 pm

    Your eyes have never been shut, N’

    Good on Kevin Rudd & his team for putting the safety & learning environment of our school children as a top priority…rather than feeding the great maw of the elite…

    One of my favourite cliches (and I have/live by, many!)

    “Knowledge is power!”

    Watched an old B&W film on ABC a couple of nights ago called The Guinea Pig – Richard Attenbrough as a boy(!) – son of a tobacconist, scholarshipped into a private school (called public in England for some reason), the “upper crust” staff, kids, and school board were worse than racists – but the film demonstrated basic intelligence over ‘inbreeding’ and made some very telling “social comments”…(made just after WWII)

    …bit like Gran Torino (although many more “social issues” are covered) honesty and truth and just “good” people “must” win in the end – I continually hope so…

    …our Western societies just seem to reward the arseholes and trample on the good folk…

    …correction not just the West – that Pareto Effect is everywhere – the greedy, selfish, self centred 20% of human beings – feed off the other 80% of hard working, solid citizens, family oriented people – everywhere…

    …what a world we could have without greed and selfishness – and I’m an agnostic! 🙂

    …religion helps, I’m constantly informed 😯 by good friends and family…

  9. joni,

    Not sure if you’re aware but the Midweek Mayhem sidebar link is broken for some reason – actually scratch that, they all appear to be broken.

    Other than that – happy Wednesday everyone – isn’t it great that the new sitting year of Parliament has started with such a bang. Makes it interesting for all of us political junkies!

  10. TB said: One of my favourite cliches (and I have/live by, many!): “Knowledge is power!”

    It’s a goodie TB…& you are far too kind to this fella who has blundered aplenty over the years. Thnx tho.

    “…our Western societies just seem to reward the arseholes and trample on the good folk…”

    There is a habit in this day & age to reward failure & abuse. Perhaps now the bulk of the population have stopped racing up that illusory mountain & building temporary caves upon it they will leave the darkness & fear behind & step into THE LIGHT…see the world as it truly is…in all its magnifence…& potential…and recognise the fear & war-mongers & corporate profiteers for the trembling, vicious, traumatised, moral black holes they truly are.

    One only needed to look in the eyes of Pinochet, or GW Bush, or Costello last night, Turnbull, Hockey & the other mocking men & Luddite ladies on the Opposition benches today to see that something is really MISSING in them.

    Keep up the good work TB et al…and joni I reckon you’ve a good heart that helps LIGHT the way for others.


  11. “There is a habit in this day & age to reward failure & abuse.”

    It’s called getting elected!

  12. 7.30 Report, Mrs Murdoch “I don’t know why people love me so much” or something to that effect, on her birthday..
    Outstanding effort to lower one to the commoner,did the ABC cover any of Nancy Bird Waltons birthday’s , the “White Mouse”, the quiet non influential (family) women who have done a little more than achieve where we are today?.
    Sorry old girl, love can be a fleeting thing.

  13. “No! NO! Don’t shut me up!” WARNING: This clip of Christian Bale talking to the Director of Photography on the set of “Terminator: Salvation,” contains prolific profanity.



    It didn’t take long for someone to re-mix this, techno-style (with a Barbara Streisand tirade thrown in for good measure) :

  14. It is interesting the bloggers that are linking to this site and have put Blogocrats on their blog rolls.

    I notice that Andrew Bartlett has linked to the Haneef thread here.

  15. D55

    Is the sidebar still broken?

  16. joni

    Fixed now – or at least it was this morning.

  17. Thought some of you might find this from the Bureau of Meterology interesting:

    The exceptional January-February 2009 heatwave in south-eastern Australia

    Looks like I missed out on some pretty hot weather while I was away.

  18. I’m sorry???????


  19. Yep James – that’s bad!

  20. Dave 55

    Hasn’t finished yet is now pushing through western NSW.

  21. James

    Thats terrible and Penny Wong should hang her head in shame, however my previous employer had their first page of letters and documents with the emblem printed on it, stating it was recycled paper.

    So customers thought the whole document was printed on recycled paper. Truth was only page 1 was recycled and the rest of the pages of any letters or contracts was paper imported from indonesia where they burn their forests down.

    Terrible deception in my eyes.

  22. shane

    Pretty hot here in the hunter today and expected to hit the 40s on the W/E.

  23. Not just Penny Wong, but the bloody lot of them. I mean, there is some irony in this. Can we really take seriously the contents of a report that advocates what it does when they think nothing of presenting it like this.

  24. As Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit keeps saying about climate change:

    “I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people who tell me it’s a crisis start acting like it’s a crisis.”


  25. Dave 55

    True Dave it is nowcoming through to NSW, pushing up from the south. Western NSW now bracing for even hotter weather.

    I think this time a lot of people located away form the bush will experience temperatures and the discomfort it brings,that country folk experience each year in varying degrees.

  26. ipswich, another girl jogging nearly gets abducted. Why after all those attacks can this still be an issue for someone to attempt. It shows the lack of police and that TV cameras in the area make the police chef over react until the camera crew leave so does the police protection.

    I was doing the lawn the other day and two school girls about 8-9 got whistled at on two occations in a short space. Sick.

  27. I am off for my first physio session now… so if you hear any screams, that’ll be me.

  28. Joni..if it hurts, don’t do it. Pain is the body’s way of saying, leave me alone. I have had best results re osteo from non-invasive acupucture.

    I thought hmmm, some blue light is going to fix this (2 ruptured discs). But 3 days later, very little pain and it’s all ok 2 years later.

  29. News Flash. A person has been killed on the Steve Irwin way at a notorious cross road that I pass twice each day going to and from work.

    I always cringe everytime I drive past as the cars turning in front of you cannot see due to the cars on your right queued up to turn right. So they chance it, this time a cement truck has collided with a car.

    Road closed in both directions for unknown amouint of time.

    Once again I will pay my respect driving past this afternoon and hold my breath in the hope no one truns in front of me.

  30. Aqua..I suspect that all women and blokes should be able to jog minus the fear of abduction or assault.

    Obviously there are not enough coppers to have one standing on every street corner in every town or in every city, 24hrs.

    However, we can have cameras which will act as a deterrent. It’s not perfect but better than nothing.

    And nothing to be argued with there Aqua..little girls aged 8 or 9 being whistled at.

  31. Another move that I’ve been waiting for from the nanny state!


    Why should I pay a tax on these foods?

    I weigh 67KG and need these foods to maintain my weight due to my metabolism…since I’ve given up alcohol it is becoming a battle.

    Why should I be penalised???

  32. scaper

    You are the exception to the rule and there will always be exceptions.

    The reason there should be a tax is that the result of excessive fast foods is the destruction of peoples health resulting in a massive burden on the public health system which is funded by the very taxes you hate to pay.

    So those eating fast foods to excess are causing cost blow outs, just like smokers who pay extreme taxes on their product for the same reason. Therefore a tax on products which result in a burden on other areas IMO is more than legitimate.

  33. Back from physio – and it is all good news. Woohoo.

  34. If this government keeps up this nanny mentality it will be a one term-er…keep treading on peoples toes and they will be head butted.

    By my estimates the government has only eight seats to lose then game over…an ETS and Internet filtering will cost them dearly and the PM’s battlers who are the consumers of these foods will turn on him.

    Funny if a new party was created that held the balance of power…eh!

  35. “Another move that I’ve been waiting for from the nanny state!”

    You should work for the Murdoch media mate…you’d fit in quite comfortably w/ that bunch of tax cut craving fear-mongers & whiners.


  36. What makes you think I’m not…MATE…LOL!!!

  37. Good News!

    The Minister has bananas (be careful she occasionally reads Blogocrats)…

    …from screw top, courier delivered (slightly larger than test tube) banana plants about 50mm long (and registration) from the Queensland Department of Primary Industries – she now has three banana trees (the world’s biggest herb BTW!) – plus eight pups…

    … and one (Ladyfinger) is about 4.5 m tall and has about ten “hands” of six bananas, a second with the pod about to emerge and a Dwarf Ducasse (the fruit doesn’t go brown when used in salads) is very near.

    I have told our three youngest g/children (5, 7, 10) that we will have a competition for the first taste of Grandma’s bananas – any ideas?

  38. TB

    You can throw in a free CD as second prize?!

  39. I have a certain “Stars of Country” CD (still in its original shrink wrapping!) that I can add to the prize pool!

    BTW, I just ordered a tailor made linen suit – two pairs of trousers plus waistcoat for US $100!

    Off to have dinner at some French-Vietnamese joint later.

    regards to youse all!

  40. Good to hear youse are having a great time… have a cocktail for me 😉

  41. Memo

    To: joni & sreb

    From: TB

    This is serious, I asked for ideas – NOT THE FRIGGIN’ COUNTRY MUSIC CD!


    sreb, you’re having a joint a French-Vietnamese restaurant! Uncle Ho won’t be happy! Watch out for them white mice!

    PS Don’t forget Tom’s Vietneese Geetar music…twang, twang 😆

  42. reb – “BTW, I just ordered a tailor made linen suit – two pairs of trousers plus waistcoat for US $100!”

    TB could buy 2 suits from Lowes for that price – top quality too. You probably need to spray it with fire retardant and make sure you don’t match it with a polyester tie. The static electricity in TBs suits start fires.

  43. Tailor made Vietnamese suit with two trousers = US$100
    Stitching unravelling and suit falling to pieces in public = priceless

    Just joshing. I have bought several tailor made suits from Up Top and they all outlasted my gradual growing girth over the years and are now being worn by cousins and nephews even if out of fashion.

  44. Tom of Melbourne, on February 5th, 2009 at 10:49 pm

    …and here’s me trying to do you a favour, Tom, and all I get is sarcasm… 😦

    BTW that’s quite a memory…you don’t keep a dossier onme too?

    Adrian, cousins and nephews never go out of fashion…

  45. No dossier TB. It’s just that bad taste is always unforgettable!!

    A favour? I’ve not experienced that here before. I must be out of practice with my graciousness.

  46. TB re the grandies. As it has a food theme, what about a competition to make a food face. For example, lettuce or broccholi for hair, a grape tomato or a piece of carrot for a nose, egg slices, slices of zucchini for eyes, or faces can also be made with different pieces of fruit.

  47. Tom of Melbourne, on February 6th, 2009 at 9:50 am

    Bad taste! Bad taste! I can’t afford tailor made suits! I’m a SFR!

    Tom, our first Blogocrat snob! 😆


    That’s a great idea – easy to implement too!

    Thanks! 🙂

  48. Tom of Melbourne:

    “TB could buy 2 suits from Lowes for that price – top quality too..”

    LOL!! Safari suits I’d hazard a guess too…beige with lapels…

    Electrocuting everything he touches with a trail of sparks!

  49. Thanks ok TB, was trying to think of a competition where the youngest might have a chance to win…

    And not only but also, you can eat it and saves having to make dinner for the grandies that evening.

    One idea that I saw (for kids who are into savoury), put onto small pizza bases.

  50. reb, never shake hands with TB if he is wearing a suit. But if you have to, make sure you are earthed!!

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